Receiving ‘The Light Of Love’

I Receive ‘The Light Of Love’ (3×4=12) As an Individual living being (I); I Infuse Love within My Body  I Inspire Love within My Heart  I Awaken Love within My Mind  I Enlighten Love within My Spirit  As a member of the Group of humanity (We); We Infuse Love within the Body of Humanity WeContinue reading “Receiving ‘The Light Of Love’”

Upgrade Your Human Operating System

Attune Your System Operatives to Enlighten Your Receptive Flow  Upgrading your human operating system will automatically progress you along your journey of evolution. I will begin by talking a bit about enlightenment, taking it out of the realm of a mystical story and into the realm of simple energetics. I will introduce the four typesContinue reading “Upgrade Your Human Operating System”

Walking through Walls – Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities 

If you were to attempt to take your physical body and walk through a physical wall you would find yourself halted in your path and maybe a little bruised, but why? Because two identical particles, two fermions – the particles that matter is made of, cannot occupy the same point in space.  The Pauli’s ExclusionContinue reading “Walking through Walls – Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities “