The Cyclical Nature of Life and Repeating Patterns

The global pandemic created an explosion within the unified field of human consciousness requiring us to expand our consciousness and change our ways. Are you settling into your new normal with ease? The duration of the pandemic has filled a complete year cycle which has changed the energetic framework of life within humanity significantly. While some of these changes are obvious as the physical functioning of life shifts, many reside on the unseen subtler levels. 

The impact of this is such that it may feel jarring to you as you re engage your pre pandemic activities. You may find that they feel different or you feel different. You may not even be able to put your finger on what is different. It can be helpful to approach your activities and relationships as if you are engaging them for the first time. Begin each day with the curiosity and wonder you would typically bring to any new adventure. Stay open to the discovery of new insights and perspectives that are now available to you in the expanded consciousness of the new normal. And, please be gentle with yourself and others as we rebuild our lives together.  


Life is cyclical in nature. Each life exists for a limited interval within the time-space continuum and it follows the predictable sequence through the four phases of birth, growth, senescence and death. This represents one whole life cycle and it is hardwired within the framework of our reality. As hard as humans have tried to break free from this natural succession of events, the keys to immortality do not provide an escape from the inevitable physical cycling of life or the impending death of the physical body. This is why it is so important to make the most of the time and space you occupy.

Understanding the cyclical nature of life will provide the insights you need to optimize your life cycle from a holistic perspective. There are a multitude of cycles influencing the change occurring within you and generating the flow of your life. I will be touching upon just a few that generate constitutional constructs laying the framework of our existence. I will then discuss some of the repeating patterns that regularly appear within this framework. 


A major or constitutional change in your life will take a full year to process and integrate energetically. This can be a move, job change, new relationship or significant loss. The reason it takes a year is because that is the duration to journey through the cycle generating the constitutional building blocks framing your life as a whole. 

It doesn’t mean that you will necessarily be resolved and emotionally at peace with the change after a year. The mental, emotional and physical vibrational levels are often slower to shift. It does however mean that you will have completed one full cycle of processing and the change will be energetically integrated into the constitution of your life. This process is inevitable and it cannot be completed any sooner. It is a universal part of the human experience here on earth.  

The year cycle and the energetic structuring of your life are generated by the earth’s orbit. It is in this cycling, around the sun, that the group environment is established with the constitutional constructs that set the parameters for our existence. Each revolution provides an opportunity to repeat the status quo or to rebuild, restructure and redirect the flow of energy in your life.  Energy in motion will stay in motion on the same path unless effort is applied to redirect it and each cycle will expand the power of repetitive choices, even if the choice is made by defaulting to the status quo. A good reason to consciously choose the course of your life each year. 

In working with the research and development of new energy protocols this greater force, of the earth’s rotation around the sun, was utilized. Each research loop ran for a full year, 24/7. This allowed for the energy protocols to be woven into the fabric of our reality as it is being generated by this journey. For the participants, templates of balance were woven through the constitutional framework of their lives. The structure was set in place to become a part of each year cycle to direct the flow of energy towards greater balance. This is strengthened and reinforced each time the earth orbits. 


The year cycle is just one of many cycles influencing the creation of life on earth. The galactic year cycle is one rotation of our sun and planets around the black hole Sagittarius A residing at the center of the milky way galaxy. Our solar system takes about 225-250 million years to revolve once around the galaxy’s center. The position we find ourselves on this journey is just a blip in the time of one cycle. yet it holds our existence in place and provides the potential from which we draw to create.

Coming back to our solar system, looking within this to our earth environment, there is the moon cycle, roughly one month in duration. This cycle generates its own energy constructs within the whole life framework being created by the earth’s journey around the sun. The moon cycle’s  influences are easy to identify in its effects on the tides, menstrual cycles, sleep and people’s moods. The other planets in our solar system also orbit creating energy movement that influences the earth as well. This is highlighted in the study of astronomy and astrology.   

The day cycle, which is generated by the earth’s rotation on its own axis, is what produces an individual organism’s constitutional constructs. Your circadian rhythm is your connection to this cycling. Over the course of each day you move through the energetic building blocks that constitute your life. This is the roadmap underlying the 24 HR Attunement.  Following the 24 HR Attunement, there is a transformational period over the course of one moon cycle where change can be felt as the attunement balancing integrates into your life. The energy then flows into the year cycle where it is fully assimilated into the framework of your whole life.


