The Mechanics of Your ‘Receiver’ – Making Systemic Changes  

Your individual ‘Receiver’ is the mechanism through which you experience life. Now this discussion is from the holistic vantagepoint of energetics, thus what you are receiving and experiencing is energy, in variable states of density and consciousness. I have spoken previously of the observer-observed dynamic which is fundamental to this discussion. Observed life, the substance of life, is made up of energy while the medium of the observer is consciousness. Life happens at the meeting point of the observer and observed, dancing along a ripple of time. The time flow is created as you consciously and sequentially move through differing sets of points in space. At each set of points, you receive the energy of life coming to you. 

The process of receiving life is mechanical in nature. Your individual ‘Receiver’ is processing life; the shifting energy, the forces generating the movement and the relationships between all the moving parts. The observer part of you, with variable consciousness from moment to moment, is assessing, making judgments and formulating frameworks to perceive your experiences. The machine-like parts of you exist both internally and externally giving you the mechanical advantage to forge your own path through life, if you choose. For many human beings this is carried out largely unconsciously, utilizing rote mimicry of present models. Many forego their power of choice and live entire lives in this default manner. Making a choice to seize your mechanical advantage requires you to take charge of your inherent systemic structure. 

The mechanics of the human being are found in the four systems; Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. A system is an assemblage of interdependent, interacting parts forming a functional unified whole that is influenced by forces and tends towards equilibrium.  General systems theory (GST) is working with the idea that certain concepts and principles of systems are universal. As Ludwig von Bertalanffy, one of the founders of GST said; “General systems theory is a general science of wholeness…The meaning of the somewhat mystical expression, ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts’ is simply that constitutive characteristics are not explainable from the characteristics of the isolated parts, the characteristics of the complex, therefore, appear as new or emergent.” Life is a creative process, emerging in the moment. If you are to choose to consciously create a balanced life you must synchronize the new with the geometry of wholeness. 

It is important to note that much is known about the mechanical functioning of the Body Systems and more is being discovered every day whereas the other systems are barely understood. To maintain a holistic perspective and have a holistic impact on your experience, it is essential to incorporate the other three quarters of your mechanical, systematic constitution. Each of your other systems is as complex as your Body Systems and each plays an equal role in how you experience life. To fine tune your ‘Receiver’ and your receptive functioning as an individual means to give all four of your systems a tune-up providing each with equal consideration. 

If you are to view the flow of energy coming into your individual field you are viewing through what I call the Systems Lens. It is called this because what you see here, on an energetic level, is a complex set of systems made up of interconnected ‘machines’. Your complex systems receive and process the energy you encounter to generate the output of your human experience. All of this propels you on a journey of evolution, personal change and growth. To make a Universal Model note here: The Systems Lens is the Cube Model front lens. It is the view you can perceive if you view the flow of energy moving from the front lens to the back, in infinite flow. 

The Systems Lens provides a holistic view of what you are energetically receiving on an individual level(not a group or oneness level), both from within your internal environment as well as your outer environment. If you follow the energy, as you are receiving it, you will find that it is being encountered by four distinctly different operating systems within your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. Each of your complex systems contains a set of interlinked ‘machines’ working in a harmonic array. Each complex system produces a very different portion of your human experience. These differing aspects of your experience become woven together as each complex system then works in accordance or discordance with each other complex system. The ever changing culmination of perceptions/receptions, the synergy of your systems, becomes your unique experience, frame by frame. The moment to moment changes in synergistic emergence depends upon the relational balance between all the moving parts. 

The only constants that exist in this realm I am speaking, are the universal forms (in the shape of the platonic solids). These forms hold the structure of universal balance, the framework of the basic elements constituting life and they can be used to measure how balanced things are.  Attuning your systems to produce a vibrational frequency that is in accordance with the universal frequencies will optimize your life creation. When you do this you are working with a system’s natural functioning as systems universally are seeking homeostasis. I would go so far as to say that human systems are always seeking and moving towards universal balance. It is why maintaining an imbalanced system requires more energy than maintaining a balanced one. Your operating systems are programmed to migrate you towards greater and greater balance. It takes great force, negative effort to alter the homeostatic force of your systems. 

As you approach the objective of fine tuning your individual ‘Receiver’, what you are essentially setting out to fine tune is your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems. You may employ geometry to assess the energetic properties and form of your systems. Foundational properties of your systemic structure remain the same while life around you, in constant change, is being transformed. Let’s take your Body, for example, as you work to fine tune your Body Systems you are working to maintain the energetic integrity of your body figure and functioning, while encountering and engaging the complexities of life. 

When you utilize kinematics, often called the ‘geometry of motion’ you can isolate the motion of the systems. This is looking at all the points and components as well as the trajectory they are on independent of the force propelling them and thus the time element. This creates a ‘Time Standing Still’ view of the life you are creating via the choices you are making. It places you in position to make a different choice and alter the systematic structure that is generating your life path. The result of doing this is that you will alter your life path and reshape the emergent life creation that will be your future. 

I often speak of the need for clarity about the realities of your present moment state of being and the state of your life. This set of points constitutes where you are now, your ‘Present Moment Assemblage Point’, Point A. You cannot change the state of your life until you first accept the realities of where you are. Then, as you bring clarity to your desires for change, you can begin to form an idea about the properties and qualities of your ‘Desired Future Assemblage Point’, Point B. Then utilizing the kinematics view within the energetics of your systems you can build infrastructure, an energetic passageway of sorts, to facilitate your shift from Point A to Point B. The points of receptivity within your systems become rearranged to change what you are open to receive. This is energy therapy work that I facilitate with clients regularly in private sessions as well as during the 24 HR Attunement. 

Another quality of your systems that I would like to bring into this discussion is adaptation. This is how your systems protect themselves when you are presented with new environmental elements and circumstances. For systems like your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit that learn and adapt, the degree and direction of structural change is determined by how well your systems are synchronized with and connected to your current environment. Thus, when you do not have conscious clarity regarding the ideal organization of your systems, then simply adopt a standard that attunes to universal forms. Doing so you can be rest assured that you will always be shifting things towards greater balance.  

One final note; as you consciously seize the potential of your systems adaptability, be cognizant of anywhere you have adopted maladaptive structures. These are often adaptations that served a purpose at the time they were created, but now stand as an impediment. These maladaptive structures need to be removed. Their removal creates the space for new adaptations to form enabling you to receive more of the potential available to you in your environment. As structural changes in your systems emerge they serve to transform the potential energy in your environment into a kinetic flow of greater abundance in your life.

Clearing Maladaptive Structures (Patterns)     

  1. Begin with identification of the key points of the maladaptation. Write a brief description of the challenge you are experiencing and answer the following questions about the pattern. 
  • How would you characterize the maladaptive pattern? 
  • What were the circumstances of its origin?
  • What function did it serve?
  • What is the present view of the maladaptive pattern?
  • What impediments does it create? 
  1. Clear the structure of the pattern. 
  • Hold the points of the maladaptive structure in your consciousness. You can close your eyes and imagine them within your inner landscape or hold the paper with your answers in your hands and gaze upon it. 
  • Continue holding while you tune in to sense, or imagine, the flow of energy, coming from in front of you, flowing through your body and out the back of you.
  • Continue holding this dual(structure/flow) focus until the energy flows freely or you have some other sense of a shift. This could be a feeling of peace coming over you, a relaxation settling into your body or simply a ‘knowing’ that it is clear. 

Building Adaptive Structure (Framework)

  1. Identify the space in your life that is available to be filled.
  • How would you characterize your need/void/desire? 
  1. Identify the systems that will be adapted as you fill the space. 
  • Which of your system(s) are affected by the void in your life? 
  • How would filling the void affect your energetic ‘Receiver’; your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems? 
  • What environmental systems would you connect to with this new structure? Would family, friends, organizations or materials be involved?  
  1. Identify your needs for the adaptation process.  
  • What structure do you need to fill the void? 
  • What type of support might you require and from whom to enable the change? 
  • What resources or materials will you need?
  1. Invite the energy and spark your consciousness for synergistic creation. 
  • Hold the parameters for your adaptive structure in your consciousness. You can close your eyes and imagine them within your inner landscape or hold the paper with your answers in your hands and gaze upon it. 
  • Continue holding while you tune in to sense, or imagine, the flow of energy, coming from in front of you, flowing through your body and out the back of you.
  • Continue holding this dual(structure/flow) focus until the energy begins to spark and light up or you have some other sense of creative movement. This could be inspiration, an idea or pull towards certain activities. Or it could be a sense of form and knowing of the new you need.

Forge a Balanced Path of Authentic Living in Universal Balance


I am going to present you with a failsafe way to live authentically. You simply need to act in accordance with a CODE OF BEHAVIOR that includes three simple principles to live by: be sincere, respect yourself and act naturally. For each principle, I have provided three questions to assess your adherence to the fundamentals of authenticity. For each, I have also provided a question to assure your path maintains universal balance. This allows you to proceed both authentically and ecologically as you forge your path through life.  


The evolution of humanity calls for greater authenticity from everyone at this time and a balanced authentic expression is sincere. The universe is always seeking to restore balance and universal forces will support movement in this direction. Presently there is a lot of activity being highlighted at the extremes, within the fringes of society, as oppressed people seek a place to express their unique perspective. These are important corrective endeavors occurring within humanity that are resolving long standing imbalances. But the vast majority of imbalances are not this extreme. You may not be on the trajectory that started with enslavement and now aspires to freedom and equality. Maybe you are superficially polite, disengaged from your fellow humans or disingenuous in some other way. 

If you find yourself in this later category, you are not off the hook to change. All are being called to live with greater authenticity and balance, we are all responsible here. The resolution is truly simple though and you can do it, if you choose. Be sincere. This means to be heartfelt, truthful and straightforward in all of your affairs. It is a choice you make each moment. As you go through your day, pause to ask yourself: “Am I coming from a heartfelt place? Am I being truthful? Am I being straightforward?” If you answer yes to all then proceed with confidence in your sincerity. If you do not, then pause to adjust your orientation. Only proceed when you can attune yourself to be sincere.   

There is a counterpoint to consider as you proceed with increased sincerity. Remember that you are a part of a greater collective and maintaining a holistic state of balance means you must do no harm to others. Ask yourself, as a safety measure, on your journey to being more sincere; “Will this sentiment harm another or discourage their authentic expression?” If your answer is no, then proceed with confidence that you are truly balanced in your sincerity. If your answer is yes, then the calling is to pause and expand to see the bigger picture to identify where you are too narrow in your view. Sincerity and authenticity that is emerging from a balanced state will never harm others nor impede their authentic expression.  


Respect requires worthiness. To be clear I am not speaking of inherent value as a human being, all humans hold inherent value or worthiness. But, are you worthy of respect, which is something you must earn through your actions? You are worthy if you know who you are and you accept your challenges along with your strengths. You are worthy if you behave in a respectable manner; like being honest and genuinely unmasked, or if you make no attempts to distort the truth and you live according to your values. A respectable person will engage their abilities, put forth their best qualities and actualize their potential. 

As you go through your day, pause to ask yourself: “Do I appreciate my own abilities? Do I admire my own qualities? Do I take pride in my own accomplishments?” If your answers are yes to all then proceed with confidence in your worthiness for self respect. If you answer no to any of these questions then seek to change, either the way you live or the way you view yourself, whichever is the deviation from balance. In current times we often see the demand for ‘respect’ emerging from a place of entitlement rather than an individual organically drawing admiration for their abilities, qualities and accomplishments. It is the organic process that you desire. Respect yourself because you are respectable. And if you truly are respectable but fail to own this reality, then get over your distortions, they benefit no one. 

