The Power of Time – Feedback Loops


A loop is fundamentally an endless cycle generating constant change within life. Loops occur within the energy of life as well as within consciousness. Loops can occur in energy or consciousness independently or they may sync up. When energy loops and consciousness loops do synchronize then conscious living can occur, a clear view of reality is being perceived, and the freedom of conscious choice becomes accessible. 


I often refer to the 24 HR Attunement as a ‘Loop’. The ‘Loop’ in this instance is the day cycle created by the earth’s rotation. The matter of earth is rotating around its own axis, in an energy loop, generating an environment that supports life on the planet. Synchronizing your consciousness with this energy loop is a key way to gain direct access to the place where your FreeWill has the greatest impact. FreeWill doesn’t function like a genie who grants your wishes, making them suddenly appear. Freewill requires effort. It requires the exertion of your conscious choice to shape the energy of your life. It may also require other action steps. 

You may not be able to ‘will’ the light on by simply thinking ‘I want the light on’, but if you have consciousness of where the light switch is in the room, then you can exert your ‘will’ to physically turn it on. This is why working with the 24 Life Components allows you to directly choose and influence how your life takes shape. The 24 Life Components are the energetic building blocks of your life that are being produced by the day cycle of the earth’s rotation.

The Life Components chart is essentially your roadmap, a blueprint per se to the places where the different parts of your life are being formed. Changes here will reconstruct and reshape these different parts of your life over time. So as you attune the Life Components, it is like ‘flipping the switches’ on in the rooms in your house. The next time the earth rotates to that position the reshaping process will continue and each subsequent day that it rotates to that position will perpetuate the reshaping of your life.  

The vast majority of your life is being created by your sub-unconscious influence over the energy of your life (about 95 percent). This is why targeting your FreeWill directly in the location where your life is being created will have the greatest impact. And targeting your influence of change within the day cycle allows your influence to be repeated each day, generated by the earth rotation. What forms in your life will begin to take the shape of what you have consciously chosen over time when your FreeWill is targeted at the point of creation. 


Loops can take different forms that will create different energetic dynamics. There are two different shapes that appear within the creation of mammalian life. There are Infinity Loops and Circular Loops. The different places they occur can be viewed through the sacred trinity IGO, the Individual, Group and Oneness levels. Within this framework, the repetitive cycles of energy and consciousness generating life for the Individual organism take the form of Infinity Loops. 

The energetic dynamics on the Individual level are like microcosms of the energetic dynamics seen within the greater Oneness; this is because these are also being generated by the form of Infinity Loops. A well known religious teaching that “God created man in his own image…” is a personification of the energetic reality – the energy dynamic of the individual is the same as the energy dynamic of the Oneness. This is in contrast to the Group level dynamics where Circular Loops are found operating within the time-space continuum.

The way this overlays with the 24 Life Components is that the Individual components are governed by Infinity Loops; Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit, Configuration, Aggregation, Animation, Manifestation. The Oneness components are also being generated by Infinity Loops; Unification, Individuation, Stillness, Movement. Physical, Emotional, Thought, Energetic. And the contrast comes in the Group components being generated by Circular Loops; Experience, Events, Fields, Senses, Essence, Soul, Gifts, Personality. 


One type of loop that can take the form of an Infinity Loop or a Circular Loop is the Feedback Loop. A Feedback Loop is a cycle within which the output that is created as a result of the cycle is then utilized as input to perpetuate the continuation of the cycle. The Output/Input part of the cycle provides the element of control and it is the location to exert your FreeWill. If the output you perceive is not as you initially intended, you can assess it and then adjust the input or process to achieve a closer approximation to your desired result. This is an example of how you can utilize the power of your FreeWill. Applying this principle specifically on the energetic level you can spin the Feedback Loops. They can be spun in the desired direction and in the places where energy or consciousness needs to be amplified or limited. This provides a profound element of control over your life. 


A feedback loop can flow in a clockwise or a counterclockwise direction. A clockwise flow creates a Negative Feedback Loop whereas a counterclockwise flow creates a Positive Feedback Loop. These two work together to maintain the homeostasis of an individual organism while keeping that individual on a steady path of evolution. Positive feedback amplifies a system’s output, resulting in growth or decline. While the negative feedback limits system output, stabilizing the system around an equilibrium point.


Negative Feedback Loops are regulating balance, alignment and homeostasis within you and your life. They preserve your set points of reality within the influences of life’s constant change. Energetically Negative Feedback Loops are utilized to maintain your ‘structure’ or basic energetic framework. I will often refer to one’s ‘energetic integrity’. It is this status quo of who you are that is being maintained with Negative Feedback Loops. These establish your limits, the bounds of your existence and the constraints within your life. 

I want to provide you with a few examples of where Negative Feedback Loops are known to occur. Negative Feedback is seen in the regulation of your blood glucose levels and osmoregulation. These loops are seen in your brain prompting you to make your life fit with your set points of what you believe it ought to be. And it is seen in a dynamic of avoidance of a particular set of behaviors that would generate change to alter your set points, thus you may maintain the status quo. 

Utilizing Negative Feedback Loops when working energetically: 

Negative Feedback Loops hold you in place, on point maintaining your equilibrium. Some equilibrium points that are stabilized when working energetically are your Center Point, Present Point and Hhon(home) Point to name a few of the vast number of relative points constructing your life. You can utilize energy therapy to secure your position on these points. 

For an example of how this works, energetically you can lock into a strong Present Point. This will enable you to recall a past memory or plan a future event without losing clarity of perspective to the present moment and how the past or future meandering relates to the present. It will grant you full access to all that is available to you at the moment. This is only one of thousands of such points where the beginning meets the end of each loop oscillation within you. Collectively they hold the consistency of your life intact as you adjust to the constant change occurring within you and all around you. 


Positive feedback loops are stimulating growth, change and evolution within you and your life. Energetically positive feedback loops are utilized to maintain your ‘flow’ or your steady progress to overcome blocks, challenges and inertia. I will often refer to one being ‘on track’ or not, indicating whether or not you are in the ‘flow’ of opportunities currently available. Positive feedback loops stimulate learning, transformations and awakening within you.  

I want to provide you with a few examples of where Positive Feedback Loops are known to occur. Positive Feedback is seen in the contractions during childbirth and the ripening of fruit. These loops are seen in your brain neuroplasticity and your ability to change your brain set points, beliefs and view of life. They are also seen in a dynamic of repetition of a particular set of behaviors that generates change and disrupts the status quo. Note the change can be of a creative or destructive nature.  

Utilizing positive feedback when working energetically: 

When working energetically, the areas of growth that are stimulated with Positive Feedback can vary dramatically from person to person and even moment to moment for each individual. This depends upon many complex factors that are influencing the unfolding of one’s life. Some common areas where Positive Feedback is utilized with energy therapy are when you are opening beyond conditioning that is limiting your evolution, or when you are activating your soul’s purpose, or developing the skills you need for fulfillment in life.

For an example of how this works on conditioning, energetically you are launching yourself off of a limiting or stuck set point. Take for an example you were conditioned to believe that you are ‘small’ in some way, that you can’t _____, that you can’t make a difference in the world. Move the energy of that limiting belief, that stuck point in a counterclockwise direction. Spiraling outward in bigger and bigger circles will break up the density of the energy at that point and expand it. This generates movement from that point creating expansion and change in your life.   


If you are overextended, overwhelmed or similarly imbalanced:

Simply envision a clockwise flow of energy, beginning at the furthest reaches to which your energy has dispersed and moving around you in smaller and smaller clockwise rotations until you reach your center. Repeat this until you feel a shift, until things feel settled and consolidated. 

If you are feeling stagnant, stuck or similarly imbalanced: 

Simply envision a counterclockwise flow of energy beginning in your core, your center and moving out around you in bigger and bigger counterclockwise rotations until you expand your edges. Repeat this until you feel a shift, until you can relax and breathe, when the energy feels freed up and moving. 


I would like to propose a different way to think about Time. Just as we needed to let go of the concept that the world was flat, I believe we need to let go of the concept of Time being linear. Yes, we are able to create a timeline of our lives from beginning to end in linear fashion beginning with the past, proceeding to the present and ending with the future. This tracks the evolutionary process and serves a cognitive function, but it is an oversimplified view of Time and only one tenth of the force and influence it truly plays in your life. One further point I would like to make before proceeding with presenting a different view of Time is that Time is not an ‘illusion’, as some would have you think. Time is as real as Space and of equal influence to your life. 

The three foundational dimensions of Time; the past, the present and the future are Feedback Loops. Take any moment in Time; there are three influencers constructing the 3D Time element. Each Feedback Loop is of equal measure and influence. There is the present dimension constructed out of the vibrational array, or range containing all the layers and particulars of reality in that particular moment. It is not necessary for there to be consciousness of what is vibrating for it to have an influence. Consciousness is needed though if you wish to exercise your FreeWill to make a change. 

The second dimension of Time is the past. It continues to influence with its vibrational array where it is still reverberating and enlivening the moment. The past has brought you to this moment, to this point in Time with profound and undeniable influence that is an integral part of what is occurring right now. This influence is well known from many perspectives. The future on the other hand, which is the third dimension of Time, also has an equal influence over the moment. This is the least understood dimension of Time. These three dimensions are the counterparts to the height, width and breadth of Space. Together they form the foundational 3D plane of the time-space continuum.  


I love finding scientific studies that demonstrate principles which healers and energy workers have been utilizing for centuries. I came across just such a reference recently demonstrating the impact of the unconscious-present and future time loops. Below I am including excerpts from the summary for

Carl Jung, by Frederick Walborn, in Religion in Personality Theory, 2014 Synchronicity and Quantum Physics found within: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/psychology/synchronicity

In one of the nine studies, participants were shown two curtains on a computer screen. They were told that a picture of something was behind one of the curtains. They were to “guess” which of the two curtains hid the picture… The critical factor in the study was that in regard to increasing emotions, some of the pictures were erotic and the other pictures were neutral…It was hypothesized that the participants would correctly identify the pictures which were more erotic because people were emotionally aroused by the picture, even though they could not see the picture. Participants did correctly identify the position of the erotic pictures significantly more often than the position of the neutral pictures. 

This study demonstrates the influence of the vibrational array of present reality and how it impacts you even when it is vibrating within your unconscious realm. It is one dimension of time. Incorporating this into your view of time is essential in understanding reality.

In a second of Bem’s (2011) nine studies, the direction of time was seemingly reversed. This type of study is called retroactive priming… In Bem’s (2011) retroactive study, the prime is given after the picture. For example, if there is a picture of people laughing, the participant then rates the picture as pleasant or unpleasant, and then a prompt of the word “fun” is briefly displayed on the computer screen. How fast the participants respond is the dependent variable. Subjects respond faster when there is congruence between the picture and the future prompt, even though the prompt comes after the subject’s response. Whereas if there is a picture of people laughing, followed by an incongruous word of “sad,” the subjects do not respond as fast even though the prompt occurred after they saw the picture.

This study demonstrates the influence of the vibrational array of future reality on your present moment. It is another dimension of time with the past being the third dimension. The future having an impact on right now is a concept that has yet to become a part of the mass consciousness. Incorporating this into your view of time is essential in understanding reality.


Receiving ‘The Light Of Love’

I Receive ‘The Light Of Love’ (3×4=12)

As an Individual living being (I);

I Infuse Love within My Body 

I Inspire Love within My Heart 

I Awaken Love within My Mind 

I Enlighten Love within My Spirit 

As a member of the Group of humanity (We);

We Infuse Love within the Body of Humanity

We Inspire Love within the Heart of Humanity

We Awaken Love within the Mind of Humanity

We Enlighten Love within the Spirit of Humanity

As a part of the greater Oneness (All);

All Infuse Love within the Body of the greater Oneness

All Inspire Love within the Heart of the greater Oneness

All Awaken Love within the Mind of the greater Oneness

All Enlighten Love within the Spirit of the greater Oneness

“I Receive ‘The Light Of Love’” may be; read as a poem, utilized as an affirmation/mantra, studied as a dynamic teaching or energetically utilized to invoke greater Universal Balance. The equation in the title is referencing the energetic cross product that the ‘poem’ is activating. It is employing the sacred trinity (Individual, Group, Oneness) and the quadratic systems (Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit) of your individual receptivity. Working with a cross product of these 3 primary energy fields and these 4 receptive systems you are able to activate ‘The Light Of Love’ holistically within your life. 


  • The illumination of connection. 
  • The most consuming of attractions.
  • The igniting bond of creative forces.
  • Universal truth and purity within life. 
  • The highest vibration and dimension. 
  • Absolute knowing and acceptance of what is.

As an individual, you receive ‘The Light Of Love’  through your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems. As you receive this conscious energy, you evolve and expand. Your Systems transform the conscious energy, molding it into functional form. Each of the human systems is a unified whole that is defined by its Boundaries, Structure, Purpose and Function. 

