Employing the Infinite Flow to Fuel the Potency of Your Life

Abundance is a choice. Authentic expression is a choice. Seizing the potential within your life is a choice. Are you actively choosing these things? If so, then you are granting yourself access to employ the infinite flow in an ecological way. But what exactly is the infinite flow and how are you supposed to put it to work for you? The infinite flow is where the spark of your life force originates. It is the numberless stream of energy that vibrates at zero and contains all potential. 

You experience the infinite flow as the potential of your life unfolds over time into the actualization of your life. You exist within this stream of constant change and how you navigate it determines the experiences that you will have next. Ideally you will take charge of your life and fuel the potency of your conscious intentions. But this requires you to draw from a bigger energy source than yourself, the source from which you originate. To open the door to this bigger energy you simply need to express your truth, choose abundance and open yourself to the mystery within your life. This posturing naturally invites the infinite flow. 

Now as you stand on the threshold, the door open facing the mystery, you can begin to engage. The idea here is to form a relationship with the stream of constant change and energy sourcing your life. You must be in relationship with the infinite flow to utilize it to fuel the potency of your life. In other words, by opening to this energy stream you are empowering yourself to be able to make an impression and have more influence within your life. I am going to talk about three essential steps in this relationship dynamic if you are to seize the potential available to you at this moment. First you must FEEL the energy. Second, you must DIRECT the energy. And third, you must CONTAIN the energy. 


There is energy and there is consciousness. Everything in life, everything you can perceive is made of energy. Your consciousness is the part of you that is perceiving the energy. In some way you must perceive/sense/feel the energy of the infinite flow to be able to ‘grab a hold of it’ and utilize it. As you feel the energy and connect this feeling with your conscious intention, then you are able to exert an influence and effect change. One place to start feeling the energy is with your sensory awareness. Human beings have a vast range of sensory capacity along the whole vibrational range. From the dense relativity of the influence of gravity to the highest vibrations of the quantum realm. Next, is a list of sensory abilities, these are potential ways to sense the energy, followed by an exercise to practice feeling the energy. 

Ways to feel the infinite flow with your sensory awareness. 

  • See the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your eyes. ‘See’ the higher vibrations with your clairvoyance.
  • Hear the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your ears. ‘Hear’ the higher vibrations with your clairaudience. 
  • Smell the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your nose. ‘Smell’ the higher vibrations with your clairalience.   
  • Taste the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your taste buds. ‘Taste’ the higher vibrations with your clairgustance.
  • Touch the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your skin. ‘Touch’ the higher vibrations with your clairsentience. 
  • Balance and orient within the density of the infinite flow with the vestibular system in your inner ear. Balance and orient within the higher vibrations with your telepathy. 
  • Position and perceive relativity within the density of the infinite flow with the proprioceptive system in your muscles and joints.  Position and perceive relativity within the higher vibrations with your clairempathy.
  • Regulate and sense internal drives within the density of the infinite flow with the interoceptive system in your gut and other organs. Regulate and sense internal drives within the higher vibrations with your claircognizance. 

Energy Exercise – Part A: Feel the Energy

Hold your hands up, in front of your chest, with palms facing about an inch apart. Feel the energy in your hands, feel the heat between your palms. Slowly move your hands further apart, like there is a rubber band holding them together providing resistance. Keep your palms facing as you bring them to about a foot apart. Feel yourself drawing energy from the infinite flow, filling the space between your palms as you draw them back. Then slowly move your hands back together, to within an inch of each other. Feel the energy compressing into an energy ball between your palms. Repeat this half a dozen times or more. Feel the energy growing with each repetition. 


It is your consciousness that directs the energy. This may be a different muscle than you are used to using. But just like other muscles, using it makes it stronger and more defined. Some of the ways people direct the infinite flow are through creativity; artists, writers, musicians and performers will often tell you that a bigger energy is present, engaged and being directed through them as they undertake the creative process. It is also why live performances are more transformative than watching a video of the same show; the energy of the audience fuels the performance and becomes a part of the creative process. 

Healers direct energy to restore health and channels direct it to bring through information that will transform. Inventors and innovators draw from infinite potential and direct the energy into the creation of something new. But, utilizing the energy doesn’t mean that you need to create a whole new formation, as all of life is being generated anew each day. When you consciously choose where to direct the energy that you are able to sense/feel/perceive you are equipping your intent with the power of the infinite flow. It is the syncing of energy and consciousness that unlocks the potential. 

If none of the previously mentioned outlets are areas of expression for you, there are still many simple ways that you can draw from the infinite flow and begin to direct the energy. You can do this by setting intentions, saying affirmations, mantras or prayers as you have a feeling connection with the energy.  Working to clarify your motives, objectives and goals all work to direct the energy that you are feeling. I find it is best to dream big without attaching to the outcome. This way your true limits and the true limits in your environment will be revealed. And you will have avoided unnecessarily selling yourself short with self imposed limitations. 

Energy Exercise – Part B: Direct the Energy

Directing the energy to self: Take that energy ball that you have formed and move your hands to any part of your body needing some healing. Put your open palms on that part of your body, transferring the energy from your hands to where it is needed. If your body is in good shape then take the energy and place it into your diaphragm to enliven the essence of who you are or into your heart to fill yourself with love. 

Directing the energy to others or situations within your life: Take the energy ball and direct it towards another person, fully releasing the energy. The energy can be directed towards a person who is physically with you or one who is in another location. Simply open your hands and hold the other person in your consciousness. It is important to have only good intentions and not attempt to override another’s free will, when you do this. You can also send the energy towards a relationship or situation in your life that is in need of healing or balancing. 


Consciousness is what shapes energy, it contains it and holds it into form. The universal forms encapsulate universal consciousness which shapes the foundation of our existence. These forms provide the greatest sustainability in creation. I spoke about how this works in my blog post: “Life’s Mysteries Disclosed”. The unique qualities of our particular lives as individuals in turn, are shaped by our human consciousness. It is important to note though, the more a creation adheres to universal principles and aligns with universal forms, the greater the potency of the formation. 

I often speak about an individual’s ‘Energetic Integrity’. This is referencing the strength of one’s constitution, their viability and sustainability. Containment of your life force plays a big role in your energetic integrity and your resiliency. It is one thing to draw from the infinite flow but the energy must also be contained for the full potential to be seized. In the infinite flow things occur very quickly on an energetic level compared to the rate of change on a physical level which can stretch over a much longer time period. By containing the full energy cycle within your consciousness you are ensuring the full actualization of the energy cycle in your life, as it unfolds over time. This prevents the energy from leaking or becoming dissipated. When this happens the energy enters the realm of unfulfilled potential, which becomes a part of your whole vibrational array and the landscape of your life. 

Energy Exercise – Part C: Contain the Energy

Expand your consciousness beyond the whole of this exercise. How did the energy feel that you gathered in your hands? How did you feel as you absorbed the energy or directed it towards another person or situation. You want to sense the whole cycle of movement that has been enacted and the ripple effect it has set in motion. Hold your conscious focus on the whole and the transformation/change/movement that has occurred within the whole. Hold this focus until stillness returns. Then, release your focus on the exercise.  Simply make a conscious note to yourself as you observe the energy unfold in your life over time. 

Choose the Life You Want and Dare to Live It


Do you know what you want out of life? If you get to choose and, in my opinion, we all get to choose much more than people typically realize, do you have clarity about what you want? What if you “want” things that are not good for you? Sometimes this can even be difficult to discern. The second serving of dessert might be an obvious bad choice, but not everything in life is that transparent. And what about other people, how do they figure into the equation in the choices that you make? Life is complicated but don’t be dismayed, decision making can be simplified. If you hold rigidly to simple principles and intentions based in universal balance while maintaining flexibility with everything else you can’t go wrong. So choose wisely!

To choose wisely means to choose that which is in your highest good, the highest good of humanity and the highest good of life on earth. This may sound like a lofty goal and you can’t possibly know what is in the best interest of everyone on the planet. But, if you adhere to basic universal principles you can be assured that your choices will be in the highest good of all. Nature is on your side with this one. If you stay on your evolutionary path, you will be set to overcome all the challenges that life throws at you and provokes within you. You will have the full force of nature backing you. Simply exercise conscious choice to stay balanced on your own path and take ownership of all your choices. 


Human beings are naturally on a trajectory of self actualization. From the point of conception, when the physical manifestation begins, your human nature is a powerful force propelling you to actualize, as readily as a flower’s nature is propelling it to blossom. In the perfect stillness of the moment and “all time”, it has all already occurred at the point of conception. It simply needs the unfolding of time to be experienced. 

There was a belief circulating some years ago that only a small percentage of people were set to self actualize. This was a disservice to humanity as truly everyone is born to actualize their potential. Another disservice was perpetuated by a number of charlatans pushing the promise of self actualization as a money making scheme that provided quite the opposite of self actualization for its participants. 

Self actualization will occur as a matter of course unless there are forces to inhibit it. Forces can come from your external environment or from within you. As you confront different forces, each encounter will have a different impact. The impact can either support your natural evolution to self actualize or it can inhibit it. The focus here is on the inhibitory forces. An inhibitory force can be destructive or it can block access to your needs.  

