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The 24 HR Attunement is a remote healing that begins at midnight and continues throughout the day for authentic living in universal balance.

March 23rd, 2020 24 HR Attunement

Highlighted Focus: Expressing One’s Truth – Subjective vs. Objective Reality

Hello My Dear Friends,

I invite you all to join me on Monday the 23rd for the 24 HR Attunement with a highlighted focus of energy supporting your expression of your truth. As we approach this attunement I would like to share some thoughts on truth in the following article.

Expressing One’s Truth – Subjective vs. Objective Reality

Human beings are expressing on a regular basis but are they expressing their truth? One must know their truth first which requires some introspection and then one must choose to express that authentically rather than revealing a masked version. When contemplating one’s truth and the bigger topic of truth itself we get into a myriad of linguistic limitations. With this in mind I am going to begin with the idea of absolute truth first before getting into subjective and objective views of reality.

Absolute truth is synonymous with universal truth in the context of this article and the work at PHI Inc. When speaking of universal truth the only language that can purely describe these absolutes is the universal language of numbers. So, unless one has an affinity and innate understanding of numbers, the ability to communicate about absolute truths will be imperfect and hold the innate relativity of language. An absolute truth is a fact that cannot be changed. It transcends the time-space continuum, thus it is true at all times and in all places. It transcends the individual perspective, thus it is true no matter what for everyone.

Absolutes exist at the level of oneness which encompasses all. The oneness is a part of the trinity including the group and the individual. I will explain the trinity more in a bit. The oneness is where universal truths reside and it is this that I speak of when I reference the “Isness”. It just simply “is”, it is absolute and it is unexplainable with language. Thus, in this language written article I will move on to discussing objective truths which are an agreed upon truth from a collective group perspective of reality and subjective truths which are individually particular in nature.

But first, I would like to expound upon the idea of the trinity in relation to humanity and these three different perspectives of reality. In its absolute form and speaking in the universal language, the trinity is the number 3. Once we begin to utilize conversational language we are getting out of the realm of absolutes and into an objective or subjective description of reality. My definition of the trinity is as follows:the human trinity is a three way breakdown of the different vibrational bands of a person. In english, I would label these the Individual, the Group and the Oneness. Each of these energy fields has its own distinct formational framework and creative dynamics within humanity.

When it comes to the absolute truth of reality, you will only find this within the oneness and source of all. Truth radiates from its source in gradations to lower levels of truth and the next vibrational band we encounter is the group. Here is where we find observable facts and objective reality. This means that something is actual and it exists independent of the mind. This is the “real” world within the time space continuum. The correspondence theory applies here as truth is looked at in terms of the relationship of the concept to the actual, physical world.

Authentic expression of one’s truth from this group perspective relies upon observable facts. The first part of this is the observer, we all have an observer part of self. The clarity of your observer part is relative to the clarity of your connection to the oneness and absolute truth. Remember truth radiates, thus this group energy field is a complex array emerging from the oneness. One’s ability to clearly observe facts and one’s willingness then, to express those facts objectively will determine the authenticity of their expression.

As we radiate to the third and final vibrational band, we find ourselves within the individual energy field. This is where subjective reality, the lowest level of truth, exists. An individual’s subjective perspective is formed through the body, heart, mind and spirit systems. As an individual processes the energy of living, the interpretation of these experiences is what forms one’s individual truth. Thus, a person’s beliefs, opinions, senses, emotions and personal feelings are all incorporated into their subjective view of reality.

The individual energy field is where the “story” of a person’s life takes place. Everyone has a “story”, an accounting of their life experiences from their uniquely subjective vantagepoint. The Coherence theory applies here as truth is evaluated in terms of interconnected belief. A belief is true if it is consistent with other beliefs we have. I would expand this to include all of the individual systems’ (body, heart, mind and spirit) information. It is one’s beliefs, emotions, instincts and sensory perceptions that all intermix to create the matrix of one’s life story and subjective view of reality.

As one lives, continually having more experiences and processing more information, one’s subjective view will ideally evolve and expand. But this requires consciousness to question the validity of one’s beliefs, emotions, feelings… as new experiential data is being received. Holding onto rigid beliefs creates a narrow view of one’s life, blocking access to the more expansive, objective view of reality that the group energy provides. As well as blocking one’s clear view and connection with absolute truth, the universal wisdom of all.

