The Key To A FulFilling Life Is ‘The Work’ You Put Into It 

I often refer to ‘The Work’ when speaking about engagement with the Energy Therapy that I offer. When I do I can feel the tension come over people in response to the word, ‘work’. Many have a negative concept of what ‘work’ is and associate it with the resistance they feel to do their jobs. Unless of course, they fall into the group of people who love their ‘work’. If you have a negative association with the idea of ‘work’ then consider the following…  

Your life force exists for one reason, that is to generate the ‘work’ of living your life. The more powerful your life force the greater the scope, range and depth your life becomes. ‘Work’ in this context is good, ‘work’ equals life, without it there is nothing but rest, as in ‘rest in peace’. Thus, life itself requires ‘work’ and a fulfilling life requires even more ‘work’. From an energetic perspective you cannot experience fulfillment without generating ‘work’. Fulfillment is not something that can be given to you. Energetically, a life is only as full as the amount of ‘work’ that is generating it. 

To define ‘work’ with more specificity to our purposes here – ‘work’ is the exertion of force with which you engage physical, emotional, mental or spiritual activity. It is required for you to act, to move, to overcome the resistance of things not in the flow of your forward movement. ‘Work’ enables you to operate and function according to your conscious intention. And, ‘work’ is required for you to produce the molecular change that produces the constant physical and chemical change that you experience from moment to moment.

As we are exploring the human energetic systems this year, the mechanisms through which you are able to receive life, it is important to remember that we are always viewing through the reference frame of the Universals. This view enables you to perceive the parts of the whole in their structure, flow, form and design. It permits you to determine how many parts there are, if they form a whole set and if not, how many parts it would require to make a whole. A Universal frame of reference also allows you to perceive how any particular thing within the whole fits relative to any other thing within that whole or relative to the Universals.

Last time we explored four of the differentiated Operatives of One Self as they function within the Layers of Existence and now we will explore the four differentiated Aspects of One Self as they function within the Perspectives of Reality. 


An Aspect is a positional feature of who you are. The underlying dynamic of your Aspects is an example of energetic quadratics, similar to the Operatives. Within each of the six mainframe perspectives of reality, there are four Aspects; your Components, Process, Conscious and Enlightening. In the following section I will provide a definition for each energetic Aspect. I will touch upon the Universality of the Aspect and finally I will list the differentiated types of Aspects that form within each of the six perspectives. 


A ‘Component’ is an energetic part. It is a differentiated part of a holistic whole that adheres to the holographic principle. This Universal Principle states that “the whole is within each part”. A ‘Component’ is a cohesive whole within itself that exists as such for a limited period of time. Time functions like a hologram, thus within each holistic part of time, access to all time resides. 

Assessment of the ‘Components’ requires a frame of reference. The overarching framework of ‘The Work’ is the Universals. All parts of ‘The Work’ reside within this holistic perspective. Thus, everything within the confines of your ‘Components’ becomes relative to these fundamental elements, the Universals. Through a Universal perspective you can perceive the holistic parts, structure, flow, form and design. You can perceive how any particular thing within the ‘Components’ of your life fits relative to the Universals as well as relative to every other thing within that whole. 

The ‘Components’ from Six Perspectives:  Discovery, Life, Share, Quality, Vessel, Distribution 


Your life ‘Process’ emerges from your internally created procedures that govern your ‘Components’. These are similar to a computer program, as they orchestrate all of the particulars of unfolding change, in your life. Procedures govern each point where energy and consciousness meet, each opening in your field, and every one of your choices of filters or limits. These underlying procedures create the ‘Process’ of your routined flow. Your life ‘Process’ grants you access to the full influence of change within your moment to moment holistic plane of reality. 

Viewing the ‘Process’ of your energy and consciousness from a Universal holistic perspective, your venture in living is cyclical in nature. As life unfolds over time there are two distinct paths the energy takes, circular and infinity. It follows a circular path if you are perceiving a group level energetic process or an infinity shaped one if you are perceiving individual or oneness level processes. Spiritual teachings that reference humans being in the likeness of the divine source are touching into and personifying this energetic phenomena. Humans regularly project human qualities to non human beings and energies. This underlies many areas of life including religion.      

The ‘Process’ from Six Perspectives:   Amalgamation, Unification, Distinction, Coalition, Transmission, Formalization


A ‘Conscious’ is a stratum of energy and consciousness. It is your most influential area of free will and it will always impact your next move in life. On the surface of your being there are transitional frameworks like scaffolding held onto a building. These frameworks reside on a very fine vibrational level in a 300 Dimensional plane of reality. They serve to assist you as you discern, assess, interpret and decide the particulars of your life. 

