Attract the life you want with your Magnetic Personality

Ever wonder why you seem to keep attracting certain types of people and experiences that don’t work for you and may even cause you pain. Or why that dream relationship with “the one” that you were drawn to with kismet certainty, didn’t turn out so dreamy? Do you wonder why you are unable to attract that perfect job where you enjoy your work and are appreciated. You may be taking all the right steps, asking all the right questions, approaching things in a reasonable and logical manner, yet nothing works. 

The magnetic pulls towards and repulsions away from particular people, places and experiences are all being orchestrated by invisible, unconscious forces. Specifically magnetism; which is a part of the electromagnetic force, one of the fundamental forces of nature. Human nature, governed by the fundamental forces, is more powerful than your freewill intentions alone. But, if you attune your consciousness with these forces you are able to seize the powers of nature and utilize your free will to direct them.

Current studies are exploring the human capacity to sense magnetic fields and they are finding that some people actually do have this capacity. Do you have sensory awareness of magnetic fields? If not, you are not alone. Humanity is just scratching the surface in understanding this sensory ability. It is time we begin to pay attention, otherwise we will continue to be pulled this way and that by the unseen forces of nature, despite our best intentions.


A person with a magnetic personality, according to the urban dictionary, is “a person with a sense of calm self-confidence and authenticity who others are drawn towards instinctively.”  We tend to think of this expression as a particular personality type rather than a state of being that anyone can achieve. Some people do seem to readily attract a large number of people and opportunities with ease. I would say this is a person with a strong magnetic field. But, the truth is that everyone is generating a magnetic field of which their personality is a part. Thus, everyone has a “magnetic” personality that is attracting and repelling people and experiences to and from their lives. It may be big and strong or small and weak but it is always magnetic, this is the nature of your personality. 


A human being’s personality is like a planet’s magnetosphere. A magnetosphere is the magnetic field that exists around the sun and most of the planets and stars in our solar system. A magnetic field is created by an electrical charge being in motion. Add more charge and more motion to create a bigger and stronger magnetic field. 

The magnetic strength and size of a celestial body’s magnetosphere is variable depending on the charge and the motion. For instance, Jupiter has the strongest and biggest in our solar system, after the sun, with a width that is 15 times the width of the sun compared to the earth’s magnetic field which would fit inside the sun. And just like the celestial bodies, people’s magnetospheres are not created equal. It all depends upon the charged particles in motion residing in the core of the person. 

If you are being authentically who you are then your personality will be a bright emanation of the light that is uniquely yours. Your electrically charged light emanates from within the core of your being creating the magnetic field of your personality, just as the electrically charged particle within the molten core of the earth creates the earth’s magnetic field. Your light is your life force and light energy is essentially electromagnetic radiation. Thus, the force you are working with when approaching your personality is the electromagnetic force.


To view “who” you are, I go to the parts of the “Self”. Your “Self” is the group level expression of your light and your personality is the outermost part of this. The energy of the “Self” is light energy. It is formed as the inner light of your essence emanates through your inner soul structure. 

The soul works like a crystal, as the light shines through, the light array that forms is variable based on the cut of the crystal. In the same way the design of your soul forms the light expression that is you. Each soul structure is configured differently and diffuses the light energy in a unique expression. This generates a specific magnetic field that will magnetize the perfect experiences for you to learn your soul lessons and evolve. All humans are naturally set on a path of evolution. This understanding provides the insight and perspective needed to optimally engage life. 

Your light then emerges to the outer parts of who you are. The outer “Self” is constructed of your gifts, or natural abilities, and your personality. Your natural abilities are the outer emanation of your unique soul design. The light emerges from the inner parts of who you are and shines through your outer gifts to form your personality as the light reaches the outermost edges of who you are. Your personality is the front line for interacting with the world around you.    

Strengthening the magnetic quality of your personality is a matter of increasing the charge in your core to supercharge your essence. This allows more light to reach the surface of who you are and emanate into the world. When you are expressing authentically it increases the electrical charge in your essence and expands your magnetic field. This is why people are attracted, or magnetized to you when you do this. Working with your “Self” to attract the life you want is utilizing your inherent magnetic quality with conscious choice. This allows you to shape your magnetosphere to attract the things you want and repel the things you don’t. 


The “how to” can be abbreviated to; receive yourself, express yourself and engage the life that you attract. 

  1. Receive Yourself- All of You   

Self confidence comes with self awareness and acceptance. This occurs when you know who you are in your core and you accept both your challenges and abilities. By receiving the depths of who you are, you create the opening to allow light to penetrate the core of your being, charging your life force. 

  1. Express Yourself – Authentically  

Your expression is the light that you are emanating into the group energy. If it is superficial then it will not hold much magnetic strength. But, if it is an authentic expression, coming from the core of your being, it will be sourced from your supercharged core, generating a big and strong magnetic field.

  1. Engage the Life that you Attract 

As you attract (magnetize) people and experiences to you it is important to seize the opportunities that are present. This increases your magnetism to attract more of these types of experiences. Also, notice the things you are attracting that you don’t want and make a conscious choice to repel them, never engage them. Doing this will reverse the spin in motion and utilize the magnetic power of repulsion. Remember there is a perfect reflection in what is coming to you. What you attract mirrors your unconscious state of being; it is a direct result of what you are magnetizing, either consciously or unconsciously. Paying attention allows you to choose the things that you attract and the ones that you repel. 

Receive who you are and allow the light to penetrate your core, increasing the charge in your essence. Express authentically from the core of your being, allowing your light to shine in the world. And, engage the life you attract with your whole being, to evolve and expand your magnetic personality. 

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