An inhibitory force that is destructive, reverses your energy from its naturally creative flow to one that is damaging. For an external environment example, have you ever been in a good mood and on a productive track when you encountered someone who was not, only to find yourself pulled into an agitated state engaging in unproductive discord with the person? An inhibiting force that blocks will create a barrier on your path. It will compromise access to the resources that you need to survive and thrive in life. To give another external environment example, have you ever been full speed ahead when someone said something that stopped you dead in your tracks and made you feel punched in the gut, cut off at the knees or that it was impossible to proceed? Abusive relationships are full of these encounters. 

While you may not be able to override all of the inhibitory forces, outside of you within your environment, the universe is endlessly creative and where there is a will, there is usually a way. There are enough resources for you to actualize within your environment, trust this and be open to discovering where the available resources are. Consciously engage the universe in partnership. It is the true nature of the connection and there is no better co creator to have a relationship with than the universe . 

Then there are the inhibitory forces that come from within you impeding your self actualization. There is the internalized conditioning that creates a destructive flow. Note, there is also conditioning that supports one’s evolution but that is not the focus here. And there are the self imposed limitations that block your access to the abundance of inner resources available to you. These barriers are completely within your ability to overcome, but you must consciously choose to do so. Once again you can see how important free will choice is to your evolution and the realization of your personal potential. If you keep your focus on actualizing who you are within the tenets of intending highest good for all then you will stay in the creative flow and forward movement of your evolutionary path. 


Life necessitates courage as it occurs within the constantly changing arrangement of the time-space continuum. Living authentically in universal balance may be simple in principle and it is backed with powerful forces but it is not at all easy at times to stay the course with consciousness and vulnerability. As a starting point for this I am providing a list of traits of a self actualized person for you to emulate. This is followed by a discussion of how to overcome fear and transform your fear mechanism to make it work for you rather than against you. Irrational fear is the biggest inhibitor to your life that you have 100% ability to overcome. Fear is core to most self imposed limitations in life. Overcoming your fears is like granting yourself freedom to fully live.  


Following is a list of five objectives to live by. I will dive into these objectives  in more depth in a few months but I felt the importance of bringing this overview into the discussion. The realization of these objectives are evidenced in self actualized people. They are objectives to live by. Utilize the list to keep this focus. Live within this framework or set of parameters and it will support your own actualization. 

  • Face reality head on and accept it all. 
  • Live authentically with equanimity. 
  • Be creative as you fulfill your life’s purpose. 
  • Open with wonder & curiosity to life’s possibilities. 
  • Live by high moral standards and be of service.


Fear is an authentic part of your human nature. It is a biochemical and emotional response to something that is perceived to be a  threat. When there is a real threat to your physical survival or psychological well being then the fear response is rational and protective. But when there is no real threat, then the fear motivated reaction is irrational and it leaves you vulnerable.  

Thus, when the threat is real the subsequent action is considered a “response”. This will protect you and propel you on your evolutionary path. And when the threat is not real the subsequent action is considered  a “reaction”.  This will inhibit your progress. One technique for overcoming your fear is to embrace the mechanism of your fear response and raise your vibration to transform this survival mechanism into one that helps you to thrive.


When others trigger fear in you, do you respond aggressively ready to fight  or do you fawn trying to please in order to avoid conflict? People’s fear response to others will fall on the range between the polar opposites of FIGHT — FAWN. Both mechanisms serve to help you to survive in the face of real danger. As with many things in life these mechanisms have the capacity to direct your energy flow in a positive or negative direction. To keep these mechanisms functioning in a balanced way, always generating a positive flow to survive and thrive in life, be proactive about engaging them. 

The fight mechanism is important to be able to advocate for oneself and others, to maintain boundaries and express your spunk in life. Whereas the fawn mechanism is what allows you to be of service to others, to compromise and make peace. Engage the positive expressions of these mechanisms on a regular basis. And when you find yourself in the negative reaction to an irrational fear then use these guidelines (in bold text) as an intervention. Simply fill in your own specifics. 

STOP FIGHTING WITH … (people, places and things)

START FIGHTING FOR … (highest and greatest good for all)

A turnaround example would be: “I am going to stop fighting with Charlie and start fighting for a cooperative sharing of resources”.   

STOP FAWNING TO PREVENT … (what you fear) 

START FAWNING TO PROPEL … (highest and greatest good for all

A turnaround example would be: I am going to stop fawning to prevent Charlie from leaving and I am going to start fawning to propel an increase in my own support system. 


When life triggers fear in you, do you respond by fleeing and running away from the danger or do you freeze, unable to move or act? People’s fear response to life will fall on the range between the polar opposites of FLIGHT — FREEZE. Both mechanisms serve to help you to survive in the face of real danger. And just as the fight and fawn mechanisms have the capacity to direct your energy flow in a positive or negative direction so do these. To keep these mechanisms functioning in a balanced way, always generating a positive flow to survive and thrive in life, be proactive about engaging them. 

The flight mechanism is important for perseverance, healthy disengagement and industriousness. Whereas the freeze mechanism is what allows you to be mindful, present and aware. Engage the positive expressions of these mechanisms on a regular basis. And when you find yourself in the negative reaction to an irrational fear then, once again, use these guidelines (in bold text) as an intervention. Simply fill in your own specifics. 

STOP FLYING AWAY … (from the challenges in your life

START FLYING TOWARDS … (the solutions for highest and greatest good for all)                                                                                  

A turnaround example would be: I am going to stop flying away from dealing with my finances by obsessively worrying about money and I am going to start flying towards the steps I need to take for financial security.  

STOP FREEZING OUT … (parts of yourself or others to isolate)

START FREEZING IN … (conscious connection with highest and greatest good for all) 

A turnaround example would be: I am going to stop freezing out parts of myself by distracting and dissociating and I am going to start freezing in a mindful, steady presence and focus on the task at hand.

Maneuvering the Space of Your Life – How Do You Slice Your Pi?

Pi is the constant we can reference when discussing space within our universe, which is expanding according to Pi. This is a dappling into the energetics of space. I will begin this exploration with some universal basics before diving into particular patterns and dynamics that I find regularly in balancing people’s energy fields. I will then close with commentary on the mapping and management of the energy of space as it relates to the 24 Life Components Time Map utilized during the 24 HR Attunements. 


Here I would like to introduce some fundamental universal factors that come into play when working with the energetics of space. 

Inversion Principle: The universal principle governing the spatial nexus is the inversion principle. This principle states that “The inversion establishes the existence of the impression”. The key to this principle is that the Part is equal to the Counterpart. As we approach the subject of space and how you maneuver through the space of your life we can look at this principle as it relates to the mathematical constant n or pi. 

Pi: If you are not a math buff this may be taking you back to grammar school math class. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle. Regardless of the circle’s size, this ratio will always equal pi. Pi is an irrational number and a transcendental one. In decimal form, the value of pi is approximately 3.14 but it’s true decimal representation goes on infinitely. Pi has great popularity and is celebrated around the world on March 14 or 3/14 as 3.14 are the first three digits of pi. Fun facts, this was Albert Einstein’s birthday and it is mine as well.

Inner-Outer Space: Now, as you consider the space of your life, what is space? Space is a three-dimensional (height, width, depth) extent in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction. One of the spatial dualities: Inner Space and Outer Space establishes the extent and location. I am speaking about the human being in this context, thus, inner space is referencing the realm of the inner parts of a person. This realm lies within, just beyond the outwardly animated and manifest human form. The inner and outer realms are an example of a part and a counterpart within the spatial nexus. Each is an inverted expression of the other working together interdependently. This is why inner work on oneself is reflected within one’s outer life and vice versa. 

Positive-Negative Curvature in Space: Now we get to Pi within space. Pi is the circumference/diameter ratio when there is zero curvature in space. It holds the stillness and it can be utilized as a reference point for navigating space. In our real world space is curved. When the circumference/diameter ratio is less than π, you are in a positively curved space, such as a sphere; if it is greater than π, you are in a negatively curved space, such as a saddle. The positive and negative curvature of space are another example of the part/counterpart key of the inversion principle. The significance of this to you is that it determines whether you will be attracting other mass/energy to you as you will in a positive curvature or repulsing it away from you as you will in a negative curvature. 


Following are five key points for balancing the energetics of space that regularly come into play when practicing energy therapy. 

  1. Where there is an imbalance there is always an equal and opposite imbalance.

In this situation, both the imbalanced part and the equal and opposite imbalanced counterpart need to be restored to balance for an energetic shift to be sustained. An example of this; if you are experiencing anxiety in one area of life you will simultaneously be experiencing a depressed state in a different area. By working holistically, with both the source of the anxiety and the depressed state, at the same time, you will increase your probability of success and the sustainability of the restored balance. 

Similarly, this point is fundamental with cancer treatment. Gene mutations cause cells to behave differently, dividing and thus growing out of control. It is a creative flow of energy that is misappropriated. There will be another area within the individual where growth is inhibited. I find my clients who engage a new creative flow of energy while suppressing the growth of cancer cells are more successful in moving beyond the cancer experience with less likelihood of relapse. 

A wonderful example of this at work; I acted in a play about breast cancer written by a breast cancer survivor. This was a very direct reappropriation of the creative flow from growing cancer cells to writing a play addressing the cancer topic. I love the synergy of this turnaround. One important point here is that the creative flow does not need to be in the arena of the creative arts, it simply needs to be creative in life and often it is expressed in the individual’s relationships. 

