The Dark Side of Synchronicity & Serendipity How to Bring Light


Let’s begin by touching upon what Synchronicities and Serendipities actually are, how they are alike and how they are different. Then I will get into the dark side to explore misappropriated Synchronicities and Serendipities, taking a look at some of the conditions that can manifest as a result. What we are exploring with these concepts is a convergence point of elements coming together because of mutual resonance. Their vibrational frequency is in sync and their dimensional constructs are lined up. People apply meaning to these configurations in the form of archetypes, symbols and myths. 

Synchronous events and Serendipitous events have many similarities. Both provide examples of meaningful coincidences. Both involve the temporal syncing of an observation of an internal event with the observation of a spatially separate outer world event. These two causally unrelated events become entangled reflectively within a similar space of meaning as the inner and outer information is bridged. The essential nature of observation for both Serendipity and Synchronicity is why mindfulness actually increases your frequency of these experiences.  

The main difference between Synchronicity and Serendipity is in the impact created by the particular elements connecting. Synchronicity tends to have an inner Self impact, one that affects your psychology and emotion. Whereas Serendipity tends to have an external, outer world impact affecting change in your life. Synchronicity may include the presence of intentionality or it may not while Serendipity has been thought to be devoid of conscious intention. I would challenge this last point to say I believe intentionality is an influential factor. I believe it can be applied to your outer world, as well, to effect change. 

Change is a key factor with Synchronicity and Serendipity. These events are dynamic occurrences within life. They both prompt the creative process and bring the potential of expansion and evolution to the individual experiencing them. This happens instantaneously when a person is centered and the experience is emerging from here. Other instances occur where a person is experiencing a split on a foundational level and the connection points are about bridging the divide and healing the wound.   


My brain is wired naturally to recognize patterns and to find imbalances. In addition to this natural tendency I have practiced this skill for decades treating imbalances within myself and many others. In my experience, I have found that we can learn just as much, if not more, about Synchronicity/Serendipity from challenging, although still meaningful, coincidences that occur as we can from ones that bring expansion through a pleasant meeting of elements. When the convergence point of a Synchronicity/Serendipity is challenging, representing a state of illness, this is what I am identifying as a Misappropriated Synchronicity/Serendipity. 

Given this blog is about Synchronicity/Serendipity I am bringing in a set of imbalanced conditions that all have an issue of brain connectivity. The Synchronous connection is split and as organisms are always seeking homeostasis, the connective imbalance goes in one direction away from the center. Then, another imbalance is created, an equal and opposite imbalance, to maintain the integrity of the whole ecosystem of one’s Self or one’s Life. 

As energy is moving in the opposite directions a split occurs. This can happen within one of the foundational elements. Below I provide one example of an imbalanced condition for each foundational element/universal area. This seemingly challenged state of being is an opportunity for you to evolve. The evolutionary potential is to learn about the particulars of both imbalanced states in order to transcend the trappings of each. The potential is to bridge the two seemingly unrelated elements, link them together and synchronize them to expand beyond both, providing yourself with greater freedom. 

In this discussion about misappropriated Synchronicities/Serendipities there are three key areas I wish to highlight: 1. How the Equal and Opposite Principle applies and provides us with a path to work with the imbalances. 2. How the issues of connectivity manifest within particular conditions in dual expressions of Over-stuckness and Separation. 3. How we can utilize intention to encourage particular areas to synchronize and others to desynchronize in order to evolve and expand. Note: as I proceed through the key areas, for the sake of simplicity, I will utilize Synchronicity to refer to Synchronicities and Serendipities alike.  

  1. The Equal and Opposite Principle

The Equal and Opposite Principle states that “when there is an imbalance there is always an equal and opposite imbalance”. This is a factor that applies when one is experiencing illness. Thus, treating a condition or managing one for yourself, to do so holistically, requires a perspective that encompasses both sides of this equation. This dual state of imbalanced conditions is in place for a purpose. It maintains the stability and homeostasis of the individual organism or their life. So to work with restoring balance to one side of this equation and still maintain an equilibrium within the whole it is helpful to work with both sides simultaneously. 

I want to provide an example of how the Equal and Opposite Principle can be a positive thing that creates opportunities for experience when it is centered and present. When two people have a conversation they go back and forth between speaking and listening. What happens in the brains of people conversing is complementary positive and negative neural activity. When a person is speaking parts of their brain are engaged and active (+) while other parts are quiet (-). If the person on the receiving end is actually listening then the equal and opposite parts of their brain are engaged. The speaking parts are quiet (-) while the listening parts are active (+). This is one example of how you can grow and evolve through healthy engagement with this principle. You do not need to rely upon growing through challenges as humans tend to do. 

