Employing the Infinite Flow to Fuel the Potency of Your Life

Abundance is a choice. Authentic expression is a choice. Seizing the potential within your life is a choice. Are you actively choosing these things? If so, then you are granting yourself access to employ the infinite flow in an ecological way. But what exactly is the infinite flow and how are you supposed to put it to work for you? The infinite flow is where the spark of your life force originates. It is the numberless stream of energy that vibrates at zero and contains all potential. 

You experience the infinite flow as the potential of your life unfolds over time into the actualization of your life. You exist within this stream of constant change and how you navigate it determines the experiences that you will have next. Ideally you will take charge of your life and fuel the potency of your conscious intentions. But this requires you to draw from a bigger energy source than yourself, the source from which you originate. To open the door to this bigger energy you simply need to express your truth, choose abundance and open yourself to the mystery within your life. This posturing naturally invites the infinite flow. 

Now as you stand on the threshold, the door open facing the mystery, you can begin to engage. The idea here is to form a relationship with the stream of constant change and energy sourcing your life. You must be in relationship with the infinite flow to utilize it to fuel the potency of your life. In other words, by opening to this energy stream you are empowering yourself to be able to make an impression and have more influence within your life. I am going to talk about three essential steps in this relationship dynamic if you are to seize the potential available to you at this moment. First you must FEEL the energy. Second, you must DIRECT the energy. And third, you must CONTAIN the energy. 


There is energy and there is consciousness. Everything in life, everything you can perceive is made of energy. Your consciousness is the part of you that is perceiving the energy. In some way you must perceive/sense/feel the energy of the infinite flow to be able to ‘grab a hold of it’ and utilize it. As you feel the energy and connect this feeling with your conscious intention, then you are able to exert an influence and effect change. One place to start feeling the energy is with your sensory awareness. Human beings have a vast range of sensory capacity along the whole vibrational range. From the dense relativity of the influence of gravity to the highest vibrations of the quantum realm. Next, is a list of sensory abilities, these are potential ways to sense the energy, followed by an exercise to practice feeling the energy. 

Ways to feel the infinite flow with your sensory awareness. 

  • See the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your eyes. ‘See’ the higher vibrations with your clairvoyance.
  • Hear the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your ears. ‘Hear’ the higher vibrations with your clairaudience. 
  • Smell the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your nose. ‘Smell’ the higher vibrations with your clairalience.   
  • Taste the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your taste buds. ‘Taste’ the higher vibrations with your clairgustance.
  • Touch the infinite flow’s dense vibrations with your skin. ‘Touch’ the higher vibrations with your clairsentience. 
  • Balance and orient within the density of the infinite flow with the vestibular system in your inner ear. Balance and orient within the higher vibrations with your telepathy. 
  • Position and perceive relativity within the density of the infinite flow with the proprioceptive system in your muscles and joints.  Position and perceive relativity within the higher vibrations with your clairempathy.
  • Regulate and sense internal drives within the density of the infinite flow with the interoceptive system in your gut and other organs. Regulate and sense internal drives within the higher vibrations with your claircognizance. 

Energy Exercise – Part A: Feel the Energy

Hold your hands up, in front of your chest, with palms facing about an inch apart. Feel the energy in your hands, feel the heat between your palms. Slowly move your hands further apart, like there is a rubber band holding them together providing resistance. Keep your palms facing as you bring them to about a foot apart. Feel yourself drawing energy from the infinite flow, filling the space between your palms as you draw them back. Then slowly move your hands back together, to within an inch of each other. Feel the energy compressing into an energy ball between your palms. Repeat this half a dozen times or more. Feel the energy growing with each repetition. 


It is your consciousness that directs the energy. This may be a different muscle than you are used to using. But just like other muscles, using it makes it stronger and more defined. Some of the ways people direct the infinite flow are through creativity; artists, writers, musicians and performers will often tell you that a bigger energy is present, engaged and being directed through them as they undertake the creative process. It is also why live performances are more transformative than watching a video of the same show; the energy of the audience fuels the performance and becomes a part of the creative process. 

Healers direct energy to restore health and channels direct it to bring through information that will transform. Inventors and innovators draw from infinite potential and direct the energy into the creation of something new. But, utilizing the energy doesn’t mean that you need to create a whole new formation, as all of life is being generated anew each day. When you consciously choose where to direct the energy that you are able to sense/feel/perceive you are equipping your intent with the power of the infinite flow. It is the syncing of energy and consciousness that unlocks the potential. 

If none of the previously mentioned outlets are areas of expression for you, there are still many simple ways that you can draw from the infinite flow and begin to direct the energy. You can do this by setting intentions, saying affirmations, mantras or prayers as you have a feeling connection with the energy.  Working to clarify your motives, objectives and goals all work to direct the energy that you are feeling. I find it is best to dream big without attaching to the outcome. This way your true limits and the true limits in your environment will be revealed. And you will have avoided unnecessarily selling yourself short with self imposed limitations. 

Energy Exercise – Part B: Direct the Energy

Directing the energy to self: Take that energy ball that you have formed and move your hands to any part of your body needing some healing. Put your open palms on that part of your body, transferring the energy from your hands to where it is needed. If your body is in good shape then take the energy and place it into your diaphragm to enliven the essence of who you are or into your heart to fill yourself with love. 

Directing the energy to others or situations within your life: Take the energy ball and direct it towards another person, fully releasing the energy. The energy can be directed towards a person who is physically with you or one who is in another location. Simply open your hands and hold the other person in your consciousness. It is important to have only good intentions and not attempt to override another’s free will, when you do this. You can also send the energy towards a relationship or situation in your life that is in need of healing or balancing. 


Consciousness is what shapes energy, it contains it and holds it into form. The universal forms encapsulate universal consciousness which shapes the foundation of our existence. These forms provide the greatest sustainability in creation. I spoke about how this works in my blog post: “Life’s Mysteries Disclosed”. The unique qualities of our particular lives as individuals in turn, are shaped by our human consciousness. It is important to note though, the more a creation adheres to universal principles and aligns with universal forms, the greater the potency of the formation. 

I often speak about an individual’s ‘Energetic Integrity’. This is referencing the strength of one’s constitution, their viability and sustainability. Containment of your life force plays a big role in your energetic integrity and your resiliency. It is one thing to draw from the infinite flow but the energy must also be contained for the full potential to be seized. In the infinite flow things occur very quickly on an energetic level compared to the rate of change on a physical level which can stretch over a much longer time period. By containing the full energy cycle within your consciousness you are ensuring the full actualization of the energy cycle in your life, as it unfolds over time. This prevents the energy from leaking or becoming dissipated. When this happens the energy enters the realm of unfulfilled potential, which becomes a part of your whole vibrational array and the landscape of your life. 

Energy Exercise – Part C: Contain the Energy

Expand your consciousness beyond the whole of this exercise. How did the energy feel that you gathered in your hands? How did you feel as you absorbed the energy or directed it towards another person or situation. You want to sense the whole cycle of movement that has been enacted and the ripple effect it has set in motion. Hold your conscious focus on the whole and the transformation/change/movement that has occurred within the whole. Hold this focus until stillness returns. Then, release your focus on the exercise.  Simply make a conscious note to yourself as you observe the energy unfold in your life over time. 

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