Walking through Walls – Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities 

If you were to attempt to take your physical body and walk through a physical wall you would find yourself halted in your path and maybe a little bruised, but why? Because two identical particles, two fermions – the particles that matter is made of, cannot occupy the same point in space. 

The Pauli’s Exclusion Principle explains this phenomenon that applies to the realm of reality which includes the ‘matter’ of life. Matter has mass and it occupies space. This principle only applies to particles of matter which exist within the space-time continuum which are moving slower than the speed of light. 

The relationship between energy and matter is such that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, Einstein’s famous E=MC2 equation which applies to particles within the space-time continuum. It is here where you connect with your humanity, in the part of reality where the fermions in your body cannot occupy the same space as the fermions in the wall because they are too slow. Here we find the worlds of differentiation where you can experience yourself in relationship to others through your sensory awareness. This would not be possible if you were to occupy the exact same point in space.   

I am going to talk a bit about the different states of matter, kinetic energy levels and how this all applies to the life components. You may not be able to ‘walk through’ a solid object like a wall of ice with your physical body but if the ice undergoes a phase shift from a solid to a liquid state the resultant water is child’s play to walk through. The point being that not all walls are solid and undergoing a phase shift by reappropriating the energy through the proper channel is one way to transcend life’s obstacles.

Subsequently, we will quicken our pace to faster than the speed of light and I will take you deeper into the subatomic level. Mass is made of energy but not all energy has mass. Moving faster than the speed of light we enter the quantum realm where we find the massless particles called bosons. The rules governing these particles are very different from the one’s governing the fermion-filled realm of matter. It is here where you connect with your higher consciousness and your divinity. 


Matter can exist in four different natural states; solid, liquid, gas and plasma. As matter shifts from a solid to a liquid and then a liquid to a gas and finally a gas to plasma it increases kinetic energy. This means the particles are moving faster, increasing vibration, rotation and translation. The 24 Life Components, a Cube Model energetics template, is working with your life quadratics. This template provides us with six different holistic views of life and a roadmap to transcend the matter of life. As you perceive below the surface lens you will find that each view contains four life components that correspond with the four states of matter.   

Below I have included a chart of the Life Components with the corresponding states of matter that each represents. Each set of life quadratics follows this same progression with increasing kinetic energy as you move from the most superficial outer component of the set to the deepest innermost one. For example, looking at the Grid Lens which provides a view of the oneness of expression in life. The progression moves from your solid Physical body to your fluid Emotional body, then to your gaseous Thought (mental) body and finally to your plasmic Energetic body. This same progression applies to each of the six holistic views of life’s working components and their corresponding quadratic functioning. 


With the 24 Life Components mapping the energetic expression of matter is only part of the contents within the Cube parameters. There is the fermion world and there is the boson world and they both coexist within the Cube. The difference between fermions and bosons lies within the particle’s spin. Fermions, the particles of matter, have a half integer spin while boson’s, the particles of the quantum realm, have a whole integer spin. Spin is a particle’s intrinsic angular momentum which determines the energy disbursement of the particle. In our dualistic world a spin can be clockwise or counterclockwise moving energy in one direction or the opposite. 

In the fermion world with half integer spins, the resultant wave function is antisymmetric whereas in the boson world, with whole integer spins, the resultant wave function is symmetric. This brings us to the framework of the universal models, taking the form of the platonic solids and encompassing sphere, they are symmetric and they reside within the massless boson world. The models provide the parameters, the limits within which you are able to create your life. 

The 24 Life Components template is a Cube model mapping. The Cube is the model of time which governs the force of nurture and the earth element. I spoke about this in my blog post: “Life’s Mysteries Disclosed”. “So it is not that each rock forms a perfect cube, but all the rock fragments put together, average out to be a cube. Thus, one must view the whole to be able to see, the unseen parameters, the universal framework that governs the physical matter of earth. Each rock fragment can deviate from the form to the degree that another rock fragment deviates in an equal and opposite manner, thus they average out to the perfect universal form of the cube.” In other words, each extension beyond the symmetric unity of all requires an equal and opposite extension to hold it in place within our fermion manifest reality. 


I want to make a point about the crossflow energy within the Cube. The crossflows are up-down, left-right and front-back if you are to imagine the energy moving from the side of the Cube going inward, in all six directions. Each crossflow is an example of an equal and opposite balancing.