  1. An expanse in one direction automatically extends in the opposite direction to an extent of equal measure.  

During the first ten year research project and clinical trials, my subject base was filled with individual’s living in extreme states of imbalance. The research became a study of these extreme states and an exploration into how to restore these individuals to a state of holistic balance. In this study it became clear that when an individual was stretched into an extreme that the whole framework of the individual’s life needed to stretch to encompass a range that included the extreme as well as the opposite extreme. 

One example of this is a part of my story along with many other energy workers, channels and healers. The experience of trauma is an extreme experience in a destructive direction that can push one into a low vibrational/dimensional state of suffering. This trajectory of energy will have an opposite ray traveling in a creative direction to a high vibrational/dimensional state simultaneously. This opposite view, equally extreme, is the counterpart to the trauma and it can sometimes look like access to healing abilities. The work here is to encompass and embody both simultaneously. This will transmute the trauma experience into wisdom, as the individual expands and awakens.  

  1. The deeper you reside within your core the greater is your view of the space of your life. 

This is similar to the time element and how the greater your presence in the moment the more time consciousness is available to you. As such, if you are perfectly present in the moment it opens access to the perspective of all time. In the same way that presence relates to time, being in the depth of your core provides you with full conscious access to the space of your life. This occurs within your core, right at that point of origin where you touch upon the creative energies sourcing your life.

Working with the energetics of space will empower you to consciously maneuver through this universal element. The expanse of your scope is an equal counterpart to the depth at which you center yourself. This is important to remember when you are struggling to get perspective on a situation or some aspect of your life. If you find yourself spinning out trying to make sense of it all, the best solution might be to let it all go and deepen into your own core. Then approach the situation with your expanded consciousness. This new perspective often provides a clear view of the solutions.  

  1. Space is as unendingly paradoxical as pi is long.

Space is paradoxical in nature. A paradox is something that seems contradictory at first glance but in reality is true. This is another example of where the part equaling the counterpart can be seen from the group. The understanding of the truth of a paradox is perceived in the place of knowing. This place exists beyond your thoughts and the cognitive reasoning of your mind in the realm of energy that is perceived by your spirit. Space exists on the group level which functions differently than the individual and oneness. These exemplify a micro/macro type of likeness to each other. The group level on the other hand functions in a circular and cyclical way with its dualistic parts dancing in paradoxical rendering.  

Examples of this at play come into my work with clients on a regular basis. “You must surrender to become empowered and seize control over your life”. When you surrender, it opens you and allows access to more of your inner resources and the support of the universe. These are essential for success in life. “It is through facing your fears that your courage is activated”. This is true where fears are irrational barriers to what you know is in your highest good. And, “it is within your vulnerabilities that you will find your greatest strengths”. This exemplifies my second point that when our natural qualities and abilities are engaged in space that these will extend in both directions simultaneously.  

  1. The only way out is through.  

The only way to get out of a challenging experience, state of being or dynamic in life is to move through it. At least to get out permanently and not fall into the trap of repetition compulsion or another negatively cyclical energy flow. But, human beings are prone to resist, push aside, suppress, and avoid the full experiential scope of life’s events, particularly the onerous ones. Who wants to feel pain or grief… face rejection, judgment or the consequences of their own mistakes? These are not going to be the first choice if one were to make a list. But it is essential to experience the full range and scope of all of life’s events, to transform them into the wisdom learned from experience.

If we are to bring consciousness into the dance. You must bring full conscious awareness to where you are in this moment if you are to consciously choose where you are going. The journey from the first to the latter is created by the expansion that occurs when you learn the life lessons your soul is here to learn. So as you scan the space of your life both inner and outer and you recognize the need to clear out the old, heal the wounds, understand yourself and others then simply go to the learnings. Ask yourself, “what is the lesson in this life experience?” 


One of the well known practices of working with the energy of space is feng shui. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that involves the arrangement of things in an environment. Everything is made of energy and influences the flow of energy, thus the balanced organization of things in a space will balance the yin and yang energy flows which optimizes the chi (energy) in the space. Feng shui works with the correct presence and placement of five elements; wood, fire, earth, metal, and water to increase Chi and encourage wellbeing. The optimal placement of the five elements is determined by the energy map of space, called a bagua.

Inner and Outer Space relative to the 24 LIfe Components

The 24 Life Components chart, which can be found on the website, is an energy map of time. This cube model time map is followed during the attunement. But, there is a key spatial element within this chart that I want to point out. Each of the six energy streams viewed through the lenses include 4 components; two that reside within Inner Space and two reside in Outer Space. The Life Components in the chart below can be read from left to right, beginning with the innermost component and ending with the outermost component. 

24 Life Components TIME MAP relative to Inner Space & Outer Space

The View/Lens Components in Inner Space Components in Outer Space

Union Lens: Unification-Individuation Stillness-Movement

Location Lens: Configuration-Aggregation  Animation-Manifestation

Self Lens: Essence-Soul Gifts-Personality

Disclosure Lens: Experience-Events Fields-Senses

Systems Lens: Spirit-Mind Heart-Body

Grids Lens: Energetic-Thought Emotional-Physical

Neuroplasticity: How to Utilize Your Malleable Nature to Adapt to Your Current Environment 


Neuroplasticity is your physical brain’s ability to change over time in response to the complex array of varied influences you will encounter in the course of your life. Your brain is only one example of how your malleable nature works; one that is the focus of many current researchers. If you consider the plasticity of your brain, then expand your scope to also consider how these same principles apply to all the different parts of your being and you will begin to get a view of your capacity to change. 

The neuroplasticity of your brain is maintained throughout your lifetime. While the rate and scope of change appears greater during the maturation period, this is by no means the end of your neurological story of change as was previously thought. The malleability of your adult brain, your ability to chemically, structurally and functionally change your brain cells to respond differently to life is a natural part of your physiology, one that you will maintain for your entire lifetime. 

So why do we see so many adults stuck in the same groove, thinking the same thoughts and taking the same actions with little change or evolution occurring? It is usually rooted in fear and the human tendency to seek the familiar even when better options exist. How proactively engaged are you in your growth and evolution? I encourage you to be open to the full range of change available to you as you explore your malleable nature and consider how you wish to reshape your life. This will allow you to optimally adapt to your current environment. 


Your neurological well being is reflective of the energetic balance or imbalance of your brain functioning. Energy exists in a range that spans from the densest solids of matter to the highest vibrational frequencies. Your brain health begins with the physical matter of the brain and continues through all the vibrational frequencies influencing the brain. Exercising your brain is essential to continue to evolve, it really is a matter of using it or losing it.

How do you keep your brain healthy? 

  1. Proper hydration and nutrition.

Your brain matter is made primarily, about three quarters, out of water. This makes hydration primary to brain health. Proper nutrition is also essential. Malnutrition in children can cause permanent damage to growth and development. In adults both undernutrition and overnutrition negatively impact mood, energy and vulnerability to disease. Never underestimate the importance of these basics to health.

  1. Practice mindfulness and find your flow

Regular meditation has been shown to preserve the gray matter in your brain. I suspect this is the case with any mindfulness practice or activity that places you in a state of flow. The gray matter in your brain controls movement, memory and emotions. It is where you process information and sensory input. Presence in the moment keeps you physically present with brain integrity and capacity.  

  1. Keep learning and growing. 

Here is where the use it or lose it comes into play. Learning something new stimulates neurons in the brain which form new neural pathways and improve cognitive functioning. So never stop learning or engaging activities that spark you to step outside of your familiar zone. Don’t know where to start? Simply, do something, anything, different. This can be engaging a different thought, doing routine tasks in a different order or responding in a way you never have before. This will form new neural pathways in your brain and bring you one step closer to finding the changes that will benefit you. 


The form your life takes is determined by the interplay between your energy and your consciousness; it is a cross product of these two trajectories. The state of your consciousness in any given moment meets the range of your energy which then determines the path of your evolution. Consciousness has a range that is similar to energy, it begins with an unconscious state and extends to a fully enlightened state of being. Raising your consciousness to meet the energy of your life with greater dimensionality will change the form that your life will take and it will propel your path of evolution.                                                                                                                               

What is your best consciousness stance for malleability?

  1. Posture “as if…” the state you desire already exists.

This is where you want to “fake it till you make it”, as they say. Forming your consciousness to a particular shape, such as “I am happy” or “I am grateful” creates a mold for the energy of your life to fill. Think of your consciousness like a child’s sand mold and your energy like the sand. A note on posturing; it utilizes the holistic consciousness of your body, heart, mind and spirit, it is not just a thought. To give an example of this; I have a friend, who is also a channel, and she likes to ask groups to laugh out loud. The “fake” laughter inevitably provokes genuine laughter which has a transformative effect on the consciousness of the individuals and group alike. 

  1. Develop the “objective observer” part of yourself.

It takes courage to look reality straight in it’s proverbial face. But observing the truth of any situation allows you to make contact with the energy of it and this conscious contact with the energy of reality positions you to be able to reform and change it. When you can consciously perceive something’s true form you can then consciously perceive the shift to a new formation. Exerting your free will choice on this quantum level engages the influence of the observer effect. (Read more about the observer effect) Energy and consciousness have that yin yang, pushing of hands kind of relationship. Think of your observer part as if it is a potter’s hands molding the clay, which is the energy of your life, to be the shape that you desire. 