The counterpoint to consider as you proceed developing respect for yourself, is that you are a complex, expansive being and maintaining a holistic state of balance means to do no harm to yourself. Do you consider the true impact each of your decisions in life has on your overall health and well being? Do you do things you know to be harmful, but dismiss the harm because of other perceived benefits? As a safety measure, while you are developing self respect, you can ask yourself: “Will this sentiment harm me now or in the future?” If your answer is no then proceed with confidence as you develop your self respect. If your answer is yes then the calling is to pause to remember and honor who you are. Heal your wounds and adjust your life to support your growth and evolution. 


Human beings are formed within societies, on a group level, by the interplay of nature and nurture. As you are conditioned by your nurturing, this may or may not be synchronized with your personal nature. Human nature is inherently good, cooperative and creative. Your connection with this natural flow comes through the cycling of your circadian rhythm. This daily cycle will naturally carry you along your evolutionary ladder provided you are surrendering to it and not forcing yourself to live in a manner that is at odds with it. Forces of nature will propel you to Self actualize if you simply let them and act in accordance with how the flow is moving you. 

It actually requires more energy/effort on your part to resist this inherent flow than it does to surrender to it. Surrender allows the evolution and opening of your Self to naturally unfold over time. We exist within a stream of constant change. When you set intentions that correspond with your values, you align your consciousness and your activity with your basic nature. As you go through your day, pause to ask yourself: “Does my daily routine flow with ease? Does my behavior reflect my values? Is my life on a steady trajectory of self improvement?” If you are able to answer yes to all then proceed with confidence. But if you answer no to any of these questions then seek to change the way you act; adjust your routine and behavior to be more synchronistic with your nature.  

The counterpoint to consider while you simply act naturally is the view of your whole life so that you may observe your evolutionary trajectory. You are alive and embodied for the purpose of learning, growing and experiencing life. As a safety measure, while acting natural, ask yourself: “Will this sentiment inhibit my evolution and expansion or support it?” If something is going to inhibit your growth then find a way to neutralize it, what could be more important than your purpose for being alive. Your purpose is fulfilled through action. If your answer is that something supports your evolution, then proceed with confidence as you simply act naturally. 


Now I will dive a bit deeper to the energetic level of existence. Here there is a complex matrix of energetics at play, largely unseen by most, governing the unfolding of life. There is an objective quality to things, they either adhere to the constructs of balance or they do not, it is factual and unprejudiced. Although the resultant life experience that is built upon these constructs is completely personal and subjective.

The Universal Models, in the form of the five platonic solids and the sphere, are representations of the actual building blocks constructing the lattice work of human consciousness. Each platonic solid is a fundamental framework holding one of the basic elements of life in its 3D form, ensuring the energetic integrity of the element. These are the only constructs that hold the tenets of universal balance. All constructs in life that adhere to strict standards of universal balance will align with at least one of the universal models. The models may be directly worked with on an energetic level to effect change in your life.     

I often speak of hard constructs and soft constructs. Hard constructs do not align with the universals, they are rigid and limiting. Soft constructs, on the other hand, do align with the universals. They are flexible and able to adapt to the flow of constant change. They provide structure and support for the transformation process. Constructs exist on all levels within life. The building you live in is a construct as are the belief structures you utilize to navigate life. The construction of the building must be balanced to keep it standing and of use in life. In the same way, it is essential that the construction of your belief system is balanced to keep you thinking clearly and functioning rationally. 

As you proceed to construct a universally balanced life it is important to remember the three basic conditions it must be built upon. To hold to the standards of universality something must be equal, congruent and harmonious. Viewing the platonic solids, the universal forms, we find each contains identical faces in equality and congruence. They are the same shape and size. They are also harmonious, in agreement and compatibility with one another. Each sets within the sphere, with all outer points resting on the surface of the sphere.  

Universal Standards:

  1. EQUAL


I will talk about these universal qualities as they apply to humanity as a whole, but all the individual lives and micro creations within those lives must also adhere to these standards to be considered universally balanced.

Looking at the standard of equality, as it applies to humanity as a whole; the energetic reality is that all people are created equal. This is known to humanity. We see this demonstrated by governing bodies. Human rights afford all people the right to equality. The United States constitution declares all people equal before the law. One point I must highlight here is the fact that equal does not mean identical when it comes to human beings. This factor seems to confuse much of the human population that is caught in a comparative dynamic and struggle to find some security in inequality. This is a doomed endeavor. If we are to experience universal balance within humanity it must be built upon human equality.

Looking at the standard of congruence, as it applies to humanity as a whole; congruence is the doorway to divinity within life. It might actually be easier to find the opposite. For this we simply need to look for conflict or dischord; all the places of imbalance. Imagine if humanity had responded in concert to the threat of the coronavirus and became a unified force. We would have experienced the congruence of universal balance. Sadly that is not what occurred. But there are pockets of humanity that are consistently in agreement, functioning in compatible concert and working with the universe to restore balance. We must continue this movement until we reach a critical mass to tip the scales within humanity. If we are to experience universal balance it must be built upon congruence with one another. 

Looking at the standard of harmony as it applies to humanity as a whole; harmonic creation is sustainable, meaningful and expansive. I would like to quote the United Nations article “The philosophy of true harmony in global citizenship”. By Timi Ećimović. Timi states, “True harmony in global citizenship does not exist at present… Three important qualities of humankind are missing: Universal upbringing, education and lifelong learning…Individual social responsibility… and Requisite holism…” This United Nations article is in perfect agreement with the sentiment of this blog. We need to understand the universals and universal balance, we need to take personal responsibility and we need to come into intimate interconnection and interdependence if we are to experience harmony and universal balance within humanity as a whole. 

Change occurs more quickly on an energetic level as the density of matter requires more time to shift into place. When you forge a path on an energetic level that holds to the form of universal balance it is like carving out the perfect riverbed. It designs the passageway for your life waters to flow into the experience of equality, congruence and harmony. Begin with restoring universal balance within yourself and your own life. Then allow this vibration to ripple, like waves emanating throughout your community and humanity as a whole. Simply be a sincere, respectable person acting with integrity and you will be creating a universally balanced life for yourself while you are doing your part to heal humanity and planet earth.

Wear Your Soul on Your Sleeve – Illuminate Your Natural Abilities 

My experience of wearing my Soul on my sleeve and illuminating my natural abilities began with research in energetics and human consciousness which was all guided by my Soul Directives. I sought to understand my purpose and mission in life, the part that I was meant to play. I opened to my Soul, I asked for guidance and what I received was a multisensory experience with an inner vision of a breathtaking glowing cube that accompanied the unshakeable knowing that this was my life’s work. Everyone’s journey in life is unique, the different ways that one can connect with their Soul Directives is as plentiful as there are people. 

I accepted this information as true guidance without any idea of what “THE CUBE” even was. I opened to further guidance which always came in a bare bones, minimalist way. It was through the journey of following the directives that I learned what it all meant. The next directive I received was that I needed to journey through THE CUBE. Seeking some parameters to this journey I was shown THE CUBE matrix. It was a 30 by 30 by 30 Cube. I was to begin at point 0,0,0 and I was to move to the polar opposite point in the Cube 30,30,30. I was to travel at the speed of light and it would require six years to complete the journey. I dutifully set myself on this course.

One aspect of the research was building the Universal Models within the unified field of human consciousness. This was accomplished by utilizing human experience to set an ‘impression’ of the models. The Universal Models hold the form of the macro whereas an individual working with creating an impression of their individual Soul Directives is a micro example of the same function. During the research, I brought in the ‘circular flow of the group energy stream’ by utilizing the planetary cycles; taking small groups on specific year long intensive journeys, offering 24 HR Attunements which work with the earth’s rotation on its axis along with the human circadian rhythm.

Following I will expound upon how you can work with your Inner Self to connect to your Soul Directives, regulate the impression you leave within the collective and utilize the circular flow of the group energy stream. I will also expound upon how you can work with your Outer Self to develop skill with your natural abilities, shape yourself and establish sustainable development cycles. These outer areas of evolution for me coincided with the work of building the “Universal Models”. I will begin though with an overview of the Inner Self and the Outer Self where your Soul and Gifts respectively reside. I will talk about the energetics of the Self, how the Law of Reflection and Refraction come into play.   

Inner-Outer Self Inversion 

As your Inner Self meets your Outer Self it is as if you are gazing into a mirror. The reflection you are receiving is pure, regardless of whether you are able to perceive it clearly or not. If your Life View is free from obstruction, disturbance and distortion then you can clearly perceive who you are. But if it is not, then your work in life is to awaken your energy and enlighten your consciousness until you have a clear view. One note I want to highlight about viewing your Self, whether you are viewing inward or outward is inconsequential because you are essentially viewing the same thing; it is simply inverted.

The Four Life Components Constituting The Self (ESGP)

Your Essence and Soul constitute your Inner Self which exists beyond the veil, on the other side of the mirror. What you perceive when viewing yourself on this side of the veil is your Outer Self which is an inverted reflection of your Inner Self. Your Outer Self forms into your Gifts(natural abilities) and it takes the shape of your Personality. Combined these four Life Components ESGP (Essence, Soul, Gifts, Personality) make up the aspects of who YOU are within the greater collective of humanity. 

Gifts or Natural Abilities are a Reflection of Soul Directives

Your Outer Self is formed and shaped from the reflection and refraction of your inner light hitting the surface where your Soul meets the outer realm. Your Gifts (natural abilities) are the outer form being generated by your Soul Directives. These are like a set of instructions telling your light where to go. You are fully equipped within your unique potential to fulfill these specific directives, it is the natural cycling of your Self. This evolutionary process is being generated by a circular energy flow that is sourced by the light of your Essence shining through your Soul to form your Gifts and shape your Personality. 

Soul Directives are Generated in Life by the Law of Reflection

What actually appears in your Outer Self is generated by the areas of your Soul being enlightened. The energetics of your Essence shining through your Soul is like a ray of sunlight shining through a crystal. Light behaves predictably. The law of reflection states that when a ray of light reflects off a surface, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. The Law of Reflection explains how your Soul Directives are generating your life experiences. Light moving through humanity, the group level, is circular. It creates a boomerang or echo effect whereas what you are putting out will come back to you in time. 

The Outer World is a Reflection as is The Sparkle of an Enlightened Soul

A ray of light from your Essence approaching your Soul is called an Incidence Ray and a ray of light emanating from your Soul is a Reflected Ray. Your reflection is the light that bounces off the surface of your Soul and emanates within humanity just as the light bounces off a gemstone and is returned to the eye. This is the “sparkle” you see when looking into the eyes of someone with an enlightened Soul or on the surface of a gemstone. There is a much misunderstood teaching about the outer world being an illusion. I think it is more accurate to say that the outer world is a reflection. 

The Dispersion of Light Ignites a Spectrum of Colors 

Soul lessons are created by the refraction of the light of your Essence moving through your Soul. Refraction is how your Soul, just like a gemstone, bends the light in different directions, separating white light into its spectral colors. This is called dispersion, it is considered the “fire” of the gemstone. Optical phenomena are a result of how the gemstone is cut just as the shape of a person’s self is the result how their Soul is ‘cut’. In the human energy field dispersion creates the rainbow light effect known as the Chakra system. This is the “fire” of the human energy field. Then there are the “fire letters” created by the dispersion of divine light. These “fire letters” can be found within the akashic records which provide a record of humanity through all time. All information about your Soul is laid out within these records; Soul Lessons, Soul Directives, and Soul Relationships. 


