Forge a Balanced Path of Authentic Living in Universal Balance


I am going to present you with a failsafe way to live authentically. You simply need to act in accordance with a CODE OF BEHAVIOR that includes three simple principles to live by: be sincere, respect yourself and act naturally. For each principle, I have provided three questions to assess your adherence to the fundamentals of authenticity. For each, I have also provided a question to assure your path maintains universal balance. This allows you to proceed both authentically and ecologically as you forge your path through life.  


The evolution of humanity calls for greater authenticity from everyone at this time and a balanced authentic expression is sincere. The universe is always seeking to restore balance and universal forces will support movement in this direction. Presently there is a lot of activity being highlighted at the extremes, within the fringes of society, as oppressed people seek a place to express their unique perspective. These are important corrective endeavors occurring within humanity that are resolving long standing imbalances. But the vast majority of imbalances are not this extreme. You may not be on the trajectory that started with enslavement and now aspires to freedom and equality. Maybe you are superficially polite, disengaged from your fellow humans or disingenuous in some other way. 

If you find yourself in this later category, you are not off the hook to change. All are being called to live with greater authenticity and balance, we are all responsible here. The resolution is truly simple though and you can do it, if you choose. Be sincere. This means to be heartfelt, truthful and straightforward in all of your affairs. It is a choice you make each moment. As you go through your day, pause to ask yourself: “Am I coming from a heartfelt place? Am I being truthful? Am I being straightforward?” If you answer yes to all then proceed with confidence in your sincerity. If you do not, then pause to adjust your orientation. Only proceed when you can attune yourself to be sincere.   

There is a counterpoint to consider as you proceed with increased sincerity. Remember that you are a part of a greater collective and maintaining a holistic state of balance means you must do no harm to others. Ask yourself, as a safety measure, on your journey to being more sincere; “Will this sentiment harm another or discourage their authentic expression?” If your answer is no, then proceed with confidence that you are truly balanced in your sincerity. If your answer is yes, then the calling is to pause and expand to see the bigger picture to identify where you are too narrow in your view. Sincerity and authenticity that is emerging from a balanced state will never harm others nor impede their authentic expression.  


Respect requires worthiness. To be clear I am not speaking of inherent value as a human being, all humans hold inherent value or worthiness. But, are you worthy of respect, which is something you must earn through your actions? You are worthy if you know who you are and you accept your challenges along with your strengths. You are worthy if you behave in a respectable manner; like being honest and genuinely unmasked, or if you make no attempts to distort the truth and you live according to your values. A respectable person will engage their abilities, put forth their best qualities and actualize their potential. 

As you go through your day, pause to ask yourself: “Do I appreciate my own abilities? Do I admire my own qualities? Do I take pride in my own accomplishments?” If your answers are yes to all then proceed with confidence in your worthiness for self respect. If you answer no to any of these questions then seek to change, either the way you live or the way you view yourself, whichever is the deviation from balance. In current times we often see the demand for ‘respect’ emerging from a place of entitlement rather than an individual organically drawing admiration for their abilities, qualities and accomplishments. It is the organic process that you desire. Respect yourself because you are respectable. And if you truly are respectable but fail to own this reality, then get over your distortions, they benefit no one. 

The counterpoint to consider as you proceed developing respect for yourself, is that you are a complex, expansive being and maintaining a holistic state of balance means to do no harm to yourself. Do you consider the true impact each of your decisions in life has on your overall health and well being? Do you do things you know to be harmful, but dismiss the harm because of other perceived benefits? As a safety measure, while you are developing self respect, you can ask yourself: “Will this sentiment harm me now or in the future?” If your answer is no then proceed with confidence as you develop your self respect. If your answer is yes then the calling is to pause to remember and honor who you are. Heal your wounds and adjust your life to support your growth and evolution. 


Human beings are formed within societies, on a group level, by the interplay of nature and nurture. As you are conditioned by your nurturing, this may or may not be synchronized with your personal nature. Human nature is inherently good, cooperative and creative. Your connection with this natural flow comes through the cycling of your circadian rhythm. This daily cycle will naturally carry you along your evolutionary ladder provided you are surrendering to it and not forcing yourself to live in a manner that is at odds with it. Forces of nature will propel you to Self actualize if you simply let them and act in accordance with how the flow is moving you. 

It actually requires more energy/effort on your part to resist this inherent flow than it does to surrender to it. Surrender allows the evolution and opening of your Self to naturally unfold over time. We exist within a stream of constant change. When you set intentions that correspond with your values, you align your consciousness and your activity with your basic nature. As you go through your day, pause to ask yourself: “Does my daily routine flow with ease? Does my behavior reflect my values? Is my life on a steady trajectory of self improvement?” If you are able to answer yes to all then proceed with confidence. But if you answer no to any of these questions then seek to change the way you act; adjust your routine and behavior to be more synchronistic with your nature.  

