Live with Intention to Fulfill Your Soul’s Purpose

Living with intention creates the conscious foundation for a life of ‘Balanced Action’. If you think about your activity, all the doings of your life, on a scale ranging from no activity to hyperactivity. There is going to be a sweet spot somewhere in the middle where the optimal degree of activity is achieved. This is what I call ‘Balanced Action’. It is when the activity level of your expression is neither underactive in ‘Passivity’ nor overactive in ‘Reactivity’.

Intentional living is a powerful way to secure your optimal placement on your life path. It positions you to automatically proceed with ‘Balanced Action’. I find that clients often struggle as they try to figure out what this is supposed to look like. They wonder what exactly they are supposed to do as if there is a user manual with instructions and a roadmap. While this does not exist in a book that you can check out of the library, it is programmed within your ‘Self’, specifically within your Soul. Your Life Matrix, within your Soul, lays out the specific potentialities and particulars of your Soul. It is a part of your basic nature which means that it is backed with the almighty force of nature itself. 

It is natural for you to grow, to evolve and to learn the lessons programmed within your Soul. It is natural for you to actualize who you are and fulfill your Soul’s purpose. It is so naturally intended that you do not even need to know what your Soul’s purpose is in order to proceed. Nor do you need to have a view of what the final ‘Form’ will be in order to manifest it. Within the inner realm your ‘Form’ mirrors the tangible reality of your outer realm. Your optimal path of evolution will automatically occur if you sustain ‘Balanced Action’ and show up each day to authentically express who you are.  

Most people do not grow up being educated about the workings of the inner ‘Self’ or even what constitutes the inner ‘Self’. Many people get hung up on the magnitude of this idea or the intangible quality of consciousness. The result is often ‘Reactivity’ as they spin off frantically trying to figure it out or ‘Passivity’ leaving the questions about human consciousness to others. I will provide you with a basic mapping of ‘Self’, from the perspective of time, thus I see you as an evolving being. 

There are four parts making up the constitution of your ‘Self’. Two parts reside within the inner realm and two parts exist in the outer realm. Your Essence and Soul are your inner parts and your Gifts(Natural Abilities) and Personality are your outer parts. Getting to know one’s ‘Self’ is a fundamental part of everyone’s life path.   

Connect with Your Inner ‘Self’:

If you are sensitive to energetics and tuned into this view of human consciousness then…Open to connection with your Essence, your light within the deepest part of who you are. Open to perception of what your light is shining through before it reaches the surface. This is where your Life Matrix is clearly viewed within your Soul. 

If you are more tangibly oriented…Open to connection with the things in life that spark you, enliven you, make you lean in, bring curiosity or excitement. Open to the things in life that affect you profoundly, that you care deeply about or that bring you pause to step back and seriously contemplate. 

Connect with Your Outer ‘Self’:

If you are sensitive to energetics and tuned into this view of human consciousness then…Open to the energetic structure of your Gifts(Natural Abilities)…observe how this part of you is an inverted projection of your Soul matrix. Open to the energy of your personality…what is your temperament, tempo, the energetic impression you leave on others and the environment? 

If you are more tangibly oriented…Open to the things that come natural to you, things you are drawn to, things you learn proficiency with ease. Open to awareness of how you impact others and the world around you…what are your character traits, what is the feedback you receive about yourself?     

Following is an activity chart that lays out some of the benefits which naturally emerge from intentional living. It also lays out what happens to these benefits when you drift away from your intentional center to become overactive or underactive in your expression. I then go on to discuss these five benefits along with their corresponding pitfalls of ‘Passivity’ and ‘Reactivity’.  

Living PassivelyLiving with IntentionLiving Reactively 
Conditioning & Collective Consciousness Dictate Life ExperiencesCore Values & Principles Dictate Life ExperiencesFears & Wounds Dictate Life Experiences
Denies EmpowermentGenerates Empowerment Negates Empowerment
Impedes Soul’s Purpose Realizes Soul’s PurposeDistracts from Soul’s Purpose
Creates DisappointmentCreates Fulfillment Creates the Opposite of Desires 
Produces Separation from Self Produces Connection with Self, Others, AllProduces Separation from Others 

Living with Intention; Core Values and Principles Dictate Life Experiences. When you bring consciousness to your core values and behave in accordance with your principles, your life becomes ‘Form’ed in the likeness of what is important to you. This is because your conscious intentions become a part of your inner landscape. This inner ‘Form’ solidifies and exudes the power of the observer effect on your current environment. Aligning your intentions, your inner ‘Form’, with your core values creates the most authentic expression of ‘Self’ possible in your current environment. 