There are a multitude of energy cycles occurring simultaneously that are influencing life on earth. We can look at another energy cycling created by the earth’s relationship to the sun. There is a flow of energy coming from the sun that is the driver of many earth system processes. It heats up the atmosphere, hydrosphere and the land surface of the geosphere, and it fuels processes in the biosphere. The absorption of energy sets the atmosphere and oceans in motion redistributing energy throughout the environment. This flow of energy from the sun, through the environment and back into space is what defines earth’s climate. 

Your human systems are similarly effected by engagement with the energy of the world as it passes through your body, heart, mind and spirit. This energy, in the form of food, water, sunshine, human touch, learning experiences….is absorbed into your systems. It then redistributes the energy within you, the environment of your living being, and is released back into the world. The four systems hold the quadratic patterning that is repetitively generating human life. All the “Life Components”, the universal building blocks, existing in space, are quadratic in nature.  

Diving into the flow of these cycles we find that life dynamics are quadratic in time as well. We see this in the four phases evident in the life cycle as well as other creation cycles. This repeating pattern is found in the year cycle as it produces the four phases or seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is the result of the creation process between the earth and the sun. This repeating pattern occurs in human beings as seen in the female menstruation cycle going through it’s four phases; menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase. These quadratic phases are evident in world systems as well, not just the planets and organisms living on earth. We see this in the economic cycle as it moves through the expansion, peak, contraction, and trough phases.


Energy in motion generated by the cycles within the time-space continuum often flows in distinct repetitive patterns for a natural efficiency and to maximize the environment present. These ordered, regular patterns seem to simply emerge from the chaotic complexity of moving energy within life. Understanding them allows you to utilize the predictable patterned flow to direct the evolution of your life. I will now briefly touch upon some of the common patterns we see emerging from the chaos of potential that you can find in your day to day life. Expounding on a few key areas to give you and idea of how foundational these are to our lives and to the craft of energy work. 

There is the packing pattern which can be found in the packing of atomic particles or grape clusters. The branching pattern which is seen in lightning, tree limbs, or the branching of the human circulatory system. This pattern distributes nutrients in the most efficient way from the core to all the other parts. The explosion pattern can be found in ice crystals and flower petals. The rapid expansion or bursting forth of energy in this pattern can also look like an outburst of anger, urban development or the spontaneous creation of a work of art. It is the pattern of energy when you have an ah-ha moment or a sudden awakening into a higher level of consciousness.

The meander pattern can be found in the curves and turns within the channel of a waterway or in the contours of sand dunes and brain corals. It is also evident in behavior patterns, mood and work performance over the course of the day. In my work, one place this pattern shows up is in the energy field of multi-generational family structures. Many patterns are passed down to the next generation while others are bigenerational. In the ancient world the meander pattern symbolized the flow of human life or eternity achieved through reproduction. I think they were onto something.    

The spiral pattern is my favorite. It can be seen in the shape of galaxies, hurricanes and bacteria. Spirals allow for larger amounts to be consolidated into a smaller area. This can be seen in the spiral of the Nautilus’ maximizing the use of its protective shell or the sunflower maximizing the number of seeds that can be stuffed into a single sunflower. These particular spirals have fibonacci, also called “divine”, proportions. The double helix of a human DNA molecule, containing the program of life, does as well. This spiral is called the “golden spiral” and it has a growth factor of phi, the golden ratio. This is key to the understanding of growth patterns and the universal functioning of time within space. 

The spiral pattern shows up often when I am working with people’s energy fields. The spiral is the shape that the energy of anxiety takes. In viewing an anxious person’s energy they will often have a spiral of energy pulling them up and out of their body core. It is a creative energy flow moving in an unproductive manner, usually prompted by fear. The spiral pattern is also evident in the repeating cycles of behavior and experiences. For instance, when you feel like you are “in a rut” or are questioning “how did I end up here, AGAIN?” you are in a spiral. The movement of energy through a spiral pattern is either expanding outward encompassing more space with each cycle, as in the progression of a disease, or contracting inward towards the point. The healing of a wound or trauma follows this pattern as one moves incrementally closer to the balance point. 

Pay attention to the cycles and patterns occurring within you. Notice how the constitutional constructs of your life are generated by the natural cycles of energy moving within the time-space continuum. Try to identify the universal patterns emerging from the chaotic potential and appearing in the world around you. Raise your consciousness of these natural cycles and patterns to achieve greater balance as you navigate the constant change and unknown of life unfolding. 

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