About the Founder

Rebecca Menard is an energy therapist and multi-sensory intuitive empath. Rebecca brings over twenty years professional experience working with source energies and universal creative principles with individuals, couples, families, businesses and homes. Entering her fourteenth year of research and development in human consciousness and the applied physics utilization of a Unified Field Theory, Rebecca with the assistance of hundreds around the globe has built conscious models that effect change and restore balance in situations of acute and chronic illness, psychiatric issues, life stressors, traumas, etc. Models that also generate creative energy to support relationships, families, businesses and creative projects of all kinds.

Our Mission Statement

To provide clients with holistic healing and personal development opportunities through the restoration of universal balance and nurturing of conscious awakening. To guide people through the personal challenges they face, support them in authentic self expression and teach them how to create a fulfilling life. To reconnect people with the place of knowing within themselves, living in the moment and trusting in life. As a teaching institute it is our mission to provide personalized experiential programs of study within an accelerated energy field. And to work with universal principles and models, applying these tools to healing chronic and acute conditions. As a human consciousness research institute it is our mission to engage in transformative research within the unified field of consciousness. And to offer humanity effective applications of the energetic models of consciousness to heal, evolve and transcend.


What is Energy Therapy?

All forms of life emanate energy. Focusing and guiding this with energy therapy allows us to successfully effect positive change, restore balance, and create wonderful new life expressions. For the individual, energy therapy is often used as a holistic complement to traditional healthcare or as a less invasive alternative. Properly directed, energy can provide us the ability to actualize the life we desire.    


Energy Therapy Sessions with Rebecca Menard, Founder Phi Inc.

Clients come to Rebecca for her ability to help them with areas in their lives that are in need of change, development or expansion. Focus may be placed on healing a personal illness or life imbalance, developing an aspect of self-expression, or managing a complete life including personal interests, family and career.  The use of a powerful energetic framework shifts, clears and aligns the necessary energies that will support positive change. 

Specializing in Trauma, Addiction, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Lyme Disease and Cancer.

These areas of specialty have been researched and worked with the most extensively. Although, Energy Therapy has been effectively utilized to treat many imbalanced conditions. And, not all of Rebecca’s clients are in an acute state.  Energy therapy can reconnect an individual with personal goals and purpose. It can fine-tune one’s life and support one in exacting even greater satisfaction out of every day by learning how to live in the moment. 


ReBalancing Clinic – 24 HR Attunement

The 24 HR Attunement is a remote healing that begins at midnight and continues throughout the day clearing the way for success in your life. Being a truly holistic attunement; all areas within you and within your life are impacted – health, career, personal well-being, relationships… You can expect profound changes to occur over the course of 12 months following your participation.

The 24 Hour Attunement was developed during a 10 year intensive research project focused on finding the best way to support holistic living, healing from debilitating physical and mental illness, overcoming personal challenges and wounding that gets in the way of self-actualization. And to do this in the most powerful, efficient way that can be safely integrated into one’s regular life flow. We can’t all sit on the mountain top for the next ten years.

All human beings are spiritual beings with a direct connection to the creative source of life. All human beings are made of energy and living a life governed by universal principles that direct the flow of that energy. It is these universal principles that are utilized to balance and align your energy field in a way that the life force within you, and the unfolding of time naturally, effect the changes in your life that are necessary to achieve a balanced state of being.

Combined Modality SERIES for Couples!

Couples Intimacy Series

Increase passion, depth and fulfillment through Union with your partner. Michael Glenn, LICSW & Harvard trained Sex Therapist, partners with Rebecca for this series. Michael and Rebecca combine modalities and over four decades experience to create a uniquely transformative couples therapy experience. This intimacy intensive will activate the energetic series called “The Seeds of Ecstasy” while you and your partner learn how to deepen your intimate connection. This series includes 12 Private Couple Sessions with Michael & Rebecca in person or via video chat.

Call to Schedule Your First Session and Begin the Journey to Union.


Energy Series Combo of Private Sessions and ReBalancing Clinics

Series #1 Financial Independence

This five part series includes Five ReBalancing Clinics during which the Financial Independence Energetics as well as a holistic life balancing is received. Two private sessions are included in this series. One session prior to the onset of the series and one following its completion. 

Series #2 Family Unity

This six  part series includes six ReBalancing Clinics during which the Family Unity Energetics, as well as a holistic family balancing, are received.  Two private family sessions are included in this series.  One session prior to the onset of the series and one following its completion.

Call for more information and to Schedule your Series. 781-819-8109

THE WORK Training Program Apprenticeships

For those individuals ready to engage a fast track of growth and evolution, the intensive training apprenticeships are peeling away the layers and barriers to authentic self expression and conscious creation in life.

Each Year of Training Includes:The Monthly ReBalancing Clinic where the training lessons are received and woven into your daily life flow. The regular 24 HR Attunement, holistic life balance is also received, to keep your whole life on track while you grow and evolve. Monthly Private Sessions w/Rebecca where personal guidance on training lessons is received as well as focused energy support around areas of particular focus for you.  

Note: Each of the 12 Training Sections for each year is offered individually if you desire to move through the training program at a slower pace. 

Call to discuss if an apprenticeship might be right for you. 781-819-8109


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