‘Intuitive Channeling’ – You are doing it every day! 

People ‘Channel’ from a vast array of original sources and through the process of ‘Channeling’ they come to a plethora of ‘Final Forms’. Whether you are ‘Channeling’ your passions into activism to effect change in the world, or you are an artist opening to inspiration to create an original piece of artwork, or you are an innovator bringing through a new way to do something, or you are ‘Channeling’ the consciousness of a friend’s deceased relative, it is all the same mechanism. What is being ‘Channeled’ in each example is unique, each one has a different ‘Contact Point’, ‘Channel’ and ‘Final Form’ that is shaped by the ‘Channeling’ process.

Consider the following parallel. We all breathe, but the quality of that ‘Breath’ can vary dramatically. Is your ‘Breath’ slow, does it fill your lungs, bringing life sustaining oxygen to your cells? Or, is it shallow… rushed… is the air your breathing polluted…? Have you ever tried adding more focus and structure to your breathing in an exercise like ‘Box Breathing’, used to relax? Here you breathe in a pattern, like the four sides of a square you count for a number of your choice, I will choose four for example. Thus, you inhale for a count of four, hold for four, exhale for four and again hold for four. You then repeat this cycle of specific patterns and focus until the desired results are achieved. 

‘Channeling’ is to ‘Intuition’ what ‘Box Breathing’ is to ‘Breath’. ‘Channeling’ and ‘Box Breathing’ are both taking a steady natural flow and applying a specific pattern and focus to that flow. You may work to develop and improve the quality of your ‘Intuition’ just as you may work with your ‘Breath’. Both are examples of ways you can utilize your FreeWill to improve the quality of your life. Seizing the benefits of ‘Intuitive Channeling’ is simply a matter of specifying the focus and the pattern of ‘intuitive’ movement. You choose the source or ‘Contact Point’, whether you are channeling energy or consciousness and you choose the tenets of the ‘Final Form’. As the ‘Channel’ you will be transformed and expanded through the process. 

What is ‘Intuitive Channeling’? 

I would like to begin with looking at ‘Intuition’ which is the means of ‘Channeling’. Everyone has a flow of ‘Intuition’ moving through them, just like everyone breathes, regardless of how much one pays attention to it or not. ‘Intuiting’ is an active process influencing how you feel, ALL the time. ‘Intuition’ is ever present but it often appears to you as a random sensory experience, ‘gut’ feeling or unexpected thought that highlights within your conscious awareness. Your ability to utilize the ‘intuitive’ information to make decisions in life depends upon your ability to pay attention to this type of information and your self awareness to know how to interpret your array of sensory input. 

I find that humans in general are open to the idea of ‘Intuition’. But, if I begin to talk about ‘Channeling’ I lose people because of preconceived notions and a lack of framework for understanding what ‘Channeling’ actually is. To ‘Channel’ is simply to direct or cause something to follow a designated route. I believe that as humanity opens to the quantum level and the influence of consciousness on the energy of life they will appreciate the missing link that consciousness represents in explaining the unified field. Understanding the mechanisms at play with ‘Channeling’ is one way to dive into a deeper understanding of the plane of consciousness. 

From a mundane perspective people ‘Channel’ energy and consciousness as a regular occurrence in day to day life. Within the process of living you direct energy and consciousness towards particular objectives and other beings. This is ‘Channeling’ in its most basic form. The classic sense of what a ‘Channel’ is in the context of energy therapy is a person who conveys information(consciousness) or directs energy for the purposes of healing, growth, and evolution. 

How is ‘Intuitive Channeling’ different from ‘Basic Intuition’? 

Intuitive ‘Channeling’ is different from your ‘Basic Intuition’ in that you, or the ‘Channel’, are making contact outside of your ‘Individual’ energy field. This can occur either in connection to the ‘Contact Point’, original source of the energy or consciousness or it can occur where the ‘Channeling’ process completes in its ‘Final Form’. This is in contrast to your ‘Basic Intuition’ which occurs within a self contained loop that is constructed by an individual accessing the wisdom of their own sub or unconscious plane of existence. ‘Channeling’ on the other hand involves connection with something other than the ‘Channel’ itself.  

To understand the mechanisms through which this is possible you must understand the quantum level of reality and the quantum entanglement. A quantum entanglement is a long distance relationship. There is a union that occurs between particles (in the form of people, energies, consciousness) at great distances in space or time, such that there is a synergy in perception and/or experience. A change in one affects a change in the other despite the vast separation because they are intrinsically linked. The ‘Channel’ enters into a quantum entanglement with the energy/consciousness at the ‘Contact Point’ being accessed.

