The Power of Time – Feedback Loops


A loop is fundamentally an endless cycle generating constant change within life. Loops occur within the energy of life as well as within consciousness. Loops can occur in energy or consciousness independently or they may sync up. When energy loops and consciousness loops do synchronize then conscious living can occur, a clear view of reality is being perceived, and the freedom of conscious choice becomes accessible. 


I often refer to the 24 HR Attunement as a ‘Loop’. The ‘Loop’ in this instance is the day cycle created by the earth’s rotation. The matter of earth is rotating around its own axis, in an energy loop, generating an environment that supports life on the planet. Synchronizing your consciousness with this energy loop is a key way to gain direct access to the place where your FreeWill has the greatest impact. FreeWill doesn’t function like a genie who grants your wishes, making them suddenly appear. Freewill requires effort. It requires the exertion of your conscious choice to shape the energy of your life. It may also require other action steps. 

You may not be able to ‘will’ the light on by simply thinking ‘I want the light on’, but if you have consciousness of where the light switch is in the room, then you can exert your ‘will’ to physically turn it on. This is why working with the 24 Life Components allows you to directly choose and influence how your life takes shape. The 24 Life Components are the energetic building blocks of your life that are being produced by the day cycle of the earth’s rotation.

The Life Components chart is essentially your roadmap, a blueprint per se to the places where the different parts of your life are being formed. Changes here will reconstruct and reshape these different parts of your life over time. So as you attune the Life Components, it is like ‘flipping the switches’ on in the rooms in your house. The next time the earth rotates to that position the reshaping process will continue and each subsequent day that it rotates to that position will perpetuate the reshaping of your life.  

The vast majority of your life is being created by your sub-unconscious influence over the energy of your life (about 95 percent). This is why targeting your FreeWill directly in the location where your life is being created will have the greatest impact. And targeting your influence of change within the day cycle allows your influence to be repeated each day, generated by the earth rotation. What forms in your life will begin to take the shape of what you have consciously chosen over time when your FreeWill is targeted at the point of creation. 


Loops can take different forms that will create different energetic dynamics. There are two different shapes that appear within the creation of mammalian life. There are Infinity Loops and Circular Loops. The different places they occur can be viewed through the sacred trinity IGO, the Individual, Group and Oneness levels. Within this framework, the repetitive cycles of energy and consciousness generating life for the Individual organism take the form of Infinity Loops. 

The energetic dynamics on the Individual level are like microcosms of the energetic dynamics seen within the greater Oneness; this is because these are also being generated by the form of Infinity Loops. A well known religious teaching that “God created man in his own image…” is a personification of the energetic reality – the energy dynamic of the individual is the same as the energy dynamic of the Oneness. This is in contrast to the Group level dynamics where Circular Loops are found operating within the time-space continuum.

The way this overlays with the 24 Life Components is that the Individual components are governed by Infinity Loops; Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit, Configuration, Aggregation, Animation, Manifestation. The Oneness components are also being generated by Infinity Loops; Unification, Individuation, Stillness, Movement. Physical, Emotional, Thought, Energetic. And the contrast comes in the Group components being generated by Circular Loops; Experience, Events, Fields, Senses, Essence, Soul, Gifts, Personality. 


One type of loop that can take the form of an Infinity Loop or a Circular Loop is the Feedback Loop. A Feedback Loop is a cycle within which the output that is created as a result of the cycle is then utilized as input to perpetuate the continuation of the cycle. The Output/Input part of the cycle provides the element of control and it is the location to exert your FreeWill. If the output you perceive is not as you initially intended, you can assess it and then adjust the input or process to achieve a closer approximation to your desired result. This is an example of how you can utilize the power of your FreeWill. Applying this principle specifically on the energetic level you can spin the Feedback Loops. They can be spun in the desired direction and in the places where energy or consciousness needs to be amplified or limited. This provides a profound element of control over your life. 


A feedback loop can flow in a clockwise or a counterclockwise direction. A clockwise flow creates a Negative Feedback Loop whereas a counterclockwise flow creates a Positive Feedback Loop. These two work together to maintain the homeostasis of an individual organism while keeping that individual on a steady path of evolution. Positive feedback amplifies a system’s output, resulting in growth or decline. While the negative feedback limits system output, stabilizing the system around an equilibrium point.


Negative Feedback Loops are regulating balance, alignment and homeostasis within you and your life. They preserve your set points of reality within the influences of life’s constant change. Energetically Negative Feedback Loops are utilized to maintain your ‘structure’ or basic energetic framework. I will often refer to one’s ‘energetic integrity’. It is this status quo of who you are that is being maintained with Negative Feedback Loops. These establish your limits, the bounds of your existence and the constraints within your life. 

I want to provide you with a few examples of where Negative Feedback Loops are known to occur. Negative Feedback is seen in the regulation of your blood glucose levels and osmoregulation. These loops are seen in your brain prompting you to make your life fit with your set points of what you believe it ought to be. And it is seen in a dynamic of avoidance of a particular set of behaviors that would generate change to alter your set points, thus you may maintain the status quo. 

Utilizing Negative Feedback Loops when working energetically: 

Negative Feedback Loops hold you in place, on point maintaining your equilibrium. Some equilibrium points that are stabilized when working energetically are your Center Point, Present Point and Hhon(home) Point to name a few of the vast number of relative points constructing your life. You can utilize energy therapy to secure your position on these points. 

For an example of how this works, energetically you can lock into a strong Present Point. This will enable you to recall a past memory or plan a future event without losing clarity of perspective to the present moment and how the past or future meandering relates to the present. It will grant you full access to all that is available to you at the moment. This is only one of thousands of such points where the beginning meets the end of each loop oscillation within you. Collectively they hold the consistency of your life intact as you adjust to the constant change occurring within you and all around you. 


