The Power of Human Consciousness – The Observer Effect

Quantum consciousness 

Human consciousness functions at a quantum level. Thus, to perceive the operations and underlying principles governing how consciousness works we must view it at a quantum level. In the present time, the dark ages in regards to understanding consciousness, our best clues into the mechanics of consciousness reside in the quantum world. 

When we examine the quantum level we find that objects can apparently be in two places at once, this is called a superposition. In the same way, our quantum consciousness is capable of having two mutually exclusive ideas at the same time, or two incongruous feelings about a situation in life, or conflicting pulls in two opposite directions. For movement towards manifesting one idea, acting on one feeling or choosing one direction to proceed and not the others, it requires us to place our conscious focus on that idea, feeling or direction. 

It all begins with observation and the shift of focus to one path. Observation is one of the powers of our quantum consciousness. It may not seem very powerful, in our american bravado culture, to simply observe until you begin to realize the effect it has on your reality. In the highly controversial quest of understanding quantum mechanics and human consciousness I am obviously in the camp of researchers, like the physicist Henry Stapp who believe that the conscious observer plays an essential role in understanding the nature of reality. 

Double slit experiment 

The famous ”double-slit experiment” proved the particle-wave dualistic nature of light. It also raised the question of what influence human consciousness plays in the quantum world. It brought to light the “observer-effect” and demonstrated how even passive observation of quantum phenomena can change the measured result. If you are unfamiliar with this experiment I suggest you read about it. 

In short, imagine shining a beam of light at a screen that contains two closely-spaced parallel slits. Some of the light passes through the slits and strikes another screen. One might expect that each particle would pass through one slit or the other, forming two parallel bars of light on the second screen but that is not at all what happens. What does happen is that the particles go to certain parts of the screen forming alternating bands of light and dark. This is created by two sets of waves overlapping in constructive and destructive interference with each other, creating the light and dark bands respectively. It is as if each particle goes through both slits at the same time and interferes with itself. 

The interesting part of the experiment comes when you add an observer. If a detector is placed by the slits to determine which one a particle is passing through, the wave function collapses and the interference pattern disappears. What you see on the screen is what you would expect, two parallel bars of light. The mere act of observing, of measuring, takes the particle out of the quantum realm and determines its destination. 

The physicist Pascual Jordan, in the 1920s, put it like this: “observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it… ” When we relate this phenomena to the unfolding of our lives, the slits can be compared to the meeting points and openings between our consciousness and our energy. When we observe this we are able to exert influence over the measured outcome of our lives. 

Why does mindfulness work? 

In short, it works because of the observer effect. Going through life distracted, unaware or too disempowered to make a choice creates a haze like the “interference pattern” created in the double slit experiment. All of your conflicting impulses, beliefs, feelings and choices create a cross product influence on the energy of your life. This forms your reality. It can feel like walking through a whiteout snowstorm if you do not exercise your power of observation, allowing other possibilities to collapse. But, when you do utilize observation and consciously choose, it is as if all the scattered snowflakes in the air fall to the ground forming a giant snowball rolling in front of you removing the obstacles in your way. 

Ways to Apply the Observer Effect

…with YourSelf


Observe the present moment. Being fully present for life each moment is how one experiences fulfillment. Observe the activity within you and around you. Bring your whole being, your physicality, your emotions, your thoughts and your energy to what is occurring right here, right now. Release distractions pulling you into the past, the future, being in another place or with other people. The ultimate experience of this is being in “The Flow” where all the different parts of the moment merge into one fluid experience that transcends time. 


Develop the observer part of self and the ability to hold an objective view of your subjective experience. Observe the sensations in your body and what is stimulating those sensations. Are they coming from within or are you responding to your environment. Observe the emotions you are feeling and what is triggering them. Do the same with your thoughts. Observe your patterns of behavior, emotional responses and beliefs. Make note of where they serve you and where they do not. Observe the flow of your energy. Where do you expend your energy? What activities, experiences and relationships energize you? Developing mindfulness is essential to taking charge of your life. Find the activities, practices or tools that help you to develop this skill.

Conscious Choice

Observe the different thoughts, feelings and impulses pulling you in different directions and make a choice. Observe the choice you want. Remember consciousness operates on a quantum level, different possibilities all come into play and create a pattern of interference. The way to clear the interference to your goals in life is to “keep your eye on the prize” so to speak.  This alone will collapse the unwanted possibilities from coming into being. Much of what we create in life is the result of unconscious choice. By raising consciousness and practicing the skill of observation, you will become empowered to create the life you want.

…in Relationship 

Really SEE people

Observe the people you encounter and give them your full attention. It is the greatest gift you can give another. Observe their body language, what is it showing you? Really listen to their thoughts and feelings, objectively without negative judgment. Notice the energy they are sending your way and  open fully to receiving it. If what is being directed towards you is negative then hold your boundaries. Really seeing people puts you in an empowered position to fully take in the relationship potential that is available to meet your needs and it will keep you safe.     

Be Accountable

It has been proven that people behave differently when they know they are being observed, this is the observer effect at work. Use this fact and the people in your life to support the changes you want to make. Partner with someone wishing to make the same changes, for instance working out with a buddy. Or, find someone who knows your objectives and be accountable to them as you take steps towards those goals. Simply allowing yourself to be observed by another who is in support of your well being will have a positive influence in your life.   

Sence with your body, heart, mind and spirit 

Observe the energy exchange between you and others. Utilize the power of observation to notice what is being given and what is being received. Pay attention to the impact an exchange has on each of you. Sense with your body, heart, mind and spirit to perceive the impact on these individual systems. A balanced exchange is one that is open, creative, flowing and equalized. Keep your focus on observing these types of relationship exchanges in particular. Observing these will allow the full benefit of these experiences to come into being and it will attract more of the same.   

…to achieve Universal Balance

Working with the Universal Forms

Observing the energy of any person, thing or situation relative to the universal forms (the 5 platonic solids and the sphere) will provide a clear view of the reality of what is being observed. The universal forms are the models of perfect balance and they provide measurement of how balanced or imbalanced something is. They exist at the meeting point of energy and consciousness and they provide the mainframe design of the reality in which we live.  The universal forms are the most powerful tools we have at our disposal for using the observer-effect to create change in our lives. 

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