As the individual is the furthest radiation of the light, the original purity of absolute truth can feel out of reach. Yet, remember universal truths are always present as they transcend the time space continuum and they exist within all time and are in all places. As such absolute truth is always available to every individual, at all times and in all places. This breaks down the beliefs individuals often have that they need to….do something or go somewhere or create the time or go through another person or institution…to experience the purity of life and the universe.

I would like to make a note on the fact that energy is always in motion, as such if growth is not occurring then decay is. Decay in this regard can look like progressive disease, disorder and disarray within the individual energy field as connection with one’s source and alignment with universals becomes more and more limited. Sometimes it can appear on the surface as if nothing is changing, the same thing keeps happening repetitively.

The aspects of repetition that are life sustaining and simple maintenance of life, like drinking water everyday, are in sync with the flow of evolution. Yet, repeating life inhibiting patterns of belief, emotion… will perpetuate a flow of decay as these patterns limiting truth will become deeper and denser with each repetition. The further along a decaying framework is, the harder it is to turn around and the greater the energy required to restore a perspective of truth that holds the test of the trinity.

Now let’s look at the authenticity of one’s truth relative to the trinity. Expression of one’s individual truth will hold authenticity provided the individual believes it is true. But it remains limited to being an individual’s subjective perspective. To test the authenticity further we must move closer to the source and evaluate the truth relative to the objective group view. If it doesn’t hold here then the truth represents a limited perspective, one that blocks the individual from access to a deeper, purer truth. The exception here lies in innovation, where the individual brings something new to the group at large. If the truth does hold within the group energy, then one’s observer part is working well and one’s subjective interpretation of life is in alignment with an observable factual reality.

The final evaluation comes when the truth is viewed comparatively to absolute truth and universals. This requires communion within the oneness and intuitive assessment. If one can bring their individual view of reality into the expansive oneness, beyond language, and it remains unchanged then it holds the test of the trinity. A perfectly pure and authentic expression of one’s truth will synchronize and harmonize all three bands of energy.

Truth is the consciousness that illuminates the energy of life in motion. Thus, through the process of evaluating your personal truth and subjective view of reality, you can reshape the “story” of your life. And if you expand to include the group energy, your story will have objectivity and relativity within the time space continuum. Not to mention you will have a clear group view based on facts and observations and you will be equipped to navigate life with greater ease and conscious choice. And if you expand further to include the oneness, encompassing the whole of the trinity you will know the purity of “truth” itself, remember we are beyond language here.

Synchronizing these views of reality is one aspect of authentic living in universal balance. The human trinity from an energy view is three vibrational bands forming the individual energy field, the group energy field and the oneness energy field. When in balance the perspectives from the three vibrational bands remain distinct, yet they line up perfectly like three sides of an equilateral triangle. Thus, one’s individual subjective view is aligned with an objective group reality and both are aligned with absolute truth. The trinity is a foundational concept in understanding truth and accessing a clear view of reality. It is through alignment with the trinity that you awaken to the truth of who you are and can then authentically express that truth within the world.

Register and Join me on Monday to end the ISM’S and make equality a reality.

With light and love ,


Rebecca Menard, Founder PHI Inc.


The 24 HR Attunement shifts tons of energy to clear the way for success in your life. Being a truly holistic attunement; all areas within you and within your life are impacted – health, career, personal well-being, relationships. You can expect profound changes to occur over the course of 12 months.

The 24 Hour Attunement was developed over the course of a 10 year intensive research project focused on finding the best way to support holistic living, healing from debilitating physical and mental illness, overcoming personal challenges and wounding that gets in the way of self-actualization. And to do this in the most powerful, efficient way that can be safely integrated into one’s regular life flow. We can’t all sit on the mountain top for the next ten years.

All human beings are spiritual beings with a direct connection to the creative source of life. All human beings are made of energy and living a life governed by universal principles that direct the flow of that energy. It is these universal principles that are utilized to balance and align your energy field in a way that the life force within you, and the unfolding of time naturally, effect the changes in your life that are necessary to achieve a balanced state of being.

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