  1. Expect the unexpected; approach each day as if anything could happen. 

When you hold the mindset that anything could happen it keeps you alert to perceive much more of what is right in front of you. It also creates a conscious space for actualizing untapped potential. Let me explain this. Expecting the unexpected is like creating a vacuum chamber within you, a space that is supercharged with the void, the infinite potential energy of source. It is a blank space with all the resources you need to fill it in with your heart’s desire.


I have spoken of the singularity of the brain as our beginning focal point. Then I have stretched out to discuss the energy and consciousness of that focal point. This is where freewill comes into play and can have an impact as you consciously utilize your malleable nature to effect desired change. Lets stretch out now to see how your malleable nature shows up within the trinity of your life.  


On an individual level we see all the biological ways that people are malleable in response to the environment, neuroplasticity is just one. There are genetic changes that alter the blueprint of your life. A genetic change is when there is a gene mutation, a change in the DNA sequencing, in one or more genes. These  are long term changes occurring within the generational flow. And non genetic changes that occur include longer-term permanent developmental adaptations and rapid temporary acclimatization. A developmental adaptation is when an organism modifies its phenotype, it’s observable traits, in response to the environment. This type of change becomes hard wired whereas acclimatization is a short term adjustment to the changing environment. Acclimatization enables humans to live in a vast range of environmental conditions. Human evolution is a fascinating story of human malleability. 


On a group level we see all the cultural ways that people are malleable in response to life. The earth is covered with different societies containing quite an assortment of cultural expressions. Think about all the different languages, customs and traditions, religions, arts, forms of government and economic systems. Think about the media and social media influences to shape people’s lives. During our current times living in a global pandemic the coronavirus has presented an extreme, life threatening stressor. One that has exposed many cultural vulnerabilities and imbalances. Our need to respond to this threat has created a disruption to all of these cultural influences and demanded a change. It is very culturally revealing to view how different countries have been impacted dissimilarly and how cultural differences have influenced their responses. The most shameful of which in my opinion is how American culture has done so poorly despite having greater access to the tools and resources needed to respond. But the politically fueled divisive culture favored power and inequality over life itself. Now that the culture has been thrown into upheaval I am curious to see how it will reshape and reform going forward.   


Finally, on the level of oneness we see all the existential ways that people are malleable in response to life. Stepping back to view the whole of humanity as a single entity we can see the changing form. Think about all of the interactive systems integrating and differentiating transforming its shape. Then there is the whole ecosystem of the earth’s environment with its changing climate. The collective consciousness ultimately determines the path of change with each vote counting equally, on this level anyway it is so. Ideally the path carved out is one that transcends the inevitability and limitation of unconscious repetition. On the level of ‘the oneness of humanity’ this looks like the rise and fall of civilizations, progress and development

So how do you change in a way that you know is helping humanity to stay in the flow of evolution and out of repeating old mistakes? We shift from this macroview of the malleability of humanity and bring it back to the microview and malleability of individual people. Your individual human brain with its capacity for free will choice. You are choosing to fire neurons in the same old groove or making a different choice to create new neural pathways. But how can you know if that new neural pathway is going in the direction of evolution for humanity as a whole and not just a new experience for you while you repeat a familiar old human foible? The way to do this is to work with the universals and maintain universal balance as you engage your conscious evolution towards greater enlightenment. Just as the malleability principle carries through all of nature, not just human, the universals are the framework of balance for all things within humanity, earth’s ecosystem, our solar system and this galaxy. Thus, the framework of universal balance will provide a framework that ensures an optimized and sustainable path of progression for you that supports the evolution of humanity as a whole.

How to Love with Complete Abandon and Never Get Hurt

“I expect nothing as I open to experience the infinite potential of the moment and fearlessly connect with all.” – Rebecca

Have you ever had your heart broken? How did you respond? Did you shut down and ward off love or did you grieve and grow into your next loving bond? Has heartbreak left you jaded or cynical only partially showing up for your relationships? Love is the glue holding humanity together and the ultimate experience you can have in your embodied form. This includes all of your relationships, not just a primary love interest. But, if your capacity for love is limited then you are missing out on the best that life has to offer. 

So how do you give and receive love on all levels and not be hurt? Loving requires you to keep your heart open, allow your vulnerabilities to show and be sensitive to another’s vulnerabilities. This seems like a tall order in the emotionally risky world we live within. I assure you it is possible. The answer is to eliminate expectations and release attachments. Then posture yourself in a curious state of being and embrace all with a loving connection.

This is an ideal state of being and a goal to seek in each moment. You will not do this perfectly so please don’t judge the results, rather keep your focus on the goal in the next moment. It is not something you can pay lip service to either, you must truly be in this state to understand and experience the benefits. It is simple, yet not at all easy. 

One important note, before I dive into further explanation. You will still experience grief, the full emotional and sensory range of experiences. These are all a natural part of your human experience. They are not harmful when you simply allow them to be felt, experienced in the moment and released. Love, loss, sensing and feeling are the things that bring depth, richness and meaning to your life.


An expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. It is when you rigidly hold onto an idea about what will happen and it becomes a measure against which reality is judged. This comes with many pitfalls and limitations. Whereas embracing a state of curiosity in which one maintains a strong desire to know or learn something, the possibilities are limitless. Curiosity postures you in an open state to receive more of the energy coming your way and the conscious focus to be able to recognize it. This is especially true of things that fall outside the realm of what your mind typically expects. Posturing this way creates a profound state of presence. 

Give freely of yourself and expect nothing in return. 

I am speaking here in terms of relationships and connection with other people. Not, the negotiated contract and exchange of work for money in the marketplace. But think about this for a minute; you show up for work, do the job you agreed to do and then you expect to be paid according to the terms of your contract. This typically goes according to the plan and if not there are the courts and laws to address the issue. 

Personal relationships though, are not so black and white. Think about your personal relationships, do you have unwritten terms and expectations of what you will receive in response to your investment in the connection? Most people do. Have these terms that you expect been discussed and agreed upon? Oftentimes, they are not. If you bring assumptions to your relationships the unspoken expectations are silently in your consciousness or subconsciousness until there is a violation. At which point you must face the discord between your expectations and what is occurring. But if you have no expectations you eliminate the inner discord and you are able to be more present with what is actually happening. 

When you are giving with expectations of reciprocity you are setting yourself up for negative feelings. Disappointment, hurt and anger are the most common. You are also at risk of missing a true appreciation for what you do receive because it falls into the mundane stream of what is expected. The alternative to this dire path is to open with curiosity to see how the offering of your time and energy is being received and the response that it evokes. Allow this to inform you about yourself and the other person and how you choose to subsequently interact. 

With no expectations at play, anything you do receive can be experienced as a gift, a lovely surprise. This means letting go of any score keeping, holding a “you owe me” in your mind or resentment towards the other person. Simply adjust your time and energy input in the relationship to a comfortable level of giving that is free of any strings. In working with individuals and couples I find that expectations are a primary source of disharmony in their relationships. 

Stay inquisitive about the human condition.

Everyone has their own history, patterns and willingness to exercise their freewill. Humans are complex and often unpredictable creatures. Another person will not respond or act the same way you would in any given situation. Release all expectations that they will. Personally this lesson has been one that took time, quite a bit of confusion and struggle before it really settled in. This experience prompted a deep desire within me to understand others and this motivation generated my research in applied energetics. The work has brought more love into my life than I could ever have imagined. 

To encourage love in your life, you want to posture yourself in a state of curiosity. Then inquisitively observe how others respond to you and life in general. Clear your mind of all preconceived notions and assumptions. Notice how their response is as expected and where it is not, this will inform you as much about yourself as the person you are perceiving. Stay curious about it all. Engage each moment with the sentiment: “I wonder what will happen next… Anything could happen… I don’t know what will happen but I am going to stay present and actively observe to find out”. This keeps you open to perceive the unexpected.  Keep the observer part of yourself also noticing how you respond to the process of this reposturing, to others and to life as it unfolds. 


Always connect with love, never fear, to all in your life. Identify and eliminate all of your attachments. In this context, attachment is referencing a FEAR based bond while connection is referencing a LOVE based bond. Fear can be a great motivator. But, when action is taken with fear being the motivation, the outcome is inherently laden with constriction and a negative spin. There is an unnecessary loss of energy and stressful consequences will manifest. In contrast, when love is the underlying motive the outcome is creative and regenerative. This is not to say that what one intends will always occur. But with a loving motive, provided it is maintained, the optimal path and connections will be revealed and the right action will be found. Fear Not, Sense Only Love and Proceed!

Fear separates you from yourself, others and any loving connection. 

Fear inherently produces separation and human suffering. The energy of fear creates a negative spin which brings constriction and density to the energy field. Attaching with a fear based bond to anything; a person, place, thing, idea, activity… will always put the desired outcome at risk. And regardless of whether the action taken with this motive is “successful” or not, there will always be a price to pay. 