1. Utilize Intuition to Play your Part.

What to do: Play your part in life, guided by intuition. Everyone has intuition, you don’t need to be an intuitive, you simply need to understand how your intuition works. It is your Inner Self that connects you to your Source Energies, from which your inner guidance emerges. It is essential to incorporate intuitive information into your decision making if you are to follow your Soul Directives. 

How to do it: Open to your Soul – Ask to receive guidance about your Soul Directives – Follow the guidance. If this feels out of reach then…Open to what Sparks you, what excites you, what you stand for, what you feel passionate about, what gives you a sense of purpose – Pick the brightest/strongest Spark – Commit to taking action to actualize that Spark.  

What happens when you do it: Following your Sparks and Soul Directives will grant you freedom of flow in life, a perception of being fulfilled by your life, and you will experience an expansion in your consciousness.

2. Regulate Your Impression Within Humanity. 

What to do: Utilize your electric charge to consciously form the impression you desire within the group, including your Soul Directives. This impression, your spatial presence, is like a 3D Puzzle piece that will interlock with other puzzle pieces, securing your place within the collective of humanity.   

How to do it: Consciously connect with what you intend to attract and what you intend to repel. “I invite ______ into my life.” “I refuse to have _____ in my life.” As you vibrate with this intention you will embody an electric charge that forms the space of you. This charge, in your Soul, attracts and repels the charge of others. It is what ultimately determines the shape of your piece of the puzzle. Be cognizant of where you place yourself in life. Your electric charge is forming an impression in the particular areas and with the particular humans that you are encountering. Utilize your presence selectively, it is power. 

What happens when you do it: You establish an impression, within the form of life, which is like a mold inviting the energy of the universe to fill it as your spark brings it to life. Soul Directives brought into this space leave an impression that look like the manifestation of that Soul Directive. A Soul Directive forms and shapes a knob on the puzzle piece attracting the counterpart puzzle piece to hold it in place within the greater collective of humanity.  

3.  Utilize the Circular Flow of the Group Energy Stream to Generate Perpetual Motion 

What to do: Seize the circular flow and construct your intentions and your Soul Directives as soft constructs within that cycling. A circular flow generates perpetual movement. Imagine a wheel, like a tire on a car, moving forward leaving tread marks in the dirt. The tread mark is the impression, the soft construct that is left behind.

How to do it: Open to the unfolding of your life within humanity. Connect to the circular group level energy stream. Imagine you are walking on a spinning log, conveyer belt or other cycling medium beneath your feet, just below the surface influencing your life path. Now imagine you can program this cycle with your intentions and Soul Directives utilizing words, images, numbers, vibrations and dimensional posturing. Any regular practice done daily with intention will integrate into your circadian rhythm and the earth rotation. Say an affirmation, mantra or meditate on your intentions and Soul Directives. Remember to always affirm that it is already so. 

What happens when you do it: Your life will naturally unfold in a manner that supports the actualization of your intentions and Soul Directives. How you choose to posture will become your natural stance supported by the collective. 


1. Develop Skill to Support Your Natural Abilities

What to do: Develop the skills you need to support and enable your natural abilities being expressed within humanity, here and now. The reality of the current environment and group consciousness present the need for adaptation and adjustments. Integrate these factors with your intentions and Soul Directives to bring them into full fruition through your natural abilities.  

How to do it: The full engagement of your natural abilities requires the balancing and integration of a couple fundamental dualities; nature-nurture within you and self-others within your life. You may be expressing what comes naturally to you but embodying it within your individual form does not occur in a bubble. You must synchronize with your present realities. Begin with an intention or Soul Directive. Assess what will be required of you to fulfill it. How will your Gifts (natural abilities) come into play? What other skills will you need? Make a plan for learning the necessary skills and commit to a course of development.   

What happens when you do it: Your Gifts (natural abilities) are a mirror reflection of your Soul. When you engage your natural abilities in life you enliven your Soul. Your inherent, natural abilities provide a catalyst for growth, they inherently activate the experience of awakening to Self. Where you are practicing skills that support this process you are actively weaving the fabric of your life to reflect the authenticity of who you are. Engaging these activities will bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. 

2. Shape Yourself 

What to do: Shape your outermost expression, including Personality, to authentically express who you are and to interface with present reality in a way that reflects who you are at your core and the natural abilities that you embody. 

How to do it: It is important to note that your Outer Self has the potential to be malleable to adjust to transformations in the environment. The challenge comes when the soft constructs forming the structure of your life become rigid and outdated hard constructs. Structure that exists beyond its helpfulness becomes an impediment. Natural abilities are like knobs on puzzle pieces. But attachments and hard constructs can also form knobs that behave the same way, interlocking you into a form of repetition compulsion. Exercise discernment as you assess and release hard constructs and heal your wounds to remain malleable. Find ways you can recreate yourself. Get a makeover, try a new style, do something admiral that is outside of your comfort zone to prompt positive change. 

What happens when you do it: You remain adaptable to life’s changing needs and demands. You create an environment of self that is conducive to fulfilling your Soul’s purpose. You experience the fulfillment that comes from authentic expression of Self. You will be able to perceive your personality shape and others clearly. 

3. Establish Sustainable Developmental Cycles for Perpetual Actualization 

What to do: Structure your life to naturally elicit regular growth and change throughout the entirety of your life. This is naturally built into the education system which has you covered while you are a child but as an adult this may require direct effort on your part to structure this into your life.  

How to do it: Build a life for yourself where you are actively utilizing your natural abilities on a day to day basis. Commit to fulfilling your Soul Directives and purpose in life. Be certain that your family, career and other life pursuits allow the time and space for the fulfillment of your Inner Self and the expansion of your Outer Self. Regularly open to the unknown and explore in ways that stretch you beyond what you know and are familiar with. Make sure to try something new every month. 

What happens when you do it: When actualized into a balanced form and shape the perpetual circular flow of the group energy stream will be engaged and set in motion spinning like a wheel. Your life will provide opportunity for expression of your Gifts, fulfillment of your Soul Directives and it will reflect who you are as an evolving being. 

Live with Intention to Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose

Living with intention creates the conscious foundation for a life of ‘Balanced Action’. If you think about your activity, all the doings of your life, on a scale ranging from no activity to hyperactivity. There is going to be a sweet spot somewhere in the middle where the optimal degree of activity is achieved. This is what I call ‘Balanced Action’. It is when the activity level of your expression is neither underactive in ‘Passivity’ nor overactive in ‘Reactivity’.

Intentional living is a powerful way to secure your optimal placement on your life path. It positions you to automatically proceed with ‘Balanced Action’. I find that clients often struggle as they try to figure out what this is supposed to look like. They wonder what exactly they are supposed to do as if there is a user manual with instructions and a roadmap. While this does not exist in a book that you can check out of the library, it is programmed within your ‘Self’, specifically within your Soul. Your Life Matrix, within your Soul, lays out the specific potentialities and particulars of your Soul. It is a part of your basic nature which means that it is backed with the almighty force of nature itself. 

It is natural for you to grow, to evolve and to learn the lessons programmed within your Soul. It is natural for you to actualize who you are and fulfill your Soul’s purpose. It is so naturally intended that you do not even need to know what your Soul’s purpose is in order to proceed. Nor do you need to have a view of what the final ‘Form’ will be in order to manifest it. Within the inner realm your ‘Form’ mirrors the tangible reality of your outer realm. Your optimal path of evolution will automatically occur if you sustain ‘Balanced Action’ and show up each day to authentically express who you are.  

Most people do not grow up being educated about the workings of the inner ‘Self’ or even what constitutes the inner ‘Self’. Many people get hung up on the magnitude of this idea or the intangible quality of consciousness. The result is often ‘Reactivity’ as they spin off frantically trying to figure it out or ‘Passivity’ leaving the questions about human consciousness to others. I will provide you with a basic mapping of ‘Self’, from the perspective of time, thus I see you as an evolving being. 

There are four parts making up the constitution of your ‘Self’. Two parts reside within the inner realm and two parts exist in the outer realm. Your Essence and Soul are your inner parts and your Gifts(Natural Abilities) and Personality are your outer parts. Getting to know one’s ‘Self’ is a fundamental part of everyone’s life path.   

Connect with Your Inner ‘Self’:

If you are sensitive to energetics and tuned into this view of human consciousness then…Open to connection with your Essence, your light within the deepest part of who you are. Open to perception of what your light is shining through before it reaches the surface. This is where your Life Matrix is clearly viewed within your Soul. 

If you are more tangibly oriented…Open to connection with the things in life that spark you, enliven you, make you lean in, bring curiosity or excitement. Open to the things in life that affect you profoundly, that you care deeply about or that bring you pause to step back and seriously contemplate. 

Connect with Your Outer ‘Self’:

If you are sensitive to energetics and tuned into this view of human consciousness then…Open to the energetic structure of your Gifts(Natural Abilities)…observe how this part of you is an inverted projection of your Soul matrix. Open to the energy of your personality…what is your temperament, tempo, the energetic impression you leave on others and the environment? 

If you are more tangibly oriented…Open to the things that come natural to you, things you are drawn to, things you learn proficiency with ease. Open to awareness of how you impact others and the world around you…what are your character traits, what is the feedback you receive about yourself?     

Following is an activity chart that lays out some of the benefits which naturally emerge from intentional living. It also lays out what happens to these benefits when you drift away from your intentional center to become overactive or underactive in your expression. I then go on to discuss these five benefits along with their corresponding pitfalls of ‘Passivity’ and ‘Reactivity’.  

Living PassivelyLiving with IntentionLiving Reactively 
Conditioning & Collective Consciousness Dictate Life ExperiencesCore Values & Principles Dictate Life ExperiencesFears & Wounds Dictate Life Experiences
Denies EmpowermentGenerates Empowerment Negates Empowerment
Impedes Soul’s Purpose Realizes Soul’s PurposeDistracts from Soul’s Purpose
Creates DisappointmentCreates Fulfillment Creates the Opposite of Desires 
Produces Separation from Self Produces Connection with Self, Others, AllProduces Separation from Others 

Living with Intention; Core Values and Principles Dictate Life Experiences. When you bring consciousness to your core values and behave in accordance with your principles, your life becomes ‘Form’ed in the likeness of what is important to you. This is because your conscious intentions become a part of your inner landscape. This inner ‘Form’ solidifies and exudes the power of the observer effect on your current environment. Aligning your intentions, your inner ‘Form’, with your core values creates the most authentic expression of ‘Self’ possible in your current environment. 

In contrast to the balanced life expression that will emerge with intentional living, when your expression is overactive in ‘Reactivity’ or underactive in ‘Passivity’ your life experience becomes dictated by very different things. Living Reactively; Fears and Wounds Dictate Life Experiences. A reaction is rooted in fears about what could occur in the future or wounding that has occurred in the past. When you react due to a past hurt you end up recreating the past wounding which is what we call ‘repetition compulsion’. When you react out of fear it becomes a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ which makes the manifestation of your fears more likely. Living Passively; Conditioning and Collective Consciousness Dictates Life Experiences. This is where the consequences of ‘herd mentality’ come into your life. When you refuse to take a stand your energy defaults to your conditioning (hard constructs in your individual field) combined with the collective consciousness (group level constructs) where the majority rules . A failure to vote, to intend your choices in life, is synonymous with defaulting to your past conditioning and the current majority vote. 

Living with Intention Generates Empowerment. Intentional living is the best preventative medicine you can employ. It naturally lowers stress and provides mental health benefits. The greatest expression of power from your ‘Self’ comes when you utilize your natural abilities or Gifts to express your core values. This is what we call authentic living, which is the most natural and the least stressful state of action, in which you may exist. 