  • UNION LENS (the Receptive Oneness stream of energy flowing upward) crossflow with: LOCATION LENS (the Individual Expressive stream of energy flowing downward). This crossflow energy stream follows an ∞ “Infinity” flow of perpetual motion.
  • DISCLOSURE LENS (the Receptive Group stream of energy flowing left to right) crossflow with: SELF LENS (the Expressive Group stream of energy flowing right to left). This crossflow energy stream follows an ∞ “Circular” flow of perpetual motion.
  • SYSTEMS LENS (the Receptive Individual stream of energy flowing backwards) crossflow with: GRID LENS (the Expressive Oneness stream of energy flowing forwards). This crossflow energy stream follows an ∞ “Infinity” flow of perpetual motion.


Most obstacles in life are not solid even though they can feel as tangibly blocking your objectives as if you came upon a brick wall that extended in all directions. But, the reality is that most walls exist on higher vibrational levels than the physical and there is nothing blocking your passage through except the illusion that the barriers are solid.  


I am going to speak about this as it applies to the Forwards-Backwards crossflow of energy, but I want to note that it applies in the same way to the other two sets of energy streams. Your Individual Receptive Systems (Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit) are built to process the Physical, Emotional, Thought and Energetic streams of energy respectively. These streams comprise the Oneness of Expression on planet earth. An important point here is that trying to process energy through the wrong system wreaks havoc. One common example of this is the failure to process Emotional energy in the fluidity of the moment, in which case it can settle into the Body and solidify activating disease processes in the Body Systems. 

The crossflow track for each component set has its own set of mechanisms governing the processing and integration of the energies. The obstacles within the different tracks respond best to different forms of interventions. If it’s a PHYSICAL WALL then it is solid and what you need to clear it is also solid, so get your sledgehammer. I watched my parents actually do this, make their way through a concrete wall with a sledgehammer when I was a child. It was quite impressive to witness. The physical is the densest and slowest to move but rest assured a sledgehammer is not always the means. When you incorporate universal balance it has a way of influencing the physical particulate.  

If it is an EMOTIONAL WALL then passage through is simply a matter of feeling the emotions. Emotional energy is fluid and emotions need to be    felt, allowed to flow through you and released. Americans are not particularly skilled at this. Ideally one is fully present and feeling emotions in the moment, but reality is such that is often not the case. Clearing these walls requires emotional fluidity. This can be evoked through therapeutic writing or talking about your life. It can also be stimulated through things like watching a live performance or heartfelt movie, playing a game or engaging in a creative endeavor. And my favorite, laughing, is great for clearing the emotional cobwebs.  

If it is a MENTAL WALL then utilize a mental exercise.  Mental walls are the makings of conditioning. They are conditioned thought patterns and beliefs that have become rigid and what I refer to as “Hard Constructs”. A friend refers to this energy web as your “domestication”. The most direct mental exercise is to use your Mind to imagine the wall disintegrating into thin air. But utilizing other mental exercises like working with an affirmation or reframing exercise will blow energy through a mental wall breaking up the density. 

If it is an ENERGETIC WALL then find a way to sense the wall and bring light in to dissolve it. Energetic walls are plasmic. Plasma makes up 99% of the visible universe. It glows and can be seen in the stars, nebula and our sun for a few examples. When clearing a wall on the energetic level a shift will be felt, this is often experienced as a sense of lightening or relaxation. You might feel relief, calm, peace or acceptance settling over you. Here we reach the highest kinetic energy level of matter. It is the final frontier as we approach the speed of light and the crossover point to enlightenment. Enlightenment comes when you spin your consciousness faster than the speed of light. This is the frequency at which your divinity resides. 

In the blog post “Plasma and Ascension – Becoming a Light Being” by Lisa Renee, she speaks about this evolutionary process. For clarity of terms you can think of ascension as referencing the energy flow and enlightenment as referencing the conscious experience, two parts of the same event. “During the Ascension cycle, the human body potentially goes through an alchemical process that generates the internal Plasma light. This is what builds the etheric Lightbody structure for the higher consciousness body to function.”  


Once you have increased your speed to faster than the speed of light you cross over into the quantum realm. But only your consciousness can travel this fast, the physical matter of your body cannot. People who have died briefly and been brought back to life often report “seeing the light” as the veil is pierced and they are thrust into awareness of this realm. I am happy to say that you do not need to die or even leave your body to perceive beyond the veil into the quantum realm, or to become enlightened. It is all right here, right now within every point in the time continuum and space continuum alike. 