I will introduce each of these aspects as they apply to each of the human Systems. For Boundaries I will give you a marker to work with expanding your limits. Structurally the human systems have a numerical base of ten. I provide this information as a reference for you to begin exploring the different energetic parts constituting the whole System. For Purpose I will touch upon the type of energy being processed by the system. Finally, for Function I will talk about the reception of ‘The Light Of Love’ through that particular system. 


I Infuse Love within My Body 

We Infuse Love within the Body of humanity

All Infuse Love within the Body of the greater Oneness

BOUNDARIES: The boundaries of your Body Systems are found in the limits of your physical stamina. Pay attention to where your body’s limits are. Accept and honor your limits while you continue to evolve and expand. You are able to do both of these because life exists within a dynamic environment of constant change.

STRUCTURE: The energetic structure of your Body Systems includes 10 parts although your Body operates as a singularity. You are a single human being with all of your parts functioning as a unified whole. 

PURPOSE: The purpose of your Body Systems is to receive and process the energy from the Physical level, the tangible world. Some examples of the densest universal elements that your Body processes are the water you drink, the air you breath, the food you eat and the touch you feel. Your Body enables you to experience and learn about the dense levels. Ultimately for you to merge the higher vibrations with the tangible world, enlightening it.  

FUNCTION: To Receive ‘The Light Of Love’. The reception of ‘The Light Of Love’ through your Body Systems enables you to create within the tangible world. Having children and passing on your genetic makeup is the ultimate creation in life that is enabled by having a Body. Procreation forms the sacred bond of parent and child. Another ‘Light Of Love’ experience you can have in a Body is the Sacred Union of two bodies merging together in love. 


I Inspire Love within My Heart 

We Inspire Love within the Heart of humanity

All Inspire Love within the Heart of the greater Oneness

BOUNDARIES: The boundaries of your Heart Systems are found in the limits of your emotional intelligence. Pay attention to where your Heart’s limits are. How perceptive are you of your own or others emotions? Can you reason using emotional intelligence? Do you understand the wisdom of the emotions? How well do you manage your own emotions or the emotions of others? Accept and honor the limits of your Heart while you continue to evolve and expand. 

STRUCTURE: The energetic structure of your Heart Systems includes 20 parts existing within a unified whole. Your Heart functions as a duality in the outer world providing you with the opportunity to partner in emotional communion. Partnering, Heart to Heart, creates a quadratic dynamic which engages the creative process when you are able to unify with another. 

PURPOSE: The purpose of your Heart Systems is to receive and process Emotional energy; your own emotions as well as other human’s emotions, especially those closest to you. Your heart is responsible for the depth of your meaningful connections with others as well as your capacity for empathy and emotional intimacy in those relationships. 

FUNCTION: To Receive ‘The Light Of Love’. The reception of ‘The Light Of Love’ through your Heart Systems allows you to commune with others in a meaningful way and to co-create with them. It opens an expansive range and equips you for mature, steady movement throughout. 


I Awaken Love within My Mind 

We Awaken Love within the Mind of humanity

All Awaken Love within the Mind of the greater Oneness

BOUNDARIES: The boundaries of your Mind Systems are found in the limits of your mental intelligence. Pay attention to where your Mind’s limits are. I find the greatest self imposed limitation in this area as people tend to underestimate their limits. I encourage you to always challenge yours. Some people will overestimate their mental limits with arrogance built on a foundation of ignorance but this is far less common. Accept and honor your limits, keep it real while you continue to evolve and expand. 

STRUCTURE: The energetic structure of your Mind Systems includes 40 parts within a unified whole. Your Mind functions quadratically. The creation of life is also quadratic in nature. This allows your mind to encompass the framework of your life and to understand the process of creation. Each person creates their own concept of reality which influences the creation of their actual reality. 

PURPOSE: The purpose of your Mind Systems is to receive and process Thought energy; your own thoughts as well as other human’s thoughts to a variable degree. The resonance of your belief structures and mental conditioning determine the parameters of what you attract and the framework of how you engage life.

FUNCTION: To Receive ‘The Light Of Love’. The reception of ‘The Light Of Love’ through your Mind Systems awakens consciousness and provides you with a clear view. It equips you with the capabilities to merge knowledge learned from outer training/experiences with inner intuitive ‘knowings’. This awakens a more holistic perspective and it enables you to utilize your free will to consciously create your life.


I Enlighten Love within My Spirit

We Enlighten Love within the Spirit of humanity

All Enlighten Love within the Spirit of the greater Oneness

BOUNDARIES: The boundaries of your Spirit Systems are found in your energetic purity. Pay attention to where your Spirit’s limits are. True Spirit limits are of a vibrational and dimensional nature. How high can you go and still maintain your holistic energetic integrity? Accepting limits is always important, although I have yet to meet another person who has challenged the limits of their Spirit. Thus, I encourage you to evolve and expand through the process of achieving greater universal balance and purer authenticity in your life. 

STRUCTURE: The energetic structure of your Spirit Systems includes 20 parts in a unified whole. Your Spirit functions as a duality within the inner realms similarly to how your Heart functions in the outer realms. 

PURPOSE: The purpose of your Spirit Systems is to receive and process the purely Energetic stream that includes all vibrational frequencies higher than the capacity of your Body, Heart or Mind Systems to process. It connects you to the Source energies that are fueling your life force and generating your life. It provides the mechanisms to process life itself.  

FUNCTION: To Receive ‘The Light Of Love’. The reception of ‘The Light Of Love’ through your Spirit Systems describes the energetic process of enlightenment. Your Spirit enables you to enlighten the divinity within yourself and within every area of your life. 


The Dark Side of Synchronicity & Serendipity How to Bring Light


Let’s begin by touching upon what Synchronicities and Serendipities actually are, how they are alike and how they are different. Then I will get into the dark side to explore misappropriated Synchronicities and Serendipities, taking a look at some of the conditions that can manifest as a result. What we are exploring with these concepts is a convergence point of elements coming together because of mutual resonance. Their vibrational frequency is in sync and their dimensional constructs are lined up. People apply meaning to these configurations in the form of archetypes, symbols and myths. 

Synchronous events and Serendipitous events have many similarities. Both provide examples of meaningful coincidences. Both involve the temporal syncing of an observation of an internal event with the observation of a spatially separate outer world event. These two causally unrelated events become entangled reflectively within a similar space of meaning as the inner and outer information is bridged. The essential nature of observation for both Serendipity and Synchronicity is why mindfulness actually increases your frequency of these experiences.  

The main difference between Synchronicity and Serendipity is in the impact created by the particular elements connecting. Synchronicity tends to have an inner Self impact, one that affects your psychology and emotion. Whereas Serendipity tends to have an external, outer world impact affecting change in your life. Synchronicity may include the presence of intentionality or it may not while Serendipity has been thought to be devoid of conscious intention. I would challenge this last point to say I believe intentionality is an influential factor. I believe it can be applied to your outer world, as well, to effect change. 

Change is a key factor with Synchronicity and Serendipity. These events are dynamic occurrences within life. They both prompt the creative process and bring the potential of expansion and evolution to the individual experiencing them. This happens instantaneously when a person is centered and the experience is emerging from here. Other instances occur where a person is experiencing a split on a foundational level and the connection points are about bridging the divide and healing the wound.   


My brain is wired naturally to recognize patterns and to find imbalances. In addition to this natural tendency I have practiced this skill for decades treating imbalances within myself and many others. In my experience, I have found that we can learn just as much, if not more, about Synchronicity/Serendipity from challenging, although still meaningful, coincidences that occur as we can from ones that bring expansion through a pleasant meeting of elements. When the convergence point of a Synchronicity/Serendipity is challenging, representing a state of illness, this is what I am identifying as a Misappropriated Synchronicity/Serendipity. 

Given this blog is about Synchronicity/Serendipity I am bringing in a set of imbalanced conditions that all have an issue of brain connectivity. The Synchronous connection is split and as organisms are always seeking homeostasis, the connective imbalance goes in one direction away from the center. Then, another imbalance is created, an equal and opposite imbalance, to maintain the integrity of the whole ecosystem of one’s Self or one’s Life. 

As energy is moving in the opposite directions a split occurs. This can happen within one of the foundational elements. Below I provide one example of an imbalanced condition for each foundational element/universal area. This seemingly challenged state of being is an opportunity for you to evolve. The evolutionary potential is to learn about the particulars of both imbalanced states in order to transcend the trappings of each. The potential is to bridge the two seemingly unrelated elements, link them together and synchronize them to expand beyond both, providing yourself with greater freedom. 

In this discussion about misappropriated Synchronicities/Serendipities there are three key areas I wish to highlight: 1. How the Equal and Opposite Principle applies and provides us with a path to work with the imbalances. 2. How the issues of connectivity manifest within particular conditions in dual expressions of Over-stuckness and Separation. 3. How we can utilize intention to encourage particular areas to synchronize and others to desynchronize in order to evolve and expand. Note: as I proceed through the key areas, for the sake of simplicity, I will utilize Synchronicity to refer to Synchronicities and Serendipities alike.  

  1. The Equal and Opposite Principle

The Equal and Opposite Principle states that “when there is an imbalance there is always an equal and opposite imbalance”. This is a factor that applies when one is experiencing illness. Thus, treating a condition or managing one for yourself, to do so holistically, requires a perspective that encompasses both sides of this equation. This dual state of imbalanced conditions is in place for a purpose. It maintains the stability and homeostasis of the individual organism or their life. So to work with restoring balance to one side of this equation and still maintain an equilibrium within the whole it is helpful to work with both sides simultaneously. 

I want to provide an example of how the Equal and Opposite Principle can be a positive thing that creates opportunities for experience when it is centered and present. When two people have a conversation they go back and forth between speaking and listening. What happens in the brains of people conversing is complementary positive and negative neural activity. When a person is speaking parts of their brain are engaged and active (+) while other parts are quiet (-). If the person on the receiving end is actually listening then the equal and opposite parts of their brain are engaged. The speaking parts are quiet (-) while the listening parts are active (+). This is one example of how you can grow and evolve through healthy engagement with this principle. You do not need to rely upon growing through challenges as humans tend to do. 

  1. Connectivity Issues

Issues of connectivity manifest within particular illnesses in dual expressions of Over-Stuckness and Separation. The following chart of conditions are examples of imbalances created due to an issue of connectivity. One note on the chart; it is a list of six conditions, five of which are classified as mental illnesses. The sixth is a neurological difference which creates uneven development in an individual compared to a person with average neurology, or a neurotypical. Given the disparate growth created by this condition it is considered to be a developmental disability. Connectivity issues can manifest on other levels as well. I made the choice to highlight these conditions because of the role the neural connections in your brain play. I would also like to highlight how neural plasticity provides hope for transformation.   

The following chart is identifying six areas where foundational splits can occur. It is identifying one imbalanced condition within each of these areas that manifests an issue with connectivity. It is then applying the Equal and Opposite Principle to each condition relative to the challenge it creates with connectivity. Thus, there will always be an area of too much connectivity, or Over-Stuckness, and there will always be an area of too little connectivity or Separation. The chart identifies how the Stuckness or Separation applies to the imbalanced condition.

SplitCondition Over -Stuck Separation
TIME SPLITPTSDPast Reality Present Reality 
SPACE SPLITDissociation Freeze ResponseSovereignty  
CONSCIOUSNESS SPLITSchizophreniaEnergetic Reality Physical Reality
CREATION SPLIT OCD     CyclesContinuity
LOVE SPLIT AntiSocial Personality DisorderDomination Conscience
SPARK SPLITAutism Points Context


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition created when someone experiences a traumatic event and they are unable to maintain resistance to internalizing the event. The split that occurs is a Time Split. The Over-Stuckness is connected to the Past Reality and the Separation is from Present Reality. 

The Over-Stuckness symptoms of this condition manifest from the individual’s over connection with the past. This occurs as one is hyper synchronized, to the traumatic event, through sensory input. The symptoms that manifest include flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, nightmares etc… during which, a person re-experiences the sensory experience of the trauma. Over-Stuckness also manifests as hyperarousal, emotional and physical reactivity. 

The Separation that occurs is from present reality through the means of avoidance. This can be avoidance of facing the trauma or even reminders of the trauma. Avoidance is not always a conscious choice, particularly with this condition where partial or complete memory loss is common. Separation is also seen in the negative changes one experiences in their thinking and emotion. These serve to separate or distract one from the experience of life in the moment. 

PTSD alters one’s brain neurology. Studies show aberrant coupling in brain regions and changes in one’s defense response systems. 


A Dissociative Disorder is a mental health condition characterized by disconnection. It is thought to be the result of chronic trauma in childhood. The split that occurs is a Space Split. The Over-Stuckness is connected to the Freeze Response and the Separation is from Being Here.

The Over-Stuckness is like a switch on the ‘freeze’ fear response is permanently in the ON position. The symptoms that manifest from this frozen state prevent movement. A person’s energy and resources are frozen in space like blocks of ice floating in suspended animation. These blocks hold the fear contained within the repetitive trauma events. One’s cognitive functioning, concentration, memory, the ability to frame reality… become impaired. 

