Building a Vessel for Abundance

As you work to attract a full and rich life, the abundance coming in needs to be received and held for you to consciously experience it. Your vessel is your energetic receptacle receiving the energy of all that is within your life. This exists on a subtler level of energy than the body, which inhabits the densest level. Your vessel is roughly twelve times the size of your body which resides at the center. You can think of it like a cup that you fill with the energies of life, drinking in life and refilling your cup. 

The vessel is a universal construct. The configuration of your vessel is determined by your vibrational frequency and dimensional array. This is what dictates the parameters and limits of what can manifest in your physical life. Attuning your vessel for abundance is a matter of raising your frequency and expanding your dimensionality. Viewing the vessel from the perspective of the universal forms I will suggest some simple ways that you can raise your frequency and expand dimensionality within each of the universal elements. 


The universal form governing the potential within life is the sphere. 

The beginning point of your vessel precedes vibration and dimension. It arises from the place of untapped potential or potential energy. It is from this place that all of existence emerges. By connecting with the counterpoint to everything which is nothingness you have a clear view of all. It is here that the purity of free will choice exists.

The best way I have found to connect with this place is by entering a state of perfect stillness and silence, releasing all I know and becoming a blank slate. Energetically it is a return to ground zero, the place where all potential exists. To begin, settle into the silent stillness, connect with your source energies (your creator) and open to the place of pure knowing. It is here that you have access to the full potential of your vessel.


The universal form governing the spark of life is the tetrahedron. 

The universe began with the big bang, the initial spark of life as we know it. All creation within life mimics this initiating event and begins with a spark. When your life force is sparked and you engage in the process of creating you are increasing your vibrational frequency. Parents know that bringing a child into the world is an expansive experience like no other. This is because it is the creation of life itself. But, having children is not the only way to engage in a pure act of creation. Innovation and original creative expressions will engage a high vibrational spark of life. Even bringing a creative spark, reverence or sacredness to the simple maintenance of daily life will raise your frequency. 

Living a full and rich life will increase your dimensionality. Each different area of creative expression or life engagement will add to the array. Engaging the energy and consciousness of the higher levels of reality will bring you up a dimensional ladder. This can be through energy work, channeling or some other form of raising energy consciousness. And working with the universals will open you to the full multidimensional reality in which you live.      


The universal form governing the time of your life is the hexahedron(cube).

The more present you are, the higher your vibrational frequency will be. By consciously or unconsciously holding onto the past, living based in old beliefs or conditioning that inhibits your potential from actualizing you are lowering your frequency. This is also the case anytime you are giving into irrational fears or worrying about the future. Either way you are missing the abundance available to you in the present moment. You need to be home, within yourself, to receive “the package” of abundance being given to you from the universe.

Deepening into your understanding of others and the world around you will increase your dimensionality. Be fully present to understand others’ perspectives, to “walk a mile in their shoes” as the saying goes. Take others in, sense them and receive them fully. This will not only increase your dimensionality, it will add to the abundance in your life.  


The universal form governing the space of your life is the octahedron.

Allow your light to shine. The more full and bright it is, the higher the frequency. Actualize who you are. An actualized person will vibrate at the highest frequency. You want a clean and clear space for abundance to come into. Clear out anything that is blocking or inhibiting the emanation of your light and actualization of who you are. These are the things within yourSelf and your life that are toxic or just taking up space. Release attachments to people, places and things that no longer serve you. Things that are negative lower your vibrational frequency.

Sharing who you are authentically with others and utilizing your natural abilities in your life will increase your dimensionality. Having a broad scope with varied connections on different levels will fill your life with a multidimensional array. Whereas, living by rote within the confines of conditioned constructs will keep you boxed into a limited array. 


The universal form governing your perception is the icosahedron

The universe is abundant. When you perceive the abundance around you it opens your receptive channels to allow the abundance in. You can raise the frequency of what your receptors are attracting by focusing on the positive things you are drawing to you while refusing to engage the negative. Utilizing tools, like keeping a gratitude journal, will open your receptors and raise your vibration. While perseverating on your fears or judgments will lower your vibration. Pay attention to what you attract that is a high frequency and receive it fully to encourage more of the same.

You can increase your dimensionality through development of your sensory awareness. By utilizing all of your senses you open more channels for information/energy to come in. Each sense tunes into a different band of energy adding to the multidimensionality of your perception. Having a clear and comprehensive perception of life allows you to exercise discernment and attract abundance as you receive the energy of life.   


The universal form governing your life creation is the dodecahedron. 

You are always creating your life. Every action you take, or fail to take, influences your creation. When you embody your divinity and take action from your higher self you are connecting with a higher (vibrational) reality and increasing your frequency. You will vibrate at the highest possible frequency when your choices are being generated by altruistic motives. To raise your frequency, embody the best self that you can be and dare to have the courage to use your power for the greater good. 

Being in your power, exercising your free will and expressing who you are authentically in all the different areas of your life will increase your dimensionality. Give freely of yourself, it will always come back to you in some form as the universe is engineered to be equality based. The act of giving, in and of itself, will stretch you into all the dimensions within your reach to be able to embody them. 

As you work to raise your vibrational frequency and expand your dimensional array you will be transforming your vessel and ultimately building a vessel for abundance. The universe is abundant by nature, it is up to you how much you open to receive. Begin with a blank state, connect with what sparks you, be fully present, make room for abundance, open your receptors and embody your divinity. Doing this will attune you to the high frequency multidimensional array available to you in each moment and it will allow the elements of abundance to flow into your life.  

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