A common example of this in our society occurs around work and money. If fear of lack is what motivates you to get up and work hard, you may indeed make lots of money but the stress of being in this state will compromise your health and shorten your life. The alternative is to embrace all aspects of work with love. This is easiest and best if you are doing work that you naturally love. But if this is not the case, then it is even more important to find love based motives. This could be working to take care of loved ones or oneself. Or, it could be a matter of connecting in love with your coworkers and other people you encounter during work.  

In relationships, engagement with others from fear creates a barrier to intimacy and it blocks love. Do you ever do things because you are afraid of losing your bond with someone? Do you behave inauthentically or withhold because you are afraid of how someone will respond or what someone will think of you? Anytime fear is the reason behind your choices and actions it constricts the possibility of the exchange. Have you heard the quote, “If you love somebody, then let them go, if they return they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were”. This is the sentiment in which you ideally want to hold all facets of all of your relationships, especially those closest to you. Love deeply as you hold them ever so gently in the moment.  

Love is a courageous endeavor; not for the faint of heart. 

Love is always the better choice. Love is real, intimate, creative and the only way to truly bond with other humans. So why don’t people choose it? Because it requires courage to override fears and stay in the vulnerabilities of love. It means you need to assume ownership and responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and grief. And you need to stay current with processing these energies to be present in the reality of the moment. 

If you attach responsibility outside of yourself, you will become entangled in a fear laden struggle which will disempower you and block your potential for connection. Likewise, unresolved grief forms an attachment to the past that also presents a barrier to love. Loss is an inevitable part of life. This makes grief an essential skill. There is the quote “Sometimes when a heart breaks, it breaks open”. I began to explore the meaning of this after a particularly difficult breakup. I found that when I fully allowed my grief to be felt and released there was an expansion that occured. The energy of my heart space becomes bigger and my capacity to love greater.

In speaking of the capacity to love, it is important to note that fearless love must begin with you. You are only able to love others to the degree that you are able to love yourself. This places self love at the core of loving with complete abandon. Do you allow fear to inhibit your experiences in life or stop you from doing things that would be beneficial to your growth or general well being? Do you do things that are not good for you because of fear of what will occur if you don’t? The way to posture here is; “I fear not as I am fully present and open. I first love myself unconditionally, experiencing all that is occurring in this moment. Then, I love others with complete abandon.” 

All Time is Now – Your Circadian Rhythm Grants You Access


Each month I facilitate the 24 HR Attunement after which it takes me a few days to process the energetics. Once I fully emerge I am able to turn my attention to the coming month’s topic. This past month as I considered – “All Time is Now – Your Circadian Rhythm Grants You Access”, I found myself unable to write anything, not just the blog. I felt repelled away from writing words or even speaking them too much.   

I became quiet and busy in a steady flow of productive activity. One in which the “being within the doing” became front and center.  This is a tai chi principle where one is able to maintain connection to the still quiet place within one’s core while actively engaging in productive endeavours. By practicing tai chi you are naturally developing this skill. It is why this practice is thought of as a moving meditation as well as a martial art. Ideally, one maintains this balance as one moves through life each day. This occurs when you follow your natural flow, your circadian rhythm. 

It took a couple of weeks for me to finally realize that I was being guided to attune to my own circadian rhythm and return to a more natural flow before I began to write about the subject. What I noticed during this time was a greater sense of peace and happiness. It also brought greater productivity as my own natural rhythm took over. It seems counterintuitive to slow down and connect to the place of simply “being” when you are feeling the pulls and demands of life and you have soooo many things to do. But, if you have lost connection with the “being” within your own core, that is exactly what you need to do. 

The productive “doing” activity that you are being pulled to act upon will get done more efficiently and with greater ease if you honor your natural rhythm. There are many benefits to living according to your circadian rhythm; you mitigate stress effects and avoid becoming depleted while supporting your body’s natural protective and regenerative processes. Once I recognized the guidance coming in I began to pay attention to all the things that pulled me away from the flow of my circadian rhythm and what happened when I gave into these pulls. 

One such example of this is when I reached my limit with fall cleanup in the yard. Initially I felt my body fatigue and I respected it, until… an additional project was thrust upon me by another person. I gave into this request, completed the project and threw my back out in the process. Stepping outside the parameters of my natural rhythm had an obvious and immediate cost in this instance but most occurrences are much more subtle. Like one day I needed to set an alarm rather than wake up naturally, which is my norm, and I noticed that my day felt more strained and stressful.

For the past couple of weeks, I have observed many subtle ways I allowed things to impede my natural flow or pull me beyond my limits. Each time this occurs I use it as a prompt to reconnect with my circadian rhythm. I make adjustments to return to my natural flow as soon as possible. I also make a mental note of what occurred and consider how to shift the dynamic in the future. This could be as simple as scheduling extra time for certain activities or just saying no to things. For some situations it could mean that your daily routine or the major components in your life need to change significantly. 


The topic of circadian rhythm is one I speak of often as it is fundamental to the 24 HR Attunement and the 24 Life Component roadmap utilized on the attunemen day. Your circadian rhythm attunes you to life on earth as the earth rotates each 24 hr cycle. But what is driving this internal clock within you? It is your clock genes. I came upon a fascinating research paper on the “Genomics of circadian rhythms in health and disease” by Filipa Rifo-Ferreira and Joseph S. Takahashi  Genome Med 11, 82 (2019). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13073-019-0704-0 I am going to share some highlights from this report to exemplify the role your clock genes play and why it is so crucial that you keep them healthy.                      

According to Rifo-Ferreira and Takahashi the “Circadian clocks are endogenous oscillators that control 24-h physiological and behavioral processes. The central circadian clock exerts control over myriad aspects of mammalian physiology, including the regulation of sleep, metabolism, and the immune system… Circadian rhythms are driven by an internal timing system regulated at the transcriptional level that gives rise to gene networks that oscillate with a 24-h cycle. Within these networks are clock genes that control rhythms in physiology and behavior.” 

The importance of the clock genes becomes clear when your natural rhythm is interrupted. “Disruption of circadian rhythms is associated with sleep disorders, cancer, susceptibility to infections, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and aging.”  And there are “recent studies that have begun to unravel the circadian clock’s role in controlling the cardiovascular and nervous systems, gut microbiota, cancer, and aging.”

Living in our pandemic world environment, the part of the article I found most relevant to the current crisis within humanity is the relationship between viruses and the circadian rhythm. “Many studies have shown that the outcome of an infection (whether bacterial, viral, or parasitic) depends on the time of day at which the infection is initiated…. Therefore, the circadian clock (with focus to date mainly on BMAL1) can regulate cellular immunity against bacteria, viruses, and parasites… These findings suggest that cells of the immune system are capable of responding to circadian cues to maximize their ability to respond to infection.”

This brings us to the consideration of the timing of treatments. The research “has introduced a time component to our view of metabolism, inflammation, and host–pathogen interactions (among other interactions), and has shown that targeting genes that are cycling at specific times of day may be advantageous…Regarding infectious diseases, treatments, and vaccinations could be more effective when administered at specific times of day. Indeed, influenza vaccine administration in the morning has been shown to improve antibody response over afternoon vaccination response in people over 65 years old.” 

Currently it raises the questions; “what is the best time of day to receive the coronavirus vaccine?” and, “when is the highest risk time to be in public?” . Also, ”what is the circadian rhythm of the coronavirus?”. Because, “host–pathogen interactions are also subjected to circadian modulation. It is also likely that the circadian rhythms of the pathogens play a role.” It will take time for researchers to ascertain these answers relative to the coronavirus and its variants.  

A concluding point in Rifo-Ferreira and Takahashi’s paper is that “Integrating the temporal axis into human physiology and medicine offers an opportunity to optimize the alignment of our internal rhythms to the environment, which will provide new opportunities for lifestyle and pharmacological interventions to treat diseases and promote health.” This is music to my ears. My life’s work has centered on the time universal. I believe time is a powerful force that is not well understood despite the constant influence it exerts to pattern the dynamic rhythm of life unfolding. I have researched the energetics of this foundational building block within our earth environment and applied effective treatments utilizing this wisdom to address disease, disorder and disarray in people’s lives. 


The 24 Life Components chart is a time map of the different energy streams being generated each hour of the day as the clock genes proceed through the 24 hr cycle. Working with this roadmap and engaging a 24 hr cycle of energy is directly attuning the clock genes. The focus of the attunement changes each hour as different energetic processes are at play at different times of the day. Introducing treatment with energy medicine for the entire 24 hr cycle directly taps into one’s circadian rhythm and incorporates every possible intervention time for restoring balance. It works to attune all streams of energy generating one’s life which makes it a truly holistic approach.

In the humming of the universe as energy cycles ripple and reverberate, each complete cycle of time connects to and influences every other cycle. This applies to the energy of the attunement as well. The time factor of the energetics is like a slow release pill. On the attunement day the shifts to balance set an impression within the day cycle that is based in an individual’s natural rhythm. This impression continues to cycle each day working to enliven one’s innate potential while shifting one’s life to support a more balanced state of being. 

