The Mechanics of Your ‘Receiver’ – Making Systemic Changes  

Your individual ‘Receiver’ is the mechanism through which you experience life. Now this discussion is from the holistic vantagepoint of energetics, thus what you are receiving and experiencing is energy, in variable states of density and consciousness. I have spoken previously of the observer-observed dynamic which is fundamental to this discussion. Observed life, the substance of life, is made up of energy while the medium of the observer is consciousness. Life happens at the meeting point of the observer and observed, dancing along a ripple of time. The time flow is created as you consciously and sequentially move through differing sets of points in space. At each set of points, you receive the energy of life coming to you. 

The process of receiving life is mechanical in nature. Your individual ‘Receiver’ is processing life; the shifting energy, the forces generating the movement and the relationships between all the moving parts. The observer part of you, with variable consciousness from moment to moment, is assessing, making judgments and formulating frameworks to perceive your experiences. The machine-like parts of you exist both internally and externally giving you the mechanical advantage to forge your own path through life, if you choose. For many human beings this is carried out largely unconsciously, utilizing rote mimicry of present models. Many forego their power of choice and live entire lives in this default manner. Making a choice to seize your mechanical advantage requires you to take charge of your inherent systemic structure. 

The mechanics of the human being are found in the four systems; Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. A system is an assemblage of interdependent, interacting parts forming a functional unified whole that is influenced by forces and tends towards equilibrium.  General systems theory (GST) is working with the idea that certain concepts and principles of systems are universal. As Ludwig von Bertalanffy, one of the founders of GST said; “General systems theory is a general science of wholeness…The meaning of the somewhat mystical expression, ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts’ is simply that constitutive characteristics are not explainable from the characteristics of the isolated parts, the characteristics of the complex, therefore, appear as new or emergent.” Life is a creative process, emerging in the moment. If you are to choose to consciously create a balanced life you must synchronize the new with the geometry of wholeness. 

It is important to note that much is known about the mechanical functioning of the Body Systems and more is being discovered every day whereas the other systems are barely understood. To maintain a holistic perspective and have a holistic impact on your experience, it is essential to incorporate the other three quarters of your mechanical, systematic constitution. Each of your other systems is as complex as your Body Systems and each plays an equal role in how you experience life. To fine tune your ‘Receiver’ and your receptive functioning as an individual means to give all four of your systems a tune-up providing each with equal consideration. 

If you are to view the flow of energy coming into your individual field you are viewing through what I call the Systems Lens. It is called this because what you see here, on an energetic level, is a complex set of systems made up of interconnected ‘machines’. Your complex systems receive and process the energy you encounter to generate the output of your human experience. All of this propels you on a journey of evolution, personal change and growth. To make a Universal Model note here: The Systems Lens is the Cube Model front lens. It is the view you can perceive if you view the flow of energy moving from the front lens to the back, in infinite flow. 

The Systems Lens provides a holistic view of what you are energetically receiving on an individual level(not a group or oneness level), both from within your internal environment as well as your outer environment. If you follow the energy, as you are receiving it, you will find that it is being encountered by four distinctly different operating systems within your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. Each of your complex systems contains a set of interlinked ‘machines’ working in a harmonic array. Each complex system produces a very different portion of your human experience. These differing aspects of your experience become woven together as each complex system then works in accordance or discordance with each other complex system. The ever changing culmination of perceptions/receptions, the synergy of your systems, becomes your unique experience, frame by frame. The moment to moment changes in synergistic emergence depends upon the relational balance between all the moving parts. 

The only constants that exist in this realm I am speaking, are the universal forms (in the shape of the platonic solids). These forms hold the structure of universal balance, the framework of the basic elements constituting life and they can be used to measure how balanced things are.  Attuning your systems to produce a vibrational frequency that is in accordance with the universal frequencies will optimize your life creation. When you do this you are working with a system’s natural functioning as systems universally are seeking homeostasis. I would go so far as to say that human systems are always seeking and moving towards universal balance. It is why maintaining an imbalanced system requires more energy than maintaining a balanced one. Your operating systems are programmed to migrate you towards greater and greater balance. It takes great force, negative effort to alter the homeostatic force of your systems. 