Deviating from the balanced activity of intentional living, in contrast, is disempowering. Living Reactively Negates Your Empowerment. Even when your reaction is forceful, it is not an expression of your power which only comes from authentic expression. A reaction is generated by fear, which creates a twisted outcome, a weakened ‘Form’ of your original motive. In comparison to an intentioned response which is rooted in love. An expression of love holds the greatest power, it is like shooting an arrow straight at your objectives. Living Passively Denies Your Empowerment.Passivity’ is a failure to recognize reality which means you automatically forgo your power to effect change. You must actively own reality in order to engage a viable start point for transformation. 

Living with Intention Realizes Your Soul’s Purpose. Intentional living brings consciousness to who you are, your ‘Self’. Your Soul resides within your inner ‘Self’, thus you must look within to know your purpose. If your references for ‘Self’ are all outside of you then you will only see other’s projections, not who you really are. Living with intention naturally generates the action for you to play your part within the collective. It brings focus to your life and makes it easier to make decisions as you realize your Soul’s purpose.

Overactivity and underactivity both distort your view of your life path and alter the course of your life, preventing the actualization of your purpose. Living Reactively Distracts from Your Soul’s Purpose. Your purpose in life can only be viewed from within the core of who you are, your ‘Self’. When you hold a centered and grounded position on your path your Soul’s purpose naturally unfolds as you perpetually perform the next right act. A reaction though is generated from a small view or point outside your ‘Self’ and this pulls your energy away from your intended path. Living Passively Impedes Your Soul’s Purpose. The fulfillment of your soul’s purpose is an expression of ‘Self’ that requires energy and action. Living passively fails to bring enough energy to source your forward movement. The light of your essence must shine through your Soul, emitting electrical impulses in the ‘Form’ of your purpose. Then as the outer reflects the inner you embody this ‘Form’ within your personality. This most superficial part of ‘Self’ effects change and leaves an impression within the group level energy and consciousness. 

Living with Intention Creates Fulfillment. To experience fullness at the depths of your being you must appeal to your true nature and connect with your deepest desires. Living authentically and intentionally from your inner ‘Self’ creates an impression, on your life path, in the ‘Form’ of your needs and desires. This impression produces a vacuum that attracts or magnetizes what you desire from your current environment. 

Living Reactively Creates the Opposite of Your Desires. Reactions are typically high energy expressions focused on the prevention of what you fear. But given that they are rooted in fear, all that energy is backing your fear and you are unintentionally manifesting the opposite of your desires. Ultimately what occurs is the creation rather than prevention of what you fear. Living Passively Creates Disappointment. Every human being is intended to ‘Self’ actualize, it is programmed within the fiber of one’s being. Your journey of ‘Self’ actualization naturally and automatically fills the ‘Form’ of your ‘Self’ and you will experience this as fulfillment. It is what naturally occurs when you fulfill your Soul’s purpose. But when you fail to express who you are then you fail to have this experience. Instead you are left with loss and disappointment.  

Living with Intention Produces Connection with Self, Others, All. Intentional living emerges from the depths of your being where you must be present. Presence is a gift of love and love is the glue of connection. Thus, living with intention is an act of love producing connection first with your ‘Self’. The state of ‘Self’ love then makes you available for loving connection with others. You are only capable of loving another to the depths at which you love your ‘Self’. And, it is through connection with ‘Self’ at the core of your being that you are able to connect with the ‘All’. Source energies reside within you just beyond your Essence. 

Living Reactively Produces Separation from Others. No one is drawn to someone who is in a state of reactivity. When you are reactive, in overactivity generated by fear, you can either draw another into your struggle or repel them away from you. Either way it produces separation from the other person. Fear always produces separation which is the purpose of your survival based rational fear response, but here I am referring to the irrational fears that human beings cling to. Living Passively Produces Separation from Self. The experience of your ‘Self’ lies in the enactment of your expression in the group flow. Passivity prevents this natural expression and you are unable to experience your ‘Self’ fully. It requires energy to hold back the powerful flow being generated by the force of nature and the resultant state of being is one of separation from your ‘Self’.

Expand Your Container to Hold Greater Abundance

We are all familiar with different kinds of containers to hold and transport things. Humans readily use them on a daily basis. There is even a store that sells only containers; totes, bins, baskets, jars etc. These are physical containers. If we take a step away from this level of density we can consider computers. Here containers are packages of software that include the necessary elements to run in any environment. In a computer, containers serve to virtualize the operating system. 

The human energy field has containers as well that are even less dense than the computers. Your human containers are spatially encapsulating your expressive flow of energy. As distinguished from boundaries which filter your receptive flow of energy. In their optimal state your containers are soft constructs that hold you without limiting you the way hard constructs do. Your containers shape and define who you are, while encompassing the parameters of your life. They contain all the elements you need to animate your specific lifepath. 

Following, I will provide guidance about how you can expand your field in four simple steps. These steps apply to each of your containers. I will talk briefly about the six different containers that hold your energy within the six layers of your field of consciousness. The following information is essentially a set of energetic instructions for you to expand your containers creating the space to allow greater abundance to come into your life. 

Read through the energetic instructions and work with the information as you are able to understand it. If you do not have the ability to perceive your own energy field and follow the instructions, no worries. Recite the quote at the end of each step in How To Expand, to stimulate the desired energy shifts. Recite the quote at the end of each container description in The Containers Within The Layers Of Existence, to activate the restoration of balance and expansion of your containers. These quotes can be utilized as affirmations or mantras. The more you bring this messaging into your field, the greater the shifts you will experience within yourself and in your life. 


Following are four simple steps 1. Come present, 2. Clear your energy flow, 3. Reinforce the energetic integrity of your edges, and 4. Surrender to your inherent evolutionary stream. This innate progression naturally creates expansion in your energy field. For each step I have included a few key points to remember and a quote to be utilized for stimulating the enactment of the step.

  1. Come fully present. 
  • You must be present in the here and now to expand your container. Observe your energy to see if it is flowing in the moment with your body at the center.
  • If you are expanding from anyplace other than here or now you are accentuating your absence and diminishing, rather than expanding who you are. Observe where your energy is in the past, the future or any place other than here.
  • Only the present is real. All other ‘perceptions’ of reality are actually distortions. Challenge your perceptions to be certain you are perceiving reality. 
  • “I am right here, right now, clearly perceiving my current position, my present state of being and the realities of my life.”
  1. Fill the space you presently occupy and clear the flow.  
  • Own and accept the full scope of who you are from your most exemplary qualities and acts to your most destructive.    
  • Clear all density to allow your light to emanate. Density appears dark and feels heavy. Where density exists in your field, bring in light to raise your vibrational frequency. This will lighten the density. 
  • Clear all conscious limitations to the full scope of your knowing. Sense for hard constructs which you will intuit as rigid or harsh. Again, raise your vibrational frequency to transform these into the malleable structures of soft constructs that support rather than limit.  
  • “I embrace all of me both positive and negative. I clear my energy and consciousness of all limitations as I experience freedom.”   
  1. Feel your edges and reinforce your energetic integrity 
  • Come into the acceptance of your vulnerabilities and limitations.  Denial of them only makes them stronger and compromises your energetic integrity. 
  • Come into the acceptance of your strengths and advancement. Rejection of them inverts the energy and you are left with only vulnerability and limitation. 
  • Reinforce your energy containment within the different layers of existence; I, Element, Sound, Light, Consciousness, Reflection 
  • “I accept my vulnerabilities and my strengths alike as I fortify the parameters and integrity of my being. I strengthen the containers that define the space of me.”
  1. Tap into your evolutionary stream of energy and awakening track of consciousness.
  • Surrender into the flow of change within your core, the one that promotes a smooth and steady progression of forward and upward movement. 
  • Allow your consciousness to be activated as you open to life with childlike wonder. Perpetually perceive life anew.  
  • Settle into your life track. Honor the life experiences that are yours to have. 
  • “I open with curious wonder to discover the potential percolating within me to evolve and awaken.”


As One-Self is differentiated within the layers of existence the quadratic operatives at play are the container, the instrument, the creation and the figuration. There are six layers of existence; I, Element, Sound, Light, Consciousness and Reflection. Each of these layers has its own containment field. Your containers are a part of your basic operating system in life. They serve to hold you and transport you throughout your life. You exist within the different layers of existence and you have differentiated containers for each layer. Integrated into wholeness these containers shape you.

Your Chakra Container Unifies The I Of You. 

The Chakra Container resides within the I layer of existence. As you ascend the density of the world and come into your presence as a light being, your chakras turn to form a beam of light. Individual chakras synchronize their spin to cycle in unison. You become your divinity and everything is below as it is above. 

“I Am Now Here Creating Life”

Your Touch Container Configures The Elements Of You.

The Touch Container resides within the Element layer of existence. As you evolve developing mastery over the matter of life, your fundamental elements become an extension of your will to create. This container follows the contours of your human body. With proficiency your will acts like tentacles reaching from the void to supply the elemental elixir of your life.  

“I Sense, I Choose, I Build therefore I Expand” 

Your Capsule Container Allows You To Experience The Sounds Of You 

The Capsule Container resides within the Sound layer of existence. As you harmonize with life’s messages being absorbed and assimilated you attune to higher frequencies. This container pulses in the darkness, transmitting communications for all who have ears to hear. Your high frequency balanced experiences reverberate the sounds of your divinity as you become a part of the universal song within the symphony of the spheres. 

“I Listen as Divine Truth Nurtures Me”   

Your Vehicle Container Transports Your Essence, The Light Of You 

The Vehicle Container resides within the Light layer of existence.I travel through life, carried by the sacred chariot of divine light. As you illuminate the cycles of your life, you become enlightened. This container is the “Merkaba”, two sparks of light fusing your humanity with your natural divinity, uniting heaven and earth. It is within this layer of existence that  you will find the Akashic Records. 

“I Ignite My Light, Enlightening All”  

Your Ray Container Conveys Your Spirit, The Consciousness Of You 

The Ray Container resides within the Consciousness layer of existence. Each conscious ray awakens universal truths within your spirit. As you develop mastery of universal wisdom you raise your consciousness. It is through this process of awakening that the quintessence of your spirit is realized. This container pockets within.

“I intuit the full array of life.”

Your Mirror Container Provides The Energetic Reflection Of You 

The Mirror Container resides within the Reflection layer of existence. Your life is a perfect reflection of this container making it impossible to discern unless the veil is lifted. As you lift the veil, dissolving the illusion of separation, life makes perfect sense and the divine order is revealed.  

“Life reflects the truth, no more, no less.”

Discover the Power of the Universals to Build a Sustainable Life

Sustainable living is a hot topic and subject of much debate these days as we are seeing the effects of global warming. Climate events that threaten the sustainability of human life are increasing more rapidly than anticipated. First let’s consider what sustainability actually means. From a global perspective we can look to the United Nations Brundtland Commission who in 1987 defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” So here we are now, a generation later, more compromised than was feared and our need for sustainable living is of even greater urgency.

Sustainable living is referencing a lifestyle in which you reduce your ecological footprint, moving towards an ideal of “net zero living”. This is when there is a basic equality; the amount going out is the same as the amount coming in. You know how important equality is to me and how it is a requisite tenant of the universals. Net zero living enables you to live in a symbiotic relationship with your natural environment. This all sounds good, right? And yet, humanity is not living in this manner. 

