Wear Your Soul on Your Sleeve – Illuminate Your Natural Abilities 

My experience of wearing my Soul on my sleeve and illuminating my natural abilities began with research in energetics and human consciousness which was all guided by my Soul Directives. I sought to understand my purpose and mission in life, the part that I was meant to play. I opened to my Soul, I asked for guidance and what I received was a multisensory experience with an inner vision of a breathtaking glowing cube that accompanied the unshakeable knowing that this was my life’s work. Everyone’s journey in life is unique, the different ways that one can connect with their Soul Directives is as plentiful as there are people. 

I accepted this information as true guidance without any idea of what “THE CUBE” even was. I opened to further guidance which always came in a bare bones, minimalist way. It was through the journey of following the directives that I learned what it all meant. The next directive I received was that I needed to journey through THE CUBE. Seeking some parameters to this journey I was shown THE CUBE matrix. It was a 30 by 30 by 30 Cube. I was to begin at point 0,0,0 and I was to move to the polar opposite point in the Cube 30,30,30. I was to travel at the speed of light and it would require six years to complete the journey. I dutifully set myself on this course.

One aspect of the research was building the Universal Models within the unified field of human consciousness. This was accomplished by utilizing human experience to set an ‘impression’ of the models. The Universal Models hold the form of the macro whereas an individual working with creating an impression of their individual Soul Directives is a micro example of the same function. During the research, I brought in the ‘circular flow of the group energy stream’ by utilizing the planetary cycles; taking small groups on specific year long intensive journeys, offering 24 HR Attunements which work with the earth’s rotation on its axis along with the human circadian rhythm.

Following I will expound upon how you can work with your Inner Self to connect to your Soul Directives, regulate the impression you leave within the collective and utilize the circular flow of the group energy stream. I will also expound upon how you can work with your Outer Self to develop skill with your natural abilities, shape yourself and establish sustainable development cycles. These outer areas of evolution for me coincided with the work of building the “Universal Models”. I will begin though with an overview of the Inner Self and the Outer Self where your Soul and Gifts respectively reside. I will talk about the energetics of the Self, how the Law of Reflection and Refraction come into play.   

Inner-Outer Self Inversion 

As your Inner Self meets your Outer Self it is as if you are gazing into a mirror. The reflection you are receiving is pure, regardless of whether you are able to perceive it clearly or not. If your Life View is free from obstruction, disturbance and distortion then you can clearly perceive who you are. But if it is not, then your work in life is to awaken your energy and enlighten your consciousness until you have a clear view. One note I want to highlight about viewing your Self, whether you are viewing inward or outward is inconsequential because you are essentially viewing the same thing; it is simply inverted.

The Four Life Components Constituting The Self (ESGP)

Your Essence and Soul constitute your Inner Self which exists beyond the veil, on the other side of the mirror. What you perceive when viewing yourself on this side of the veil is your Outer Self which is an inverted reflection of your Inner Self. Your Outer Self forms into your Gifts(natural abilities) and it takes the shape of your Personality. Combined these four Life Components ESGP (Essence, Soul, Gifts, Personality) make up the aspects of who YOU are within the greater collective of humanity. 

Gifts or Natural Abilities are a Reflection of Soul Directives

Your Outer Self is formed and shaped from the reflection and refraction of your inner light hitting the surface where your Soul meets the outer realm. Your Gifts (natural abilities) are the outer form being generated by your Soul Directives. These are like a set of instructions telling your light where to go. You are fully equipped within your unique potential to fulfill these specific directives, it is the natural cycling of your Self. This evolutionary process is being generated by a circular energy flow that is sourced by the light of your Essence shining through your Soul to form your Gifts and shape your Personality. 

