Beyond Silence – This is the Voice to Listen To

How are you responding to the Global Pandemic, Economic Crisis and Social Upheaval? This has been my preemptive response.

Four years ago I received an intuitive message from beyond the silence that our country was in trouble and I was being called to action. The guidance I received was to bring healing energy and the principles of universal balance to the United States as a whole for 4 years, running from Jan. 1 2017 through Dec. 31 2020. This overriding focus of the project I would call “United We Stand”. 

The need for unity, healing and universal balance was not as obvious four years ago as it is today. But, I have learned over the years to listen to this voice and every time that I have, the importance of the guidance becomes clear in time. 

The United States is in crisis. The whole country, along with the rest of the world, became consciously aware of this fact in the spring of this year as the coronavirus global pandemic surged in the US and around the globe. The initial sentiment was “We Are All in this Together!” and many continue in this vein. This is the right messaging and optimal approach to this crisis. Sadly though, it has deteriorated and we are now a country that is divided and in conflict. As the saying goes United We Stand, Divided We Fall. It may be cliche but it is the choice we are facing.

Humanity has been challenged to expand and evolve by its encounter with the coronavirus. As I talked about last April in “Is this Pandemic Tiring You Out” or “Moving at the Speed of Light”. This encounter has created a unified conscious experience within humanity and it has brought us into the universal realm. We see evidence of this as systemic prejudices and inequities are being brought into the consciousness of Americans with a demand for change. During the first three years of this project I worked with groups of people developing energy models. First, working with the Universals, based in equality. These represent the ideals in balance, an optimal state of being and in my opinion the objective we ought to be evolving towards. The systemic issues in this country being brought to light are gross imbalances to which Universal Balance is the ultimate solution.  

In 2018, the second year of this project, we spent the whole year developing Holistic Business Models, working with Financial Independence Energetics and building a new Holistic School structure. The importance of this has become clear to me as the economy and business network in this country is also in a crisis state as a secondary impact from the pandemic. It is having an impact across the country from government agencies and corporate america to small businesses, families and individuals. Again we see the demand for change as the systemic problems are coming to light within the business workings in the US. These imbalances are interwoven with the human rights issues of prejudice and inequity that are sparking the social unrest.   

Last year, 2019, we spent the year developing models of Family Unity and reformulating the Holistic School structure. These systems in the US are particularly challenged with the changing demands and routines during this time. They are not equipped in present form to accommodate the needs that were previously being met before the pandemic and change is required. The combination of medical, economic and societal crises in the US are touching many families directly and all in person school systems. And many others are impacted by the dramatic changes occurring to everyday life and increasing stress levels created by the crises. This increase in stress has the effect of exacerbating imbalances, and essentially bringing everyone’s “stuff” to the surface, ideally to be dealt with and evolved beyond.  

I don’t think anyone would dispute how severely these areas have been impacted within our society. The gross imbalances existing within these systems and the need for dramatic change is being exposed. We all have a part to play in this process and we are in it for the long haul. This is not a time to hunker down and wait it out, even if our right place is to stay at home. Our country is in crisis and being thrust into an accelerated period of change. I believe we need to be proactive to build our new normal and engage the creative process now. As an energy therapist and researcher, this is how I have been doing my part for the last four years by listening to the voice from within, beyond the silence. 
But where does this voice come from and how do you get there? It requires you to move beyond the chatter of distractions, beyond your fear, limiting beliefs and emotional reactivity to the quiet stillness within. It is here, within your core, at the edge of your being where you meet something greater than you, source energy and the void from which all innovation and new creations arise. Mindfulness and meditation are practices that can be helpful in making this connection but they only represent one avenue. The key is knowing yourself and what brings you to that deep place of connection within the flow of the universe. Then recognizing and honoring the intuitive information by listening with the utmost of care and incorporating this information into your choices and action. I encourage you all to listen beyond the silence and dare to take the risk of following your intuitive impulses. Honor the part you have to play in building the new normal of tomorrow.

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