Note: a condition like this is functional at the time it comes into play, it allows a person to survive otherwise unsurvivable life experiences. For instance a child who is in an environment that has terrifying events occurring repeatedly will adopt a dissociative response to maintain a false sense of stability and forward movement. For the child, who probably cannot leave the terrifying situation, the fear is frozen and pushed aside instead, out of the space of ‘here’ in life so that the child can continue to function. 

The Separation that occurs is from one’s memory in the instance of Dissociative Amnesia, one’s life, thoughts and feelings in Depersonalisation-Derealisation Disorder and one’s sense of identity in Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Dissociation alters one’s brain neurology. Studies show an increase in activity in brain areas involved with attention, cognitive control and arousal modulation. It also shows a decrease in activity in the affective system of the brain which contributes to emotional processing, sensory processing and cognition.  


Schizophrenia is a mental health condition that affects a person’s thoughts, feelings and behavior. They may seem to have lost touch with reality. The split that occurs is a Consciousness Split. The Over-Stuckness is connected to  Energetic Reality and the Separation is from Physical Reality.

The Over-Stuckness is connected to the energetic level which is split off from the physical level. An individual with schizophrenia will perceive the energetic awareness as being a part of physical reality. From our perspective what the person is experiencing are hallucinations and delusions. The divide created by the consciousness split impacts the mind creating disorganized thinking. It can also impact the body creating abnormal or repetitive movements. The Over-Stuckness can manifest through violence but this is rare and people with schizophrenia are more likely to be the victims of violence.

The Separation that occurs is from the Physical level. This is evidenced in the  Negative and Cognitive symptoms of the disorder. The Negative Symptoms include a loss of motivation, interest, energy and socialization. The Cognitive symptoms include issues with attention, concentration and memory. The Separation also manifests in difficulty assuming ownership of one’s body. The disorganized thinking coupled with the conscious dis-connect from one’s body inhibits the ability to make connections when Synchronous events occur and it reduces the impact of the Synchronous events. 

Schizophrenia alters one’s brain neurology. Studies show abnormalities of connectivity and synaptic plasticity, as well as changes in prefrontal and medial temporal lobe regions. Working memory and declarative memory are impaired in these regions.  


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental health condition that includes obsessions, compulsions or both. Addiction is engaging in compulsive behavior or using a substance compulsively despite the negative consequences. I think of the difference as OCD being about Fear Mis-Management and Addiction being about Pain Mis-Management. The split that occurs in both conditions is a Creation Split. The individual’s life is split in two. There is the life created within the compulsion which becomes split off energetically from the rest of the individual’s life. The energy dynamic is the same for both despite some physical differences in how they manifest. The Over-Stuckness is connected to a Repetitive Cycle and the Separation is from Continuity. 

The Over-Stuckness is connected to a Repetitive Cycle. Symptoms of OCD manifest from an over connection with magical thinking about repetitive acts protecting one from fears. This generates the repetitive cycle. Symptoms of Addiction manifest from an over connection with the belief that addictive behaviors or substances will alleviate pain experienced in the Body, Heart, Mind or Spirit. There is sometimes an initial experience of this relief that is sought to be repeated unsuccessfully with continued use of the behavior or substance.  

The Separation that occurs is from Continuity in life. One’s steady progression, their growth and development, essentially their evolution, is thwarted. The cycle keeps one spinning in place, going nowhere. Time, energy and resources are expended on the obsession/compulsion that could otherwise be available for positive, growthful and fulfilling life experiences. Addiction is said to be the great eraser of life, one may lose friends, family, jobs, money or even their life as a result of the addiction. 

OCD and addiction alter one’s brain neurology. People with OCD tend to have more intense reactions in the orbital cortex, which is responsible for decision making. The specific function here that’s relevant to OCD is mistake detection which incorrectly registers as positive in the individual with OCD leaving them perpetually feeling like something is wrong. People with OCD will also experience more intense activity in the cingulate gyrus which deals with motivation and behavioral responses. The third key area affected is the caudate nucleus which is underactive, contributing to Separation. This part of the brain is responsible for procedural learning, associative learning, and inhibitory control of actions. The caudate nucleus gives us the control to override compulsions and intrusive thoughts. What is seen in the neurology of people with addiction is the basal ganglia triggers the seeking of the addictive substance/behavior while the extended amygdala activates a stress response. The extended amygdala also reduces sensory awareness of other stimuli while the prefrontal cortex reduces executive functioning. From a broadscale energetic view the dynamic pattern of OCD and that of Addiction function similarly enough to be treated the same. From a physical life view, the foundation of treatment can be the same while particulars are distinctly different.


Sociopathy and Psychopathy are informal terms for AntiSocial Personality Disorder, which is a mental health condition defined as “a consistent disregard for rules and social norms and repeated violation of other people’s rights” according to the DSM-5. The split that occurs is a Love Split. The Over-Stuckness is connected to Domination and the Separation is from one’s Conscience.

The Over-Stuckness is connected to Domination; an attempt to overpower and control others and the world. The symptoms of this condition that manifest from the over connection with self interest are impulsive and aggressive behaviors, manipulation, deceit, boundary violations, breaking legal and societal rules. Over-Stuckness manifests out of a fixation on feeling powerful through imposing/ forcing one’s will.

The Separation that occurs is from one’s Conscience. One is separate from concern for others and does not experience guilt or remorse for wrong doings. The split is a Love Split, thus it affects all the systems of one’s being. The Mind and Spirit are separate from morals, values, a sense of right and wrong. The Heart and Body are separate from emotional and somatic empathy.

ASPD alters one’s brain neurology. Studies show abnormalities in brain regions and aberrant functional connectivity. The topological configuration of the functional connectome is altered, marked by increased clustering and decreased centrality in a number of brain regions


Autism Spectrum Disorder is not a mental health condition. It is a neurological difference with developmental delays that affect how people communicate and interact, absorb and process life, learn and grow, and ultimately behave. It is marked by restricted interests and repetitive behaviors. The split that occurs is a Sparks Split. The Over-Stuckness is connected to Points and the Separation is from Context. I chose to include this condition, amongst a list of mental health conditions because it epitomizes the pattern being discussed. 

Working with the energy of Autism, one of the distinct energetic characteristics I have found to be true of people on the spectrum is that they have an excessive amount of sticky energy. And the experience of Autism is largely one of Separation. It tends to produce a narrow but deep life which eliminates most connection points with other people. For example imagine a person with one expertise and a very poor common sense orientation to anything else. All the common areas are off the table for connection with others and the area of expertise will be so advanced that finding those who can connect are few and far between. 

The Over-Stuckness is connected to Points. People on the spectrum get rigidly stuck on Points. This is seen in the repetitive movements, insistence on sameness and routine and ‘Special Interests’ – particular specializations that are abnormal in intensity or focus. Sensory experience is different for people on the autism spectrum. It can fall on either side of the split with hyper sensory awareness and/or attraction on the Stuck side and hypo sensory awareness on the Separation side.

The Separation that occurs is from Context. As one rigidly becomes Stuck to particular points, all of their energy and focus is consumed by those points and the person becomes Separated from everything else. I see the energy fields of people on the autism spectrum as being tall and deep but lacking in breadth, they naturally orient to the oneness as well as to the individual level. The Separation is seen on the group level. Here it creates deficits in social-emotional reciprocity, nonverbal communication behaviors and in developing, maintaining and understanding relationships. 

Autism alters one’s brain neurology. Studies show over and under connectivity issues. When there is a short brain range or single brain region required for a task, there is over-connectivity. This makes autistic people even better than neurotypicals at these tasks. But where there is a long brain range required, there is under-connectivity making these tasks more difficult. This is where there is a need to combine or assimilate information in different brain regions as one needs to do in social dynamics. 

  1. Synchronize – Desynchronize 

When you can perceive an imbalanced pattern holistically it gives you leverage and empowerment to shift it and restore balance. Never underestimate the power of the observer alone to influence change. But, more comprehensively this perspective will provide a view of numerous avenues to transcend limitations and expand into wisdom. For our focus on Synchronicity, utilizing illnesses with connective issues, you can work with Synchronizing and DeSynchronizing respective areas. This can be done by combining the power of observation with simple intention. Identify your Stuckness and place focused intention on DeSynchronizing the Stuck areas. Do this while concurrently identifying your Separation and placing your focused intention on Synchronizing with the Separated area. 


Physically – Synchronizing and Desynchronizing

You can work to restore balance by doing a physical exercise, such as the writing exercise below. This work will migrate through the higher vibrations over time.

Writing Exercise – 

  1. Start by simply writing about where your inner life and outer life feel out of sync. This can be within either one alone or your inner world may feel out of sync with your outer world. Write in a stream of consciousness fashion about this until you can’t think of any more areas of asynchronicity within your Self or in your Life. 
  2. Circle or highlight areas that you can identify as being Over-Stuck. This could be anything that you are thinking about repeatedly, situations you keep ending up in despite trying to avoid them, bad habits, things you just can’t seem to shift despite trying… Circle or highlight areas that you can identify as being Separated. This could be parts of yourself or things you desire in life that just seem out of reach, like there is a cavern with no way across. These are the responsibilities you keep avoiding in your outer life or things you refuse to face within your inner life, to give a few examples. 
  3. Make two lists of the Over-Stuck and Separated areas, in two columns on the same page. Look over the two lists and see if you can match items in one list to items in the other list that seem to have a correlation. If you don’t sense a correlation between individual items try to identify themes that are present in your lists and see if that helps you to identify the correlations. If not, simply let this step go and utilize your lists for step 4. 
  4. Write intentions to synchronize your Over-Stuck areas. “I bring the intention of synchronicity to (Item/theme on your Over-Stuck list).” Go through your list writing full sentences for each item or theme. Write intentions to synchronize your Separated areas. “I bring the intention of synchronicity to (Item/theme on your Over-Stuck list).” 

Energetically – Synchronizing and Desynchronizing

You can also work to restore balance on an energetic level and then allow the denser levels to migrate into balance over time. This requires you to utilize your energy ‘muscles’. If you are not an energy worker, it may require a part of you that is not well developed. You may not even be familiar with what it feels like to exercise these ‘muscles’. I say muscles because that is what it feels like for me. In the early days of working the 24 HR Attunement I would actually pull muscles in my physical body doing the energy work until I developed stronger energy ‘muscles’ and smarter ways to work.


Stuck energy will be dense and dark. Identify the Stuck energy with whichever sensory ability you are able to perceive it. For Stuck areas, simply bring light into the Stuck energy. Guide this with your energy muscles and utilize your sensory awareness to monitor your progress. Place your intention and focus on raising the vibration and expanding the dimensional array of the Stuck area to dissipate it. Keep this focus until the energy is uninhibited and flowing freely.   


For the Separations you want to begin with centering (14 point centering is best) within your core and connecting with your light. Then utilize your sensory awareness to identify where the Separated parts/areas are relative to your center. Draw/attract the Separated parts/areas to your center. DO NOT MOVE FROM YOUR CENTER. Hold this energy centered with your center until you can feel the mutual resonance.  

I have found that it is most effective to approach things holistically. Thus working physically and energetically concurrently will initiate an exponentially more effective intervention for effecting change. Take charge of the positive change in your life. 


The Key To A FulFilling Life Is ‘The Work’ You Put Into It 

I often refer to ‘The Work’ when speaking about engagement with the Energy Therapy that I offer. When I do I can feel the tension come over people in response to the word, ‘work’. Many have a negative concept of what ‘work’ is and associate it with the resistance they feel to do their jobs. Unless of course, they fall into the group of people who love their ‘work’. If you have a negative association with the idea of ‘work’ then consider the following…  

Your life force exists for one reason, that is to generate the ‘work’ of living your life. The more powerful your life force the greater the scope, range and depth your life becomes. ‘Work’ in this context is good, ‘work’ equals life, without it there is nothing but rest, as in ‘rest in peace’. Thus, life itself requires ‘work’ and a fulfilling life requires even more ‘work’. From an energetic perspective you cannot experience fulfillment without generating ‘work’. Fulfillment is not something that can be given to you. Energetically, a life is only as full as the amount of ‘work’ that is generating it. 

To define ‘work’ with more specificity to our purposes here – ‘work’ is the exertion of force with which you engage physical, emotional, mental or spiritual activity. It is required for you to act, to move, to overcome the resistance of things not in the flow of your forward movement. ‘Work’ enables you to operate and function according to your conscious intention. And, ‘work’ is required for you to produce the molecular change that produces the constant physical and chemical change that you experience from moment to moment.

As we are exploring the human energetic systems this year, the mechanisms through which you are able to receive life, it is important to remember that we are always viewing through the reference frame of the Universals. This view enables you to perceive the parts of the whole in their structure, flow, form and design. It permits you to determine how many parts there are, if they form a whole set and if not, how many parts it would require to make a whole. A Universal frame of reference also allows you to perceive how any particular thing within the whole fits relative to any other thing within that whole or relative to the Universals.

Last time we explored four of the differentiated Operatives of One Self as they function within the Layers of Existence and now we will explore the four differentiated Aspects of One Self as they function within the Perspectives of Reality. 