Soul Directives are Generated in Life by the Law of Reflection

What actually appears in your Outer Self is generated by the areas of your Soul being enlightened. The energetics of your Essence shining through your Soul is like a ray of sunlight shining through a crystal. Light behaves predictably. The law of reflection states that when a ray of light reflects off a surface, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. The Law of Reflection explains how your Soul Directives are generating your life experiences. Light moving through humanity, the group level, is circular. It creates a boomerang or echo effect whereas what you are putting out will come back to you in time. 

The Outer World is a Reflection as is The Sparkle of an Enlightened Soul

A ray of light from your Essence approaching your Soul is called an Incidence Ray and a ray of light emanating from your Soul is a Reflected Ray. Your reflection is the light that bounces off the surface of your Soul and emanates within humanity just as the light bounces off a gemstone and is returned to the eye. This is the “sparkle” you see when looking into the eyes of someone with an enlightened Soul or on the surface of a gemstone. There is a much misunderstood teaching about the outer world being an illusion. I think it is more accurate to say that the outer world is a reflection. 

The Dispersion of Light Ignites a Spectrum of Colors 

Soul lessons are created by the refraction of the light of your Essence moving through your Soul. Refraction is how your Soul, just like a gemstone, bends the light in different directions, separating white light into its spectral colors. This is called dispersion, it is considered the “fire” of the gemstone. Optical phenomena are a result of how the gemstone is cut just as the shape of a person’s self is the result how their Soul is ‘cut’. In the human energy field dispersion creates the rainbow light effect known as the Chakra system. This is the “fire” of the human energy field. Then there are the “fire letters” created by the dispersion of divine light. These “fire letters” can be found within the akashic records which provide a record of humanity through all time. All information about your Soul is laid out within these records; Soul Lessons, Soul Directives, and Soul Relationships. 


1. Utilize Intuition to Play your Part.

What to do: Play your part in life, guided by intuition. Everyone has intuition, you don’t need to be an intuitive, you simply need to understand how your intuition works. It is your Inner Self that connects you to your Source Energies, from which your inner guidance emerges. It is essential to incorporate intuitive information into your decision making if you are to follow your Soul Directives. 

How to do it: Open to your Soul – Ask to receive guidance about your Soul Directives – Follow the guidance. If this feels out of reach then…Open to what Sparks you, what excites you, what you stand for, what you feel passionate about, what gives you a sense of purpose – Pick the brightest/strongest Spark – Commit to taking action to actualize that Spark.  

What happens when you do it: Following your Sparks and Soul Directives will grant you freedom of flow in life, a perception of being fulfilled by your life, and you will experience an expansion in your consciousness.

2. Regulate Your Impression Within Humanity. 

What to do: Utilize your electric charge to consciously form the impression you desire within the group, including your Soul Directives. This impression, your spatial presence, is like a 3D Puzzle piece that will interlock with other puzzle pieces, securing your place within the collective of humanity.   

How to do it: Consciously connect with what you intend to attract and what you intend to repel. “I invite ______ into my life.” “I refuse to have _____ in my life.” As you vibrate with this intention you will embody an electric charge that forms the space of you. This charge, in your Soul, attracts and repels the charge of others. It is what ultimately determines the shape of your piece of the puzzle. Be cognizant of where you place yourself in life. Your electric charge is forming an impression in the particular areas and with the particular humans that you are encountering. Utilize your presence selectively, it is power. 

What happens when you do it: You establish an impression, within the form of life, which is like a mold inviting the energy of the universe to fill it as your spark brings it to life. Soul Directives brought into this space leave an impression that look like the manifestation of that Soul Directive. A Soul Directive forms and shapes a knob on the puzzle piece attracting the counterpart puzzle piece to hold it in place within the greater collective of humanity.  

3.  Utilize the Circular Flow of the Group Energy Stream to Generate Perpetual Motion 

What to do: Seize the circular flow and construct your intentions and your Soul Directives as soft constructs within that cycling. A circular flow generates perpetual movement. Imagine a wheel, like a tire on a car, moving forward leaving tread marks in the dirt. The tread mark is the impression, the soft construct that is left behind.