On a physical level, moving toward sustainability requires consideration of environmental issues in partnership with economic ones. Human beings’ inhibit progress toward ecological balance. They are not readily cognizant of the world around them, particularly with the technological progression. But even where there is awareness and concern for the environment, peoples’ relationship to money gets in the way. Greed is the motive for some, but for many others it is their economic fears that prevent an appropriate response to the climate crisis.

I think the biggest hurdle though, is getting people on board to consider the bigger picture to the degree that they are willing to make changes in their lives now. People in general hold a very small, narrow view. They are overwhelmed with the challenges of their individual lives so much so that the ability to sort it all out and know how to help humanity as a whole can feel out of reach. I encourage you not to give up but rather consider your individual life. For the individual, a sustainable life is one where you are able to meet your present needs without compromising your resources or access to them in the future. This is the place to begin with balance and then expand out from there. Expand in time to include the future generations, expand in space to your fellow man in the here and now, and keep expanding in all possible directions.  

One approach to sustainable living is based on principles of simple living and self sufficiency. This is a place where you can easily begin with the denser energies of your outer world. Simplify your life physically, emotionally and mentally as you move towards greater self sufficiency. However, if we are to truly turn things around, I believe we need to approach this imbalance from both directions; outside working in and inside working out. We need to work with the whole vibrational array, bringing higher and higher frequencies into the manifest world. We need to address human consciousness and work with restoring universal balance. The universals are inherently sustainable and ecological. Any energy materialization or conscious construct that holds universal form is thus inherently ecological and sustainable. 

In my twenties I participated in a healing group of practitioners. It was a high level group but the powerful changes being enacted were not always safe as the energy being strewn about was going out of bounds resulting in car accidents and the like. As we dove into the energetic realm, shifting energy to effect change, we began to pose the question “is it ecological?” We then only engaged the shifts that presented as being ecological, to avoid such mishaps. When I subsequently conducted my own research in human consciousness and clinical trials utilizing different energetic protocols I went to great lengths to establish safeties with the work. 

I found that the best way to ensure safety is to engage all energy work within a universal framework, which is inherently ecological. The universals establish the parameters of reality and they govern the structure and flow of life. I found that the sustainability of a life is in direct correlation with the degree to which that life holds universal form and balance within that form. 

Following is a list of some of the ways that working with the Universals empowers you to build a sustainable life for yourself and why it works this way. Things always happen on an energetic level before they are physically manifest. Thus taking charge and effecting change on this level will in time bring change to the denser physical level, it is inevitable.  

  1. Center to Connect with Your Resources 

Centering within yourself supports a sustainable life because it is through your center that you connect with the source energies that fuel your life force. This connection supports your natural regenerative and healing processes and prevents depletion. Centering within the Universal Models, aligns you with the purity of the universal elements from which your life is built and sustained. It brings balance to the elements throughout your life allowing for optimal efficiency. Everything in your life emerges from these basic building blocks or foundational elements. The energy elements; earth, air, water, fire, ether and fixative. The elements of human consciousness; time, space, consciousness, creation, love and the spark. 

Thus, centering within these universal models balances the elements within your life. This is the closest you will come to the experience of the “fountain of youth”. If you then open to the source energies within your center and allow them to fill your energy field, they will in turn fill your life and flow beyond. You always want to give from the overflow, not your personal life sustaining energies, as not to deplete your own resources. Here is where we have all we need to overcome the imbalances in the world. 

  1. Deepen and Expand to Increase Access and Utilize Your Resources

When you deepen within your core it provides you with a bigger view of life and the perspective you need to locate the resources necessary to sustain your life. Deepening has the same effect as if you were standing next to an elephant, only able to see the leg, and then you stepped back enough to see the whole elephant and then further to see the whole herd and so on. The deeper you are, the greater the scope of your potential, as well as your view.

When you expand to fill this bigger space that you are able to perceive, you become more fully present. This permits you access to the life sustaining resources within your view. It positions you and empowers you to utilize your freewill and choose in life. The more you expand, the greater the scope from which you may choose. 

  1. Awaken Your Quantum Consciousness 

When you are awakened your consciousness is enlightened to the quantum probability matrix. This is the ideal perspective to have when exercising your freewill to choose in life as your freewill is limited by your field of consciousness. If you cannot perceive it then it will be difficult to choose it. You need to have conscious awareness of the imbalances in the world around you if you are to effect positive change shifting life towards greater universal balance. 

Quantum consciousness taps into the infinite potential. If you combine this awareness with an awareness of the universal framework, it will become clear what resides within the sustainable range. Energy resources are squandered when life is imbalanced with the universals. Whereas a perfect net zero environment is one of perfect universal balance. 

  1. Establish Viable Parameters 

When you synchronize the parameters of your being with the universal forms, you optimize your sustainability. Doing this establishes the optimal size, shape and focus for your life and it prevents you from being distracted out of the viable range. If you allow your energy to flow outside these parameters it is like throwing precious resources in the trash. And if you allow other energy to flow within these parameters you are compressing and constricting your own energies and freedoms.  

Parameters exist at many different levels. You can think of an energetic containment field like an electric fence establishing a being’s autonomy. Proper containment will encompass your resources and protect your energy reserves. Your personal boundaries are subset parameters that protect you from leaking energy and resources. They also protect you from receiving unwanted energies within your personal space. At a group level you have collective parameters that are set by differing group configurations. Here you hold the power to influence the viability of the group by always contributing universal balance to the mix. 

  1. Subtle Shifts are Sustainable Ones.

When you work with universal models you are working within a holistic framework. This means the energy of your whole life, from conception to crossing over, all the places you will be and lives you effect including any ripple effect. Working holistically, change is broadscale, it is distributed in a large range. This has the effect for the individual in the moment to be experienced subtly. These subtle holistic shifts reach your edges and ripple into the group energy around you. 

Working holistically with the universals means the energy and consciousness is pervasive throughout time, space, consciousness, creation, love and spark in your life. These subtle holistic shifts are different from peak experiences which can be profound and albeit life changing events. But these are emerging from a particular, not universal, origin. Peak experiences will have a ripple effect yet still not be as pervasive and longstanding as a universal shift.    

Meditation for Earth Healing and Sustainability on Planet Earth

I encourage you to practice the following meditation to be a part of restoring universal balance on the earth. As an earth inhabitant you will personally feel a shift in your own life as well. 

Envision the earth perfectly centered within each of the platonic solids and the sphere. Begin with one, hold the image within your inner intuitive eye until you sense it to be balanced and then move on to the next one. Practice this meditation often.

Experience True Independence – Actualize Your Authentic Self  

In the United States we celebrate Independence Day, on the fourth of July, in observance of America’s independence. It pays tribute to the origin of our country and declares our sovereignty as a nation. The fourth of July though, has become more about individual liberties and a symbol of human equality than a celebration of our country. There is a natural progression from the freedom of a nation to the individuation of the citizens within that autonomous collective. The same principles and desires do apply. But, the origin of independence and the group as a whole must not be forgotten or compromised. The free expression of the individual ought never impede another’s freedom within the collective or the collective as a whole. It puts the whole group at risk and it is not sustainable. This is the imbalance happening currently in our country. 

As we approach the topic of true independence and the authentic expression of one’s Self, I will be talking about the characteristics of a Self Actualized person. Specifically ten characteristics that were first noted by Maslow and confirmed in current times. I will be talking about the stages one goes through on the journey of Self Actualization. And finally, I will talk about the energetic components of the Self at play in the realization of one’s potential. Diving into this topic, it is important to remember that true independence occurs while in the right relationship with others and with the larger collective. I think you will see how developing these characteristics, engaging the different stages of actualization that nowhere is it necessary to compromise others. 

The Characteristics of an Actualized Person 

In his article “What Does It Mean to Be Self-Actualized in the 21st Century”, Scott Barry Kaufman talks about how he has taken Maslow’s notes on the characteristics of an actualized person and puts them through “rigorous testing” to find that ten hold up. I have taken the list of characteristics and provided some pointers for you to foster these qualities within yourself. 

Continued Freshness of Appreciation 

  • Approach all tasks with reverence to engage an active appreciation for the details of your life in the moment. 
  • Maintain a childlike state of wonder and awe throughout your life, you are not intended to abandon this posturing as you grow. 
  • Foster a gratitude practice to help you elicit this type of appreciation. It can help to reconnect you, particularly if you have lost touch with this natural state of being. 


  • Consent to receive life, as it is, without the need for diminishment or exaggeration. 
  • Come to the perception and satisfaction of life’s sufficiency. 
  • Release all judgment, it has the effect of repelling what is being received.   


  • Strengthen your energetic integrity; the unity, coherence and wholeness of your being. Hold this no matter what is occurring around you. 
  • Maintain your source connection, the energies from which you originate. When something is authentic it is of undisputed origin. 
  • Fuel all of your endeavors with source energies to ensure authenticity in all your actions.


  • Maintain your composure as life constantly changes and unfolds. 
  • Sustain a centered state of balance as not to be too high, low, left, right, up or down.  
  • Take life in stride, respond rather than react. 


  • Be clear about your motives and why you are doing everything that you do. 
  • Show up for your overarching mission in life, it is your responsibility alone; no one else can be you. 
  • Consider the ripple effect of your actions. What is the ultimate impression you are contributing to the whole.  

Efficient Perception of Reality 

  • Perceive life as it is, objectively, without personal projections or distortions. 
  • Always seek to find the truth and keep your conscious focus here, despite any fear or pain that the truth evokes within you.
  • Keep it simple and real, resist over complications. 


  • Embrace your own humanity and cherish the value of this moment within your finite human life.
  • Appreciate the merit in each human life no matter how small or large the scope of that life appears to be. 
  • Foster your desire to help others. Always look for the opportunities to support, enhance or expand another person’s life. 

Peak Experiences 

  • Pause to feel the potentiality in life being realized as the new comes in to provoke opening and expansion. 
  • Make note of the times when you become aware of your evolution or a shift to a new plateau in life. 
  • Pay attention to moments of elation, connection with your spirit or a perception of something greater than what you sense with your basic senses. 

Good Moral Intuition 

  • Be conscientious in discerning when an action is creative versus destructive (right rather than wrong).
  • Consider the full scope and impact of your decisions to act or failure to act when it is called for.   
  • Look, listen and feel within for guidance regarding right action, do not rely blindly on societal norms. 

Creative Spirit 

  • You are creating your life in each moment, do so with consciousness. Never posture as if life is happening to you. 
  • Regularly try new things and learn new skills, it will keep you actively engaged in the creative nature of life. 
  • Live with intention. Intend something, live as if it is so and discover the possibilities as they are realized.

The Seven Stages of Self Actualization

The list of stages is a reprint from 2001 when I was only a few years into running training groups. Self Actualization is a natural process that all are intended to realize. It is a part of the journey of authentic living in universal balance that naturally occurs as you awaken. It is an essential stepping stone towards transcendence of the Self. You must first become who you are and experience who you are before you can transcend who you are.    

The FIRST STAGE of Self-Actualization is the CRAVING. This type of craving is one that comes from within. It pierces through logic, conditioning and the systems you find yourself within. This type of craving is inherent in every living being. It is often layered over and suppressed, but it cannot be destroyed. The initial stage of Self-Actualization occurs when you connect with this craving, you accept it, and you give yourself permission to become who you are.

The manner in which you reach this deep place of self is very individualized. For some of you it will be a dramatic, or even tragic, life event that opens you to the depths of yourself. For others you may feel a small spark within and a knowing. In our culture, if one has made it into adult life without Self-Actualizing, connection with this craving is often called a mid-life crisis. For many of you, career dissatisfaction or the arrival of your children into adulthood will initiate the process. You will begin to look internally rather than externally for a reflection of yourself. This will prompt you to make a decision to change your Self and live more truthfully. 