An Aspect is a positional feature of who you are. The underlying dynamic of your Aspects is an example of energetic quadratics, similar to the Operatives. Within each of the six mainframe perspectives of reality, there are four Aspects; your Components, Process, Conscious and Enlightening. In the following section I will provide a definition for each energetic Aspect. I will touch upon the Universality of the Aspect and finally I will list the differentiated types of Aspects that form within each of the six perspectives. 


A ‘Component’ is an energetic part. It is a differentiated part of a holistic whole that adheres to the holographic principle. This Universal Principle states that “the whole is within each part”. A ‘Component’ is a cohesive whole within itself that exists as such for a limited period of time. Time functions like a hologram, thus within each holistic part of time, access to all time resides. 

Assessment of the ‘Components’ requires a frame of reference. The overarching framework of ‘The Work’ is the Universals. All parts of ‘The Work’ reside within this holistic perspective. Thus, everything within the confines of your ‘Components’ becomes relative to these fundamental elements, the Universals. Through a Universal perspective you can perceive the holistic parts, structure, flow, form and design. You can perceive how any particular thing within the ‘Components’ of your life fits relative to the Universals as well as relative to every other thing within that whole. 

The ‘Components’ from Six Perspectives:  Discovery, Life, Share, Quality, Vessel, Distribution 


Your life ‘Process’ emerges from your internally created procedures that govern your ‘Components’. These are similar to a computer program, as they orchestrate all of the particulars of unfolding change, in your life. Procedures govern each point where energy and consciousness meet, each opening in your field, and every one of your choices of filters or limits. These underlying procedures create the ‘Process’ of your routined flow. Your life ‘Process’ grants you access to the full influence of change within your moment to moment holistic plane of reality. 

Viewing the ‘Process’ of your energy and consciousness from a Universal holistic perspective, your venture in living is cyclical in nature. As life unfolds over time there are two distinct paths the energy takes, circular and infinity. It follows a circular path if you are perceiving a group level energetic process or an infinity shaped one if you are perceiving individual or oneness level processes. Spiritual teachings that reference humans being in the likeness of the divine source are touching into and personifying this energetic phenomena. Humans regularly project human qualities to non human beings and energies. This underlies many areas of life including religion.      

The ‘Process’ from Six Perspectives:   Amalgamation, Unification, Distinction, Coalition, Transmission, Formalization


A ‘Conscious’ is a stratum of energy and consciousness. It is your most influential area of free will and it will always impact your next move in life. On the surface of your being there are transitional frameworks like scaffolding held onto a building. These frameworks reside on a very fine vibrational level in a 300 Dimensional plane of reality. They serve to assist you as you discern, assess, interpret and decide the particulars of your life. 

The exercise of free will is a power that humans have only scratched the surface of. Aligning your ‘Conscious’ framework with the vibration and dimensionality of the Universals opens you up to the greatest possibilities and influence. Here is where you can employ kinematics to exercise your free will choice and influence the constant re-creation of your life to shift you to where you desire to be. By applying algebraic geometry to energy work you can utilize your mechanical advantage. The importance of consideration and care in forming your ‘Conscious’ framework is that it will define the realities of the life you have.  

The ‘Conscious’ from the Six Perspectives: Interpluvial, Individual, Interfacial, Group, Intergalactic, One 


An ‘Enlightening’ is an illumination of dark energy or unconscious matter. As you ‘Enlighten’ you become aware of the truth of who you are and the realities of your life. You become aware of the truth of others and their lives as well as the worlds around you and within you. This awareness is not superficial, one dimensional or fleeting. It is a fully immersive, unshakeable knowing with full energy and consciousness being embodied.  

‘The Enlightenment’ was an intellectual and philosophical movement during the late 17th & 18th century. Enlightenment thinkers emphasized the value of human happiness, the pursuit of knowledge through reason and modes of sensory perception, individualism and your universal, fundamental, inalienable “natural human rights”. The objective of the enlightenment thinkers was to improve human conditions in the here and now rather than concern themselves with religion and the afterlife. ‘The Work’ supports these values and objectives; I am always utilizing the Universals to restore balance, preserve and optimize human life.  

The ‘Enlightening’ from the Six Perspectives:                                             Beautiny, Creation, Grace, Harmony, Sapience, Troika 


The 24 HR Attunement is working with a holistic segment of the Time/Space continuum. One earth rotation takes one day, or 24 hours. This is a holistic part of Time and as such it opens access to the energetics of the whole, which in this instance is ALL Time. Concurrently during the course of the day the earth completes one rotation on its axis, which is a holistic cycle through Space that opens access to the energetics of the whole, which is ALL Space. Your personal connection to this movement through the Time/Space continuum lies within your circadian rhythm. 

The energetic mapping of the 24 Life ‘Components’ is our roadmap for this daily rhythm and holistic cycling through the Time/Space continuum. This is the choice of focus for the general balancing on the attunement day so that the changes being set in motion can be incorporated right into a person’s regular daily cycle to unfold over time. I have found this to be a powerful delivery means for energy therapy with the smoothest possible outflow for change to occur. It is important to note that the 24 Life ‘Components’ is one of six sets of ‘Components’, the one we find when viewing reality from the Human perspective. This Universal map is foundational to each living being’s individual expression in life. 

The compliment to this expressive energy is your individual level, receptive stream of energy. This energy stream is our highlighted focus for the blog this year. As we view your energy and consciousness through the lens of Individual Receptivity the Aspects of Self are from the Felicity Perspective. What this shows us is that the journey of receiving life, when it is perfectly balanced in Universal balance, is experienced with intense happiness. 

Viewing your energy and consciousness from a Felicity Perspective, the ‘Components’ you possess here are Vessel ‘Components’. We know that ‘work’ equals life and the more ‘work’ you generate the more fulfilling your life will be. This fullness is contained within your Vessels. The ‘Process’ that is engaged in this stream of energy is the Transmission ‘Process’ which follows the infinity path. You can seize control over the change you want to see by posturing as such and opening to receive it within your Vessels while you cycle through infinity. 

The ‘Conscious’ that we find here is your Intergalactic ‘Conscious’. While we live within the Milky Way galaxy, which represents the parameters of ‘The Work’, there are many galaxies in the universe and earth is somewhat of an intergalactic mixing pot of energies. Thus, when one opens to receive there is energy and consciousness from many galaxies throughout the universe. The ‘Enlightening’ that occurs from this perspective is Sapience ‘Enlightening’. As you open to receive you are being filled with awareness of your Self, sound judgment and Universal wisdom.

I encourage you all to embrace the ‘work’ of living, throw yourself fully into the miraculous journey you have been given. Reconsider your idea of ‘work’ and your relationship to it. Incorporate your job or career into this new positive framework of your activity in life. I guarantee you will find fulfillment no matter what your choice of ‘work’ actually is. 

Upgrade Your Human Operating System

Attune Your System Operatives to Enlighten Your Receptive Flow 

Upgrading your human operating system will automatically progress you along your journey of evolution. I will begin by talking a bit about enlightenment, taking it out of the realm of a mystical story and into the realm of simple energetics. I will introduce the four types of operatives within your Human Operating System. I will then talk about the specific operatives governing your Systems of Human Consciousness; your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.


Enlightenment and awakening are fundamentally referencing the same thing because they occur simultaneously and depend upon both energy and consciousness. But for the purposes of this discussion about upgrading your operating system I will separate the inseparable to understand and highlight its functioning. I will utilize awakening to reference a shift in consciousness and enlightenment or enlightening to reference a shift in energy. In the energy field we find the photon, a quantum of light, which functions to enlighten. And in the consciousness field we find the consciousness of the ‘WE’, which functions to receive the light. 

Many people associate awakening consciousness with the Mind, which is accurate to a degree, but it is only part of the picture. People also associate enlightenment with a thought process involving conceptualization, beliefs, language, communication of ideas etc… all the functions of the Mind System which again is only a part of what becomes enlightened. Your Mind system opens you to twenty five percent of your potential individual receptivity with corresponding consciousness. Each of your four systems; Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit provides you with holistic access to a full view of life as well as conscious awareness from that perspective. Awakening can holistically occur by enlightening any of the four systems, not just the Mind. It is the holographic nature of reality that makes this possible. The whole is within each part, but it must be a holistic part for this to apply.  

I highlight the fact that each system is only one quarter to prompt you to begin to consider the complexity of the systems and explore them all from a state of curious wonder. Enlightening the corresponding level of reality as you go. There are many paths to enlightenment, they are ever present within you just waiting to be explored. I encourage you to bring your conscious focus to each of your systems; conscious focus creates a ray of consciousness pointed towards the thing you are focused on. Hold your focus and that ray will meet and merge with the rays of your energy to enlighten the systemic functioning of your consciousness.

The journey of enlightenment has a lot of philosophical and religious associations that can make it seem out of reach, mysterious or even ridiculous. I encourage you to think about it more universally, even keeled and practically. The true definition of enlightening is simply a process of acquiring greater knowledge and understanding about some thing or circumstance. It is simply bringing your conscious focus, a ray of consciousness, to connect with some aspect of your life, a ray of energy, sparking a light on a particular area. Enlightening your energy while awakening your consciousness naturally occurs if you simply stay open, always learning and growing.  


Your personal operating system generates your continual movement through life. On an energetic level your operating system is composed of four operatives. These four operatives, which control the functioning of your human life, are your ‘Container’, ‘Instrument’, ‘Creation’ and ‘Figuration’. Together they comprise your energetic operating system, which interestingly has some similarities to the operating system in your computer. 

Your ‘Container’ frames an environment within your ‘Inner Life’ where energy and consciousness can unite to generate your life. In a computer, a container is a discrete environment set up within the operating system in which one or more applications may be run. You have multiple containment fields within your inner world. These containers within you are for managing the structure of your being, managing the process of living your life and managing your memories thus you may grow and evolve.

Your ‘Instrument’ is your ‘Inner Life’ equipment for processing the energy and consciousness within your inner space containers. Here there are mechanisms for transforming energy and consciousness into actual manifest material imbued with the cognizance of its own existence. In a computer there are mechanisms for communication, information management, categorization, and storage. These operations are performed within the mechanisms of your instrument. 

Your ‘Creation’ is your equipment for constructing and designing your ‘Outer Life’. This operative governs the emergence of particles and waves, the conscious material that is created from the energy and consciousness within you. In both the computer and the creation of your human life it involves time regulation, data interpretation and filtration. Your ‘Creation’ governs your interactions with other elements within your outer environment. It is enacting your free will choice to determine what is allowed into your life and what is kept out. 

Your ‘Figuration’ also resides in your ‘Outer Life’ where it controls the final shape and form of your life. After your life force is contained, sparked and processed, it is brought out into the structure and flow of your ‘Outer Life’. This operative determines the ultimate vibrational frequency and dimensional array that the energy and consciousness will take. In a computer as within a human being this operative performs the functions that enable networking, as well as management of the input, output and resources of the components. 


Your operating system works throughout all six layers of existence to manage your energy and consciousness. But for this discussion, I am going to hone in specifically on the fifth layer of existence to talk about the functioning of your operatives within your Systems of Human Consciousness. The operatives here are governing your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems which control your individual receptivity. Just to note; your operating system and the operatives I have introduced all function similarly on the other five levels as well. 

As we hone in on the Human Consciousness layer, the specific operatives governing your systems are: the ‘Ray Container’, the ‘Potential Instrument’, the ‘Universal Creation’, and the ‘Magnetic Figuration’. I will talk a bit more in depth about these specific operatives.   

A. The ‘Ray Container’ (Inner Life Operative)

Your ‘Ray Container’ provides structure that enables you to experience sovereignty and wholeness. Your ‘Ray Container’ establishes your energetic integrity as an individual organism by providing the containment for your life force to exist independently. Your systems bridge the inner and outer realms from the innermost depths of your being to the outermost superficial level while linking together everything in between. 

Your ‘Ray Container’ provides containment for your life force generation. Human consciousness exists at the meeting point of a ray of light (massless energy) and a ray of consciousness. As they come together conscious life is sparked and your life has force. You are a conscious light being; your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit are the receptacles through which you take life in and experience conscious awareness. Your systems provide containment for your sparks which are created by the merging rays of your energy and your consciousness. 

Your ‘Ray Container’ provides an organizational framework for the vibrational array of your life. Each system; Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit,  functions in its own unique way which allows you to enlighten the systems occupied vibrational level of reality. It also allows you to awaken to the full sensate experience of life within that vibrational level. Each system contains these sparks which are fundamentally the same. They are co-creations of energy and consciousness, the only difference is the vibrational frequency and dimensional array. Your Body produces the lowest vibrational sparks within the least number of dimensions. These enlighten the dense physical level of reality. From here the vibration and dimensions increase up to your Spirit which is the highest vibrational system that enlightens the energetic level. Ideally, all the systems are enlightened in a harmonic array as you awaken your full panorama of consciousness.