Time and Space are universal constructs that enable you to have differentiated sentient experiences, in the fermion world. While enlightening your higher consciousness, in the boson world, allows you to have sapient experiences. These two worlds are not really separate but rather like a speed boat on a slow moving body of water, they are simply moving at two different speeds. Consciousness though, is not limited to the confines of time nor space. In the quantum realm, the boson world, the rules are very different. I am going to talk about three of the properties of the quantum state (superposition, interference and entanglement)  and how these apply to your human (homo sapiens) consciousness. 


Superposition is the capacity of a quantum system to be in multiple positions, shapes, states, arrangements… at the same time. That is until it is measured; one option is chosen and the matter is enlightened with this choice. The quantum realm is like a vast sea of potentiality that shimmers and glistens, each possibility awaiting recognition to be drawn into the mass filled world of sentient experience. When you approach a situation in life with consciousness working at the quantum level the full potential of the moment opens up to you. The vast array of new opportunities within the potentiality of your life are within reach. They simply need your conscious choice to come into being.

I suggest… you approach each moment in life open to the potential without limitation. Always consider the possibilities you can perceive and figure there are tenfold more that you cannot perceive. This simple adjustment in how you frame the world around you will align you with the quantum realm and the reality of your life. It will keep you open to your potential and positioned to seize it. 


In the quantum realm particles can alter the direction of their own path, ‘at will’ it seems. They can cross their own track and become a force redirecting themselves in a new direction. This property is called interference. I understand the word choice to describe this, but the negative associations with the word make it somewhat deceiving when you begin to examine human consciousness. You too have this ability within your conscious being to act upon your own accord and change the course of your life, it is called your freewill. Freewill is humanity’s most underused source of power, in my opinion. The mechanism enabling this human gift is quantum interference.  

I suggest… you bring light into your being, your cells, your matter. It is the simplest act of interference with guaranteed positive results. Photons are light particles. They reside in the quantum realm with a spin of 1. When you increase your kinetic energy and raise your vibrational frequency by drawing light from within, it has the effect of en’light’ening the matter in your life. The half integer spins of your particles with mass unfolding in antisymmetric energy disbursements become held within the holistic framework of the balanced and symmetric universals when light is brought into the darkness.     


In the quantum realm, two particles in an entanglement need not be near each other, yet their relationship is one of interdependence. Each has an indeterminate quantum state until it is measured and the mere act of measuring one particle determines the measurements of the other particle. In an article at the The National Library of Medicine, at pubmed.gov, it is stated that: Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in which entangled systems exhibit correlations that cannot be explained by classical physics. It has recently been suggested that a similar process occurs between people and explains anomalous phenomena such as healing.” Personally, I have been utilizing this function of quantum entanglement for healing for over two decades. 

I suggest… you perceive humanity as a single organism. See yourself and others as individual cells within that organism. Utilize our interconnection to express your unique gifts within humanity in a manner that is for the greater good of all.


UNION – Bottom Lens of The CUBE  

  • View of the receptive oneness 
  • Energy stream from below moving upwards
  • ∞ Infinity flow perpetual motion
Unification ComponentPlasma
Individuation ComponentGas
Stillness ComponentFluid
Movement ComponentSolid 

LOCATION – Top Lens of The CUBE

  • View of the expressive individual 
  • Energy stream from above moving downwards
  • ∞ Infinity flow perpetual motion
Configuration ComponentPlasma
Aggregation ComponentGas
Animation ComponentFluid
Manifestation ComponentSolid 

DISCLOSURE – Left Lens of The CUBE

  • View of the receptive group level 
  • Energy stream from the left moving to the right
  • 0 Circular flow perpetual motion
Experience ComponentPlasma
Events ComponentGas
Fields ComponentFluid
Senses ComponentSolid 

SELF – Right Lens of The CUBE

  • View of the expressive group level 
  • Energy stream from the right moving to the left
  • 0 Circular flow perpetual motion
Essence ComponentPlasma
Soul ComponentGas
Gifts ComponentFluid
Personality ComponentSolid 

SYSTEMS – Front Lens of The CUBE

  • View of the receptive individual level
  • Energy stream from in front moving back 
  • ∞ Infinity flow perpetual motion
Body ComponentSolid 
Heart ComponentFluid
Mind ComponentGas
Spirit ComponentPlasma

GRIDS – Back Lens of The CUBE

  • View of the expressive oneness level
  • Energy stream from behind moving forward 
  • ∞ Infinity flow perpetual motion
Physical ComponentSolid 
Emotional ComponentFluid
Thought ComponentGas
Energetic ComponentPlasma

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