Moving at the Speed of Light

I chose this topic for April, early last fall as I felt through the energy of 2020. It couldn’t be more timely as we are peaking with the coronavirus outbreak here in Massachusetts where the ReBalancing Clinic operates. Humanity has rallied and is moving at a faster pace than ever before towards the common goal of overcoming the coronavirus. 

All of the activity within the medical and research communities, politics, international affairs, the essential workers in all the different job positions and people adapting to work and family life contained at home; this is all occurring on the densest physical level where energy moves the slowest. There is a range of vibrational levels and if we move to the opposite pole of the spectrum we have the highest vibration and the fastest level of connection within humanity. This is pure light energy traveling at the speed of light. 

Now, I have spoken about the unified conscious experience we are having in humanity, in the article “Is this Pandemic Tiring You Out?”  Given the unified conscious experience we are having, the whole of humanity is experiencing a quantum entanglement. This highest level of connection exists within the oneness and movement here occurs at the speed of light. This unified connection is new within humanity and it is creating a rippling through the denser layers accelerating the movement throughout the whole of humanity. 

The energetic state of being that humanity is experiencing is one that I have been studying for thirteen years with small groups of people moving through accelerated growth cycles lasting a year at a time. In these groups we would form a unified energy field, by entering a quantum entanglement with specific protocols and objectives to form the unified conscious experience and activate the accelerated growth. 

I feel like I have been training and practicing all these years for where we are now in humanity. The students who have participated in these year loops have also trained for the state we are now within. The energy in humanity is moving in the same way I have been studying in these small groups. But, within the small groups we had some advantages. 

First, safety factors were put in place based on the most fundamental creative principles governing the creation of life. And second, we had an overriding group motive of shifting towards greater balance, this was locked in with the energetic protocols engaged throughout the year. While, the whole of humanity is unified in the experience with the coronavirus it is not unified in motive or the protocol behind our response.   

My study groups were held within a containment field that ensured safety as they went through a full recalibration shifting always towards greater universal balance. They also experienced the 24 HR Attunement, which was designed to preserve and optimize human life. This kept everyone centered on their optimal life path while evolving at an accelerated pace. 

Develop the skills your need to not only live through this accelerated transition period, but to seize the opportunities for positive growth and shift towards a greater state of universal balance. 

  • Lock into your center 
  • Secure the containment of your optimal life path 
  • Learn the skills needed for accelerated growth 

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