Your ‘Ray Container’ provides congregate structure for all your different types of rays. There are different types of rays as well as an array of rays within each type. For instance, you are a light being and your light rays form a rainbow color array that is identified as the Chakra System. But light is only a part of the electromagnetic spectrum of vibration in your life. You have rays corresponding with the whole energy spectrum. And then there are your rays of human consciousness which are highlighted in the fifth layer of existence. For the focus here the key point is that rays of your energy meet rays of your consciousness to create sparks, your life force, propelling the functioning of your life. One place this occurs is within the containment fields of your systems.  

B. The ‘Potential Instrument’  (Inner Life Operative)

Your ‘Potential Instrument’ plays with your ‘potential’ energy and ‘potential’ consciousness.  The inner mechanics of your ‘Potential Instrument’ govern the utilization of your life force by your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems. It is through these four systems that your ‘potential’ energy and consciousness is enlivened and played within your life. This occurs just as a saxophone transforms the air received; it moves through the mechanics of the physical instrument to produce the output of musical sound. The saxophone is considered to be a wind instrument. In this same vein of identification by the material being transformed, the ‘Potential Instrument’ is transforming the ‘potential’ energy and ‘potential’ consciousness. The Systems of Human Consciousness are controlled by the ‘Potential Instrument’ which is governing the transformation of the potential being received through your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems. 

Your ‘Potential Instrument’ contains mechanisms for you to attract within your life. It enables you to draw ‘potential’ energy and consciousness from the worlds around you and within you. A mundane external example would be your capacity to supply yourself with food, an act that relies on the inner life processes of your instrument. Your ability to attract the fulfillment of your needs is generated by the mechanics of your instrument. This applies to all aspects of individual reception from the material needs of physical reality, to feeling needs for ambition or comfort, information needs for understanding or impetus, to the needs for love and its connective bond. 

Your ‘Potential Instrument’ functions to transmute creative sparks into organized formulations for living. Your creative sparks are transmuted into blueprints, scaffolding, complex structures and model forms by your ‘Potential Instrument’. These organized formulations are then woven into the matrices of your life. This all occurs just below the surface of outer reality, laying the unseen foundation for your life. Your ‘Inner Life’ and ‘Outer Life’ are a mirror reflection of one another. In order for any life experience to occur there must be the inner foundational structure in place to support it. And then the potentiality that has been differentiated and defined within you can emerge and become manifest within your living experience.    

Your ‘Potential Instrument’ allows you the dualistic experience of internal evolution while simultaneously experiencing the external environment in constant change. The structure of your systems is unique in that it is continually transforming relative to this combined internal and external flow. This process is governed by your ‘Potential Instrument’ through which you have your own personal portal into your inner workings and the inner worlds of reality. From an ‘Outer Life’ perspective, you have full control over this inner space, it is yours alone. You have full access to the resources available here and you are able to draw from this potentiality to create your life. This is all done by utilizing your free will.   

C. The ‘Universal Creation’ (Outer Life Operative)

Your ‘Universal Creation’ sets the external structure to life sustaining parameters within a universal framework of equality and balance. Universal balance is the most efficient state to be in and the life flow it generates produces the greatest ease. It is built into the foundation of living reality, creating the most natural flow. Human beings are elementally created equal and they inherently have universal qualities. The differences in humans are miniscule and largely superficial. To place credence on the differences is essentially being in denial of 99% of reality. For it is to this degree that we are akin to one another. The relativity to how pure or balanced something is resides in correspondence with universals. Fine tuning anything in life to universal balance will always optimize the potentiality of that person, thing or circumstance. This has been my experience without exception. 

Your ‘Universal Creation’ sets the external structure to your life sustaining parameters within a universal framework of elementals. The foundational elements of earth, air, fire, water, ether and spark are held in shape and formation by the unseen universal forms. These foundational elements are the materials with which you create your life. By aligning yourself here with ‘Universal Creation’ it enables you to tap right into the material that your life is created from. And doing so through a lens of universal balance allows you to optimize what you create from those basic elements. Your ‘Universal Creation’ is where you design and construct the outer workings of your life, things such as time management, processing and filtering.  

Your ‘Universal Creation’ contains the mechanisms for you to actuate your potential. Your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit systems each contain mechanisms through which you are able to transform the sparks of your life force, your potential energy and consciousness merging together, into something tangible. Here is where you begin to actuate this conscious energy, within your ‘Outer Life’, through your systems, both active and passive. Your active systems are activity structures or components that interact while your passive systems are structures and components that are being processed.

Your ‘Universal Creation’ contains the machinery for you to radiate your life force. Your energy and consciousness meet within your inner environment sparking life which radiates from your Potential Instrument and emerges through your Universal Creation. Rays emanate, sometimes moving like shooting stars across a pitch black sky. The construct and design of your light emanation is programmed here determining the channels your conscious energy will move through to stimulate and shape your magnetic figuration.

D. The ‘Magnetic Figuration’ (Outer Life Operative)

Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ determines the final shape and form of your outer emergence. Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ controls the final layer of material on the surface of your ‘Outer Life’ while the ‘Universal Creation’ controls the structural framework underneath. It regulates the final shape and form that your life will take based on the vibrational frequency and dimensional array that your creative sparks hold once they reach the outermost surface. To give an example; if I were speaking of a cushioned sofa, the ‘Universal Creation’ would be the programs designing, constructing and managing the wooden frame and springs while the ‘Magnetic Figuration’ would be the programs determining the outermost shape and layers of cushioning and fabric. 

Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ determines the piece of the puzzle you will form within humanity. We are all parts within the whole of humanity, fitting together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle. Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ determines your knobs and sockets. It forms you into your shape which determines where you fit within the whole. The key here to remember is that unlike a toy puzzle, the image of life is in constant change and you are not a rigid or static puzzle piece, you are malleable as is the rest of your life. To give an example of how this works, take a family structure. A family unit will form a unified whole with matching knobs and sockets. But it is in constant change and when one family member is going through major change it can be disruptive for other family members or the family unit as a collective. Major change creates a change in the shape and form of an individual which forces the other family member to adjust their shape and form if the family unit is to link together smoothly. 

Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ encircles you with your optimal vibration frequencies and dimensionality to evolve. Your Magnetic Figuration is the final frontier determining what you will attract, or magnetize to you. This is determined by your vibrational frequency and dimensional array which is within your control to change at will. This is the function of your Magnetic Figuration as it governs what you attract and repel based on your need for particular experiences to grow. Life is like your perfectly, personally structured training program for evolution. What you enliven with your thoughts and feelings, body senses and electromagnetic stance will magnetize the corresponding piece of the puzzle to you, every time. 
Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ provides structure that enables you to interface with your external environment. It provides you with the individuated surface structure, literally your skin and so much more, to interface with others within the group of humanity and the greater oneness of the world. It serves the functions of networking, managing your input and resources. What is coming to you, what you are receiving in life, reveals your own structure. If you do not like what you are receiving, then change your shape, raise your vibrational frequency and dimensionality thus you may magnetize a more universally balanced creation.

The Mechanics of Your ‘Receiver’ – Making Systemic Changes  

Your individual ‘Receiver’ is the mechanism through which you experience life. Now this discussion is from the holistic vantagepoint of energetics, thus what you are receiving and experiencing is energy, in variable states of density and consciousness. I have spoken previously of the observer-observed dynamic which is fundamental to this discussion. Observed life, the substance of life, is made up of energy while the medium of the observer is consciousness. Life happens at the meeting point of the observer and observed, dancing along a ripple of time. The time flow is created as you consciously and sequentially move through differing sets of points in space. At each set of points, you receive the energy of life coming to you. 

The process of receiving life is mechanical in nature. Your individual ‘Receiver’ is processing life; the shifting energy, the forces generating the movement and the relationships between all the moving parts. The observer part of you, with variable consciousness from moment to moment, is assessing, making judgments and formulating frameworks to perceive your experiences. The machine-like parts of you exist both internally and externally giving you the mechanical advantage to forge your own path through life, if you choose. For many human beings this is carried out largely unconsciously, utilizing rote mimicry of present models. Many forego their power of choice and live entire lives in this default manner. Making a choice to seize your mechanical advantage requires you to take charge of your inherent systemic structure. 

The mechanics of the human being are found in the four systems; Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. A system is an assemblage of interdependent, interacting parts forming a functional unified whole that is influenced by forces and tends towards equilibrium.  General systems theory (GST) is working with the idea that certain concepts and principles of systems are universal. As Ludwig von Bertalanffy, one of the founders of GST said; “General systems theory is a general science of wholeness…The meaning of the somewhat mystical expression, ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts’ is simply that constitutive characteristics are not explainable from the characteristics of the isolated parts, the characteristics of the complex, therefore, appear as new or emergent.” Life is a creative process, emerging in the moment. If you are to choose to consciously create a balanced life you must synchronize the new with the geometry of wholeness. 

It is important to note that much is known about the mechanical functioning of the Body Systems and more is being discovered every day whereas the other systems are barely understood. To maintain a holistic perspective and have a holistic impact on your experience, it is essential to incorporate the other three quarters of your mechanical, systematic constitution. Each of your other systems is as complex as your Body Systems and each plays an equal role in how you experience life. To fine tune your ‘Receiver’ and your receptive functioning as an individual means to give all four of your systems a tune-up providing each with equal consideration. 

If you are to view the flow of energy coming into your individual field you are viewing through what I call the Systems Lens. It is called this because what you see here, on an energetic level, is a complex set of systems made up of interconnected ‘machines’. Your complex systems receive and process the energy you encounter to generate the output of your human experience. All of this propels you on a journey of evolution, personal change and growth. To make a Universal Model note here: The Systems Lens is the Cube Model front lens. It is the view you can perceive if you view the flow of energy moving from the front lens to the back, in infinite flow. 

The Systems Lens provides a holistic view of what you are energetically receiving on an individual level(not a group or oneness level), both from within your internal environment as well as your outer environment. If you follow the energy, as you are receiving it, you will find that it is being encountered by four distinctly different operating systems within your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. Each of your complex systems contains a set of interlinked ‘machines’ working in a harmonic array. Each complex system produces a very different portion of your human experience. These differing aspects of your experience become woven together as each complex system then works in accordance or discordance with each other complex system. The ever changing culmination of perceptions/receptions, the synergy of your systems, becomes your unique experience, frame by frame. The moment to moment changes in synergistic emergence depends upon the relational balance between all the moving parts. 

The only constants that exist in this realm I am speaking, are the universal forms (in the shape of the platonic solids). These forms hold the structure of universal balance, the framework of the basic elements constituting life and they can be used to measure how balanced things are.  Attuning your systems to produce a vibrational frequency that is in accordance with the universal frequencies will optimize your life creation. When you do this you are working with a system’s natural functioning as systems universally are seeking homeostasis. I would go so far as to say that human systems are always seeking and moving towards universal balance. It is why maintaining an imbalanced system requires more energy than maintaining a balanced one. Your operating systems are programmed to migrate you towards greater and greater balance. It takes great force, negative effort to alter the homeostatic force of your systems. 

As you approach the objective of fine tuning your individual ‘Receiver’, what you are essentially setting out to fine tune is your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems. You may employ geometry to assess the energetic properties and form of your systems. Foundational properties of your systemic structure remain the same while life around you, in constant change, is being transformed. Let’s take your Body, for example, as you work to fine tune your Body Systems you are working to maintain the energetic integrity of your body figure and functioning, while encountering and engaging the complexities of life. 

When you utilize kinematics, often called the ‘geometry of motion’ you can isolate the motion of the systems. This is looking at all the points and components as well as the trajectory they are on independent of the force propelling them and thus the time element. This creates a ‘Time Standing Still’ view of the life you are creating via the choices you are making. It places you in position to make a different choice and alter the systematic structure that is generating your life path. The result of doing this is that you will alter your life path and reshape the emergent life creation that will be your future. 

I often speak of the need for clarity about the realities of your present moment state of being and the state of your life. This set of points constitutes where you are now, your ‘Present Moment Assemblage Point’, Point A. You cannot change the state of your life until you first accept the realities of where you are. Then, as you bring clarity to your desires for change, you can begin to form an idea about the properties and qualities of your ‘Desired Future Assemblage Point’, Point B. Then utilizing the kinematics view within the energetics of your systems you can build infrastructure, an energetic passageway of sorts, to facilitate your shift from Point A to Point B. The points of receptivity within your systems become rearranged to change what you are open to receive. This is energy therapy work that I facilitate with clients regularly in private sessions as well as during the 24 HR Attunement. 

Another quality of your systems that I would like to bring into this discussion is adaptation. This is how your systems protect themselves when you are presented with new environmental elements and circumstances. For systems like your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit that learn and adapt, the degree and direction of structural change is determined by how well your systems are synchronized with and connected to your current environment. Thus, when you do not have conscious clarity regarding the ideal organization of your systems, then simply adopt a standard that attunes to universal forms. Doing so you can be rest assured that you will always be shifting things towards greater balance.  