How to do it: Open to the unfolding of your life within humanity. Connect to the circular group level energy stream. Imagine you are walking on a spinning log, conveyer belt or other cycling medium beneath your feet, just below the surface influencing your life path. Now imagine you can program this cycle with your intentions and Soul Directives utilizing words, images, numbers, vibrations and dimensional posturing. Any regular practice done daily with intention will integrate into your circadian rhythm and the earth rotation. Say an affirmation, mantra or meditate on your intentions and Soul Directives. Remember to always affirm that it is already so. 

What happens when you do it: Your life will naturally unfold in a manner that supports the actualization of your intentions and Soul Directives. How you choose to posture will become your natural stance supported by the collective. 


1. Develop Skill to Support Your Natural Abilities

What to do: Develop the skills you need to support and enable your natural abilities being expressed within humanity, here and now. The reality of the current environment and group consciousness present the need for adaptation and adjustments. Integrate these factors with your intentions and Soul Directives to bring them into full fruition through your natural abilities.  

How to do it: The full engagement of your natural abilities requires the balancing and integration of a couple fundamental dualities; nature-nurture within you and self-others within your life. You may be expressing what comes naturally to you but embodying it within your individual form does not occur in a bubble. You must synchronize with your present realities. Begin with an intention or Soul Directive. Assess what will be required of you to fulfill it. How will your Gifts (natural abilities) come into play? What other skills will you need? Make a plan for learning the necessary skills and commit to a course of development.   

What happens when you do it: Your Gifts (natural abilities) are a mirror reflection of your Soul. When you engage your natural abilities in life you enliven your Soul. Your inherent, natural abilities provide a catalyst for growth, they inherently activate the experience of awakening to Self. Where you are practicing skills that support this process you are actively weaving the fabric of your life to reflect the authenticity of who you are. Engaging these activities will bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life. 

2. Shape Yourself 

What to do: Shape your outermost expression, including Personality, to authentically express who you are and to interface with present reality in a way that reflects who you are at your core and the natural abilities that you embody. 

How to do it: It is important to note that your Outer Self has the potential to be malleable to adjust to transformations in the environment. The challenge comes when the soft constructs forming the structure of your life become rigid and outdated hard constructs. Structure that exists beyond its helpfulness becomes an impediment. Natural abilities are like knobs on puzzle pieces. But attachments and hard constructs can also form knobs that behave the same way, interlocking you into a form of repetition compulsion. Exercise discernment as you assess and release hard constructs and heal your wounds to remain malleable. Find ways you can recreate yourself. Get a makeover, try a new style, do something admiral that is outside of your comfort zone to prompt positive change. 

What happens when you do it: You remain adaptable to life’s changing needs and demands. You create an environment of self that is conducive to fulfilling your Soul’s purpose. You experience the fulfillment that comes from authentic expression of Self. You will be able to perceive your personality shape and others clearly. 

3. Establish Sustainable Developmental Cycles for Perpetual Actualization 

What to do: Structure your life to naturally elicit regular growth and change throughout the entirety of your life. This is naturally built into the education system which has you covered while you are a child but as an adult this may require direct effort on your part to structure this into your life.  

How to do it: Build a life for yourself where you are actively utilizing your natural abilities on a day to day basis. Commit to fulfilling your Soul Directives and purpose in life. Be certain that your family, career and other life pursuits allow the time and space for the fulfillment of your Inner Self and the expansion of your Outer Self. Regularly open to the unknown and explore in ways that stretch you beyond what you know and are familiar with. Make sure to try something new every month. 

What happens when you do it: When actualized into a balanced form and shape the perpetual circular flow of the group energy stream will be engaged and set in motion spinning like a wheel. Your life will provide opportunity for expression of your Gifts, fulfillment of your Soul Directives and it will reflect who you are as an evolving being. 

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