How is ‘Intuitive Channeling’ different from ‘Dissociation’? 

‘Channeling’ is often regarded as dissociation by the psychiatric community. This is due to a lack of understanding of consciousness and how the quantum realm functions. Dissociation is a one dimensional experience of a particular enduring point of trauma. The individual in a dissociated state is stuck on one ‘line of code’ running in a repeat loop. This disrupts the usually integrated functions of consciousness, memory, identity, and perception. One is absent, disconnected from their own body and their own experience in the present moment.

‘Channeling’ on the other hand is the polar opposite. The ‘Channel’ doesn’t leave the body, they create the space within for something more, other than self, to come through. There are no disruptions in the normal functions of consciousness, the focus of the Channel is simply on the other information or energy for the duration of the time that they are ‘Channeling’. It is as if one were reading a book and absorbing the information or assuming the postures and words of a character while acting in a play. There is a shift of focus, activity and engagement rather than an escape from life. Dissociation locks one into a constricted, repetitive point with increasing density. It is limiting. ‘Channeling’ on the other hand opens you to new, novel information or energy that stimulates growth in the ‘Channel’. It expands rather than limits. 

The Anatomy of ‘Channeling’.

Channeling involves three main parts; the ‘Contact Point’, the ‘Channel’ and  the ‘Final Form’. There is the original ‘Contact Point’ of the energy and/or consciousness that is being ‘Channeled’. It is significant to determine if it is energy and/or consciousness that has been connected with and is moving through the flow of ‘Intuition’. The process is slightly different for each. The ‘Channel’ will enter a quantum entanglement with the original ‘Contact Point’. Then, through the process of ‘Channeling’ there will be the resultant ‘Final Form’. The process of ‘Channeling’ involves a particular Focus or Intention and a Pattern of Intuitive Movement. The ‘Final Form’ is the energy and/or consciousness that is created as a direct product of the entanglement. 

Intuitive ‘Contact Points’- The Who, What & Where of ‘Channeling’.

A ‘Contact Point’ is the particular point in the universe where the ‘Channel’ is making a connection via a quantum entanglement that initiates the act of ‘Channeling’. This point may be within the Individual’s field, within the Group level or within the greater Oneness, for one example of this type of categorization. Knowing the who, what and where of this original ‘Contact Point’ is valuable information to consider when determining how to direct the ‘Final Form’ of the ‘Channeling’. I find that the Universals provide a relativistic template for identifying where the ‘Channeling’ originates. This perspective can determine what fundamental elements are at play, where in time and space it occurs, what level of consciousness and creation is being highlighted and what is generating it all and what is holding it together. 

Questions you can pose to determine the trinity placement of the ‘Contact Point’… Are you ‘Channeling’ your Higher Self? This occurs within your Individual energy field. Are you ‘Channeling’ another Light Being previously embodied or not…or, is it a particular frequency/dimensionality of healing energy… or the consciousness of wisdom revealed? These examples occur on a Group level? Most ‘Channeling’ occurs on the Group level where the differentiated complexities are comprehensive. The final question in assessing placement within the trinity is: are you ‘Channeling’ divinity from the Oneness? This is only one of many ways to identify the parameters of the ‘Contact Point’ being ‘Channeled’. One identification I find fundamentally helpful is “what are you ‘Channeling’ from the ‘Contact Point’?” Is the determination if you are ‘Channeling’ energy, consciousness, or a combination of the two.

The Limits of the ‘Channel’ – Know ThySelf

The process of ‘Channeling’ is limited by the humanity of the ‘Channel’. This human factor creates a filter, blocking or distorting the energy or consciousness being funneled through the ‘Channel’. In utilizing the product of the ‘Channeling’, the ‘Final Form’ it is important to factor in any limits at play. Potential limits created by the humanity of the ‘Channel’ include ‘Hard Constructs’, ‘Wounding’, ‘Fears’ and ‘Deficits’.

  •  A ‘Hard Constructs’ is a limiting thought or belief, a distorted concept held by the ‘Chanel’ or a dense rigid form of energy that resides within their energy field. 
  • ‘Wounding’ can leave old energy forms that continue to vibrate and influence present impressions. 
  • ‘Fears’ always limit and distort when given any weight. 
  • And ‘Deficits’ in the experience, knowledge or skills of the ‘Channel’ put a cap on the final product. 