The SECOND STAGE of Self-Actualization is the DISCOVERING. This stage begins once you have connected with your craving, accepted it and given yourself permission to be your Self. You will then dive into your Self to discover what is there. During this stage you will make distinctions about what is, and is not, a part of your Self, in a sorting process. The impressions taken from your experiences will inform you as they hold key elements about who you are. You will then begin to ascend the experience and gain knowledge about the impetus behind it, bringing the awareness full circle.

During this stage, you will often try new things or return to activities left behind earlier in your life. You will also let go of formerly important activities. Some of these activities will never be reintegrated into your life because you have ascended the experience. Others, if they are a true expression of who you are, will be reengaged at a later time. You will begin to discover and know, with unshakable certainty, aspects of who you are. This knowing can come in many forms. It can be as simple as a feeling, or as complex as a visible picture formed by a series of events which cross the lives of many people.   

The THIRD STAGE of Self-Actualization is the UNFOLDING. This stage is when you will feel excitement. The journey of sorting who you are, ascending your previous experiences and connection with the impetus of the discovery phase has propelled you forward. Now your perspective shifts from external learning to internal observations. You will explore the layers of your Self, in their depth. An understanding of the principles of your Self will begin to emerge. This becomes the foundation upon which all else is built.

The third stage is often filled with many “trial” experiences, which provide you with different perspectives on the various parts of who you are. You will move through the many layers of your Self. This may take the form of opening to different areas of life. The key here is your inner experience, the feelings and observations that you make regarding your outer experiences. You may try certain things that you find hold just a small piece of a much more complex picture, these are the ones to explore further. Imagine you have a key that opens a doorway leading to a world you never knew existed and the only entrance in is the key, in this analogy you can begin to understand the principles of the Self.    

The FOURTH STAGE of Self-Actualization is to GENERATE. With a strong foundation in place, the strength of which is determined by the previous stage, your perspective and understanding of the layers and principles of the Self will begin to develop. This stage, in which you may generate your Self, starts with an initiation. Expression from your Self begins, and you develop skills for bringing out what is deep within you. Production of energy is essential for moving through this stage. It is a working stage.

This stage is when you have the feeling, “this is what I am supposed to do with my life” and you begin to manifest it. You are clearing the path and doing the groundwork for what will come. You may spend significant time focused on different skills that you will need in order to move forward. You may also spend time strengthening and clearing many levels to allow the necessary energy to move through. There is an infinite source of energy that you can tap into and you determine the amount that you allow in.  

The FIFTH STAGE of Self-Actualization is to ARRANGE. This stage is when order begins to come into your expression, skills, and the energy of the previous stage. There is an organization of who you are. The main components of your Self begin to be defined. Awareness of the complexity of the interaction between your components and the joining points come in.

This stage is always marked by a significant change within your Self and is often marked by a significant change in your life. A move, a job change, a relationship shift, or a graduation from school, are some examples. You begin to understand the components that make up who you are. With the changes that come there is a shuffling of components into a more appropriate organization. Key points join to form the nature of your life.  

The SIXTH STAGE of Self-Actualization is the PROCREATION. This stage occurs when the beginning meets the end and the circle of who you are, becomes complete. The organization, components and points of the previous stage synthesize into a wholeness of Self. The creation process is received and drawn into the Self. Through this process the imprint is made but it lays latent until the next stage happens. 

This stage is a passageway, and it can happen in a moment or last for lifetimes.  It is when everything comes into a sphere. It all suddenly makes sense and fits together perfectly. All is possible in the reception to creation, and it is determined in this place of mystery what your imprint will be. It is a completion of what was and a beginning of what is to come. Time stands still and the depth of imprint will determine the depth of your experience.

The SEVENTH STAGE of Self-Actualization is the ACTUALIZATION. This stage happens when your imprint made in the previous stage is activated. Your Self begins to take form and shape. A reflection in which you may perceive the actualization is present. The evolution of your Self begins and continues until you transcend the Self.

Your Self is becoming your Self. A life lived as an expression of this stage of being is beautiful and flawless, the perfection within all imperfection is known. Life is the creation process unfolding before your eyes. You begin to know your Creator as you know your Self.  And all is within love. 

To actualize is to become a light in the darkness.

The Energetics of Self Actualization 

Actualizing one’s authentic Self is what I refer to as “THE WORK”. It involves learning life lessons, experiencing the full sensory pallet of life, relationships, creation and co creation. To accomplish this you must overcome your challenges, personal limitations and resistance. You must release attachments and expand beyond your conditioning to evolve into the full potential of who you are. 

The journey of Self Actualization is a shift from potential Self (point A) to actual Self (point B). There is a change in your Self that occurs over time. The energetics of the Self within the unfolding of time contains four of the 24 Life Components; your Essence, Soul, Gifts and Personality. In this section, I will be touching upon the changes that occur within each part of your Self as you actualize your potential.   


Your Essence is your unique light array that contains the potential of you. It exists within the deepest part of you, largely unseen by others. As you Self Actualize your light becomes more and more brilliant. There is an expansion that occurs in the expression of your light. It shifts from the infinite density of a black hole with zero dimensionality and pure potentiality to a brilliant sun shining through the form of your Self and out into the world. 


Your Soul provides a home for your light, it is like your own personal lighthouse. When you Self Actualize your Soul crystalizes. This happens as you learn your Soul lessons. Soul lessons are pre-set within your Soul structure. They are like doorways to your Essence. Once activated a Soul lesson will magnetize life events designed to teach you what you came to learn. Once a lesson is learned that part of your Soul crystalizes, holding a unique shape and form while opening the door to allow the light of your Essence to shine through. 


Your Gifts are essentially your natural abilities or qualities. Your Gifts are an outer world mirror reflection of your inner world Soul structure. If your Soul took the form of a movie reel, your gifts would be the shapes projected onto the screen. As you Self Actualize the picture of you expands and your scope increases. Your Gifts come into view with a steady sharpening of focus. The shape of who you are becomes more defined and the distinction of your natural abilities more pronounced.


As you Self Actualize your Personality becomes a pure emanation of your light. Your Self as a whole becomes a vehicle for the expression of your Essence and your nature as a light being. The density and constriction of your conditioning, as well as fear and resistance all clear out to reveal the deeper parts of you. In my blog post, Attract The Life You Want With Your Magnetic Personality, I talk about the electromagnetic nature of your Self. I encourage you to check it out. It further discusses the energetics of the Self and it explains how you attract or magnetize the experiences that you need to evolve. 

Walking through Walls – Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities 

If you were to attempt to take your physical body and walk through a physical wall you would find yourself halted in your path and maybe a little bruised, but why? Because two identical particles, two fermions – the particles that matter is made of, cannot occupy the same point in space. 

The Pauli’s Exclusion Principle explains this phenomenon that applies to the realm of reality which includes the ‘matter’ of life. Matter has mass and it occupies space. This principle only applies to particles of matter which exist within the space-time continuum which are moving slower than the speed of light. 

The relationship between energy and matter is such that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, Einstein’s famous E=MC2 equation which applies to particles within the space-time continuum. It is here where you connect with your humanity, in the part of reality where the fermions in your body cannot occupy the same space as the fermions in the wall because they are too slow. Here we find the worlds of differentiation where you can experience yourself in relationship to others through your sensory awareness. This would not be possible if you were to occupy the exact same point in space.   

I am going to talk a bit about the different states of matter, kinetic energy levels and how this all applies to the life components. You may not be able to ‘walk through’ a solid object like a wall of ice with your physical body but if the ice undergoes a phase shift from a solid to a liquid state the resultant water is child’s play to walk through. The point being that not all walls are solid and undergoing a phase shift by reappropriating the energy through the proper channel is one way to transcend life’s obstacles.

Subsequently, we will quicken our pace to faster than the speed of light and I will take you deeper into the subatomic level. Mass is made of energy but not all energy has mass. Moving faster than the speed of light we enter the quantum realm where we find the massless particles called bosons. The rules governing these particles are very different from the one’s governing the fermion-filled realm of matter. It is here where you connect with your higher consciousness and your divinity. 


Matter can exist in four different natural states; solid, liquid, gas and plasma. As matter shifts from a solid to a liquid and then a liquid to a gas and finally a gas to plasma it increases kinetic energy. This means the particles are moving faster, increasing vibration, rotation and translation. The 24 Life Components, a Cube Model energetics template, is working with your life quadratics. This template provides us with six different holistic views of life and a roadmap to transcend the matter of life. As you perceive below the surface lens you will find that each view contains four life components that correspond with the four states of matter.   

Below I have included a chart of the Life Components with the corresponding states of matter that each represents. Each set of life quadratics follows this same progression with increasing kinetic energy as you move from the most superficial outer component of the set to the deepest innermost one. For example, looking at the Grid Lens which provides a view of the oneness of expression in life. The progression moves from your solid Physical body to your fluid Emotional body, then to your gaseous Thought (mental) body and finally to your plasmic Energetic body. This same progression applies to each of the six holistic views of life’s working components and their corresponding quadratic functioning. 


With the 24 Life Components mapping the energetic expression of matter is only part of the contents within the Cube parameters. There is the fermion world and there is the boson world and they both coexist within the Cube. The difference between fermions and bosons lies within the particle’s spin. Fermions, the particles of matter, have a half integer spin while boson’s, the particles of the quantum realm, have a whole integer spin. Spin is a particle’s intrinsic angular momentum which determines the energy disbursement of the particle. In our dualistic world a spin can be clockwise or counterclockwise moving energy in one direction or the opposite. 

In the fermion world with half integer spins, the resultant wave function is antisymmetric whereas in the boson world, with whole integer spins, the resultant wave function is symmetric. This brings us to the framework of the universal models, taking the form of the platonic solids and encompassing sphere, they are symmetric and they reside within the massless boson world. The models provide the parameters, the limits within which you are able to create your life. 

The 24 Life Components template is a Cube model mapping. The Cube is the model of time which governs the force of nurture and the earth element. I spoke about this in my blog post: “Life’s Mysteries Disclosed”. “So it is not that each rock forms a perfect cube, but all the rock fragments put together, average out to be a cube. Thus, one must view the whole to be able to see, the unseen parameters, the universal framework that governs the physical matter of earth. Each rock fragment can deviate from the form to the degree that another rock fragment deviates in an equal and opposite manner, thus they average out to the perfect universal form of the cube.” In other words, each extension beyond the symmetric unity of all requires an equal and opposite extension to hold it in place within our fermion manifest reality. 


I want to make a point about the crossflow energy within the Cube. The crossflows are up-down, left-right and front-back if you are to imagine the energy moving from the side of the Cube going inward, in all six directions. Each crossflow is an example of an equal and opposite balancing.

  • UNION LENS (the Receptive Oneness stream of energy flowing upward) crossflow with: LOCATION LENS (the Individual Expressive stream of energy flowing downward). This crossflow energy stream follows an ∞ “Infinity” flow of perpetual motion.
  • DISCLOSURE LENS (the Receptive Group stream of energy flowing left to right) crossflow with: SELF LENS (the Expressive Group stream of energy flowing right to left). This crossflow energy stream follows an ∞ “Circular” flow of perpetual motion.
  • SYSTEMS LENS (the Receptive Individual stream of energy flowing backwards) crossflow with: GRID LENS (the Expressive Oneness stream of energy flowing forwards). This crossflow energy stream follows an ∞ “Infinity” flow of perpetual motion.


