Holistic Time Management: How to Navigate the Force of Time

This piece is introducing concepts about the nature of time that I have researched and tested with hundreds of people. The purpose here is to simply introduce the information and not to get into a lengthy explanation. If you have questions please ask, come see me for a one on one session or consider training to learn more.

What is time? We keep track of it with clocks and calendars, but what are we really measuring? We see evidence of time passing, by observing the change that occurs. We live in a constant state of change as the force of time exerts its steady influence. This change can look like circular movement through space; the earth rotating on its axis is what we call a day, the moon orbiting the earth is roughly our month cycle and the earth orbiting the sun, our year cycle. 

Time and Space are interconnected, interdependent and inverse in relationship. Time is not commonly understood beyond the unidirectional flow of matter moving from the past to the future while always remaining in the present. This dimension is considered the fourth dimension and here stops the present day common understanding. In my experience and research, I have found that time and space are equal in measure, each occupying three dimensions. 

Time and space are also opposite in direction. If we look at our day, month and year cycles we find the earth’s rotation on its own axis, the moon’s rotation around the earth and the earth’s rotation around the sun all move through three dimensional space in a counter clockwise direction. This cyclical movement is met with a three dimensional flow of time in the clockwise direction. At the meeting place is where creation occurs.

Time and space come together and propagate the fabric (time/space continuum) of our reality; the perpetual here and now of life. This creation process is similar to the human procreation process and the perpetual unfolding of humanity through the generations. Our lives are dependent upon both time and space just as the procreation of humanity is dependent upon both males and females. 

It is hard to talk about one without talking about the other. The emergence of both time and space, began 13.7 billion years ago with the Big Bang and time has been constantly unfolding since. Our individual lives emerge for but a brief blip in the scope of time. A human life is an embodied expression within space meeting the invisible force of time in equal measure which is received through the experience of living. 

Reality occurs in the present moment at the intersection of time and space.  Time always moves us away from the past and towards the future. Both exert influence on the present, yet, we can never be in the past or future. We can only experience these in our consciousness as residual memories of what has passed or projections about what is to come. It is only in the present moment that we have access and it is here that we must navigate the force of time. A first and essential step to gaining proficiency with time is presence in the moment. 

To deepen our view into the complexities of time and how this force influences the unfolding of life, we need look no further than the 24 hours of the solar day. Over the course of each earth rotation we gain access to the 24 components of life. Our holistic reception of life and the influence of time occurs within a 3 dimensional field with quadratic functionality forming our experience of time in 24 intersecting streams of energy. 

On a body level, the meeting point of time and space happens in the DNA. Our basic nature exists in space coded in our genes. These genes exist within 23 visible chromosomes within the cells. There is a 24th chromosome which is the purely energetic spark of life and our connection to our source of life. Each of the 24 chromosomes is nurtured by time, activating a stream of energy as the earth completes a full cycle/rotation on its axis every 24 hours. 

These 24 distinct streams of energy converge to actualize an individual’s life within the time/space continuum. Working with this level of energy is working with energetic genetics, the underlying blueprint to an individual’s life. The place to start in gaining access to this level comes through attuning one’s circadian rhythm. 

We each have an internal clock to regulate this complex six dimensional flow of energy, the circadian clock. This regulates the rhythm of the day cycle as one’s innate nature meets the nurture of time unfolding in the cyclical movement of the spinning planet we call home. This is our circadian rhythm, which regulates the body and other systems processes through each day. 

Balanced presence in the day cycle is the second step in navigating the force of time. Working with this cycle on an energy level, gives access to the 24 Life Components, all the building blocks constructing one’s life. This is the basis of the monthly 24 HR Attunements where each component is fine tuned. Your natural rhythm in life is aligned with the current environment to attract the nurturing that will serve to actualize your unique potential.  

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