The counterpoint to consider while you simply act naturally is the view of your whole life so that you may observe your evolutionary trajectory. You are alive and embodied for the purpose of learning, growing and experiencing life. As a safety measure, while acting natural, ask yourself: “Will this sentiment inhibit my evolution and expansion or support it?” If something is going to inhibit your growth then find a way to neutralize it, what could be more important than your purpose for being alive. Your purpose is fulfilled through action. If your answer is that something supports your evolution, then proceed with confidence as you simply act naturally. 


Now I will dive a bit deeper to the energetic level of existence. Here there is a complex matrix of energetics at play, largely unseen by most, governing the unfolding of life. There is an objective quality to things, they either adhere to the constructs of balance or they do not, it is factual and unprejudiced. Although the resultant life experience that is built upon these constructs is completely personal and subjective.

The Universal Models, in the form of the five platonic solids and the sphere, are representations of the actual building blocks constructing the lattice work of human consciousness. Each platonic solid is a fundamental framework holding one of the basic elements of life in its 3D form, ensuring the energetic integrity of the element. These are the only constructs that hold the tenets of universal balance. All constructs in life that adhere to strict standards of universal balance will align with at least one of the universal models. The models may be directly worked with on an energetic level to effect change in your life.     

I often speak of hard constructs and soft constructs. Hard constructs do not align with the universals, they are rigid and limiting. Soft constructs, on the other hand, do align with the universals. They are flexible and able to adapt to the flow of constant change. They provide structure and support for the transformation process. Constructs exist on all levels within life. The building you live in is a construct as are the belief structures you utilize to navigate life. The construction of the building must be balanced to keep it standing and of use in life. In the same way, it is essential that the construction of your belief system is balanced to keep you thinking clearly and functioning rationally. 

As you proceed to construct a universally balanced life it is important to remember the three basic conditions it must be built upon. To hold to the standards of universality something must be equal, congruent and harmonious. Viewing the platonic solids, the universal forms, we find each contains identical faces in equality and congruence. They are the same shape and size. They are also harmonious, in agreement and compatibility with one another. Each sets within the sphere, with all outer points resting on the surface of the sphere.  

Universal Standards:

  1. EQUAL


I will talk about these universal qualities as they apply to humanity as a whole, but all the individual lives and micro creations within those lives must also adhere to these standards to be considered universally balanced.

Looking at the standard of equality, as it applies to humanity as a whole; the energetic reality is that all people are created equal. This is known to humanity. We see this demonstrated by governing bodies. Human rights afford all people the right to equality. The United States constitution declares all people equal before the law. One point I must highlight here is the fact that equal does not mean identical when it comes to human beings. This factor seems to confuse much of the human population that is caught in a comparative dynamic and struggle to find some security in inequality. This is a doomed endeavor. If we are to experience universal balance within humanity it must be built upon human equality.

Looking at the standard of congruence, as it applies to humanity as a whole; congruence is the doorway to divinity within life. It might actually be easier to find the opposite. For this we simply need to look for conflict or dischord; all the places of imbalance. Imagine if humanity had responded in concert to the threat of the coronavirus and became a unified force. We would have experienced the congruence of universal balance. Sadly that is not what occurred. But there are pockets of humanity that are consistently in agreement, functioning in compatible concert and working with the universe to restore balance. We must continue this movement until we reach a critical mass to tip the scales within humanity. If we are to experience universal balance it must be built upon congruence with one another. 

Looking at the standard of harmony as it applies to humanity as a whole; harmonic creation is sustainable, meaningful and expansive. I would like to quote the United Nations article “The philosophy of true harmony in global citizenship”. By Timi Ećimović. Timi states, “True harmony in global citizenship does not exist at present… Three important qualities of humankind are missing: Universal upbringing, education and lifelong learning…Individual social responsibility… and Requisite holism…” This United Nations article is in perfect agreement with the sentiment of this blog. We need to understand the universals and universal balance, we need to take personal responsibility and we need to come into intimate interconnection and interdependence if we are to experience harmony and universal balance within humanity as a whole. 

Change occurs more quickly on an energetic level as the density of matter requires more time to shift into place. When you forge a path on an energetic level that holds to the form of universal balance it is like carving out the perfect riverbed. It designs the passageway for your life waters to flow into the experience of equality, congruence and harmony. Begin with restoring universal balance within yourself and your own life. Then allow this vibration to ripple, like waves emanating throughout your community and humanity as a whole. Simply be a sincere, respectable person acting with integrity and you will be creating a universally balanced life for yourself while you are doing your part to heal humanity and planet earth.

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