One final note; as you consciously seize the potential of your systems adaptability, be cognizant of anywhere you have adopted maladaptive structures. These are often adaptations that served a purpose at the time they were created, but now stand as an impediment. These maladaptive structures need to be removed. Their removal creates the space for new adaptations to form enabling you to receive more of the potential available to you in your environment. As structural changes in your systems emerge they serve to transform the potential energy in your environment into a kinetic flow of greater abundance in your life.

Clearing Maladaptive Structures (Patterns)     

  1. Begin with identification of the key points of the maladaptation. Write a brief description of the challenge you are experiencing and answer the following questions about the pattern. 
  • How would you characterize the maladaptive pattern? 
  • What were the circumstances of its origin?
  • What function did it serve?
  • What is the present view of the maladaptive pattern?
  • What impediments does it create? 
  1. Clear the structure of the pattern. 
  • Hold the points of the maladaptive structure in your consciousness. You can close your eyes and imagine them within your inner landscape or hold the paper with your answers in your hands and gaze upon it. 
  • Continue holding while you tune in to sense, or imagine, the flow of energy, coming from in front of you, flowing through your body and out the back of you.
  • Continue holding this dual(structure/flow) focus until the energy flows freely or you have some other sense of a shift. This could be a feeling of peace coming over you, a relaxation settling into your body or simply a ‘knowing’ that it is clear. 

Building Adaptive Structure (Framework)

  1. Identify the space in your life that is available to be filled.
  • How would you characterize your need/void/desire? 
  1. Identify the systems that will be adapted as you fill the space. 
  • Which of your system(s) are affected by the void in your life? 
  • How would filling the void affect your energetic ‘Receiver’; your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems? 
  • What environmental systems would you connect to with this new structure? Would family, friends, organizations or materials be involved?  
  1. Identify your needs for the adaptation process.  
  • What structure do you need to fill the void? 
  • What type of support might you require and from whom to enable the change? 
  • What resources or materials will you need?
  1. Invite the energy and spark your consciousness for synergistic creation. 
  • Hold the parameters for your adaptive structure in your consciousness. You can close your eyes and imagine them within your inner landscape or hold the paper with your answers in your hands and gaze upon it. 
  • Continue holding while you tune in to sense, or imagine, the flow of energy, coming from in front of you, flowing through your body and out the back of you.
  • Continue holding this dual(structure/flow) focus until the energy begins to spark and light up or you have some other sense of creative movement. This could be inspiration, an idea or pull towards certain activities. Or it could be a sense of form and knowing of the new you need.

Forge a Balanced Path of Authentic Living in Universal Balance


I am going to present you with a failsafe way to live authentically. You simply need to act in accordance with a CODE OF BEHAVIOR that includes three simple principles to live by: be sincere, respect yourself and act naturally. For each principle, I have provided three questions to assess your adherence to the fundamentals of authenticity. For each, I have also provided a question to assure your path maintains universal balance. This allows you to proceed both authentically and ecologically as you forge your path through life.  


The evolution of humanity calls for greater authenticity from everyone at this time and a balanced authentic expression is sincere. The universe is always seeking to restore balance and universal forces will support movement in this direction. Presently there is a lot of activity being highlighted at the extremes, within the fringes of society, as oppressed people seek a place to express their unique perspective. These are important corrective endeavors occurring within humanity that are resolving long standing imbalances. But the vast majority of imbalances are not this extreme. You may not be on the trajectory that started with enslavement and now aspires to freedom and equality. Maybe you are superficially polite, disengaged from your fellow humans or disingenuous in some other way. 

If you find yourself in this later category, you are not off the hook to change. All are being called to live with greater authenticity and balance, we are all responsible here. The resolution is truly simple though and you can do it, if you choose. Be sincere. This means to be heartfelt, truthful and straightforward in all of your affairs. It is a choice you make each moment. As you go through your day, pause to ask yourself: “Am I coming from a heartfelt place? Am I being truthful? Am I being straightforward?” If you answer yes to all then proceed with confidence in your sincerity. If you do not, then pause to adjust your orientation. Only proceed when you can attune yourself to be sincere.   

There is a counterpoint to consider as you proceed with increased sincerity. Remember that you are a part of a greater collective and maintaining a holistic state of balance means you must do no harm to others. Ask yourself, as a safety measure, on your journey to being more sincere; “Will this sentiment harm another or discourage their authentic expression?” If your answer is no, then proceed with confidence that you are truly balanced in your sincerity. If your answer is yes, then the calling is to pause and expand to see the bigger picture to identify where you are too narrow in your view. Sincerity and authenticity that is emerging from a balanced state will never harm others nor impede their authentic expression.  


Respect requires worthiness. To be clear I am not speaking of inherent value as a human being, all humans hold inherent value or worthiness. But, are you worthy of respect, which is something you must earn through your actions? You are worthy if you know who you are and you accept your challenges along with your strengths. You are worthy if you behave in a respectable manner; like being honest and genuinely unmasked, or if you make no attempts to distort the truth and you live according to your values. A respectable person will engage their abilities, put forth their best qualities and actualize their potential. 

As you go through your day, pause to ask yourself: “Do I appreciate my own abilities? Do I admire my own qualities? Do I take pride in my own accomplishments?” If your answers are yes to all then proceed with confidence in your worthiness for self respect. If you answer no to any of these questions then seek to change, either the way you live or the way you view yourself, whichever is the deviation from balance. In current times we often see the demand for ‘respect’ emerging from a place of entitlement rather than an individual organically drawing admiration for their abilities, qualities and accomplishments. It is the organic process that you desire. Respect yourself because you are respectable. And if you truly are respectable but fail to own this reality, then get over your distortions, they benefit no one. 

The counterpoint to consider as you proceed developing respect for yourself, is that you are a complex, expansive being and maintaining a holistic state of balance means to do no harm to yourself. Do you consider the true impact each of your decisions in life has on your overall health and well being? Do you do things you know to be harmful, but dismiss the harm because of other perceived benefits? As a safety measure, while you are developing self respect, you can ask yourself: “Will this sentiment harm me now or in the future?” If your answer is no then proceed with confidence as you develop your self respect. If your answer is yes then the calling is to pause to remember and honor who you are. Heal your wounds and adjust your life to support your growth and evolution. 


Human beings are formed within societies, on a group level, by the interplay of nature and nurture. As you are conditioned by your nurturing, this may or may not be synchronized with your personal nature. Human nature is inherently good, cooperative and creative. Your connection with this natural flow comes through the cycling of your circadian rhythm. This daily cycle will naturally carry you along your evolutionary ladder provided you are surrendering to it and not forcing yourself to live in a manner that is at odds with it. Forces of nature will propel you to Self actualize if you simply let them and act in accordance with how the flow is moving you. 

It actually requires more energy/effort on your part to resist this inherent flow than it does to surrender to it. Surrender allows the evolution and opening of your Self to naturally unfold over time. We exist within a stream of constant change. When you set intentions that correspond with your values, you align your consciousness and your activity with your basic nature. As you go through your day, pause to ask yourself: “Does my daily routine flow with ease? Does my behavior reflect my values? Is my life on a steady trajectory of self improvement?” If you are able to answer yes to all then proceed with confidence. But if you answer no to any of these questions then seek to change the way you act; adjust your routine and behavior to be more synchronistic with your nature.  

The counterpoint to consider while you simply act naturally is the view of your whole life so that you may observe your evolutionary trajectory. You are alive and embodied for the purpose of learning, growing and experiencing life. As a safety measure, while acting natural, ask yourself: “Will this sentiment inhibit my evolution and expansion or support it?” If something is going to inhibit your growth then find a way to neutralize it, what could be more important than your purpose for being alive. Your purpose is fulfilled through action. If your answer is that something supports your evolution, then proceed with confidence as you simply act naturally. 


Now I will dive a bit deeper to the energetic level of existence. Here there is a complex matrix of energetics at play, largely unseen by most, governing the unfolding of life. There is an objective quality to things, they either adhere to the constructs of balance or they do not, it is factual and unprejudiced. Although the resultant life experience that is built upon these constructs is completely personal and subjective.

The Universal Models, in the form of the five platonic solids and the sphere, are representations of the actual building blocks constructing the lattice work of human consciousness. Each platonic solid is a fundamental framework holding one of the basic elements of life in its 3D form, ensuring the energetic integrity of the element. These are the only constructs that hold the tenets of universal balance. All constructs in life that adhere to strict standards of universal balance will align with at least one of the universal models. The models may be directly worked with on an energetic level to effect change in your life.     

I often speak of hard constructs and soft constructs. Hard constructs do not align with the universals, they are rigid and limiting. Soft constructs, on the other hand, do align with the universals. They are flexible and able to adapt to the flow of constant change. They provide structure and support for the transformation process. Constructs exist on all levels within life. The building you live in is a construct as are the belief structures you utilize to navigate life. The construction of the building must be balanced to keep it standing and of use in life. In the same way, it is essential that the construction of your belief system is balanced to keep you thinking clearly and functioning rationally. 

As you proceed to construct a universally balanced life it is important to remember the three basic conditions it must be built upon. To hold to the standards of universality something must be equal, congruent and harmonious. Viewing the platonic solids, the universal forms, we find each contains identical faces in equality and congruence. They are the same shape and size. They are also harmonious, in agreement and compatibility with one another. Each sets within the sphere, with all outer points resting on the surface of the sphere.  

Universal Standards:

  1. EQUAL


I will talk about these universal qualities as they apply to humanity as a whole, but all the individual lives and micro creations within those lives must also adhere to these standards to be considered universally balanced.

Looking at the standard of equality, as it applies to humanity as a whole; the energetic reality is that all people are created equal. This is known to humanity. We see this demonstrated by governing bodies. Human rights afford all people the right to equality. The United States constitution declares all people equal before the law. One point I must highlight here is the fact that equal does not mean identical when it comes to human beings. This factor seems to confuse much of the human population that is caught in a comparative dynamic and struggle to find some security in inequality. This is a doomed endeavor. If we are to experience universal balance within humanity it must be built upon human equality.

Looking at the standard of congruence, as it applies to humanity as a whole; congruence is the doorway to divinity within life. It might actually be easier to find the opposite. For this we simply need to look for conflict or dischord; all the places of imbalance. Imagine if humanity had responded in concert to the threat of the coronavirus and became a unified force. We would have experienced the congruence of universal balance. Sadly that is not what occurred. But there are pockets of humanity that are consistently in agreement, functioning in compatible concert and working with the universe to restore balance. We must continue this movement until we reach a critical mass to tip the scales within humanity. If we are to experience universal balance it must be built upon congruence with one another. 

Looking at the standard of harmony as it applies to humanity as a whole; harmonic creation is sustainable, meaningful and expansive. I would like to quote the United Nations article “The philosophy of true harmony in global citizenship”. By Timi Ećimović. Timi states, “True harmony in global citizenship does not exist at present… Three important qualities of humankind are missing: Universal upbringing, education and lifelong learning…Individual social responsibility… and Requisite holism…” This United Nations article is in perfect agreement with the sentiment of this blog. We need to understand the universals and universal balance, we need to take personal responsibility and we need to come into intimate interconnection and interdependence if we are to experience harmony and universal balance within humanity as a whole. 

Change occurs more quickly on an energetic level as the density of matter requires more time to shift into place. When you forge a path on an energetic level that holds to the form of universal balance it is like carving out the perfect riverbed. It designs the passageway for your life waters to flow into the experience of equality, congruence and harmony. Begin with restoring universal balance within yourself and your own life. Then allow this vibration to ripple, like waves emanating throughout your community and humanity as a whole. Simply be a sincere, respectable person acting with integrity and you will be creating a universally balanced life for yourself while you are doing your part to heal humanity and planet earth.

Wear Your Soul on Your Sleeve – Illuminate Your Natural Abilities 

My experience of wearing my Soul on my sleeve and illuminating my natural abilities began with research in energetics and human consciousness which was all guided by my Soul Directives. I sought to understand my purpose and mission in life, the part that I was meant to play. I opened to my Soul, I asked for guidance and what I received was a multisensory experience with an inner vision of a breathtaking glowing cube that accompanied the unshakeable knowing that this was my life’s work. Everyone’s journey in life is unique, the different ways that one can connect with their Soul Directives is as plentiful as there are people. 

I accepted this information as true guidance without any idea of what “THE CUBE” even was. I opened to further guidance which always came in a bare bones, minimalist way. It was through the journey of following the directives that I learned what it all meant. The next directive I received was that I needed to journey through THE CUBE. Seeking some parameters to this journey I was shown THE CUBE matrix. It was a 30 by 30 by 30 Cube. I was to begin at point 0,0,0 and I was to move to the polar opposite point in the Cube 30,30,30. I was to travel at the speed of light and it would require six years to complete the journey. I dutifully set myself on this course.

One aspect of the research was building the Universal Models within the unified field of human consciousness. This was accomplished by utilizing human experience to set an ‘impression’ of the models. The Universal Models hold the form of the macro whereas an individual working with creating an impression of their individual Soul Directives is a micro example of the same function. During the research, I brought in the ‘circular flow of the group energy stream’ by utilizing the planetary cycles; taking small groups on specific year long intensive journeys, offering 24 HR Attunements which work with the earth’s rotation on its axis along with the human circadian rhythm.