Positive feedback loops are stimulating growth, change and evolution within you and your life. Energetically positive feedback loops are utilized to maintain your ‘flow’ or your steady progress to overcome blocks, challenges and inertia. I will often refer to one being ‘on track’ or not, indicating whether or not you are in the ‘flow’ of opportunities currently available. Positive feedback loops stimulate learning, transformations and awakening within you.  

I want to provide you with a few examples of where Positive Feedback Loops are known to occur. Positive Feedback is seen in the contractions during childbirth and the ripening of fruit. These loops are seen in your brain neuroplasticity and your ability to change your brain set points, beliefs and view of life. They are also seen in a dynamic of repetition of a particular set of behaviors that generates change and disrupts the status quo. Note the change can be of a creative or destructive nature.  

Utilizing positive feedback when working energetically: 

When working energetically, the areas of growth that are stimulated with Positive Feedback can vary dramatically from person to person and even moment to moment for each individual. This depends upon many complex factors that are influencing the unfolding of one’s life. Some common areas where Positive Feedback is utilized with energy therapy are when you are opening beyond conditioning that is limiting your evolution, or when you are activating your soul’s purpose, or developing the skills you need for fulfillment in life.

For an example of how this works on conditioning, energetically you are launching yourself off of a limiting or stuck set point. Take for an example you were conditioned to believe that you are ‘small’ in some way, that you can’t _____, that you can’t make a difference in the world. Move the energy of that limiting belief, that stuck point in a counterclockwise direction. Spiraling outward in bigger and bigger circles will break up the density of the energy at that point and expand it. This generates movement from that point creating expansion and change in your life.   


If you are overextended, overwhelmed or similarly imbalanced:

Simply envision a clockwise flow of energy, beginning at the furthest reaches to which your energy has dispersed and moving around you in smaller and smaller clockwise rotations until you reach your center. Repeat this until you feel a shift, until things feel settled and consolidated. 

If you are feeling stagnant, stuck or similarly imbalanced: 

Simply envision a counterclockwise flow of energy beginning in your core, your center and moving out around you in bigger and bigger counterclockwise rotations until you expand your edges. Repeat this until you feel a shift, until you can relax and breathe, when the energy feels freed up and moving. 


I would like to propose a different way to think about Time. Just as we needed to let go of the concept that the world was flat, I believe we need to let go of the concept of Time being linear. Yes, we are able to create a timeline of our lives from beginning to end in linear fashion beginning with the past, proceeding to the present and ending with the future. This tracks the evolutionary process and serves a cognitive function, but it is an oversimplified view of Time and only one tenth of the force and influence it truly plays in your life. One further point I would like to make before proceeding with presenting a different view of Time is that Time is not an ‘illusion’, as some would have you think. Time is as real as Space and of equal influence to your life. 

The three foundational dimensions of Time; the past, the present and the future are Feedback Loops. Take any moment in Time; there are three influencers constructing the 3D Time element. Each Feedback Loop is of equal measure and influence. There is the present dimension constructed out of the vibrational array, or range containing all the layers and particulars of reality in that particular moment. It is not necessary for there to be consciousness of what is vibrating for it to have an influence. Consciousness is needed though if you wish to exercise your FreeWill to make a change. 

The second dimension of Time is the past. It continues to influence with its vibrational array where it is still reverberating and enlivening the moment. The past has brought you to this moment, to this point in Time with profound and undeniable influence that is an integral part of what is occurring right now. This influence is well known from many perspectives. The future on the other hand, which is the third dimension of Time, also has an equal influence over the moment. This is the least understood dimension of Time. These three dimensions are the counterparts to the height, width and breadth of Space. Together they form the foundational 3D plane of the time-space continuum.  


I love finding scientific studies that demonstrate principles which healers and energy workers have been utilizing for centuries. I came across just such a reference recently demonstrating the impact of the unconscious-present and future time loops. Below I am including excerpts from the summary for

Carl Jung, by Frederick Walborn, in Religion in Personality Theory, 2014 Synchronicity and Quantum Physics found within:

In one of the nine studies, participants were shown two curtains on a computer screen. They were told that a picture of something was behind one of the curtains. They were to “guess” which of the two curtains hid the picture… The critical factor in the study was that in regard to increasing emotions, some of the pictures were erotic and the other pictures were neutral…It was hypothesized that the participants would correctly identify the pictures which were more erotic because people were emotionally aroused by the picture, even though they could not see the picture. Participants did correctly identify the position of the erotic pictures significantly more often than the position of the neutral pictures. 

This study demonstrates the influence of the vibrational array of present reality and how it impacts you even when it is vibrating within your unconscious realm. It is one dimension of time. Incorporating this into your view of time is essential in understanding reality.

In a second of Bem’s (2011) nine studies, the direction of time was seemingly reversed. This type of study is called retroactive priming… In Bem’s (2011) retroactive study, the prime is given after the picture. For example, if there is a picture of people laughing, the participant then rates the picture as pleasant or unpleasant, and then a prompt of the word “fun” is briefly displayed on the computer screen. How fast the participants respond is the dependent variable. Subjects respond faster when there is congruence between the picture and the future prompt, even though the prompt comes after the subject’s response. Whereas if there is a picture of people laughing, followed by an incongruous word of “sad,” the subjects do not respond as fast even though the prompt occurred after they saw the picture.

This study demonstrates the influence of the vibrational array of future reality on your present moment. It is another dimension of time with the past being the third dimension. The future having an impact on right now is a concept that has yet to become a part of the mass consciousness. Incorporating this into your view of time is essential in understanding reality.

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