Upgrade Your Human Operating System

Attune Your System Operatives to Enlighten Your Receptive Flow 

Upgrading your human operating system will automatically progress you along your journey of evolution. I will begin by talking a bit about enlightenment, taking it out of the realm of a mystical story and into the realm of simple energetics. I will introduce the four types of operatives within your Human Operating System. I will then talk about the specific operatives governing your Systems of Human Consciousness; your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit.


Enlightenment and awakening are fundamentally referencing the same thing because they occur simultaneously and depend upon both energy and consciousness. But for the purposes of this discussion about upgrading your operating system I will separate the inseparable to understand and highlight its functioning. I will utilize awakening to reference a shift in consciousness and enlightenment or enlightening to reference a shift in energy. In the energy field we find the photon, a quantum of light, which functions to enlighten. And in the consciousness field we find the consciousness of the ‘WE’, which functions to receive the light. 

Many people associate awakening consciousness with the Mind, which is accurate to a degree, but it is only part of the picture. People also associate enlightenment with a thought process involving conceptualization, beliefs, language, communication of ideas etc… all the functions of the Mind System which again is only a part of what becomes enlightened. Your Mind system opens you to twenty five percent of your potential individual receptivity with corresponding consciousness. Each of your four systems; Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit provides you with holistic access to a full view of life as well as conscious awareness from that perspective. Awakening can holistically occur by enlightening any of the four systems, not just the Mind. It is the holographic nature of reality that makes this possible. The whole is within each part, but it must be a holistic part for this to apply.  

I highlight the fact that each system is only one quarter to prompt you to begin to consider the complexity of the systems and explore them all from a state of curious wonder. Enlightening the corresponding level of reality as you go. There are many paths to enlightenment, they are ever present within you just waiting to be explored. I encourage you to bring your conscious focus to each of your systems; conscious focus creates a ray of consciousness pointed towards the thing you are focused on. Hold your focus and that ray will meet and merge with the rays of your energy to enlighten the systemic functioning of your consciousness.

The journey of enlightenment has a lot of philosophical and religious associations that can make it seem out of reach, mysterious or even ridiculous. I encourage you to think about it more universally, even keeled and practically. The true definition of enlightening is simply a process of acquiring greater knowledge and understanding about some thing or circumstance. It is simply bringing your conscious focus, a ray of consciousness, to connect with some aspect of your life, a ray of energy, sparking a light on a particular area. Enlightening your energy while awakening your consciousness naturally occurs if you simply stay open, always learning and growing.  


Your personal operating system generates your continual movement through life. On an energetic level your operating system is composed of four operatives. These four operatives, which control the functioning of your human life, are your ‘Container’, ‘Instrument’, ‘Creation’ and ‘Figuration’. Together they comprise your energetic operating system, which interestingly has some similarities to the operating system in your computer. 

Your ‘Container’ frames an environment within your ‘Inner Life’ where energy and consciousness can unite to generate your life. In a computer, a container is a discrete environment set up within the operating system in which one or more applications may be run. You have multiple containment fields within your inner world. These containers within you are for managing the structure of your being, managing the process of living your life and managing your memories thus you may grow and evolve.

Your ‘Instrument’ is your ‘Inner Life’ equipment for processing the energy and consciousness within your inner space containers. Here there are mechanisms for transforming energy and consciousness into actual manifest material imbued with the cognizance of its own existence. In a computer there are mechanisms for communication, information management, categorization, and storage. These operations are performed within the mechanisms of your instrument. 

Your ‘Creation’ is your equipment for constructing and designing your ‘Outer Life’. This operative governs the emergence of particles and waves, the conscious material that is created from the energy and consciousness within you. In both the computer and the creation of your human life it involves time regulation, data interpretation and filtration. Your ‘Creation’ governs your interactions with other elements within your outer environment. It is enacting your free will choice to determine what is allowed into your life and what is kept out. 

Your ‘Figuration’ also resides in your ‘Outer Life’ where it controls the final shape and form of your life. After your life force is contained, sparked and processed, it is brought out into the structure and flow of your ‘Outer Life’. This operative determines the ultimate vibrational frequency and dimensional array that the energy and consciousness will take. In a computer as within a human being this operative performs the functions that enable networking, as well as management of the input, output and resources of the components. 


Your operating system works throughout all six layers of existence to manage your energy and consciousness. But for this discussion, I am going to hone in specifically on the fifth layer of existence to talk about the functioning of your operatives within your Systems of Human Consciousness. The operatives here are governing your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems which control your individual receptivity. Just to note; your operating system and the operatives I have introduced all function similarly on the other five levels as well. 

