The Seeds of Nurture – Plato got one piece wrong!

The What and Where of the Universal Forms.

I have not studied Plato nor his teachings, yet I feel a deep kindred spirit with him nonetheless. During my own research seeking the most fundamental building blocks within life, I arrived at the same place as Plato; I arrived at the platonic solids, the universal forms.

I will never forget the deep inner (shamanic)  journey when I first connected with the Cube. It was a multisensory experience with an inner vision of a breathtaking glowing cube that accompanied the unshakeable knowing that this was my life’s work. It was such a powerful experience that I proceeded to tell people the great news. This was quite out of character for me but I simply could not contain the powerful force I had opened within me. 

This force would propel me into human research learning how to put these universal forms into practice. It took six years to make my way through the cube, the form of time. This form governs the earth element which produces the force of nurture. At the completion of my inward moving journey through time, I emerged in view of all the universal forms. It would take another four years to complete my first pass through them all, just scratching the surface in understanding the wisdom contained within.

What are the universal forms? 

They are the most fundamental building blocks constructing reality and providing the ideal blueprint of perfect balance. The universal forms provide the structure and shape of the universe and they govern the unfolding of life. They are the constants within our continually changing world. This knowledge has been around for 1000’s of years, and it continues to draw people’s attention despite the scientific community dropping the ball with this valuable information. 

Scientific study seeks to investigate and understand the natural world. From Plato’s time to the present scientists have focused on energy, the medium of nature, in its differing states from the density of matter to the highest vibrations that can be measured. Plato himself attributed the universal forms to nature and this is not inherently wrong as the forms are evidenced here, but it is only half the picture. 

The forms are holistic and to truly understand them requires a view of the whole. The counterpart to nature is nurture, and the medium of nurture is consciousness. The universal forms encompass both nature and nurture and are evidenced in both. They govern the dynamic interplay between energy and consciousness, the media of life. Scientific study abandoned the universals to explore the particulars of energy. It has failed to incorporate the influence of consciousness. 

Energy and consciousness have a dualistic dynamic that can be understood through the Yin-Yang principle. A holistic view, where the universals exist, encompasses both energy and consciousness in the interchange and interplay of these two media. Our universe is built on these types of dualities. Other examples of competing and complementary forces include dark and light, male and female, night and day. They are not static nor mutually exclusive, life depends on both. 

Energy being the substance of nature, it forms the outer expression, or yang of life. Consciousness being the substance of nurture, it forms the reception, or yin, of life. Both are essential for life to exist. Thus, the study of one alone will not provide a full view of the workings of life. The keys to understanding this dualistic relationship lie in the universals and these hold the form of the platonic solids. The platonic solids are sometimes referred to as the Seeds of Nature, but they are equally applicable as the Seeds of Nurture. It is only through the study of consciousness, in equal measure to the study of energy, and the interplay between the two that the universal forms and the unified field will be understood.

Where are the universal forms? 

The universals can be found encompassing the whole of life, as well as within the space between the dualistic parts. In the context I am speaking they can be accessed at the meeting point of energy and consciousness. This can be approached from the perspective of observing the energy of consciousness or from the other direction, observing the consciousness of energy. 

The forces of nature and nurture are directional. The force of nature moves energy outward while the force of nurture moves consciousness inward. It is precisely at this edge of the inner and outer parts of existence that anyone can connect with the universal forms. The universals construct the “veil”, as it is often referenced. This exists at the crossing point between the inner and the outer realms. Piercing the veil occurs when one connects with a universal view. This same access, to this view, can be found within any of life’s fundamental dualities. 

This can be taken a step further. Working with the universal forms in an applied way can effect change in both directions. The universal forms open the flow of source energies and they are the tools of our free will. They govern the influence of energy on consciousness and consciousness on energy. Thus, they can be applied in a medicinal way to restore balance in both. It is the latter influence that I will discuss next month in looking at the power of human consciousness and the observer effect. Mastering the observer within oneself is the way to exercise the power of free will and to consciously create in life. 

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