The exercise of free will is a power that humans have only scratched the surface of. Aligning your ‘Conscious’ framework with the vibration and dimensionality of the Universals opens you up to the greatest possibilities and influence. Here is where you can employ kinematics to exercise your free will choice and influence the constant re-creation of your life to shift you to where you desire to be. By applying algebraic geometry to energy work you can utilize your mechanical advantage. The importance of consideration and care in forming your ‘Conscious’ framework is that it will define the realities of the life you have.  

The ‘Conscious’ from the Six Perspectives: Interpluvial, Individual, Interfacial, Group, Intergalactic, One 


An ‘Enlightening’ is an illumination of dark energy or unconscious matter. As you ‘Enlighten’ you become aware of the truth of who you are and the realities of your life. You become aware of the truth of others and their lives as well as the worlds around you and within you. This awareness is not superficial, one dimensional or fleeting. It is a fully immersive, unshakeable knowing with full energy and consciousness being embodied.  

‘The Enlightenment’ was an intellectual and philosophical movement during the late 17th & 18th century. Enlightenment thinkers emphasized the value of human happiness, the pursuit of knowledge through reason and modes of sensory perception, individualism and your universal, fundamental, inalienable “natural human rights”. The objective of the enlightenment thinkers was to improve human conditions in the here and now rather than concern themselves with religion and the afterlife. ‘The Work’ supports these values and objectives; I am always utilizing the Universals to restore balance, preserve and optimize human life.  

The ‘Enlightening’ from the Six Perspectives:                                             Beautiny, Creation, Grace, Harmony, Sapience, Troika 


The 24 HR Attunement is working with a holistic segment of the Time/Space continuum. One earth rotation takes one day, or 24 hours. This is a holistic part of Time and as such it opens access to the energetics of the whole, which in this instance is ALL Time. Concurrently during the course of the day the earth completes one rotation on its axis, which is a holistic cycle through Space that opens access to the energetics of the whole, which is ALL Space. Your personal connection to this movement through the Time/Space continuum lies within your circadian rhythm. 

The energetic mapping of the 24 Life ‘Components’ is our roadmap for this daily rhythm and holistic cycling through the Time/Space continuum. This is the choice of focus for the general balancing on the attunement day so that the changes being set in motion can be incorporated right into a person’s regular daily cycle to unfold over time. I have found this to be a powerful delivery means for energy therapy with the smoothest possible outflow for change to occur. It is important to note that the 24 Life ‘Components’ is one of six sets of ‘Components’, the one we find when viewing reality from the Human perspective. This Universal map is foundational to each living being’s individual expression in life. 

The compliment to this expressive energy is your individual level, receptive stream of energy. This energy stream is our highlighted focus for the blog this year. As we view your energy and consciousness through the lens of Individual Receptivity the Aspects of Self are from the Felicity Perspective. What this shows us is that the journey of receiving life, when it is perfectly balanced in Universal balance, is experienced with intense happiness. 

Viewing your energy and consciousness from a Felicity Perspective, the ‘Components’ you possess here are Vessel ‘Components’. We know that ‘work’ equals life and the more ‘work’ you generate the more fulfilling your life will be. This fullness is contained within your Vessels. The ‘Process’ that is engaged in this stream of energy is the Transmission ‘Process’ which follows the infinity path. You can seize control over the change you want to see by posturing as such and opening to receive it within your Vessels while you cycle through infinity. 

The ‘Conscious’ that we find here is your Intergalactic ‘Conscious’. While we live within the Milky Way galaxy, which represents the parameters of ‘The Work’, there are many galaxies in the universe and earth is somewhat of an intergalactic mixing pot of energies. Thus, when one opens to receive there is energy and consciousness from many galaxies throughout the universe. The ‘Enlightening’ that occurs from this perspective is Sapience ‘Enlightening’. As you open to receive you are being filled with awareness of your Self, sound judgment and Universal wisdom.

I encourage you all to embrace the ‘work’ of living, throw yourself fully into the miraculous journey you have been given. Reconsider your idea of ‘work’ and your relationship to it. Incorporate your job or career into this new positive framework of your activity in life. I guarantee you will find fulfillment no matter what your choice of ‘work’ actually is. 

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