Following I will expound upon how you can work with your Inner Self to connect to your Soul Directives, regulate the impression you leave within the collective and utilize the circular flow of the group energy stream. I will also expound upon how you can work with your Outer Self to develop skill with your natural abilities, shape yourself and establish sustainable development cycles. These outer areas of evolution for me coincided with the work of building the “Universal Models”. I will begin though with an overview of the Inner Self and the Outer Self where your Soul and Gifts respectively reside. I will talk about the energetics of the Self, how the Law of Reflection and Refraction come into play.   

Inner-Outer Self Inversion 

As your Inner Self meets your Outer Self it is as if you are gazing into a mirror. The reflection you are receiving is pure, regardless of whether you are able to perceive it clearly or not. If your Life View is free from obstruction, disturbance and distortion then you can clearly perceive who you are. But if it is not, then your work in life is to awaken your energy and enlighten your consciousness until you have a clear view. One note I want to highlight about viewing your Self, whether you are viewing inward or outward is inconsequential because you are essentially viewing the same thing; it is simply inverted.

The Four Life Components Constituting The Self (ESGP)

Your Essence and Soul constitute your Inner Self which exists beyond the veil, on the other side of the mirror. What you perceive when viewing yourself on this side of the veil is your Outer Self which is an inverted reflection of your Inner Self. Your Outer Self forms into your Gifts(natural abilities) and it takes the shape of your Personality. Combined these four Life Components ESGP (Essence, Soul, Gifts, Personality) make up the aspects of who YOU are within the greater collective of humanity. 

Gifts or Natural Abilities are a Reflection of Soul Directives

Your Outer Self is formed and shaped from the reflection and refraction of your inner light hitting the surface where your Soul meets the outer realm. Your Gifts (natural abilities) are the outer form being generated by your Soul Directives. These are like a set of instructions telling your light where to go. You are fully equipped within your unique potential to fulfill these specific directives, it is the natural cycling of your Self. This evolutionary process is being generated by a circular energy flow that is sourced by the light of your Essence shining through your Soul to form your Gifts and shape your Personality. 

Soul Directives are Generated in Life by the Law of Reflection

What actually appears in your Outer Self is generated by the areas of your Soul being enlightened. The energetics of your Essence shining through your Soul is like a ray of sunlight shining through a crystal. Light behaves predictably. The law of reflection states that when a ray of light reflects off a surface, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. The Law of Reflection explains how your Soul Directives are generating your life experiences. Light moving through humanity, the group level, is circular. It creates a boomerang or echo effect whereas what you are putting out will come back to you in time. 

The Outer World is a Reflection as is The Sparkle of an Enlightened Soul

A ray of light from your Essence approaching your Soul is called an Incidence Ray and a ray of light emanating from your Soul is a Reflected Ray. Your reflection is the light that bounces off the surface of your Soul and emanates within humanity just as the light bounces off a gemstone and is returned to the eye. This is the “sparkle” you see when looking into the eyes of someone with an enlightened Soul or on the surface of a gemstone. There is a much misunderstood teaching about the outer world being an illusion. I think it is more accurate to say that the outer world is a reflection. 

The Dispersion of Light Ignites a Spectrum of Colors 

Soul lessons are created by the refraction of the light of your Essence moving through your Soul. Refraction is how your Soul, just like a gemstone, bends the light in different directions, separating white light into its spectral colors. This is called dispersion, it is considered the “fire” of the gemstone. Optical phenomena are a result of how the gemstone is cut just as the shape of a person’s self is the result how their Soul is ‘cut’. In the human energy field dispersion creates the rainbow light effect known as the Chakra system. This is the “fire” of the human energy field. Then there are the “fire letters” created by the dispersion of divine light. These “fire letters” can be found within the akashic records which provide a record of humanity through all time. All information about your Soul is laid out within these records; Soul Lessons, Soul Directives, and Soul Relationships. 


1. Utilize Intuition to Play your Part.

What to do: Play your part in life, guided by intuition. Everyone has intuition, you don’t need to be an intuitive, you simply need to understand how your intuition works. It is your Inner Self that connects you to your Source Energies, from which your inner guidance emerges. It is essential to incorporate intuitive information into your decision making if you are to follow your Soul Directives. 

How to do it: Open to your Soul – Ask to receive guidance about your Soul Directives – Follow the guidance. If this feels out of reach then…Open to what Sparks you, what excites you, what you stand for, what you feel passionate about, what gives you a sense of purpose – Pick the brightest/strongest Spark – Commit to taking action to actualize that Spark.  

What happens when you do it: Following your Sparks and Soul Directives will grant you freedom of flow in life, a perception of being fulfilled by your life, and you will experience an expansion in your consciousness.

2. Regulate Your Impression Within Humanity. 

What to do: Utilize your electric charge to consciously form the impression you desire within the group, including your Soul Directives. This impression, your spatial presence, is like a 3D Puzzle piece that will interlock with other puzzle pieces, securing your place within the collective of humanity.   

How to do it: Consciously connect with what you intend to attract and what you intend to repel. “I invite ______ into my life.” “I refuse to have _____ in my life.” As you vibrate with this intention you will embody an electric charge that forms the space of you. This charge, in your Soul, attracts and repels the charge of others. It is what ultimately determines the shape of your piece of the puzzle. Be cognizant of where you place yourself in life. Your electric charge is forming an impression in the particular areas and with the particular humans that you are encountering. Utilize your presence selectively, it is power. 

What happens when you do it: You establish an impression, within the form of life, which is like a mold inviting the energy of the universe to fill it as your spark brings it to life. Soul Directives brought into this space leave an impression that look like the manifestation of that Soul Directive. A Soul Directive forms and shapes a knob on the puzzle piece attracting the counterpart puzzle piece to hold it in place within the greater collective of humanity.  

3.  Utilize the Circular Flow of the Group Energy Stream to Generate Perpetual Motion 

What to do: Seize the circular flow and construct your intentions and your Soul Directives as soft constructs within that cycling. A circular flow generates perpetual movement. Imagine a wheel, like a tire on a car, moving forward leaving tread marks in the dirt. The tread mark is the impression, the soft construct that is left behind.

How to do it: Open to the unfolding of your life within humanity. Connect to the circular group level energy stream. Imagine you are walking on a spinning log, conveyer belt or other cycling medium beneath your feet, just below the surface influencing your life path. Now imagine you can program this cycle with your intentions and Soul Directives utilizing words, images, numbers, vibrations and dimensional posturing. Any regular practice done daily with intention will integrate into your circadian rhythm and the earth rotation. Say an affirmation, mantra or meditate on your intentions and Soul Directives. Remember to always affirm that it is already so. 

What happens when you do it: Your life will naturally unfold in a manner that supports the actualization of your intentions and Soul Directives. How you choose to posture will become your natural stance supported by the collective. 


1. Develop Skill to Support Your Natural Abilities

What to do: Develop the skills you need to support and enable your natural abilities being expressed within humanity, here and now. The reality of the current environment and group consciousness present the need for adaptation and adjustments. Integrate these factors with your intentions and Soul Directives to bring them into full fruition through your natural abilities.  

How to do it: The full engagement of your natural abilities requires the balancing and integration of a couple fundamental dualities; nature-nurture within you and self-others within your life. You may be expressing what comes naturally to you but embodying it within your individual form does not occur in a bubble. You must synchronize with your present realities. Begin with an intention or Soul Directive. Assess what will be required of you to fulfill it. How will your Gifts (natural abilities) come into play? What other skills will you need? Make a plan for learning the necessary skills and commit to a course of development.   

What happens when you do it: Your Gifts (natural abilities) are a mirror reflection of your Soul. When you engage your natural abilities in life you enliven your Soul. Your inherent, natural abilities provide a catalyst for growth, they inherently activate the experience of awakening to Self. Where you are practicing skills that support this process you are actively weaving the fabric of your life to reflect the authenticity of who you are. Engaging these activities will bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. 

2. Shape Yourself 

What to do: Shape your outermost expression, including Personality, to authentically express who you are and to interface with present reality in a way that reflects who you are at your core and the natural abilities that you embody. 

How to do it: It is important to note that your Outer Self has the potential to be malleable to adjust to transformations in the environment. The challenge comes when the soft constructs forming the structure of your life become rigid and outdated hard constructs. Structure that exists beyond its helpfulness becomes an impediment. Natural abilities are like knobs on puzzle pieces. But attachments and hard constructs can also form knobs that behave the same way, interlocking you into a form of repetition compulsion. Exercise discernment as you assess and release hard constructs and heal your wounds to remain malleable. Find ways you can recreate yourself. Get a makeover, try a new style, do something admiral that is outside of your comfort zone to prompt positive change. 

What happens when you do it: You remain adaptable to life’s changing needs and demands. You create an environment of self that is conducive to fulfilling your Soul’s purpose. You experience the fulfillment that comes from authentic expression of Self. You will be able to perceive your personality shape and others clearly. 

3. Establish Sustainable Developmental Cycles for Perpetual Actualization 

What to do: Structure your life to naturally elicit regular growth and change throughout the entirety of your life. This is naturally built into the education system which has you covered while you are a child but as an adult this may require direct effort on your part to structure this into your life.  

How to do it: Build a life for yourself where you are actively utilizing your natural abilities on a day to day basis. Commit to fulfilling your Soul Directives and purpose in life. Be certain that your family, career and other life pursuits allow the time and space for the fulfillment of your Inner Self and the expansion of your Outer Self. Regularly open to the unknown and explore in ways that stretch you beyond what you know and are familiar with. Make sure to try something new every month. 

What happens when you do it: When actualized into a balanced form and shape the perpetual circular flow of the group energy stream will be engaged and set in motion spinning like a wheel. Your life will provide opportunity for expression of your Gifts, fulfillment of your Soul Directives and it will reflect who you are as an evolving being. 

Live with Intention to Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose

Living with intention creates the conscious foundation for a life of ‘Balanced Action’. If you think about your activity, all the doings of your life, on a scale ranging from no activity to hyperactivity. There is going to be a sweet spot somewhere in the middle where the optimal degree of activity is achieved. This is what I call ‘Balanced Action’. It is when the activity level of your expression is neither underactive in ‘Passivity’ nor overactive in ‘Reactivity’.

Intentional living is a powerful way to secure your optimal placement on your life path. It positions you to automatically proceed with ‘Balanced Action’. I find that clients often struggle as they try to figure out what this is supposed to look like. They wonder what exactly they are supposed to do as if there is a user manual with instructions and a roadmap. While this does not exist in a book that you can check out of the library, it is programmed within your ‘Self’, specifically within your Soul. Your Life Matrix, within your Soul, lays out the specific potentialities and particulars of your Soul. It is a part of your basic nature which means that it is backed with the almighty force of nature itself. 

It is natural for you to grow, to evolve and to learn the lessons programmed within your Soul. It is natural for you to actualize who you are and fulfill your Soul’s purpose. It is so naturally intended that you do not even need to know what your Soul’s purpose is in order to proceed. Nor do you need to have a view of what the final ‘Form’ will be in order to manifest it. Within the inner realm your ‘Form’ mirrors the tangible reality of your outer realm. Your optimal path of evolution will automatically occur if you sustain ‘Balanced Action’ and show up each day to authentically express who you are.  

Most people do not grow up being educated about the workings of the inner ‘Self’ or even what constitutes the inner ‘Self’. Many people get hung up on the magnitude of this idea or the intangible quality of consciousness. The result is often ‘Reactivity’ as they spin off frantically trying to figure it out or ‘Passivity’ leaving the questions about human consciousness to others. I will provide you with a basic mapping of ‘Self’, from the perspective of time, thus I see you as an evolving being. 

There are four parts making up the constitution of your ‘Self’. Two parts reside within the inner realm and two parts exist in the outer realm. Your Essence and Soul are your inner parts and your Gifts(Natural Abilities) and Personality are your outer parts. Getting to know one’s ‘Self’ is a fundamental part of everyone’s life path.   

Connect with Your Inner ‘Self’:

If you are sensitive to energetics and tuned into this view of human consciousness then…Open to connection with your Essence, your light within the deepest part of who you are. Open to perception of what your light is shining through before it reaches the surface. This is where your Life Matrix is clearly viewed within your Soul. 

If you are more tangibly oriented…Open to connection with the things in life that spark you, enliven you, make you lean in, bring curiosity or excitement. Open to the things in life that affect you profoundly, that you care deeply about or that bring you pause to step back and seriously contemplate. 

Connect with Your Outer ‘Self’:

If you are sensitive to energetics and tuned into this view of human consciousness then…Open to the energetic structure of your Gifts(Natural Abilities)…observe how this part of you is an inverted projection of your Soul matrix. Open to the energy of your personality…what is your temperament, tempo, the energetic impression you leave on others and the environment? 

If you are more tangibly oriented…Open to the things that come natural to you, things you are drawn to, things you learn proficiency with ease. Open to awareness of how you impact others and the world around you…what are your character traits, what is the feedback you receive about yourself?     