As you approach the objective of fine tuning your individual ‘Receiver’, what you are essentially setting out to fine tune is your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems. You may employ geometry to assess the energetic properties and form of your systems. Foundational properties of your systemic structure remain the same while life around you, in constant change, is being transformed. Let’s take your Body, for example, as you work to fine tune your Body Systems you are working to maintain the energetic integrity of your body figure and functioning, while encountering and engaging the complexities of life. 

When you utilize kinematics, often called the ‘geometry of motion’ you can isolate the motion of the systems. This is looking at all the points and components as well as the trajectory they are on independent of the force propelling them and thus the time element. This creates a ‘Time Standing Still’ view of the life you are creating via the choices you are making. It places you in position to make a different choice and alter the systematic structure that is generating your life path. The result of doing this is that you will alter your life path and reshape the emergent life creation that will be your future. 

I often speak of the need for clarity about the realities of your present moment state of being and the state of your life. This set of points constitutes where you are now, your ‘Present Moment Assemblage Point’, Point A. You cannot change the state of your life until you first accept the realities of where you are. Then, as you bring clarity to your desires for change, you can begin to form an idea about the properties and qualities of your ‘Desired Future Assemblage Point’, Point B. Then utilizing the kinematics view within the energetics of your systems you can build infrastructure, an energetic passageway of sorts, to facilitate your shift from Point A to Point B. The points of receptivity within your systems become rearranged to change what you are open to receive. This is energy therapy work that I facilitate with clients regularly in private sessions as well as during the 24 HR Attunement. 

Another quality of your systems that I would like to bring into this discussion is adaptation. This is how your systems protect themselves when you are presented with new environmental elements and circumstances. For systems like your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit that learn and adapt, the degree and direction of structural change is determined by how well your systems are synchronized with and connected to your current environment. Thus, when you do not have conscious clarity regarding the ideal organization of your systems, then simply adopt a standard that attunes to universal forms. Doing so you can be rest assured that you will always be shifting things towards greater balance.  

One final note; as you consciously seize the potential of your systems adaptability, be cognizant of anywhere you have adopted maladaptive structures. These are often adaptations that served a purpose at the time they were created, but now stand as an impediment. These maladaptive structures need to be removed. Their removal creates the space for new adaptations to form enabling you to receive more of the potential available to you in your environment. As structural changes in your systems emerge they serve to transform the potential energy in your environment into a kinetic flow of greater abundance in your life.

Clearing Maladaptive Structures (Patterns)     

  1. Begin with identification of the key points of the maladaptation. Write a brief description of the challenge you are experiencing and answer the following questions about the pattern. 
  • How would you characterize the maladaptive pattern? 
  • What were the circumstances of its origin?
  • What function did it serve?
  • What is the present view of the maladaptive pattern?
  • What impediments does it create? 
  1. Clear the structure of the pattern. 
  • Hold the points of the maladaptive structure in your consciousness. You can close your eyes and imagine them within your inner landscape or hold the paper with your answers in your hands and gaze upon it. 
  • Continue holding while you tune in to sense, or imagine, the flow of energy, coming from in front of you, flowing through your body and out the back of you.
  • Continue holding this dual(structure/flow) focus until the energy flows freely or you have some other sense of a shift. This could be a feeling of peace coming over you, a relaxation settling into your body or simply a ‘knowing’ that it is clear. 

Building Adaptive Structure (Framework)

  1. Identify the space in your life that is available to be filled.
  • How would you characterize your need/void/desire? 
  1. Identify the systems that will be adapted as you fill the space. 
  • Which of your system(s) are affected by the void in your life? 
  • How would filling the void affect your energetic ‘Receiver’; your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit Systems? 
  • What environmental systems would you connect to with this new structure? Would family, friends, organizations or materials be involved?  
  1. Identify your needs for the adaptation process.  
  • What structure do you need to fill the void? 
  • What type of support might you require and from whom to enable the change? 
  • What resources or materials will you need?
  1. Invite the energy and spark your consciousness for synergistic creation. 
  • Hold the parameters for your adaptive structure in your consciousness. You can close your eyes and imagine them within your inner landscape or hold the paper with your answers in your hands and gaze upon it. 
  • Continue holding while you tune in to sense, or imagine, the flow of energy, coming from in front of you, flowing through your body and out the back of you.
  • Continue holding this dual(structure/flow) focus until the energy begins to spark and light up or you have some other sense of creative movement. This could be inspiration, an idea or pull towards certain activities. Or it could be a sense of form and knowing of the new you need.

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