Most obstacles in life are not solid even though they can feel as tangibly blocking your objectives as if you came upon a brick wall that extended in all directions. But, the reality is that most walls exist on higher vibrational levels than the physical and there is nothing blocking your passage through except the illusion that the barriers are solid.  


I am going to speak about this as it applies to the Forwards-Backwards crossflow of energy, but I want to note that it applies in the same way to the other two sets of energy streams. Your Individual Receptive Systems (Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit) are built to process the Physical, Emotional, Thought and Energetic streams of energy respectively. These streams comprise the Oneness of Expression on planet earth. An important point here is that trying to process energy through the wrong system wreaks havoc. One common example of this is the failure to process Emotional energy in the fluidity of the moment, in which case it can settle into the Body and solidify activating disease processes in the Body Systems. 

The crossflow track for each component set has its own set of mechanisms governing the processing and integration of the energies. The obstacles within the different tracks respond best to different forms of interventions. If it’s a PHYSICAL WALL then it is solid and what you need to clear it is also solid, so get your sledgehammer. I watched my parents actually do this, make their way through a concrete wall with a sledgehammer when I was a child. It was quite impressive to witness. The physical is the densest and slowest to move but rest assured a sledgehammer is not always the means. When you incorporate universal balance it has a way of influencing the physical particulate.  

If it is an EMOTIONAL WALL then passage through is simply a matter of feeling the emotions. Emotional energy is fluid and emotions need to be    felt, allowed to flow through you and released. Americans are not particularly skilled at this. Ideally one is fully present and feeling emotions in the moment, but reality is such that is often not the case. Clearing these walls requires emotional fluidity. This can be evoked through therapeutic writing or talking about your life. It can also be stimulated through things like watching a live performance or heartfelt movie, playing a game or engaging in a creative endeavor. And my favorite, laughing, is great for clearing the emotional cobwebs.  

If it is a MENTAL WALL then utilize a mental exercise.  Mental walls are the makings of conditioning. They are conditioned thought patterns and beliefs that have become rigid and what I refer to as “Hard Constructs”. A friend refers to this energy web as your “domestication”. The most direct mental exercise is to use your Mind to imagine the wall disintegrating into thin air. But utilizing other mental exercises like working with an affirmation or reframing exercise will blow energy through a mental wall breaking up the density. 

If it is an ENERGETIC WALL then find a way to sense the wall and bring light in to dissolve it. Energetic walls are plasmic. Plasma makes up 99% of the visible universe. It glows and can be seen in the stars, nebula and our sun for a few examples. When clearing a wall on the energetic level a shift will be felt, this is often experienced as a sense of lightening or relaxation. You might feel relief, calm, peace or acceptance settling over you. Here we reach the highest kinetic energy level of matter. It is the final frontier as we approach the speed of light and the crossover point to enlightenment. Enlightenment comes when you spin your consciousness faster than the speed of light. This is the frequency at which your divinity resides. 

In the blog post “Plasma and Ascension – Becoming a Light Being” by Lisa Renee, she speaks about this evolutionary process. For clarity of terms you can think of ascension as referencing the energy flow and enlightenment as referencing the conscious experience, two parts of the same event. “During the Ascension cycle, the human body potentially goes through an alchemical process that generates the internal Plasma light. This is what builds the etheric Lightbody structure for the higher consciousness body to function.”  


Once you have increased your speed to faster than the speed of light you cross over into the quantum realm. But only your consciousness can travel this fast, the physical matter of your body cannot. People who have died briefly and been brought back to life often report “seeing the light” as the veil is pierced and they are thrust into awareness of this realm. I am happy to say that you do not need to die or even leave your body to perceive beyond the veil into the quantum realm, or to become enlightened. It is all right here, right now within every point in the time continuum and space continuum alike. 

Time and Space are universal constructs that enable you to have differentiated sentient experiences, in the fermion world. While enlightening your higher consciousness, in the boson world, allows you to have sapient experiences. These two worlds are not really separate but rather like a speed boat on a slow moving body of water, they are simply moving at two different speeds. Consciousness though, is not limited to the confines of time nor space. In the quantum realm, the boson world, the rules are very different. I am going to talk about three of the properties of the quantum state (superposition, interference and entanglement)  and how these apply to your human (homo sapiens) consciousness. 


Superposition is the capacity of a quantum system to be in multiple positions, shapes, states, arrangements… at the same time. That is until it is measured; one option is chosen and the matter is enlightened with this choice. The quantum realm is like a vast sea of potentiality that shimmers and glistens, each possibility awaiting recognition to be drawn into the mass filled world of sentient experience. When you approach a situation in life with consciousness working at the quantum level the full potential of the moment opens up to you. The vast array of new opportunities within the potentiality of your life are within reach. They simply need your conscious choice to come into being.

I suggest… you approach each moment in life open to the potential without limitation. Always consider the possibilities you can perceive and figure there are tenfold more that you cannot perceive. This simple adjustment in how you frame the world around you will align you with the quantum realm and the reality of your life. It will keep you open to your potential and positioned to seize it. 


In the quantum realm particles can alter the direction of their own path, ‘at will’ it seems. They can cross their own track and become a force redirecting themselves in a new direction. This property is called interference. I understand the word choice to describe this, but the negative associations with the word make it somewhat deceiving when you begin to examine human consciousness. You too have this ability within your conscious being to act upon your own accord and change the course of your life, it is called your freewill. Freewill is humanity’s most underused source of power, in my opinion. The mechanism enabling this human gift is quantum interference.  

I suggest… you bring light into your being, your cells, your matter. It is the simplest act of interference with guaranteed positive results. Photons are light particles. They reside in the quantum realm with a spin of 1. When you increase your kinetic energy and raise your vibrational frequency by drawing light from within, it has the effect of en’light’ening the matter in your life. The half integer spins of your particles with mass unfolding in antisymmetric energy disbursements become held within the holistic framework of the balanced and symmetric universals when light is brought into the darkness.     


In the quantum realm, two particles in an entanglement need not be near each other, yet their relationship is one of interdependence. Each has an indeterminate quantum state until it is measured and the mere act of measuring one particle determines the measurements of the other particle. In an article at the The National Library of Medicine, at, it is stated that: Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which entangled systems exhibit correlations that cannot be explained by classical physics. It has recently been suggested that a similar process occurs between people and explains anomalous phenomena such as healing.” Personally, I have been utilizing this function of quantum entanglement for healing for over two decades. 

I suggest… you perceive humanity as a single organism. See yourself and others as individual cells within that organism. Utilize our interconnection to express your unique gifts within humanity in a manner that is for the greater good of all.


UNION – Bottom Lens of The CUBE  

  • View of the receptive oneness 
  • Energy stream from below moving upwards
  • ∞ Infinity flow perpetual motion
Unification ComponentPlasma
Individuation ComponentGas
Stillness ComponentFluid
Movement ComponentSolid 

LOCATION – Top Lens of The CUBE

  • View of the expressive individual 
  • Energy stream from above moving downwards
  • ∞ Infinity flow perpetual motion
Configuration ComponentPlasma
Aggregation ComponentGas
Animation ComponentFluid
Manifestation ComponentSolid 

DISCLOSURE – Left Lens of The CUBE

  • View of the receptive group level 
  • Energy stream from the left moving to the right
  • 0 Circular flow perpetual motion
Experience ComponentPlasma
Events ComponentGas
Fields ComponentFluid
Senses ComponentSolid 

SELF – Right Lens of The CUBE

  • View of the expressive group level 
  • Energy stream from the right moving to the left
  • 0 Circular flow perpetual motion
Essence ComponentPlasma
Soul ComponentGas
Gifts ComponentFluid
Personality ComponentSolid 

SYSTEMS – Front Lens of The CUBE

  • View of the receptive individual level
  • Energy stream from in front moving back 
  • ∞ Infinity flow perpetual motion
Body ComponentSolid 
Heart ComponentFluid
Mind ComponentGas
Spirit ComponentPlasma

GRIDS – Back Lens of The CUBE

  • View of the expressive oneness level
  • Energy stream from behind moving forward 
  • ∞ Infinity flow perpetual motion
Physical ComponentSolid 
Emotional ComponentFluid
Thought ComponentGas
Energetic ComponentPlasma

Employing the Infinite Flow to Fuel the Potency of Your Life

Abundance is a choice. Authentic expression is a choice. Seizing the potential within your life is a choice. Are you actively choosing these things? If so, then you are granting yourself access to employ the infinite flow in an ecological way. But what exactly is the infinite flow and how are you supposed to put it to work for you? The infinite flow is where the spark of your life force originates. It is the numberless stream of energy that vibrates at zero and contains all potential. 

You experience the infinite flow as the potential of your life unfolds over time into the actualization of your life. You exist within this stream of constant change and how you navigate it determines the experiences that you will have next. Ideally you will take charge of your life and fuel the potency of your conscious intentions. But this requires you to draw from a bigger energy source than yourself, the source from which you originate. To open the door to this bigger energy you simply need to express your truth, choose abundance and open yourself to the mystery within your life. This posturing naturally invites the infinite flow. 

Now as you stand on the threshold, the door open facing the mystery, you can begin to engage. The idea here is to form a relationship with the stream of constant change and energy sourcing your life. You must be in relationship with the infinite flow to utilize it to fuel the potency of your life. In other words, by opening to this energy stream you are empowering yourself to be able to make an impression and have more influence within your life. I am going to talk about three essential steps in this relationship dynamic if you are to seize the potential available to you at this moment. First you must FEEL the energy. Second, you must DIRECT the energy. And third, you must CONTAIN the energy. 


There is energy and there is consciousness. Everything in life, everything you can perceive is made of energy. Your consciousness is the part of you that is perceiving the energy. In some way you must perceive/sense/feel the energy of the infinite flow to be able to ‘grab a hold of it’ and utilize it. As you feel the energy and connect this feeling with your conscious intention, then you are able to exert an influence and effect change. One place to start feeling the energy is with your sensory awareness. Human beings have a vast range of sensory capacity along the whole vibrational range. From the dense relativity of the influence of gravity to the highest vibrations of the quantum realm. Next, is a list of sensory abilities, these are potential ways to sense the energy, followed by an exercise to practice feeling the energy. 

Ways to feel the infinite flow with your sensory awareness. 

  • See the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your eyes. ‘See’ the higher vibrations with your clairvoyance.
  • Hear the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your ears. ‘Hear’ the higher vibrations with your clairaudience. 
  • Smell the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your nose. ‘Smell’ the higher vibrations with your clairalience.   
  • Taste the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your taste buds. ‘Taste’ the higher vibrations with your clairgustance.
  • Touch the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your skin. ‘Touch’ the higher vibrations with your clairsentience. 
  • Balance and orient within the density of the infinite flow with the vestibular system in your inner ear. Balance and orient within the higher vibrations with your telepathy. 
  • Position and perceive relativity within the density of the infinite flow with the proprioceptive system in your muscles and joints.  Position and perceive relativity within the higher vibrations with your clairempathy.
  • Regulate and sense internal drives within the density of the infinite flow with the interoceptive system in your gut and other organs. Regulate and sense internal drives within the higher vibrations with your claircognizance. 

Energy Exercise – Part A: Feel the Energy

Hold your hands up, in front of your chest, with palms facing about an inch apart. Feel the energy in your hands, feel the heat between your palms. Slowly move your hands further apart, like there is a rubber band holding them together providing resistance. Keep your palms facing as you bring them to about a foot apart. Feel yourself drawing energy from the infinite flow, filling the space between your palms as you draw them back. Then slowly move your hands back together, to within an inch of each other. Feel the energy compressing into an energy ball between your palms. Repeat this half a dozen times or more. Feel the energy growing with each repetition. 


