Attractors – Build them to Shape the Life You Want 


You probably have heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’, which states that what you put out into the universe influences what you will receive back from the universe. The vibrational frequency you embody and emanate has a magnetic quality that draws things/people/experiences of the same vibrational frequency to you. Many people, in an attempt to attract more positive life experiences, will focus on eliminating negative thinking and increasing positive thinking. Changing your thinking is a worthwhile endeavor and a very basic way to apply this principle. But your mental landscape is only one layer within a complex matrix of energy streams converging in any given moment determining what you are attracting to yourself. It is all energy; the physical matter(energy) of your body, the emotional energy of your feelings, the mental energy of your thoughts, and the pure energy of your spirit are all made of energy. You are a complex being and what you attract is much more complex than just the way you think.  


I want to share an excerpt from an NPR’s Fresh Air piece that a friend shared with me. It is about science writer Sally Adee’s new book We Are Electric. 

Listen for yourself here: Harnessing The Electricity In The Human Body 

The part that is relevant to our discussion is the following: “So when we talk about how babies are formed in the womb to look like babies… We usually talk about stem cells. But this is a different way of looking at it. This is about looking at it from an electrical perspective…when a fertilized egg…differentiates into all the cells… how does it know how to form itself… the eye color and the hair color and all that stuff – that’s determined by genetics. But what about the general shape? How does it know that there are two eyes on the front and, your feet face forward and your butt is behind you? There’s nothing about that in the genome, DNA doesn’t have spatial information. So there is growing evidence that there are bioelectric parameters that actually form a kind of blueprint that tells the body how to take shape… they injected tadpoles developing tadpoles, with something called a voltage dye… all of a sudden, there’s this electric shimmer over the tadpole, a sort of ghostly pre-pattern of eyes, and jaw, and mouth. And then it goes away… and then a few hours later, exactly where that was exactly the same shape of eyes and jaw, and everything else starts to form. And you can see that these electrical signals were like a blueprint that was instructing the body, where to put the face, and what the shape is.” 

The bioelectric parameters form an ‘Attractor’ of sorts determining the location, form, and shape of the growing physical matter. 


An ‘Attractor’ is a set of points that creates the edges or parameters of an active system. The edges permit the system to relate to other systems. The tadpole is an example of an active system and so is a human being. The set of points making up an ‘Attractor’ shape a system and its boundary conditions, determining what is filtered out, and what is allowed in. The ultimate effect that an ‘Attractor’ has is determined by its shape; it will attract that which fits together with itself like a multidimensional puzzle piece. The activity in the system will be put on a course that naturally evolves and migrates closer and closer to the set of points determining the shape of the ‘Attractor’ at the systems’ parameters. 


The Time and Space Matrices are like grid structures that exist on the subtler levels of energy and consciousness. Working here is the most powerful way to consciously create in your life. You can think about these matrices like a 3D Lite-brite grid where you choose which points to light up, whatever color you want, in whatever shape, size, or design you choose. Working on an energetic level, enlightening the elements of life that you want to grow into, has the effect of creating the electrical shimmer of that form, just like it did with the tadpole. It informs the complex flow of creative energies within your life to transform into the shape you have enlightened.   


The Universal Models are templates of perfect Universal Balance. I, with the help of many, have built these models in the form of the five platonic solids plus the sphere. We utilized the medium of human experience over the course of ten years to create the initial Universal Model Set. Years later, we would repeat much of the journey at an accelerated rate to revamp the Universal Model Set over the course of four years, again utilizing human experience. The Models reside within human consciousness and are accessible to all. The Universal Model Set can be viewed as a set of ‘Attractors’ for Universal Balance. The six forms that the models replicate exist in the universe. They govern the Universal Elements and Universal Creative Principles producing All within Life.

When something or someone is in a state of Universal Balance they are in a state of full potential. The energy is flowing, growth is optimized and all is within perfect synchronicity. There are many truths about the unfolding of time within space and the unfolding of space over time. When there is Universal Balance these truths become manifest in reality. One such truth is that humans are set on a trajectory of evolution leading to actualization. If an individual were to have no opposing forces to their natural evolution and all the necessary supports to stimulate growth then every human being would self-actualize. It is the natural course of human life. When one is in a state of Universal Balance the unfolding of natural processes such as actualization are unimpeded.  


Working with the ‘Attractor’ function of the Models means working with the Model Points. An ‘Attractor’ is a Set of Points. Utilizing the Sets of Points of the Universal Forms, in the shape of the Platonic Solids and the Sphere, has the effect of activating the ‘Attractor’ function within them. Working from the inside out, when in balance, the energy cycles from the center point equally stretching out to each of the Model Points. When you are able to hold an equal presence in the Points of a Model, you then attract the Universal Balance of that element within your life.   

The following chart has the number of points of each model highlighted.

Sphere: 0 faces 0 points 0 edges (Potential/Love)

Tetrahedron: 4 faces 4 points 6 edges (Fire/Spark)

Hexahedron: 6 faces 8 points 12 edges (Earth/Time)

Octahedron: 8 faces 6 points 12 edges (Air/Space)

Icosahedron: 20 faces 12 points  30 edges (Water/Consciousness)

Dodecahedron: 12 faces 20 points  30 edges (Ether/Creation) 


  1. Pick a Universal Model. 
  2. Envision yourself within the center of the Universal Model. 
  3. Maintain your focus on centering within the Model while you open to one of the points.
  4. Simply hold focus on the point with the intention of discovery and establishing Universal Balance until you feel the energy shift and settle. 
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 with each point of the Model you are working with. 
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 with each of the Universal Models. 


Dynamic systems are not always orderly, some systems produce chaotic dynamics. Chaos theory informs us that the apparent randomness of a chaotic system will actually have an underlying order of patterns, interconnection, feedback, and internal organization. The ‘Attractors’ of these chaotic systems function to balance the chaos and bring order. These chaotic ‘Attractors’ come in the form of a Point ‘Attractor’, Cycle/Circuit ‘Attractor’, Torus ‘Attractor’, or Strange ‘Attractor’. The Point ‘Attractor’ can be utilized to overcome limiting singularities, the  Cycle/Circuit ‘Attractor’ can be utilized to overcome limiting dualities, the Torus ‘Attractor’can be utilized to overcome limiting trinities, and the Strange ‘Attractor’ can be utilized to overcome limiting quadratics. The unfolding of life and human consciousness are quadratic in nature. The four chaotic ‘Attractors’ are operational working to bring order to the chaos. 

I have employed these ‘Attractors’ to work with groups. During the second R & D project I worked with a small group utilizing a Torus ‘Attractor’. When we began the year cycle, before encompassing the energy and consciousness of all the participants within a Torus ‘Attractor’, the experiences within the group were chaotic. Life suddenly felt out of control and the energy was near impossible to manage. This was quickly resolved by securing the group within a Torus ‘Attractor’. This shape was utilized for each of the year cycles. The Torus ‘Attractor’ created a particle accelerator encompassing the energy and consciousness of the participants. The effect of this on the participants was accelerated awakening. Currently, I am working with a Strange ‘Attractor’ within an individual apprenticeship. I find that the Strange ‘Attractor’ facilitates the transcendence of the Life Quadratics of human consciousness. It opens one to the greater intelligence in the universe. My energetic exploration of working with ‘Attractors’ is ongoing and it continues to be exciting and enlightening. 

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