Once a month has passed, the day cycle impression has saturated the month cycle and the energy shifts are fully integrated. But, energy in motion stays in motion and it doesn’t stop here. The impression becomes a part of the month cycle which then ripples and reverberates, continuing to effect change as you live each month from a more balanced state of being. The energy shift set in motion by the attunement is complete once the energy has fully unfolded, saturating the year cycle. Continued energy flow beyond this point depends upon the changes that the individual has been able to assimilate and the changes that have been imprinted upon their life.  


Your circadian rhythm naturally attunes your movement through life and it informs you of the tempo and flow that is optimal for your health and well being. Your circadian rhythm cycles as the earth rotates and it connects you to the greater world around you. You are a part of a greater ecosystem with environmental elements being influenced by the repeating cycles within the solar system. When you attune to your circadian rhythm you are attuning to the workings of the whole complex system. 

Full centered presence in the depth of your being provides the most extensive perspective of time, along with the other universals. The deeper you are within your core, the more expansive your view. It is when you are in a perfect state of presence in the moment that you can grasp the perspective of all time in it’s particle array. But the unfolding of time is dynamic, patterned and cyclical. It is through connection with your circadian rhythm and the 24 hr time cycle that you are granted access to the full scope of the waves; the dynamic patterns and cycles generating the particulars of your life as it unfolds. This access allows you to utilize the time universal to create change within you and in your life. 

Receiving Grace – The Metaphysics of Gratitude

I was introduced to a gratitude based writing practice called a “Grace Trail” during a time in my life when I faced a convergence of crises. I could not see a path through nor come up with any potential solutions. It was during this time that I was introduced to the “Grace Trail” practice and I began to write daily. I shared my writing with the friend who introduced me to the practice and she did the same. Within months unexpected help came in and I found myself successfully on the other side of the crises. I believe that engaging a practice that connected me with the feeling of gratitude on a daily basis was a fundamental factor in my success. 


Grace is the divine influence of source energies operating in your life to regenerate, inspire and strengthen you. Grace is freely given and always available within the sacred flow of life. To perceive this flow you simply need to view life with reverence. Bring an attitude of respect and awe to each moment, regardless of whether it is joyful, challenging or simply mundane. This will tune you into the subtler vibrations that are always around you. Grace occurs when you allow the benevolence of the universe to be received. When you do, it provides the means through which you embody your divinity, your highest possible vibration. 


Gratitude and grace have a reciprocal relationship. You experience gratitude when you recognize the presence of grace in your life and you open the flow of grace when you feel grateful. Grace comes through a high vibration energy flow that is guided by source energies and governed by universal principles. You experience gratitude when you appreciate the life being generated by this flow. The simple experience of gratitude is a perfect example of how easy it can be to raise your energy consciousness and position yourself to consciously create your life.

Utilizing the observer effect to place your focus on gratitude and fostering this feeling experience will automatically engage the reciprocal relationship with grace. Thus, the more you are grateful the more you attract into your life. This makes gratitude a powerful freewill tool for attracting abundance and achieving fulfillment. But it only works if you really mean it and feel it. Gratitude has been a topic of research in recent years and studies prove that it must be felt to work. So it is better to focus your gratitude on what you can truly feel grateful for, no matter how mundane, silly or seemingly inconsequential it might be. This will have more of an impact than pretending to be grateful for the things you think you ought to be grateful for. 


When you genuinely feel grateful for people, places and things in your life, good things happen to your body, heart, mind and spirit. Embodying gratitude is an ever present, available and free way that you can synchronize and nurture your systems for optimal health and well being. The benefits of practicing gratitude are real, tangible and life sustaining. Engaging practices that help you to feel more grateful doesn’t make you a Pollyanna, but rather more of a pragmatist when you begin to look at the research. Following is a summary of the advantages you will experience when you feel grateful.

Feeling gratitude improves your physical health. Research has shown that it makes you physically stronger and more resilient to cope with stress. It has the material impact of lowering your cortisol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Practicing gratitude helps you to regulate your sympathetic nervous system, improve your immune function and the quality of your sleep. These benefits alone make it worth your time and energy to practice gratitude, but keep reading. 

Feeling gratitude improves your emotional health. It increases your experience of happiness and it lowers your potential for depression. When you feel grateful your brain releases dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters are responsible for your emotions and they enhance your mood. As you feel happier it affects your central nervous system allowing you to be more peaceful and less reactive. Gratitude also helps to bring coherence into your heart. Coherence produces stable heart rhythms which allow you to regulate your emotions and cope with adversity. Your physical heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in your body and it is expanded with gratitude. This expansion is what attracts more grace. 

Feeling gratitude improves your mental health. On a physical level, gratitude changes the molecular structure of your brain and promotes good functioning in your brain’s grey matter. The grey matter is where you process information. How you interpret and frame information plays a fundamental role in your mental health. Practicing gratitude shifts your focus away from negative, toxic thoughts and feelings. This is important because where you place your mental focus influences what you attract into your life. 

Feeling gratitude improves your spiritual/energetic health. Practicing gratitude raises your vibrational frequency and it promotes enlightenment. It fosters a sense of faith which can be invaluable in promoting tolerance, respect, understanding and reconciliation. Gratitude helps you to develop humility and it increases your sense of determination to face life’s challenges. The positive reach of gratitude goes beyond the holistic systems tune up you receive by simply appreciating the gift of life. The benefits extend to your connection with others and help you to build strong and nurturing relationships.


To stretch our view to the energetic level to simply observe what is occurring within the energy flow of gratitude I would like to bring forth three observations about the nature of this experience: 1. Gratitude is a transcendent experience. 2. Gratitude nurtures, expands and magnetizes good things. 3. Gratitude is holographic and timeless. 

Gratitude is a transcendent experience. Gratitude is an experience that synchronizes your individual systems (body, heart, mind and spirit) in harmonic receptivity. On an individual level you receive energy into your being through your body, heart, mind and spirit. These systems are the mechanisms through which you process and interpret the energy coming in. When you experience gratitude you have a sensory experience in your body, heartfelt appreciation, a thankful mental focus and humility of spirit. The synchronicity of your systems working in harmony creates an experience that transcends the individual energy/consciousness level. This opens you to the energy and consciousness of the group and oneness.  

Gratitude nurtures, expands and magnetizes good things.  You are changed by the energy that you receive through your systems; you are either nurtured or depleted, expanded or diminished, and attracted or repelled by what is coming in. Gratitude is an experience that nurtures you. The full engagement of your systems operating to receive fills you with a positive flow of energy. Gratitude expands you. It postures you in a fully present, open and receptive state that extends beyond your individual energy field and prompts engagement with the group and oneness which automatically makes you grow. Gratitude is also magnetic. Each grateful heartbeat works to supercharge the electromagnetic field being generated by your heart. This is like sending a morse code to the universe and attracting positive energy into your life. 

Gratitude is holographic and timeless.  Gratitude is an experience that occurs within the unfolding of time, which is holographic in nature. To briefly review this concept; the first universal principle is the holographic principle which states that “the part is equal to the whole” and as such “all is within each part”. The way this applies to time is that each moment contains access to all time. The deeper you are within the presence of the moment, the more expansive your view of the time matrix. Your body, heart, mind and spirit systems are also a function of time and as such they are holographic in nature. This means that each system provides access to the whole receptive process. Thus, the deeper your experience of gratitude, no matter the particulars of the impression, the further reaching is the scope of benefits.

Taking Ownership of Your Life Story

It is YOUR life and it is YOUR story, so own it. Your life is your most valuable possession and the only thing of real consequence that you do own. Taking ownership of your story is bringing consciousness to your greatest asset, the energy of your life. When this is done with reality based precision, it empowers you to be able to direct and shape the course of your life from this point forward. 

As a living being you have the capacity for metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli, and reproduction. You have a life force that is animating and shaping the sequence of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic experiences from birth to death. Your life story is the conscious framework that you place around these experiences. 

Consciousness has an impact on energy, remember the “observer effect”. This is one of the most underused aspects of free will. How you choose to frame your life influences the shape of your life. Just as a cookie cutter, or molded cake pan will shape the dough, your conscious framing of your life story influences the ultimate form the energy of your life will take.

So how do you consciously exert this influence to choose the shape of your life? First you must connect with the reality, or real form, of your life. You must access the true shape in order to reshape it. Illusions do not hold form or contain energy within reality but they do influence it. When you place your conscious focus on illusory frames they block access to your life force and distort your view of reality. These must be cleared out of the way before you will be empowered to consciously reshape your life. 

Begin by viewing the realities of your life and owning everything that is real. Own your experience and all of your sensory awareness. Own your feelings, thoughts and intuitions. Own your reactions to life events as well as your responses. When considering your history, shift your view away from particular details or incidents to look for the cycles and patterns. Pay attention to your growth and the life lessons that you have learned. When you understand your history, your life story, from an objective point of view it provides insight into how you came to be where you find yourself right now. It empowers you to consciously choose the course of your life going forward. 

Below you will find three areas of focus for “Clearing out the Illusory Frames in Your Consciousness” that are clouding your view of reality. This is followed by a “General ReFraming Template” to be utilized for accessing an objective view of yourself in the present moment.. These tips and tools will help you to fine tune your path of taking full ownership of your life story.    


1. View your life simply without diminishment or exaggeration. 

Stick to the facts and keep it real. A rightsized point of view opens up the height, breadth and depth of your life allowing you to access the resources within. To do so though, you must clear out distortions in your view. A simple approach is to correct areas where you are diminishing or exaggerating aspects of your life.  

There is no benefit in viewing yourself as small, it is not an act of humility. Humility comes through being present with the reality of who you are, gifts and challenges. Diminishing by dismissing or denying aspects of your life will leave you feeling powerless. Doing this will also energetically fuel repetition of similar events. Energy is always moving and seeking to return to a balanced state. Imbalanced patterns, cycles and events will perpetually manifest until you transcend the experience and balance is restored. It is only through facing the reality of your life that you can become rightsized in your view.  

When you find yourself using absolutes like always or never, you are most likely exaggerating the situation. Always and never are rarely a statement of reality and they establish a hard construct around the focus of the overstatement. The hard construct functions like a railroad switch station directing your energy to default towards these extremes making them self fulfilling prophecies.  Ask yourself if your statement is really true 100% of the time. And, as not to block a different experience in the future, a simple correction here is to replace always or never with “up until now”. 

Trying to control people, places or things that are out of your control is another form of exaggeration. It is an overamplification of the reach of your freewill. It will often backfire and fuel the very thing you are trying to change and it will leave you feeling powerless. Being empowered comes through the acceptance of what is beyond your control and taking charge of what is within the purview of your freewill and ability to change.

2. Take responsibility for your state of being, choices and actions.

Taking full responsibility for yourself is essential to taking ownership of your life. This means taking responsibility for what you choose and how you act. As well as, what you don’t choose and where you fail to act but ought to. Passivity allows the energy to move by default through the illusory frames within your consciousness. In order to assume responsibility you must release any blame of others or circumstances in your life for your state of being, choices or actions. Others are responsible for themselves, they are not responsible for you. Taking responsibility also requires the release of any victim consciousness that you may be perpetuating. 

Blaming others for what you choose and do is destructive, it is like handing your power and lifeforce over to them. It is not only harmful to the recipient of your blame, it is equally harmful to you. Own the full impact of all of your life experiences both positive and negative. Own your reactions and your responses. Reactions are generated by fear, they create a negative or destructive spiral. Responses are generated by facing reality, growing and evolving. These create a positive or creative spiral and progress you on your evolutionary path. It is only when you own your choices that you can choose differently.   

Victim consciousness is equally damaging and disempowering. When it comes to real victimization this can be intensely challenging to eliminate. But reframing your reality in a way that releases victim consciousness is essential for healing. It is not about denying the experience of victimization or implying one chose to be victimized. It is about taking your power back in the present and not perpetuating the negative impacts of your victimization. To state “I was the victim of bullying” is not an expression of victim consciousness, it is simply stating the reality of your past experience. But to say “Nobody likes me and everybody is always mean to me” is making a statement of victim consciousness. It is giving your power away and perpetuating the negative impact of your wounding. (see the Reality Based Reframing example on bullying below for an empowered way to frame this experience

3. Accept everything as it is and has been.

Life can be formidable in ways that make acceptance feel like a tall order, but it is well worth the effort to achieve this state of being. Two fundamental mechanisms that inhibit acceptance are judgments and unresolved grief. Judgement in this instance is not referencing having good judgment, we all want that but rather judgmentalness and prejudices. These will keep you in a fight with the natural flow of forward movement. Life is temporary and in a state of constant change. This makes loss an inevitable part of life and the ability to grieve a fundamental life skill. It is essential to living a full and rich life. Otherwise you will be fraught with a borage of the illusory frames of the ghosts of past experiences.       

Judgments and prejudices are destroying the human race. This type of illusory frame is having a broad scale destructive influence within humanity. At the root of any judgmental or prejudicial thought, feeling or action you will find something within yourself that you are not accepting. The path to a reality based view comes through opening to the life lesson that is being stimulated. If it is an injustice that you find offensive, take a look at your responsibility and what is within your power to do about it. Take appropriate action where you are able. Accept and release the rest. It is self indulgent and a waste of your precious lifeforce to give the situation any time, energy or focus beyond this. 

Grief comes in many forms. We typically think of grief in terms of a major loss such as the death of a loved one or the loss of a fundamental building block, like a home or career, that leaves significant void. A loss of this nature will initiate a powerful cycle through the stages of grief; denial, bargaining, anger, sadness and finally acceptance. But there are innumerable other smaller losses that you will experience with each passing day. Every connection and experience in life is temporary and must be grieved. Some things in life are easier to release and accept than others. But, holding onto the past will inhibit your ability to be fully present, it will cloud your view of reality and it will prevent you from taking ownership of your life. My motto in life is “Connect deeply and love with full abandon but never attach as you hold gently the passing of each moment.”     


Working from an objective holistic perspective, reframe your life and your story based simply in reality. Utilize the following “General Reframing Template” to begin to transform the illusory frames within your consciousness and gain a clear view of the reality of any given situation. This will help you to determine where you are right now and the origins of what you are experiencing. Employ the observer part of yourself to get to the facts of the situation. Simply state the set of circumstances (the who, what, when and where), what happened, how you have handled it up until now and where you are at this point on your journey. 


(When) I was in (What) environment

(Who or What) did or said (This)

The impact this has had on me is (Wounding, Developmental Arrestment, Feelings, Conditioned Limitations…)

My reaction to this has been (Negative Feelings, Thoughts, Behaviors, Negative Spirals)

My response to this has been (Positive Feelings, Thoughts, Behaviors, Positive Spirals)

The impact this is still having on me today is (Any of the previous three reframes)

I think about change as a shift from Point A to Point B. Doing this exercise will establish what your state of being is right now and how you got here, this is Point A. It identifies the residual impact of past events and provides you with an empowered view to be able to transform it. It is essential to objectively perceive the reality of where you are and accept this before change can occur. The next step is to identify what Point B (a healthier more balanced state) looks like and make a plan of action to shift to Point B.

Example of reframing an experience of bullying:

When I was a child in school other children bullied me, saying mean things and making fun of the way I looked and talked. 

The impact this had on me – I was isolated and I turned to food to cope with the pain. 

My reaction to this has been a negative spiral of weight gain and loss for four decades until I got really sick and finally got help. Then I responded by stabilizing my eating and weight. 

My reaction to this has also been a pattern of berating myself, feeling depressed and hopeless. As I got help I learned to respond and interrupt the self condemnation which improved my depression. 

The impact this is still having on me today is I get down on myself with negative self talk sometimes and I struggle to put myself out to connect with others because I am afraid of being hurt.  

This establishes your Point A, where you are right now. The next step is to identify Point B. In this instance, your desired Point B might be a state of being with more self esteem and healthy connections with others. You would then make a plan of action for interrupting your negative messaging and overcoming your fear of taking healthy risks to connect with others. 

Reality based reframing is a powerful tool for taking ownership of your life story. By simply viewing the reality of the situation you are clearing out illusory frames to be able to see the real form of your life. This empowers you to be able to shape the future that you desire. 

Building a Vessel for Abundance

As you work to attract a full and rich life, the abundance coming in needs to be received and held for you to consciously experience it. Your vessel is your energetic receptacle receiving the energy of all that is within your life. This exists on a subtler level of energy than the body, which inhabits the densest level. Your vessel is roughly twelve times the size of your body which resides at the center. You can think of it like a cup that you fill with the energies of life, drinking in life and refilling your cup. 

The vessel is a universal construct. The configuration of your vessel is determined by your vibrational frequency and dimensional array. This is what dictates the parameters and limits of what can manifest in your physical life. Attuning your vessel for abundance is a matter of raising your frequency and expanding your dimensionality. Viewing the vessel from the perspective of the universal forms I will suggest some simple ways that you can raise your frequency and expand dimensionality within each of the universal elements. 


The universal form governing the potential within life is the sphere. 

The beginning point of your vessel precedes vibration and dimension. It arises from the place of untapped potential or potential energy. It is from this place that all of existence emerges. By connecting with the counterpoint to everything which is nothingness you have a clear view of all. It is here that the purity of free will choice exists.

The best way I have found to connect with this place is by entering a state of perfect stillness and silence, releasing all I know and becoming a blank slate. Energetically it is a return to ground zero, the place where all potential exists. To begin, settle into the silent stillness, connect with your source energies (your creator) and open to the place of pure knowing. It is here that you have access to the full potential of your vessel.


The universal form governing the spark of life is the tetrahedron. 

The universe began with the big bang, the initial spark of life as we know it. All creation within life mimics this initiating event and begins with a spark. When your life force is sparked and you engage in the process of creating you are increasing your vibrational frequency. Parents know that bringing a child into the world is an expansive experience like no other. This is because it is the creation of life itself. But, having children is not the only way to engage in a pure act of creation. Innovation and original creative expressions will engage a high vibrational spark of life. Even bringing a creative spark, reverence or sacredness to the simple maintenance of daily life will raise your frequency. 

Living a full and rich life will increase your dimensionality. Each different area of creative expression or life engagement will add to the array. Engaging the energy and consciousness of the higher levels of reality will bring you up a dimensional ladder. This can be through energy work, channeling or some other form of raising energy consciousness. And working with the universals will open you to the full multidimensional reality in which you live.      


The universal form governing the time of your life is the hexahedron(cube).