  1. Connectivity Issues

Issues of connectivity manifest within particular illnesses in dual expressions of Over-Stuckness and Separation. The following chart of conditions are examples of imbalances created due to an issue of connectivity. One note on the chart; it is a list of six conditions, five of which are classified as mental illnesses. The sixth is a neurological difference which creates uneven development in an individual compared to a person with average neurology, or a neurotypical. Given the disparate growth created by this condition it is considered to be a developmental disability. Connectivity issues can manifest on other levels as well. I made the choice to highlight these conditions because of the role the neural connections in your brain play. I would also like to highlight how neural plasticity provides hope for transformation.   

The following chart is identifying six areas where foundational splits can occur. It is identifying one imbalanced condition within each of these areas that manifests an issue with connectivity. It is then applying the Equal and Opposite Principle to each condition relative to the challenge it creates with connectivity. Thus, there will always be an area of too much connectivity, or Over-Stuckness, and there will always be an area of too little connectivity or Separation. The chart identifies how the Stuckness or Separation applies to the imbalanced condition.

SplitCondition Over -Stuck Separation
TIME SPLITPTSDPast Reality Present Reality 
SPACE SPLITDissociation Freeze ResponseSovereignty  
CONSCIOUSNESS SPLITSchizophreniaEnergetic Reality Physical Reality
CREATION SPLIT OCD     CyclesContinuity
LOVE SPLIT AntiSocial Personality DisorderDomination Conscience
SPARK SPLITAutism Points Context


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental health condition created when someone experiences a traumatic event and they are unable to maintain resistance to internalizing the event. The split that occurs is a Time Split. The Over-Stuckness is connected to the Past Reality and the Separation is from Present Reality. 

The Over-Stuckness symptoms of this condition manifest from the individual’s over connection with the past. This occurs as one is hyper synchronized, to the traumatic event, through sensory input. The symptoms that manifest include flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, nightmares etc… during which, a person re-experiences the sensory experience of the trauma. Over-Stuckness also manifests as hyperarousal, emotional and physical reactivity. 

The Separation that occurs is from present reality through the means of avoidance. This can be avoidance of facing the trauma or even reminders of the trauma. Avoidance is not always a conscious choice, particularly with this condition where partial or complete memory loss is common. Separation is also seen in the negative changes one experiences in their thinking and emotion. These serve to separate or distract one from the experience of life in the moment. 

PTSD alters one’s brain neurology. Studies show aberrant coupling in brain regions and changes in one’s defense response systems. 


A Dissociative Disorder is a mental health condition characterized by disconnection. It is thought to be the result of chronic trauma in childhood. The split that occurs is a Space Split. The Over-Stuckness is connected to the Freeze Response and the Separation is from Being Here.

The Over-Stuckness is like a switch on the ‘freeze’ fear response is permanently in the ON position. The symptoms that manifest from this frozen state prevent movement. A person’s energy and resources are frozen in space like blocks of ice floating in suspended animation. These blocks hold the fear contained within the repetitive trauma events. One’s cognitive functioning, concentration, memory, the ability to frame reality… become impaired. 

Note: a condition like this is functional at the time it comes into play, it allows a person to survive otherwise unsurvivable life experiences. For instance a child who is in an environment that has terrifying events occurring repeatedly will adopt a dissociative response to maintain a false sense of stability and forward movement. For the child, who probably cannot leave the terrifying situation, the fear is frozen and pushed aside instead, out of the space of ‘here’ in life so that the child can continue to function. 

The Separation that occurs is from one’s memory in the instance of Dissociative Amnesia, one’s life, thoughts and feelings in Depersonalisation-Derealisation Disorder and one’s sense of identity in Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Dissociation alters one’s brain neurology. Studies show an increase in activity in brain areas involved with attention, cognitive control and arousal modulation. It also shows a decrease in activity in the affective system of the brain which contributes to emotional processing, sensory processing and cognition.  


Schizophrenia is a mental health condition that affects a person’s thoughts, feelings and behavior. They may seem to have lost touch with reality. The split that occurs is a Consciousness Split. The Over-Stuckness is connected to  Energetic Reality and the Separation is from Physical Reality.

The Over-Stuckness is connected to the energetic level which is split off from the physical level. An individual with schizophrenia will perceive the energetic awareness as being a part of physical reality. From our perspective what the person is experiencing are hallucinations and delusions. The divide created by the consciousness split impacts the mind creating disorganized thinking. It can also impact the body creating abnormal or repetitive movements. The Over-Stuckness can manifest through violence but this is rare and people with schizophrenia are more likely to be the victims of violence.

The Separation that occurs is from the Physical level. This is evidenced in the  Negative and Cognitive symptoms of the disorder. The Negative Symptoms include a loss of motivation, interest, energy and socialization. The Cognitive symptoms include issues with attention, concentration and memory. The Separation also manifests in difficulty assuming ownership of one’s body. The disorganized thinking coupled with the conscious dis-connect from one’s body inhibits the ability to make connections when Synchronous events occur and it reduces the impact of the Synchronous events. 