My Experience with ‘Channeling’

The Work is innate for me…

The skills I have developed as an Energy Therapist are in alignment with my natural abilities. I have a natural inclination towards energy awareness, hypersensitivity, the higher vibrations and the ‘other side of the veil’. I didn’t set out in life to become an Energy Therapist; it is what I was shown when I opened to the universe for guidance. Energy Therapy is an umbrella label that integrates many practices including ‘Channeling’, Shamanic Journey and Energy Healing. I have been able to integrate and utilize my many hypersensitivities including being empathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognizant.

I grew up in a small town, Woodstock Ct. known for its tranquility, history and pastoral scenes. It was one of the early ‘prayer towns’ in the puritan movement, setting its residents on a traditional christian path. There wasn’t a framework for my intuitive awareness as a child, it was simply an unspoken part of my experience. Church was my only early childhood exposure to the realm of spirit/energetics but as I approached my teen years I began to encounter other traditions. When I was twelve I met a man who was working with the chakra system. He introduced me to a group of hands on healers from the Philippines, who were visiting the US. I could see, understand and dialog with them about energetics for the first time in my life. 

My immersion into the unconventional path…

I would spend the next sixteen years following a traditional path of college, studying accounting and psychology before I would give in to a more natural flow for myself. Once I finally did, I never turned back. The next phase of my journey began with intensive shamanic training to clear out the conditioning that limited me, attachments, fears and over identification with my ego. This would prepare me for The Work, my life’s work engaging my lifelong intuitive awareness and sensitivities. These natural abilities became forefront as I developed skills to put them to good use. 

‘Channeling’ was one of the skills I worked to develop in a comprehensive way. It was all very fun and curious, I approached it without attachment. I simply observed and noted my observations. I opened to ‘Channeling’ both energy and consciousness. I connected with many different Light Beings to ‘Channel’ the messages they held. One being that I worked with for a while presented to me as ‘Hoshiaki’. If the energy were to be embodied I envisioned he would be like a sumo wrestler. I would spend time alone, drumming and chanting to become an empty vessel. Then Hoshiaki would come through me in a deep voice very different from my own. 

I would ‘Channel’ information for people or convey messages from the spirits of loved ones still lingering. I ‘Channeled’ energy for healing illnesses and imbalances. I found the other side of the veil to be as complex and active as this side. I didn’t have limits in making connections, but I did recognize the temporal nature of my human embodiment and I realized I needed to choose what to work on in this lifetime because I couldn’t do it all. 

‘Channeling’ my life’s work…

In opening to ‘Channel’ information about my life’s work, the initial piece of information I received that set me on course to fulfill my purpose was simply an image of a Cube and an overwhelming sense of knowing that this was my life’s work. It was at this point that I had to let all the exploratory play within the inner worlds go and hone in to do the work that I came into this life to do. This launched the next ten years of ‘Channeling’ 24/7. For the first six years it was from the perspective of the Cube alone. The other Universal Forms would be the focus of the final four years. This ten years was 100% ‘Channeled’ research. Each step was following the instructions of inner guidance as I connected to Source Energies.    

I was a purist working with the Universals and setting the Universal Models (the basis of the Energy Therapy I offer) within the plane of human consciousness. This inner journey paralleled ten years of work with the extreme imbalances that humans find themselves in. This placed me working with a variety of fringe populations and cases deemed ‘hopeless’ by current systems. It would take me years to process and integrate this ten year research period. I took a break from R & D for nine years to simply work with the protocols developed in my private practice. But then, as we approached 2017 I answered the call and dove back into research and development for four years as our country and the whole world was heading into a worldwide crisis. Once again The Work from 2017 through 2020 was 100% guided by ‘Channeled’ information. 

‘Channeling’ is a part of the Energy Therapy I offer…

I ‘Channel’ Source Energies… What this means is that I enter a state of complete surrender and openness to allow the highest possible vibration and dimensionality of Source Energies to flow through me. The qualities I find in this flow are unconditional love, truth and breathtaking beauty.  

I ‘Channel’ the Wisdom of the Universals and Universal Balance…This is the Conscious Lens through which I observe the process. All of the movement of energy and consciousness is directed towards an ideal goal of Universal Balance, in each moment. This is always my motive as I maintain rigid adherence to the framework of the Universals. I utilize the models and protocols created during the research and development phases. 

The Work I ‘Channel’ utilizes Protocols for Healing, Restoring Balance and exercising one’s FreeWill to Consciously Create in life. Shifting and directing the energy towards greater and greater alignment with Universal Balance serves to optimize one’s natural flow of evolution in life. This is the only consciously directed influence that I seek to have. Every aspect of The Work is designed to have this influence. 

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