The more present you are, the higher your vibrational frequency will be. By consciously or unconsciously holding onto the past, living based in old beliefs or conditioning that inhibits your potential from actualizing you are lowering your frequency. This is also the case anytime you are giving into irrational fears or worrying about the future. Either way you are missing the abundance available to you in the present moment. You need to be home, within yourself, to receive “the package” of abundance being given to you from the universe.

Deepening into your understanding of others and the world around you will increase your dimensionality. Be fully present to understand others’ perspectives, to “walk a mile in their shoes” as the saying goes. Take others in, sense them and receive them fully. This will not only increase your dimensionality, it will add to the abundance in your life.  


The universal form governing the space of your life is the octahedron.

Allow your light to shine. The more full and bright it is, the higher the frequency. Actualize who you are. An actualized person will vibrate at the highest frequency. You want a clean and clear space for abundance to come into. Clear out anything that is blocking or inhibiting the emanation of your light and actualization of who you are. These are the things within yourSelf and your life that are toxic or just taking up space. Release attachments to people, places and things that no longer serve you. Things that are negative lower your vibrational frequency.

Sharing who you are authentically with others and utilizing your natural abilities in your life will increase your dimensionality. Having a broad scope with varied connections on different levels will fill your life with a multidimensional array. Whereas, living by rote within the confines of conditioned constructs will keep you boxed into a limited array. 


The universal form governing your perception is the icosahedron

The universe is abundant. When you perceive the abundance around you it opens your receptive channels to allow the abundance in. You can raise the frequency of what your receptors are attracting by focusing on the positive things you are drawing to you while refusing to engage the negative. Utilizing tools, like keeping a gratitude journal, will open your receptors and raise your vibration. While perseverating on your fears or judgments will lower your vibration. Pay attention to what you attract that is a high frequency and receive it fully to encourage more of the same.

You can increase your dimensionality through development of your sensory awareness. By utilizing all of your senses you open more channels for information/energy to come in. Each sense tunes into a different band of energy adding to the multidimensionality of your perception. Having a clear and comprehensive perception of life allows you to exercise discernment and attract abundance as you receive the energy of life.   


The universal form governing your life creation is the dodecahedron. 

You are always creating your life. Every action you take, or fail to take, influences your creation. When you embody your divinity and take action from your higher self you are connecting with a higher (vibrational) reality and increasing your frequency. You will vibrate at the highest possible frequency when your choices are being generated by altruistic motives. To raise your frequency, embody the best self that you can be and dare to have the courage to use your power for the greater good. 

Being in your power, exercising your free will and expressing who you are authentically in all the different areas of your life will increase your dimensionality. Give freely of yourself, it will always come back to you in some form as the universe is engineered to be equality based. The act of giving, in and of itself, will stretch you into all the dimensions within your reach to be able to embody them. 

As you work to raise your vibrational frequency and expand your dimensional array you will be transforming your vessel and ultimately building a vessel for abundance. The universe is abundant by nature, it is up to you how much you open to receive. Begin with a blank state, connect with what sparks you, be fully present, make room for abundance, open your receptors and embody your divinity. Doing this will attune you to the high frequency multidimensional array available to you in each moment and it will allow the elements of abundance to flow into your life.  

Life’s Mysteries Disclosed

The “Universals” and the “Particulars”

The universal forms are the basic building blocks that mold the universe in which we live. Plato would call these “eternal forms” as they are immutable and they establish a permanent reality. The universals generate a constant influence governing and regulating reality as it unfolds in it’s dynamic living state. The “forms” are simply the arrangement or organization of the universe, they are not the universe itself. 

The universal forms take the shape of the five platonic solids; tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron, along with the encompassing sphere. They are pure, equalized and perfectly balanced. The universals establish the parameters of reality and govern the structure and flow of life. The universal forms are germane to both inner space and outer space alike. 

There are universals and then there are particulars, which essentially includes everything else. The particulars, like energy and consciousness for instance (the material and sensible in Plato’s terms) are finite, subject to change and can only participate within and seek to reflect the likeness of the universals, they cannot be universal.  Each of our lives is particular in nature. Our energy and consciousness are constantly changing shape. If one is on an evolutionary path that shape will migrate closer and closer towards being a perfect reflection of the universal forms. 

Plato talks about the forms as “the Good”. I would say the forms construct perfect balance, both in the structure and the flow of life unfolding. I do not relate things as being “Good” or “Bad” but rather structurally balanced or imbalanced to varying degrees with a flow that is either creative or destructive. Any formed thing that deviates from the purity and perfection of the universal forms creates an imperfect likeness to the universals. These formations are akin to the shadows on the walls of the cave in Plato’s famous allegory of the cave. 

These “imperfect” formations are what you see in the world around you. That is, unless you can see the higher reality of the universals. To do so requires you stretch your view to see the whole. I am going to explain why this is the case by citing a research study into the cubic nature of earth.

Scientists prove the average shape of Earth is a Cube!

Plato assigned the cube, one of the five platonic solids, to the earth element. The cube (hexahedron) is the universal model that I have spent the most time researching and mapping. The way that I would put it is that the cube is the unseen model and framework that governs the formation and parameters of the earth element. And, this is just one example of the cube’s influences which are innumerable. 

I was so excited to find this research study. This knowledge has been around since B.C.E. and yet the scientific community has failed to understand and integrate this information, leaving it behind. Nevertheless it is so innate, the information has continued to draw the interest of many for millenia. 

Now there is proof and a glimpse into the cubic nature of the earth element. 

Plato was right: Earth is made, on average, of cubes. The ancient Greek philosopher was on to something, researchers found…In a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team from the University of Pennsylvania, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and University of Debrecen uses math, geology, and physics to demonstrate that the average shape of rocks on Earth is a cube…”The interesting thing here is that what we find with rock, or earth, is that there is more than a concep‐ tual lineage back to Plato. It turns out that Plato’s conception about the element earth being made up of cubes is, literally, the statistical average model for real earth. And that is just mind-blowing.” … University of Pennsylvania. “Plato was right: Earth is made, on average, of cubes: The ancient Greek philosopher was on to something, researchers found.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 20 July 2020. <www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/07/200720112214.htm>. 

So it is not that each rock forms a perfect cube, but all the rock fragments put together, average out to be a cube. Thus, one must view the whole to be able to see, the unseen parameters, the universal framework that governs the physical matter of earth. Each rock fragment can deviate from the form to the degree that another rock fragment deviates in an equal and opposite manner, thus they average out to the perfect universal form of the cube.  

The Cube also Shapes Time

The material substance of the universe is just one part of the whole. In this observable realm the cube governs the earth element. But the cube is one of the universal building blocks and as such it’s influence permeates the whole of our reality. Consciousness is the counterpart to energy and what enlightens matter. In this realm the cube governs the perception of time. 

I have previously spoken of time as units of measure based on cycles of the material earth moving through space and the energy that is generated by this movement. Time encompasses the immaterial as well as the material.  Thus, conscious beings perceive the passing of time as they move through space and experience life. This perception, or consciousness of time, adheres to the same unseen framework of the cube.

Full conscious presence in the moment; being perfectly universally balanced in perceiving the whole of what is occurring in a moment of time, takes the form of the cube.  Did you ever have the experience of time standing still? Or, have you ever had your whole life flash before your eyes in a matter of seconds? These are altered and expanded states of consciousness relative to time. Your conscious mind is perceiving a greater scope of the time matrix.

Do you understand the statement “all time is now”? The full view of all time can be perceived by consciously expanding beyond the time matrix which is governed by the cube form. Understanding this places a whole new meaning to “thinking outside the box”. And, in order to think outside the box, you must first understand what is within the box and the rules governing the box. The Dalai Lama said “learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.” Innovation comes from this kind of thinking and understanding of the workings of the universal forms.

The Disclosure Lens Reveals Life Mysteries

When viewing life from the perspective of the universal unfolding of time, the view of all time comes through the framework of the whole cube. If we dive into the workings of the cube we find that there are six different views of time. These correspond with the six sides of the cube. Each side provides a lens through which the whole can be viewed, simply from a different perspective. 

One of these lenses is what I call the Disclosure Lens. And here we come to the place where life’s mysteries are disclosed. We all have equal access to this information, but you need to know where to look. The perspective here reveals the receptive structure and flow of energy and consciousness on a group level. (The reception of the individual and oneness levels is revealed through two other lenses) 

Your experiences and life events throughout the whole of your life are in clear view through the Disclosure Lens. Also revealed here are the fields of your energy and consciousness along with the whole scope of your sensory perception. Most people tap into the disclosure of life through the senses; the outermost receptive part of who you are. Through the development of extra sensory perception and raising of consciousness, one’s capacity to perceive becomes clearer, like cleaning the lenses on your glasses.  

We all have access to life’s mysteries, despite these teachings historically being taught in mystery schools to a select few. But the truth is, they are not hidden in some far off place, the answers to life’s mysteries reside just below the surface within the experience of life. For those who pay attention, sense deeply and allow their knowing to emerge . 

My own 72 block, six year, training program of The Work brings these mystery school teachings into one month teaching blocks that awaken consciousness and enlighten energy as the teachings are revealed through the living experience of the student. Over the course of six years all the universals with their differing views are enlightened and awakened as the student actualizes their unique potential and restores universal balance to their lives.