Schizophrenia alters one’s brain neurology. Studies show abnormalities of connectivity and synaptic plasticity, as well as changes in prefrontal and medial temporal lobe regions. Working memory and declarative memory are impaired in these regions.  


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental health condition that includes obsessions, compulsions or both. Addiction is engaging in compulsive behavior or using a substance compulsively despite the negative consequences. I think of the difference as OCD being about Fear Mis-Management and Addiction being about Pain Mis-Management. The split that occurs in both conditions is a Creation Split. The individual’s life is split in two. There is the life created within the compulsion which becomes split off energetically from the rest of the individual’s life. The energy dynamic is the same for both despite some physical differences in how they manifest. The Over-Stuckness is connected to a Repetitive Cycle and the Separation is from Continuity. 

The Over-Stuckness is connected to a Repetitive Cycle. Symptoms of OCD manifest from an over connection with magical thinking about repetitive acts protecting one from fears. This generates the repetitive cycle. Symptoms of Addiction manifest from an over connection with the belief that addictive behaviors or substances will alleviate pain experienced in the Body, Heart, Mind or Spirit. There is sometimes an initial experience of this relief that is sought to be repeated unsuccessfully with continued use of the behavior or substance.  

The Separation that occurs is from Continuity in life. One’s steady progression, their growth and development, essentially their evolution, is thwarted. The cycle keeps one spinning in place, going nowhere. Time, energy and resources are expended on the obsession/compulsion that could otherwise be available for positive, growthful and fulfilling life experiences. Addiction is said to be the great eraser of life, one may lose friends, family, jobs, money or even their life as a result of the addiction. 

OCD and addiction alter one’s brain neurology. People with OCD tend to have more intense reactions in the orbital cortex, which is responsible for decision making. The specific function here that’s relevant to OCD is mistake detection which incorrectly registers as positive in the individual with OCD leaving them perpetually feeling like something is wrong. People with OCD will also experience more intense activity in the cingulate gyrus which deals with motivation and behavioral responses. The third key area affected is the caudate nucleus which is underactive, contributing to Separation. This part of the brain is responsible for procedural learning, associative learning, and inhibitory control of actions. The caudate nucleus gives us the control to override compulsions and intrusive thoughts. What is seen in the neurology of people with addiction is the basal ganglia triggers the seeking of the addictive substance/behavior while the extended amygdala activates a stress response. The extended amygdala also reduces sensory awareness of other stimuli while the prefrontal cortex reduces executive functioning. From a broadscale energetic view the dynamic pattern of OCD and that of Addiction function similarly enough to be treated the same. From a physical life view, the foundation of treatment can be the same while particulars are distinctly different.


Sociopathy and Psychopathy are informal terms for AntiSocial Personality Disorder, which is a mental health condition defined as “a consistent disregard for rules and social norms and repeated violation of other people’s rights” according to the DSM-5. The split that occurs is a Love Split. The Over-Stuckness is connected to Domination and the Separation is from one’s Conscience.

The Over-Stuckness is connected to Domination; an attempt to overpower and control others and the world. The symptoms of this condition that manifest from the over connection with self interest are impulsive and aggressive behaviors, manipulation, deceit, boundary violations, breaking legal and societal rules. Over-Stuckness manifests out of a fixation on feeling powerful through imposing/ forcing one’s will.

The Separation that occurs is from one’s Conscience. One is separate from concern for others and does not experience guilt or remorse for wrong doings. The split is a Love Split, thus it affects all the systems of one’s being. The Mind and Spirit are separate from morals, values, a sense of right and wrong. The Heart and Body are separate from emotional and somatic empathy.

ASPD alters one’s brain neurology. Studies show abnormalities in brain regions and aberrant functional connectivity. The topological configuration of the functional connectome is altered, marked by increased clustering and decreased centrality in a number of brain regions


Autism Spectrum Disorder is not a mental health condition. It is a neurological difference with developmental delays that affect how people communicate and interact, absorb and process life, learn and grow, and ultimately behave. It is marked by restricted interests and repetitive behaviors. The split that occurs is a Sparks Split. The Over-Stuckness is connected to Points and the Separation is from Context. I chose to include this condition, amongst a list of mental health conditions because it epitomizes the pattern being discussed. 

Working with the energy of Autism, one of the distinct energetic characteristics I have found to be true of people on the spectrum is that they have an excessive amount of sticky energy. And the experience of Autism is largely one of Separation. It tends to produce a narrow but deep life which eliminates most connection points with other people. For example imagine a person with one expertise and a very poor common sense orientation to anything else. All the common areas are off the table for connection with others and the area of expertise will be so advanced that finding those who can connect are few and far between. 