In contrast to the balanced life expression that will emerge with intentional living, when your expression is overactive in ‘Reactivity’ or underactive in ‘Passivity’ your life experience becomes dictated by very different things. Living Reactively; Fears and Wounds Dictate Life Experiences. A reaction is rooted in fears about what could occur in the future or wounding that has occurred in the past. When you react due to a past hurt you end up recreating the past wounding which is what we call ‘repetition compulsion’. When you react out of fear it becomes a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ which makes the manifestation of your fears more likely. Living Passively; Conditioning and Collective Consciousness Dictates Life Experiences. This is where the consequences of ‘herd mentality’ come into your life. When you refuse to take a stand your energy defaults to your conditioning (hard constructs in your individual field) combined with the collective consciousness (group level constructs) where the majority rules . A failure to vote, to intend your choices in life, is synonymous with defaulting to your past conditioning and the current majority vote. 

Living with Intention Generates Empowerment. Intentional living is the best preventative medicine you can employ. It naturally lowers stress and provides mental health benefits. The greatest expression of power from your ‘Self’ comes when you utilize your natural abilities or Gifts to express your core values. This is what we call authentic living, which is the most natural and the least stressful state of action, in which you may exist. 

Deviating from the balanced activity of intentional living, in contrast, is disempowering. Living Reactively Negates Your Empowerment. Even when your reaction is forceful, it is not an expression of your power which only comes from authentic expression. A reaction is generated by fear, which creates a twisted outcome, a weakened ‘Form’ of your original motive. In comparison to an intentioned response which is rooted in love. An expression of love holds the greatest power, it is like shooting an arrow straight at your objectives. Living Passively Denies Your Empowerment.Passivity’ is a failure to recognize reality which means you automatically forgo your power to effect change. You must actively own reality in order to engage a viable start point for transformation. 

Living with Intention Realizes Your Soul’s Purpose. Intentional living brings consciousness to who you are, your ‘Self’. Your Soul resides within your inner ‘Self’, thus you must look within to know your purpose. If your references for ‘Self’ are all outside of you then you will only see other’s projections, not who you really are. Living with intention naturally generates the action for you to play your part within the collective. It brings focus to your life and makes it easier to make decisions as you realize your Soul’s purpose.

Overactivity and underactivity both distort your view of your life path and alter the course of your life, preventing the actualization of your purpose. Living Reactively Distracts from Your Soul’s Purpose. Your purpose in life can only be viewed from within the core of who you are, your ‘Self’. When you hold a centered and grounded position on your path your Soul’s purpose naturally unfolds as you perpetually perform the next right act. A reaction though is generated from a small view or point outside your ‘Self’ and this pulls your energy away from your intended path. Living Passively Impedes Your Soul’s Purpose. The fulfillment of your soul’s purpose is an expression of ‘Self’ that requires energy and action. Living passively fails to bring enough energy to source your forward movement. The light of your essence must shine through your Soul, emitting electrical impulses in the ‘Form’ of your purpose. Then as the outer reflects the inner you embody this ‘Form’ within your personality. This most superficial part of ‘Self’ effects change and leaves an impression within the group level energy and consciousness. 

Living with Intention Creates Fulfillment. To experience fullness at the depths of your being you must appeal to your true nature and connect with your deepest desires. Living authentically and intentionally from your inner ‘Self’ creates an impression, on your life path, in the ‘Form’ of your needs and desires. This impression produces a vacuum that attracts or magnetizes what you desire from your current environment. 

Living Reactively Creates the Opposite of Your Desires. Reactions are typically high energy expressions focused on the prevention of what you fear. But given that they are rooted in fear, all that energy is backing your fear and you are unintentionally manifesting the opposite of your desires. Ultimately what occurs is the creation rather than prevention of what you fear. Living Passively Creates Disappointment. Every human being is intended to ‘Self’ actualize, it is programmed within the fiber of one’s being. Your journey of ‘Self’ actualization naturally and automatically fills the ‘Form’ of your ‘Self’ and you will experience this as fulfillment. It is what naturally occurs when you fulfill your Soul’s purpose. But when you fail to express who you are then you fail to have this experience. Instead you are left with loss and disappointment.  

Living with Intention Produces Connection with Self, Others, All. Intentional living emerges from the depths of your being where you must be present. Presence is a gift of love and love is the glue of connection. Thus, living with intention is an act of love producing connection first with your ‘Self’. The state of ‘Self’ love then makes you available for loving connection with others. You are only capable of loving another to the depths at which you love your ‘Self’. And, it is through connection with ‘Self’ at the core of your being that you are able to connect with the ‘All’. Source energies reside within you just beyond your Essence. 

Living Reactively Produces Separation from Others. No one is drawn to someone who is in a state of reactivity. When you are reactive, in overactivity generated by fear, you can either draw another into your struggle or repel them away from you. Either way it produces separation from the other person. Fear always produces separation which is the purpose of your survival based rational fear response, but here I am referring to the irrational fears that human beings cling to. Living Passively Produces Separation from Self. The experience of your ‘Self’ lies in the enactment of your expression in the group flow. Passivity prevents this natural expression and you are unable to experience your ‘Self’ fully. It requires energy to hold back the powerful flow being generated by the force of nature and the resultant state of being is one of separation from your ‘Self’.

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