As we hone in on the Human Consciousness layer, the specific operatives governing your systems are: the ‘Ray Container’, the ‘Potential Instrument’, the ‘Universal Creation’, and the ‘Magnetic Figuration’. I will talk a bit more in depth about these specific operatives.   

A. The ‘Ray Container’ (Inner Life Operative)

Your ‘Ray Container’ provides structure that enables you to experience sovereignty and wholeness. Your ‘Ray Container’ establishes your energetic integrity as an individual organism by providing the containment for your life force to exist independently. Your systems bridge the inner and outer realms from the innermost depths of your being to the outermost superficial level while linking together everything in between. 

Your ‘Ray Container’ provides containment for your life force generation. Human consciousness exists at the meeting point of a ray of light (massless energy) and a ray of consciousness. As they come together conscious life is sparked and your life has force. You are a conscious light being; your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit are the receptacles through which you take life in and experience conscious awareness. Your systems provide containment for your sparks which are created by the merging rays of your energy and your consciousness. 

Your ‘Ray Container’ provides an organizational framework for the vibrational array of your life. Each system; Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit,  functions in its own unique way which allows you to enlighten the systems occupied vibrational level of reality. It also allows you to awaken to the full sensate experience of life within that vibrational level. Each system contains these sparks which are fundamentally the same. They are co-creations of energy and consciousness, the only difference is the vibrational frequency and dimensional array. Your Body produces the lowest vibrational sparks within the least number of dimensions. These enlighten the dense physical level of reality. From here the vibration and dimensions increase up to your Spirit which is the highest vibrational system that enlightens the energetic level. Ideally, all the systems are enlightened in a harmonic array as you awaken your full panorama of consciousness.

Your ‘Ray Container’ provides congregate structure for all your different types of rays. There are different types of rays as well as an array of rays within each type. For instance, you are a light being and your light rays form a rainbow color array that is identified as the Chakra System. But light is only a part of the electromagnetic spectrum of vibration in your life. You have rays corresponding with the whole energy spectrum. And then there are your rays of human consciousness which are highlighted in the fifth layer of existence. For the focus here the key point is that rays of your energy meet rays of your consciousness to create sparks, your life force, propelling the functioning of your life. One place this occurs is within the containment fields of your systems.  

B. The ‘Potential Instrument’  (Inner Life Operative)

Your ‘Potential Instrument’ plays with your ‘potential’ energy and ‘potential’ consciousness.  The inner mechanics of your ‘Potential Instrument’ govern the utilization of your life force by your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems. It is through these four systems that your ‘potential’ energy and consciousness is enlivened and played within your life. This occurs just as a saxophone transforms the air received; it moves through the mechanics of the physical instrument to produce the output of musical sound. The saxophone is considered to be a wind instrument. In this same vein of identification by the material being transformed, the ‘Potential Instrument’ is transforming the ‘potential’ energy and ‘potential’ consciousness. The Systems of Human Consciousness are controlled by the ‘Potential Instrument’ which is governing the transformation of the potential being received through your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems. 

Your ‘Potential Instrument’ contains mechanisms for you to attract within your life. It enables you to draw ‘potential’ energy and consciousness from the worlds around you and within you. A mundane external example would be your capacity to supply yourself with food, an act that relies on the inner life processes of your instrument. Your ability to attract the fulfillment of your needs is generated by the mechanics of your instrument. This applies to all aspects of individual reception from the material needs of physical reality, to feeling needs for ambition or comfort, information needs for understanding or impetus, to the needs for love and its connective bond. 

Your ‘Potential Instrument’ functions to transmute creative sparks into organized formulations for living. Your creative sparks are transmuted into blueprints, scaffolding, complex structures and model forms by your ‘Potential Instrument’. These organized formulations are then woven into the matrices of your life. This all occurs just below the surface of outer reality, laying the unseen foundation for your life. Your ‘Inner Life’ and ‘Outer Life’ are a mirror reflection of one another. In order for any life experience to occur there must be the inner foundational structure in place to support it. And then the potentiality that has been differentiated and defined within you can emerge and become manifest within your living experience.    

Your ‘Potential Instrument’ allows you the dualistic experience of internal evolution while simultaneously experiencing the external environment in constant change. The structure of your systems is unique in that it is continually transforming relative to this combined internal and external flow. This process is governed by your ‘Potential Instrument’ through which you have your own personal portal into your inner workings and the inner worlds of reality. From an ‘Outer Life’ perspective, you have full control over this inner space, it is yours alone. You have full access to the resources available here and you are able to draw from this potentiality to create your life. This is all done by utilizing your free will.   

