Restoring ‘Right Relationships’ 

When a ‘Relationship’ is in the state of a ‘Right Relationship’, it is optimized similarly to how human beings are optimized when they embody their divinity. A ‘Right Relationship’ will have constitutional strength, called ‘Energetic Integrity.’ It will display beauty, flexibility, and resilience. A community built on a web of ‘Right Relationships’ will carry theseContinue reading “Restoring ‘Right Relationships’ “

Is your Free Will Choice a ‘Conscious’ Choice? 

There are many differing opinions and a lot of confusion when it comes to the topic of Free Will. Personally, I believe we have Free Will, but it has its limits. Understanding how Free Will Choice functions allows you to optimize how you utilize this force in your life. I will begin with the mostContinue reading “Is your Free Will Choice a ‘Conscious’ Choice? “

Attractors – Build them to Shape the Life You Want 

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IS JUST THE BEGINNING…  You probably have heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’, which states that what you put out into the universe influences what you will receive back from the universe. The vibrational frequency you embody and emanate has a magnetic quality that draws things/people/experiences of the same vibrational frequencyContinue reading “Attractors – Build them to Shape the Life You Want “

‘Intuitive Channeling’ – You are doing it every day! 

People ‘Channel’ from a vast array of original sources and through the process of ‘Channeling’ they come to a plethora of ‘Final Forms’. Whether you are ‘Channeling’ your passions into activism to effect change in the world, or you are an artist opening to inspiration to create an original piece of artwork, or you areContinue reading “‘Intuitive Channeling’ – You are doing it every day! “

The Power of Time – Feedback Loops

WHAT IS A LOOP? A loop is fundamentally an endless cycle generating constant change within life. Loops occur within the energy of life as well as within consciousness. Loops can occur in energy or consciousness independently or they may sync up. When energy loops and consciousness loops do synchronize then conscious living can occur, aContinue reading “The Power of Time – Feedback Loops”

Receiving ‘The Light Of Love’

I Receive ‘The Light Of Love’ (3×4=12) As an Individual living being (I); I Infuse Love within My Body  I Inspire Love within My Heart  I Awaken Love within My Mind  I Enlighten Love within My Spirit  As a member of the Group of humanity (We); We Infuse Love within the Body of Humanity WeContinue reading “Receiving ‘The Light Of Love’”

The Key To A FulFilling Life Is ‘The Work’ You Put Into It 

I often refer to ‘The Work’ when speaking about engagement with the Energy Therapy that I offer. When I do I can feel the tension come over people in response to the word, ‘work’. Many have a negative concept of what ‘work’ is and associate it with the resistance they feel to do their jobs.Continue reading “The Key To A FulFilling Life Is ‘The Work’ You Put Into It “

Forge a Balanced Path of Authentic Living in Universal Balance

THE CODE OF BEHAVIOR FOR LIVING AUTHENTICALLY! I am going to present you with a failsafe way to live authentically. You simply need to act in accordance with a CODE OF BEHAVIOR that includes three simple principles to live by: be sincere, respect yourself and act naturally. For each principle, I have provided three questionsContinue reading “Forge a Balanced Path of Authentic Living in Universal Balance”

Live with Intention to Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose

Living with intention creates the conscious foundation for a life of ‘Balanced Action’. If you think about your activity, all the doings of your life, on a scale ranging from no activity to hyperactivity. There is going to be a sweet spot somewhere in the middle where the optimal degree of activity is achieved. ThisContinue reading Live with Intention to Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose

Discover the Power of the Universals to Build a Sustainable Life

Sustainable living is a hot topic and subject of much debate these days as we are seeing the effects of global warming. Climate events that threaten the sustainability of human life are increasing more rapidly than anticipated. First let’s consider what sustainability actually means. From a global perspective we can look to the United NationsContinue reading “Discover the Power of the Universals to Build a Sustainable Life”