Human Equality – End the …ISM’S

Human equality has been a subject of intense passion for me since I can recall. The inherent equal value of every human being has been such an unquestionable truth in my mind that the state of affairs in the world, displaying such gross contradiction to this left me quite perplexed as a youth. I remember studying the Holocaust in depth, in middle school. I chose this topic of study in an extra class where we had freedom to research an area of interest. I suppose this was an odd topic for a twelve year old christian girl. But through this experience, I made a decision to spend my life supporting human equality.

Within humanity we have the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states each human being’s right to equality and yet the world is filled with inequalities and ism’s. An ism is a prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a (specified) attribute. The complex differences among human beings provide an unending array of attributes subject to prejudice. But these differences are superficial and they represent a small part of our humanity compared to the overriding universal sameness that we all share.  

Orienting myself in a perspective of universality and devoting my life to the study and practice of universal principles, to bear witness to the world at large, not to mention my day to day observances of inequalities has been heartbreaking to say the least. People’s fears and insecurities override, block and distort their connection with a universal view. This leads to competition and hierarchies that close people into small entangled realities, perpetuating an endless struggle. Fighting one’s way out is a hopeless quest because the fight keeps the cycle going. 

So how do we escape this fate? Stop struggling. Stop accepting a stance of less than. Stop fighting to be better than or prove you are better than. To whom are you trying to prove your worth? See a person’s humanity first, then address their differences with a proper perspective of the secondary importance of those attributes. Have the courage to stand up for what is right, oppose the narrow view of any ism. Think about your own differences being persecuted, being viewed only as the embodiment of a subtle trait you possess and having your basic humanity denied. This is the reality we will continue to live on the earth as long as the critical mass supports it. Are you a part of that critical mass or are you an agent of change towards the realization of our universal human rights.

Individually we can all feel small and unable to affect change in the massive problems of the world, but I know my presence contributes to that critical mass, one way or another. An important note on not choosing; critical mass works such that a non “vote” defaults to the majority choice just like in an election. So if you take yourself out of the group decision you are inadvertently supporting the ism’s that we see creating so much pain and destruction. All I, or anyone, can do is one’s part. The question I ask myself is am I doing it? Or am I lost in the world of ism’s, giving into the critical mass and becoming a part of the problem. I want to make sure my part is one supporting universal equality for all. 

Looking at a person on a physical level, the DNA coding from person to person is 99.9 % the same. All the ism’s, the unnecessary pain and suffering and struggle is over .1 % of who we are as individuals. Falling into this small narrow view is like being 99.9% Unconscious. So the next time you find yourself having a judgement over differences, remember you are ignoring almost a hundred percent of what is present, in front of you. Do you really want to miss out on experiencing that much of life? I know I don’t. So I try to learn from the differences I see in other people and cultures, without forgetting that we are fundamentally the same in our makeup. I remember that the creative principles  governing our lives are the same, we are embarking upon the journey of life together, walking on the same foundation and building our lives out of the same basic elements. 

The creative models that I work with are shaped in the structure of the platonic solids, the universal forms of equality and balance. 

A Platonic solid is a regular convex polyhedron. It is constructed by congruent (identical in shape and size), regular (all angles equal and all sides equal), polygonal faces with the same number of faces meeting at each vertex. Five solids meet these criteria: Geometers have studied the Platonic solids for thousands of years. They are named for the ancient Greek philosopher Plato who hypothesized in on of his dialogues, the Timaeus, that the classical elements were made of these regular solids. (wikipedia)  

It was not by my conscious design that my life’s work in energetics would be based on forms built from equalities, a deeply committed passion for me since I was a child, but it’s funny how things work out sometimes. 

The understanding of these universal forms models as keys to accessing and directly interacting with the forces of the universe was understood in Plato’s time. This knowledge was taught in mystery schools and passed down through the generations to the present day. Today there is a mass of information and mystery school teachings available to anyone who can access the internet. Most people simply don’t understand what this information is or how to use it. It provides the fundamental keys to understanding and tapping into the unified field and source energies. This knowledge has lived on in human interest and study but has been largely lost to the scientific community. It is the design of the set of models that I have built with the help of many, over the course of ten years and updated in their integrative workings the past three years.  These models are utilized for ReBalancing Clinics and healing sessions.  

The forms of the platonic solids are the elemental building blocks upon which our reality is designed. This includes physical reality, which can be out of sync or in conflict with our emotional, mental or spiritual level of reality at any given time. Things in reality have form, these different levels of reality are simply vibrating at different frequencies and are experienced differently but the basic elemental form remains the same throughout. It remains the same from person to person as well. Take the form of the human body. While each is a unique manifest form, the basic elemental form of a human being is almost identical, with small variations – recall the .1% DNA difference. The basic structure and shape of a human being is universal and built from these universal forms.  

So where can one access these universal forms? They exist at the edge between the inner and outer realms, the meeting place of energy with consciousness. It is the place of the notorious “veil” between realms. From my perspective, lifting the veil, means clearing the lenses of the universal forms of reality to be able to perceive clearly. An important point to remember is that we are constantly changing, moving within a time/space continuum, our bodies are made up of tiny moving particles. Form in the sense I am speaking is not a static immovable thing, it is dynamic, like the human body. If one perceives holistically this active ever changing reality that is our life is what becomes clear. 

In action the forms are the essential elements constructing life, giving universal structure and shape, forming an evolutionary energy flow moving matter always back to balanced equality. These universal forms provide access to the forces in the universe to transform the construction of life. Aligning to these basic universals opens one to the purity of source energies. It is the use of our freewill within any realm of reality that empowers us to effect change within our lives. If that change is to align with equality based principles then it will align with the universal forms, the platonic solids.To overview, working with these universal forms in any application will re-establish a foundation of balance and equality. It will set the energy flow of change in motion to realign the structure and shape of life to these elemental equality based building blocks. I want to make one final note on working with the universal forms. The inner and outer realms are a perfect mirror reflection of one another. Thus, change in one realm is reflected in the other. What this means is that inner work effects change in your outer life and vice versa.  So I encourage you all to open to the wisdom of the universal forms. I encourage you also to live with consciousness, remember your humanity and see the whole person when you encounter others. If you can see how alike you are and how small the differences then, you are beginning to get the bigger picture. And you are contributing towards a critical mass that ends the ism’s.

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