It is your consciousness that directs the energy. This may be a different muscle than you are used to using. But just like other muscles, using it makes it stronger and more defined. Some of the ways people direct the infinite flow are through creativity; artists, writers, musicians and performers will often tell you that a bigger energy is present, engaged and being directed through them as they undertake the creative process. It is also why live performances are more transformative than watching a video of the same show; the energy of the audience fuels the performance and becomes a part of the creative process. 

Healers direct energy to restore health and channels direct it to bring through information that will transform. Inventors and innovators draw from infinite potential and direct the energy into the creation of something new. But, utilizing the energy doesn’t mean that you need to create a whole new formation, as all of life is being generated anew each day. When you consciously choose where to direct the energy that you are able to sense/feel/perceive you are equipping your intent with the power of the infinite flow. It is the syncing of energy and consciousness that unlocks the potential. 

If none of the previously mentioned outlets are areas of expression for you, there are still many simple ways that you can draw from the infinite flow and begin to direct the energy. You can do this by setting intentions, saying affirmations, mantras or prayers as you have a feeling connection with the energy.  Working to clarify your motives, objectives and goals all work to direct the energy that you are feeling. I find it is best to dream big without attaching to the outcome. This way your true limits and the true limits in your environment will be revealed. And you will have avoided unnecessarily selling yourself short with self imposed limitations. 

Energy Exercise – Part B: Direct the Energy

Directing the energy to self: Take that energy ball that you have formed and move your hands to any part of your body needing some healing. Put your open palms on that part of your body, transferring the energy from your hands to where it is needed. If your body is in good shape then take the energy and place it into your diaphragm to enliven the essence of who you are or into your heart to fill yourself with love. 

Directing the energy to others or situations within your life: Take the energy ball and direct it towards another person, fully releasing the energy. The energy can be directed towards a person who is physically with you or one who is in another location. Simply open your hands and hold the other person in your consciousness. It is important to have only good intentions and not attempt to override another’s free will, when you do this. You can also send the energy towards a relationship or situation in your life that is in need of healing or balancing. 


Consciousness is what shapes energy, it contains it and holds it into form. The universal forms encapsulate universal consciousness which shapes the foundation of our existence. These forms provide the greatest sustainability in creation. I spoke about how this works in my blog post: “Life’s Mysteries Disclosed”. The unique qualities of our particular lives as individuals in turn, are shaped by our human consciousness. It is important to note though, the more a creation adheres to universal principles and aligns with universal forms, the greater the potency of the formation. 

I often speak about an individual’s ‘Energetic Integrity’. This is referencing the strength of one’s constitution, their viability and sustainability. Containment of your life force plays a big role in your energetic integrity and your resiliency. It is one thing to draw from the infinite flow but the energy must also be contained for the full potential to be seized. In the infinite flow things occur very quickly on an energetic level compared to the rate of change on a physical level which can stretch over a much longer time period. By containing the full energy cycle within your consciousness you are ensuring the full actualization of the energy cycle in your life, as it unfolds over time. This prevents the energy from leaking or becoming dissipated. When this happens the energy enters the realm of unfulfilled potential, which becomes a part of your whole vibrational array and the landscape of your life. 

Energy Exercise – Part C: Contain the Energy

Expand your consciousness beyond the whole of this exercise. How did the energy feel that you gathered in your hands? How did you feel as you absorbed the energy or directed it towards another person or situation. You want to sense the whole cycle of movement that has been enacted and the ripple effect it has set in motion. Hold your conscious focus on the whole and the transformation/change/movement that has occurred within the whole. Hold this focus until stillness returns. Then, release your focus on the exercise.  Simply make a conscious note to yourself as you observe the energy unfold in your life over time. 

Choose the Life You Want and Dare to Live It


Do you know what you want out of life? If you get to choose and, in my opinion, we all get to choose much more than people typically realize, do you have clarity about what you want? What if you “want” things that are not good for you? Sometimes this can even be difficult to discern. The second serving of dessert might be an obvious bad choice, but not everything in life is that transparent. And what about other people, how do they figure into the equation in the choices that you make? Life is complicated but don’t be dismayed, decision making can be simplified. If you hold rigidly to simple principles and intentions based in universal balance while maintaining flexibility with everything else you can’t go wrong. So choose wisely!

To choose wisely means to choose that which is in your highest good, the highest good of humanity and the highest good of life on earth. This may sound like a lofty goal and you can’t possibly know what is in the best interest of everyone on the planet. But, if you adhere to basic universal principles you can be assured that your choices will be in the highest good of all. Nature is on your side with this one. If you stay on your evolutionary path, you will be set to overcome all the challenges that life throws at you and provokes within you. You will have the full force of nature backing you. Simply exercise conscious choice to stay balanced on your own path and take ownership of all your choices. 


Human beings are naturally on a trajectory of self actualization. From the point of conception, when the physical manifestation begins, your human nature is a powerful force propelling you to actualize, as readily as a flower’s nature is propelling it to blossom. In the perfect stillness of the moment and “all time”, it has all already occurred at the point of conception. It simply needs the unfolding of time to be experienced. 

There was a belief circulating some years ago that only a small percentage of people were set to self actualize. This was a disservice to humanity as truly everyone is born to actualize their potential. Another disservice was perpetuated by a number of charlatans pushing the promise of self actualization as a money making scheme that provided quite the opposite of self actualization for its participants. 

Self actualization will occur as a matter of course unless there are forces to inhibit it. Forces can come from your external environment or from within you. As you confront different forces, each encounter will have a different impact. The impact can either support your natural evolution to self actualize or it can inhibit it. The focus here is on the inhibitory forces. An inhibitory force can be destructive or it can block access to your needs.  

An inhibitory force that is destructive, reverses your energy from its naturally creative flow to one that is damaging. For an external environment example, have you ever been in a good mood and on a productive track when you encountered someone who was not, only to find yourself pulled into an agitated state engaging in unproductive discord with the person? An inhibiting force that blocks will create a barrier on your path. It will compromise access to the resources that you need to survive and thrive in life. To give another external environment example, have you ever been full speed ahead when someone said something that stopped you dead in your tracks and made you feel punched in the gut, cut off at the knees or that it was impossible to proceed? Abusive relationships are full of these encounters. 

While you may not be able to override all of the inhibitory forces, outside of you within your environment, the universe is endlessly creative and where there is a will, there is usually a way. There are enough resources for you to actualize within your environment, trust this and be open to discovering where the available resources are. Consciously engage the universe in partnership. It is the true nature of the connection and there is no better co creator to have a relationship with than the universe . 

Then there are the inhibitory forces that come from within you impeding your self actualization. There is the internalized conditioning that creates a destructive flow. Note, there is also conditioning that supports one’s evolution but that is not the focus here. And there are the self imposed limitations that block your access to the abundance of inner resources available to you. These barriers are completely within your ability to overcome, but you must consciously choose to do so. Once again you can see how important free will choice is to your evolution and the realization of your personal potential. If you keep your focus on actualizing who you are within the tenets of intending highest good for all then you will stay in the creative flow and forward movement of your evolutionary path. 


Life necessitates courage as it occurs within the constantly changing arrangement of the time-space continuum. Living authentically in universal balance may be simple in principle and it is backed with powerful forces but it is not at all easy at times to stay the course with consciousness and vulnerability. As a starting point for this I am providing a list of traits of a self actualized person for you to emulate. This is followed by a discussion of how to overcome fear and transform your fear mechanism to make it work for you rather than against you. Irrational fear is the biggest inhibitor to your life that you have 100% ability to overcome. Fear is core to most self imposed limitations in life. Overcoming your fears is like granting yourself freedom to fully live.  


Following is a list of five objectives to live by. I will dive into these objectives  in more depth in a few months but I felt the importance of bringing this overview into the discussion. The realization of these objectives are evidenced in self actualized people. They are objectives to live by. Utilize the list to keep this focus. Live within this framework or set of parameters and it will support your own actualization. 

  • Face reality head on and accept it all. 
  • Live authentically with equanimity. 
  • Be creative as you fulfill your life’s purpose. 
  • Open with wonder & curiosity to life’s possibilities. 
  • Live by high moral standards and be of service.


Fear is an authentic part of your human nature. It is a biochemical and emotional response to something that is perceived to be a  threat. When there is a real threat to your physical survival or psychological well being then the fear response is rational and protective. But when there is no real threat, then the fear motivated reaction is irrational and it leaves you vulnerable.  

Thus, when the threat is real the subsequent action is considered a “response”. This will protect you and propel you on your evolutionary path. And when the threat is not real the subsequent action is considered  a “reaction”.  This will inhibit your progress. One technique for overcoming your fear is to embrace the mechanism of your fear response and raise your vibration to transform this survival mechanism into one that helps you to thrive.


When others trigger fear in you, do you respond aggressively ready to fight  or do you fawn trying to please in order to avoid conflict? People’s fear response to others will fall on the range between the polar opposites of FIGHT — FAWN. Both mechanisms serve to help you to survive in the face of real danger. As with many things in life these mechanisms have the capacity to direct your energy flow in a positive or negative direction. To keep these mechanisms functioning in a balanced way, always generating a positive flow to survive and thrive in life, be proactive about engaging them. 

The fight mechanism is important to be able to advocate for oneself and others, to maintain boundaries and express your spunk in life. Whereas the fawn mechanism is what allows you to be of service to others, to compromise and make peace. Engage the positive expressions of these mechanisms on a regular basis. And when you find yourself in the negative reaction to an irrational fear then use these guidelines (in bold text) as an intervention. Simply fill in your own specifics. 

STOP FIGHTING WITH … (people, places and things)

START FIGHTING FOR … (highest and greatest good for all)

A turnaround example would be: “I am going to stop fighting with Charlie and start fighting for a cooperative sharing of resources”.   

STOP FAWNING TO PREVENT … (what you fear) 

START FAWNING TO PROPEL … (highest and greatest good for all

A turnaround example would be: I am going to stop fawning to prevent Charlie from leaving and I am going to start fawning to propel an increase in my own support system. 


When life triggers fear in you, do you respond by fleeing and running away from the danger or do you freeze, unable to move or act? People’s fear response to life will fall on the range between the polar opposites of FLIGHT — FREEZE. Both mechanisms serve to help you to survive in the face of real danger. And just as the fight and fawn mechanisms have the capacity to direct your energy flow in a positive or negative direction so do these. To keep these mechanisms functioning in a balanced way, always generating a positive flow to survive and thrive in life, be proactive about engaging them. 

The flight mechanism is important for perseverance, healthy disengagement and industriousness. Whereas the freeze mechanism is what allows you to be mindful, present and aware. Engage the positive expressions of these mechanisms on a regular basis. And when you find yourself in the negative reaction to an irrational fear then, once again, use these guidelines (in bold text) as an intervention. Simply fill in your own specifics. 

STOP FLYING AWAY … (from the challenges in your life

START FLYING TOWARDS … (the solutions for highest and greatest good for all)                                                                                  

A turnaround example would be: I am going to stop flying away from dealing with my finances by obsessively worrying about money and I am going to start flying towards the steps I need to take for financial security.  

STOP FREEZING OUT … (parts of yourself or others to isolate)

START FREEZING IN … (conscious connection with highest and greatest good for all) 

A turnaround example would be: I am going to stop freezing out parts of myself by distracting and dissociating and I am going to start freezing in a mindful, steady presence and focus on the task at hand.