The Over-Stuckness is connected to Points. People on the spectrum get rigidly stuck on Points. This is seen in the repetitive movements, insistence on sameness and routine and ‘Special Interests’ – particular specializations that are abnormal in intensity or focus. Sensory experience is different for people on the autism spectrum. It can fall on either side of the split with hyper sensory awareness and/or attraction on the Stuck side and hypo sensory awareness on the Separation side.

The Separation that occurs is from Context. As one rigidly becomes Stuck to particular points, all of their energy and focus is consumed by those points and the person becomes Separated from everything else. I see the energy fields of people on the autism spectrum as being tall and deep but lacking in breadth, they naturally orient to the oneness as well as to the individual level. The Separation is seen on the group level. Here it creates deficits in social-emotional reciprocity, nonverbal communication behaviors and in developing, maintaining and understanding relationships. 

Autism alters one’s brain neurology. Studies show over and under connectivity issues. When there is a short brain range or single brain region required for a task, there is over-connectivity. This makes autistic people even better than neurotypicals at these tasks. But where there is a long brain range required, there is under-connectivity making these tasks more difficult. This is where there is a need to combine or assimilate information in different brain regions as one needs to do in social dynamics. 

  1. Synchronize – Desynchronize 

When you can perceive an imbalanced pattern holistically it gives you leverage and empowerment to shift it and restore balance. Never underestimate the power of the observer alone to influence change. But, more comprehensively this perspective will provide a view of numerous avenues to transcend limitations and expand into wisdom. For our focus on Synchronicity, utilizing illnesses with connective issues, you can work with Synchronizing and DeSynchronizing respective areas. This can be done by combining the power of observation with simple intention. Identify your Stuckness and place focused intention on DeSynchronizing the Stuck areas. Do this while concurrently identifying your Separation and placing your focused intention on Synchronizing with the Separated area. 


Physically – Synchronizing and Desynchronizing

You can work to restore balance by doing a physical exercise, such as the writing exercise below. This work will migrate through the higher vibrations over time.

Writing Exercise – 

  1. Start by simply writing about where your inner life and outer life feel out of sync. This can be within either one alone or your inner world may feel out of sync with your outer world. Write in a stream of consciousness fashion about this until you can’t think of any more areas of asynchronicity within your Self or in your Life. 
  2. Circle or highlight areas that you can identify as being Over-Stuck. This could be anything that you are thinking about repeatedly, situations you keep ending up in despite trying to avoid them, bad habits, things you just can’t seem to shift despite trying… Circle or highlight areas that you can identify as being Separated. This could be parts of yourself or things you desire in life that just seem out of reach, like there is a cavern with no way across. These are the responsibilities you keep avoiding in your outer life or things you refuse to face within your inner life, to give a few examples. 
  3. Make two lists of the Over-Stuck and Separated areas, in two columns on the same page. Look over the two lists and see if you can match items in one list to items in the other list that seem to have a correlation. If you don’t sense a correlation between individual items try to identify themes that are present in your lists and see if that helps you to identify the correlations. If not, simply let this step go and utilize your lists for step 4. 
  4. Write intentions to synchronize your Over-Stuck areas. “I bring the intention of synchronicity to (Item/theme on your Over-Stuck list).” Go through your list writing full sentences for each item or theme. Write intentions to synchronize your Separated areas. “I bring the intention of synchronicity to (Item/theme on your Over-Stuck list).” 

Energetically – Synchronizing and Desynchronizing

You can also work to restore balance on an energetic level and then allow the denser levels to migrate into balance over time. This requires you to utilize your energy ‘muscles’. If you are not an energy worker, it may require a part of you that is not well developed. You may not even be familiar with what it feels like to exercise these ‘muscles’. I say muscles because that is what it feels like for me. In the early days of working the 24 HR Attunement I would actually pull muscles in my physical body doing the energy work until I developed stronger energy ‘muscles’ and smarter ways to work.


Stuck energy will be dense and dark. Identify the Stuck energy with whichever sensory ability you are able to perceive it. For Stuck areas, simply bring light into the Stuck energy. Guide this with your energy muscles and utilize your sensory awareness to monitor your progress. Place your intention and focus on raising the vibration and expanding the dimensional array of the Stuck area to dissipate it. Keep this focus until the energy is uninhibited and flowing freely.   


For the Separations you want to begin with centering (14 point centering is best) within your core and connecting with your light. Then utilize your sensory awareness to identify where the Separated parts/areas are relative to your center. Draw/attract the Separated parts/areas to your center. DO NOT MOVE FROM YOUR CENTER. Hold this energy centered with your center until you can feel the mutual resonance.  

I have found that it is most effective to approach things holistically. Thus working physically and energetically concurrently will initiate an exponentially more effective intervention for effecting change. Take charge of the positive change in your life. 

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