C. The ‘Universal Creation’ (Outer Life Operative)

Your ‘Universal Creation’ sets the external structure to life sustaining parameters within a universal framework of equality and balance. Universal balance is the most efficient state to be in and the life flow it generates produces the greatest ease. It is built into the foundation of living reality, creating the most natural flow. Human beings are elementally created equal and they inherently have universal qualities. The differences in humans are miniscule and largely superficial. To place credence on the differences is essentially being in denial of 99% of reality. For it is to this degree that we are akin to one another. The relativity to how pure or balanced something is resides in correspondence with universals. Fine tuning anything in life to universal balance will always optimize the potentiality of that person, thing or circumstance. This has been my experience without exception. 

Your ‘Universal Creation’ sets the external structure to your life sustaining parameters within a universal framework of elementals. The foundational elements of earth, air, fire, water, ether and spark are held in shape and formation by the unseen universal forms. These foundational elements are the materials with which you create your life. By aligning yourself here with ‘Universal Creation’ it enables you to tap right into the material that your life is created from. And doing so through a lens of universal balance allows you to optimize what you create from those basic elements. Your ‘Universal Creation’ is where you design and construct the outer workings of your life, things such as time management, processing and filtering.  

Your ‘Universal Creation’ contains the mechanisms for you to actuate your potential. Your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit systems each contain mechanisms through which you are able to transform the sparks of your life force, your potential energy and consciousness merging together, into something tangible. Here is where you begin to actuate this conscious energy, within your ‘Outer Life’, through your systems, both active and passive. Your active systems are activity structures or components that interact while your passive systems are structures and components that are being processed.

Your ‘Universal Creation’ contains the machinery for you to radiate your life force. Your energy and consciousness meet within your inner environment sparking life which radiates from your Potential Instrument and emerges through your Universal Creation. Rays emanate, sometimes moving like shooting stars across a pitch black sky. The construct and design of your light emanation is programmed here determining the channels your conscious energy will move through to stimulate and shape your magnetic figuration.

D. The ‘Magnetic Figuration’ (Outer Life Operative)

Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ determines the final shape and form of your outer emergence. Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ controls the final layer of material on the surface of your ‘Outer Life’ while the ‘Universal Creation’ controls the structural framework underneath. It regulates the final shape and form that your life will take based on the vibrational frequency and dimensional array that your creative sparks hold once they reach the outermost surface. To give an example; if I were speaking of a cushioned sofa, the ‘Universal Creation’ would be the programs designing, constructing and managing the wooden frame and springs while the ‘Magnetic Figuration’ would be the programs determining the outermost shape and layers of cushioning and fabric. 

Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ determines the piece of the puzzle you will form within humanity. We are all parts within the whole of humanity, fitting together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle. Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ determines your knobs and sockets. It forms you into your shape which determines where you fit within the whole. The key here to remember is that unlike a toy puzzle, the image of life is in constant change and you are not a rigid or static puzzle piece, you are malleable as is the rest of your life. To give an example of how this works, take a family structure. A family unit will form a unified whole with matching knobs and sockets. But it is in constant change and when one family member is going through major change it can be disruptive for other family members or the family unit as a collective. Major change creates a change in the shape and form of an individual which forces the other family member to adjust their shape and form if the family unit is to link together smoothly. 

Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ encircles you with your optimal vibration frequencies and dimensionality to evolve. Your Magnetic Figuration is the final frontier determining what you will attract, or magnetize to you. This is determined by your vibrational frequency and dimensional array which is within your control to change at will. This is the function of your Magnetic Figuration as it governs what you attract and repel based on your need for particular experiences to grow. Life is like your perfectly, personally structured training program for evolution. What you enliven with your thoughts and feelings, body senses and electromagnetic stance will magnetize the corresponding piece of the puzzle to you, every time. 
Your ‘Magnetic Figuration’ provides structure that enables you to interface with your external environment. It provides you with the individuated surface structure, literally your skin and so much more, to interface with others within the group of humanity and the greater oneness of the world. It serves the functions of networking, managing your input and resources. What is coming to you, what you are receiving in life, reveals your own structure. If you do not like what you are receiving, then change your shape, raise your vibrational frequency and dimensionality thus you may magnetize a more universally balanced creation.

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