Is your Free Will Choice a ‘Conscious’ Choice? 

There are many differing opinions and a lot of confusion when it comes to the topic of Free Will. Personally, I believe we have Free Will, but it has its limits. Understanding how Free Will Choice functions allows you to optimize how you utilize this force in your life. I will begin with the most basic view of what Free Will is and the medium in which it occurs. Then I will discuss how the Universals can be utilized to transcend the limitations of your UnConsciousness when exercising your Free Will Choice; thus it can be a ‘Conscious’ Choice. Finally, I will provide a Mapping technique that can be helpful in expanding your ‘Conscious’ awareness  

Free Will is the ability to choose between different options or courses of action. It is fundamentally about having a choice. Even a restrained prisoner has Free Will Choice. Their choices may be dramatically limited, the space in which they can move is small, and the freedoms the world has afforded them may have been taken away. Yet the Inner Realms are not limited at all by this external state of being, nor are the higher vibrations of energy. 

Every moment of your life is filled with an abundance of options and possible courses that you can take within the Inner Realms as well as in the Outer Realms. This is the case for every living being. You have the power of Free Will Choice even when your outer world may overpower you with restrictions. In my experience living life and working with others doing Energy Therapy, I have found that a person’s most significant limitations in both the Inner and Outer Realms are self-imposed, often UnConsciously, through misuse of their Free Will Choices based on misperceptions. 

Mindfulness and other practices for raising consciousness are so important at this time because they clear misperceptions allowing Free Will Choice to be exerted with greater Consciousness. Humanity finds itself at a critical juncture. The greatest limitations to our collective evolution and life on planet Earth are individuals’ misperceptions which create self-imposed limitations. I will talk about some of the limitations you may be experiencing in the Inner and Outer Realms and how you can seize the full potential of your Free Will Choice to overcome them. 


Free Will Choice occurs within the medium of Consciousness. We must remember though that Consciousness can exist in different states. It has a range from UnConsciousness where the medium is in an unenlightened state to fully ‘Conscious’ Consciousness where the medium is enlightened and known. An interesting thing about Free Will Choice is that it may require the medium of Consciousness to be exerted, but it doesn’t require the state of ‘Conscious’ awareness. 

Within the medium of Consciousness, most people have some particular areas of Conscious awareness influencing their Choices, while the majority of their Free Will Choices are generated by their UnConsciousness. This means that most of your life is being chosen, created, and manifested outside the scope of your awareness and beyond your Mind’s cognitive functioning. There are many different types of barriers or reasons why you may not have access to an area of Consciousness. It could be a lack of exposure that has bred ignorance, in which case you want to open to your ‘knowing’. Or the arrogance of an inflated ego could narrow your view and limit your access to the All, in which case you want to assume an attitude of “I don’t know” and open to the mystery with curiosity.


The Universals create the foundational framework that governs Energy and Consciousness in all of the Differentiated and Integrated states it passes through over time. Utilizing these to work with your UnConsciousness allows you access to the inner workings of your reality. You can then perceive your present state of being and your whole Consciousness plane including your UnConsciousness. It may not be like a crystal ball providing a movie image of the greatest and worst moments of your life, but it will grant you a view of your Energy/Consciousness plane. You then have access to shift the structures and patterns of flow operating within your UnConsciousness. You enlighten your own inner workings in a way that enables you greater Conscious awareness as you exercise your Free Will Choice. The following equation is how I like to think of this process: 

Intentions x Universals = Balanced Manifestation of Your Objectives

To work with this energetically you want to begin with clear Intentions. Always connect with the essence of your desires rather than specifics around what it ‘looks’ like. For example; imagine you need a job and there is a specific job at a great employer that you want. Connect to the qualities of the job; the freedoms, benefits, and opportunities that appeal to you, and focus on them rather than the specific job. Many ideas about what you want in life wouldn’t maintain balance if they were to manifest in the way you imagine them. Attachment to details, particulars, and too many specifications limits your power of attraction. It also limits your ability to recognize what the universe is providing you with, which may fill your needs and desires but look very different than you imagine. 

Equipped with clear Intentions, there are many ways in which you can bring the Universal elements in for the balanced creation of your objectives. 

  • You can feel your desired objectives while envisioning yourself within the Universal Forms (5 Platonic Solids & Sphere). Hold this focus until the energy is flowing in all directions in perfect counterbalance so as to appear perfectly still.
  • You can write your Intentions on a piece of paper and… place it with a token of each of the elements on an altar, or perform a ritual utilizing all of the elements. 
  • You can repeat an affirmation or mantra specifically focused on your objectives as well as incorporating in the Universals. One simple way to do this is to mantra “I Am Now Here Creating Life” at least three times, then “I am creating (fill in your intention).” Close with another three repetitions of “I Am Now Here Creating Life”. Note: This six-word mantra taps into each of the six Universal forms.  

For the 24 HR Attunements, the particular framework that is foundational to the energetics of the attunement is the 24 Life Components template. This links directly to the rotation of the planet Earth and the individual participants’ circadian rhythm. Utilizing this Consciousness template of the basic building blocks of life, in this manner, sets a course in the unfolding of the energetics to preserve the life force and optimize the life path for that particular individual. This is because it is setting the parameters for the unfolding Energy and Consciousness to stay within the bounds of the Life Components, thus preserving life. 

I couldn’t possibly ‘know’ all of the specifics of anyone’s Energy and Consciousness, in a state of constant change nonetheless, to be able to ‘control’ all the shifts and adjustments occurring during the 24 HR Attunement. That is why I rely upon the framework of the Universals and other Energy/Consciousness templates governing our existence, like the 24 Life Components template. I utilize these to direct the healing, transformation, and creation of the attunement participants’ lives in an ecological way. 


  1. Begin with a ‘knowing’, sense, or intuition about something. Find a way to identify or mark where this knowing exists within Consciousness. 

Working energetically, in the beginning, I did a lot of Mapping of Energy and Consciousness. I would identify where I was working within the whole of Human Consciousness. I would seek a way to mark or identify where I was. It felt like planting a flag on a foreign planet to be able to return to the same location at a later point in time.  

  1. Stretch to identify if you are within a holistic framework or within a part of a greater whole. Identify how many parts there are within the whole. You can ask intuitively for this information or feel the energy of it. 

I would ask intuitively how many parts there were to assess whether I was working within a holistic framework or not. I would then open to feeling each part, learning about each part, as I stretched my Consciousness to encompass them all. It wasn’t an intellectual learning, like reading a book, but I would feel as though I was downloading information about the parts, how they were interconnected, and the whole in which they existed.

  1. Stay with the framework you find yourself within and observe until the energy begins to shift into a smooth and steady flow. Observe as all of the parts come into balance with each other.

I would stay with the holistic framework and the parts within, however it presented to me. I would observe and feel the Energy and Consciousness. I would stay with it until it felt clear and flowing in all directions, ultimately coming to an active stillness. Sometimes I would stay with it long enough to bring words to each part, but this could take many hours, days, or even weeks at times. More often I would simply identify and feel the parts without slowing down enough to name them. 

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