Following is an activity chart that lays out some of the benefits which naturally emerge from intentional living. It also lays out what happens to these benefits when you drift away from your intentional center to become overactive or underactive in your expression. I then go on to discuss these five benefits along with their corresponding pitfalls of ‘Passivity’ and ‘Reactivity’.  

Living PassivelyLiving with IntentionLiving Reactively 
Conditioning & Collective Consciousness Dictate Life ExperiencesCore Values & Principles Dictate Life ExperiencesFears & Wounds Dictate Life Experiences
Denies EmpowermentGenerates Empowerment Negates Empowerment
Impedes Soul’s Purpose Realizes Soul’s PurposeDistracts from Soul’s Purpose
Creates DisappointmentCreates Fulfillment Creates the Opposite of Desires 
Produces Separation from Self Produces Connection with Self, Others, AllProduces Separation from Others 

Living with Intention; Core Values and Principles Dictate Life Experiences. When you bring consciousness to your core values and behave in accordance with your principles, your life becomes ‘Form’ed in the likeness of what is important to you. This is because your conscious intentions become a part of your inner landscape. This inner ‘Form’ solidifies and exudes the power of the observer effect on your current environment. Aligning your intentions, your inner ‘Form’, with your core values creates the most authentic expression of ‘Self’ possible in your current environment. 

In contrast to the balanced life expression that will emerge with intentional living, when your expression is overactive in ‘Reactivity’ or underactive in ‘Passivity’ your life experience becomes dictated by very different things. Living Reactively; Fears and Wounds Dictate Life Experiences. A reaction is rooted in fears about what could occur in the future or wounding that has occurred in the past. When you react due to a past hurt you end up recreating the past wounding which is what we call ‘repetition compulsion’. When you react out of fear it becomes a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ which makes the manifestation of your fears more likely. Living Passively; Conditioning and Collective Consciousness Dictates Life Experiences. This is where the consequences of ‘herd mentality’ come into your life. When you refuse to take a stand your energy defaults to your conditioning (hard constructs in your individual field) combined with the collective consciousness (group level constructs) where the majority rules . A failure to vote, to intend your choices in life, is synonymous with defaulting to your past conditioning and the current majority vote. 

Living with Intention Generates Empowerment. Intentional living is the best preventative medicine you can employ. It naturally lowers stress and provides mental health benefits. The greatest expression of power from your ‘Self’ comes when you utilize your natural abilities or Gifts to express your core values. This is what we call authentic living, which is the most natural and the least stressful state of action, in which you may exist. 

Deviating from the balanced activity of intentional living, in contrast, is disempowering. Living Reactively Negates Your Empowerment. Even when your reaction is forceful, it is not an expression of your power which only comes from authentic expression. A reaction is generated by fear, which creates a twisted outcome, a weakened ‘Form’ of your original motive. In comparison to an intentioned response which is rooted in love. An expression of love holds the greatest power, it is like shooting an arrow straight at your objectives. Living Passively Denies Your Empowerment.Passivity’ is a failure to recognize reality which means you automatically forgo your power to effect change. You must actively own reality in order to engage a viable start point for transformation. 

Living with Intention Realizes Your Soul’s Purpose. Intentional living brings consciousness to who you are, your ‘Self’. Your Soul resides within your inner ‘Self’, thus you must look within to know your purpose. If your references for ‘Self’ are all outside of you then you will only see other’s projections, not who you really are. Living with intention naturally generates the action for you to play your part within the collective. It brings focus to your life and makes it easier to make decisions as you realize your Soul’s purpose.

Overactivity and underactivity both distort your view of your life path and alter the course of your life, preventing the actualization of your purpose. Living Reactively Distracts from Your Soul’s Purpose. Your purpose in life can only be viewed from within the core of who you are, your ‘Self’. When you hold a centered and grounded position on your path your Soul’s purpose naturally unfolds as you perpetually perform the next right act. A reaction though is generated from a small view or point outside your ‘Self’ and this pulls your energy away from your intended path. Living Passively Impedes Your Soul’s Purpose. The fulfillment of your soul’s purpose is an expression of ‘Self’ that requires energy and action. Living passively fails to bring enough energy to source your forward movement. The light of your essence must shine through your Soul, emitting electrical impulses in the ‘Form’ of your purpose. Then as the outer reflects the inner you embody this ‘Form’ within your personality. This most superficial part of ‘Self’ effects change and leaves an impression within the group level energy and consciousness. 

Living with Intention Creates Fulfillment. To experience fullness at the depths of your being you must appeal to your true nature and connect with your deepest desires. Living authentically and intentionally from your inner ‘Self’ creates an impression, on your life path, in the ‘Form’ of your needs and desires. This impression produces a vacuum that attracts or magnetizes what you desire from your current environment. 

Living Reactively Creates the Opposite of Your Desires. Reactions are typically high energy expressions focused on the prevention of what you fear. But given that they are rooted in fear, all that energy is backing your fear and you are unintentionally manifesting the opposite of your desires. Ultimately what occurs is the creation rather than prevention of what you fear. Living Passively Creates Disappointment. Every human being is intended to ‘Self’ actualize, it is programmed within the fiber of one’s being. Your journey of ‘Self’ actualization naturally and automatically fills the ‘Form’ of your ‘Self’ and you will experience this as fulfillment. It is what naturally occurs when you fulfill your Soul’s purpose. But when you fail to express who you are then you fail to have this experience. Instead you are left with loss and disappointment.  

Living with Intention Produces Connection with Self, Others, All. Intentional living emerges from the depths of your being where you must be present. Presence is a gift of love and love is the glue of connection. Thus, living with intention is an act of love producing connection first with your ‘Self’. The state of ‘Self’ love then makes you available for loving connection with others. You are only capable of loving another to the depths at which you love your ‘Self’. And, it is through connection with ‘Self’ at the core of your being that you are able to connect with the ‘All’. Source energies reside within you just beyond your Essence. 

Living Reactively Produces Separation from Others. No one is drawn to someone who is in a state of reactivity. When you are reactive, in overactivity generated by fear, you can either draw another into your struggle or repel them away from you. Either way it produces separation from the other person. Fear always produces separation which is the purpose of your survival based rational fear response, but here I am referring to the irrational fears that human beings cling to. Living Passively Produces Separation from Self. The experience of your ‘Self’ lies in the enactment of your expression in the group flow. Passivity prevents this natural expression and you are unable to experience your ‘Self’ fully. It requires energy to hold back the powerful flow being generated by the force of nature and the resultant state of being is one of separation from your ‘Self’.

Expand Your Container to Hold Greater Abundance

We are all familiar with different kinds of containers to hold and transport things. Humans readily use them on a daily basis. There is even a store that sells only containers; totes, bins, baskets, jars etc. These are physical containers. If we take a step away from this level of density we can consider computers. Here containers are packages of software that include the necessary elements to run in any environment. In a computer, containers serve to virtualize the operating system. 

The human energy field has containers as well that are even less dense than the computers. Your human containers are spatially encapsulating your expressive flow of energy. As distinguished from boundaries which filter your receptive flow of energy. In their optimal state your containers are soft constructs that hold you without limiting you the way hard constructs do. Your containers shape and define who you are, while encompassing the parameters of your life. They contain all the elements you need to animate your specific lifepath. 

Following, I will provide guidance about how you can expand your field in four simple steps. These steps apply to each of your containers. I will talk briefly about the six different containers that hold your energy within the six layers of your field of consciousness. The following information is essentially a set of energetic instructions for you to expand your containers creating the space to allow greater abundance to come into your life. 

Read through the energetic instructions and work with the information as you are able to understand it. If you do not have the ability to perceive your own energy field and follow the instructions, no worries. Recite the quote at the end of each step in How To Expand, to stimulate the desired energy shifts. Recite the quote at the end of each container description in The Containers Within The Layers Of Existence, to activate the restoration of balance and expansion of your containers. These quotes can be utilized as affirmations or mantras. The more you bring this messaging into your field, the greater the shifts you will experience within yourself and in your life. 


Following are four simple steps 1. Come present, 2. Clear your energy flow, 3. Reinforce the energetic integrity of your edges, and 4. Surrender to your inherent evolutionary stream. This innate progression naturally creates expansion in your energy field. For each step I have included a few key points to remember and a quote to be utilized for stimulating the enactment of the step.

  1. Come fully present. 
  • You must be present in the here and now to expand your container. Observe your energy to see if it is flowing in the moment with your body at the center.
  • If you are expanding from anyplace other than here or now you are accentuating your absence and diminishing, rather than expanding who you are. Observe where your energy is in the past, the future or any place other than here.
  • Only the present is real. All other ‘perceptions’ of reality are actually distortions. Challenge your perceptions to be certain you are perceiving reality. 
  • “I am right here, right now, clearly perceiving my current position, my present state of being and the realities of my life.”
  1. Fill the space you presently occupy and clear the flow.  
  • Own and accept the full scope of who you are from your most exemplary qualities and acts to your most destructive.    
  • Clear all density to allow your light to emanate. Density appears dark and feels heavy. Where density exists in your field, bring in light to raise your vibrational frequency. This will lighten the density. 
  • Clear all conscious limitations to the full scope of your knowing. Sense for hard constructs which you will intuit as rigid or harsh. Again, raise your vibrational frequency to transform these into the malleable structures of soft constructs that support rather than limit.  
  • “I embrace all of me both positive and negative. I clear my energy and consciousness of all limitations as I experience freedom.”   
  1. Feel your edges and reinforce your energetic integrity 
  • Come into the acceptance of your vulnerabilities and limitations.  Denial of them only makes them stronger and compromises your energetic integrity. 
  • Come into the acceptance of your strengths and advancement. Rejection of them inverts the energy and you are left with only vulnerability and limitation. 
  • Reinforce your energy containment within the different layers of existence; I, Element, Sound, Light, Consciousness, Reflection 
  • “I accept my vulnerabilities and my strengths alike as I fortify the parameters and integrity of my being. I strengthen the containers that define the space of me.”
  1. Tap into your evolutionary stream of energy and awakening track of consciousness.
  • Surrender into the flow of change within your core, the one that promotes a smooth and steady progression of forward and upward movement. 
  • Allow your consciousness to be activated as you open to life with childlike wonder. Perpetually perceive life anew.  
  • Settle into your life track. Honor the life experiences that are yours to have. 
  • “I open with curious wonder to discover the potential percolating within me to evolve and awaken.”


As One-Self is differentiated within the layers of existence the quadratic operatives at play are the container, the instrument, the creation and the figuration. There are six layers of existence; I, Element, Sound, Light, Consciousness and Reflection. Each of these layers has its own containment field. Your containers are a part of your basic operating system in life. They serve to hold you and transport you throughout your life. You exist within the different layers of existence and you have differentiated containers for each layer. Integrated into wholeness these containers shape you.

Your Chakra Container Unifies The I Of You. 

The Chakra Container resides within the I layer of existence. As you ascend the density of the world and come into your presence as a light being, your chakras turn to form a beam of light. Individual chakras synchronize their spin to cycle in unison. You become your divinity and everything is below as it is above. 

“I Am Now Here Creating Life”

Your Touch Container Configures The Elements Of You.

The Touch Container resides within the Element layer of existence. As you evolve developing mastery over the matter of life, your fundamental elements become an extension of your will to create. This container follows the contours of your human body. With proficiency your will acts like tentacles reaching from the void to supply the elemental elixir of your life.  

“I Sense, I Choose, I Build therefore I Expand” 

Your Capsule Container Allows You To Experience The Sounds Of You 

The Capsule Container resides within the Sound layer of existence. As you harmonize with life’s messages being absorbed and assimilated you attune to higher frequencies. This container pulses in the darkness, transmitting communications for all who have ears to hear. Your high frequency balanced experiences reverberate the sounds of your divinity as you become a part of the universal song within the symphony of the spheres. 

“I Listen as Divine Truth Nurtures Me”   

Your Vehicle Container Transports Your Essence, The Light Of You 

The Vehicle Container resides within the Light layer of existence.I travel through life, carried by the sacred chariot of divine light. As you illuminate the cycles of your life, you become enlightened. This container is the “Merkaba”, two sparks of light fusing your humanity with your natural divinity, uniting heaven and earth. It is within this layer of existence that  you will find the Akashic Records. 

“I Ignite My Light, Enlightening All”  

Your Ray Container Conveys Your Spirit, The Consciousness Of You 

The Ray Container resides within the Consciousness layer of existence. Each conscious ray awakens universal truths within your spirit. As you develop mastery of universal wisdom you raise your consciousness. It is through this process of awakening that the quintessence of your spirit is realized. This container pockets within.

“I intuit the full array of life.”

Your Mirror Container Provides The Energetic Reflection Of You 

The Mirror Container resides within the Reflection layer of existence. Your life is a perfect reflection of this container making it impossible to discern unless the veil is lifted. As you lift the veil, dissolving the illusion of separation, life makes perfect sense and the divine order is revealed.  

“Life reflects the truth, no more, no less.”