Expand Your Container to Hold Greater Abundance

We are all familiar with different kinds of containers to hold and transport things. Humans readily use them on a daily basis. There is even a store that sells only containers; totes, bins, baskets, jars etc. These are physical containers. If we take a step away from this level of density we can consider computers. Here containers are packages of software that include the necessary elements to run in any environment. In a computer, containers serve to virtualize the operating system. 

The human energy field has containers as well that are even less dense than the computers. Your human containers are spatially encapsulating your expressive flow of energy. As distinguished from boundaries which filter your receptive flow of energy. In their optimal state your containers are soft constructs that hold you without limiting you the way hard constructs do. Your containers shape and define who you are, while encompassing the parameters of your life. They contain all the elements you need to animate your specific lifepath. 

Following, I will provide guidance about how you can expand your field in four simple steps. These steps apply to each of your containers. I will talk briefly about the six different containers that hold your energy within the six layers of your field of consciousness. The following information is essentially a set of energetic instructions for you to expand your containers creating the space to allow greater abundance to come into your life. 

Read through the energetic instructions and work with the information as you are able to understand it. If you do not have the ability to perceive your own energy field and follow the instructions, no worries. Recite the quote at the end of each step in How To Expand, to stimulate the desired energy shifts. Recite the quote at the end of each container description in The Containers Within The Layers Of Existence, to activate the restoration of balance and expansion of your containers. These quotes can be utilized as affirmations or mantras. The more you bring this messaging into your field, the greater the shifts you will experience within yourself and in your life. 


Following are four simple steps 1. Come present, 2. Clear your energy flow, 3. Reinforce the energetic integrity of your edges, and 4. Surrender to your inherent evolutionary stream. This innate progression naturally creates expansion in your energy field. For each step I have included a few key points to remember and a quote to be utilized for stimulating the enactment of the step.

  1. Come fully present. 
  • You must be present in the here and now to expand your container. Observe your energy to see if it is flowing in the moment with your body at the center.
  • If you are expanding from anyplace other than here or now you are accentuating your absence and diminishing, rather than expanding who you are. Observe where your energy is in the past, the future or any place other than here.
  • Only the present is real. All other ‘perceptions’ of reality are actually distortions. Challenge your perceptions to be certain you are perceiving reality. 
  • “I am right here, right now, clearly perceiving my current position, my present state of being and the realities of my life.”
  1. Fill the space you presently occupy and clear the flow.  
  • Own and accept the full scope of who you are from your most exemplary qualities and acts to your most destructive.    
  • Clear all density to allow your light to emanate. Density appears dark and feels heavy. Where density exists in your field, bring in light to raise your vibrational frequency. This will lighten the density. 
  • Clear all conscious limitations to the full scope of your knowing. Sense for hard constructs which you will intuit as rigid or harsh. Again, raise your vibrational frequency to transform these into the malleable structures of soft constructs that support rather than limit.  
  • “I embrace all of me both positive and negative. I clear my energy and consciousness of all limitations as I experience freedom.”   
  1. Feel your edges and reinforce your energetic integrity 
  • Come into the acceptance of your vulnerabilities and limitations.  Denial of them only makes them stronger and compromises your energetic integrity. 
  • Come into the acceptance of your strengths and advancement. Rejection of them inverts the energy and you are left with only vulnerability and limitation. 
  • Reinforce your energy containment within the different layers of existence; I, Element, Sound, Light, Consciousness, Reflection 
  • “I accept my vulnerabilities and my strengths alike as I fortify the parameters and integrity of my being. I strengthen the containers that define the space of me.”
  1. Tap into your evolutionary stream of energy and awakening track of consciousness.
  • Surrender into the flow of change within your core, the one that promotes a smooth and steady progression of forward and upward movement. 
  • Allow your consciousness to be activated as you open to life with childlike wonder. Perpetually perceive life anew.  
  • Settle into your life track. Honor the life experiences that are yours to have. 
  • “I open with curious wonder to discover the potential percolating within me to evolve and awaken.”


As One-Self is differentiated within the layers of existence the quadratic operatives at play are the container, the instrument, the creation and the figuration. There are six layers of existence; I, Element, Sound, Light, Consciousness and Reflection. Each of these layers has its own containment field. Your containers are a part of your basic operating system in life. They serve to hold you and transport you throughout your life. You exist within the different layers of existence and you have differentiated containers for each layer. Integrated into wholeness these containers shape you.

Your Chakra Container Unifies The I Of You. 

The Chakra Container resides within the I layer of existence. As you ascend the density of the world and come into your presence as a light being, your chakras turn to form a beam of light. Individual chakras synchronize their spin to cycle in unison. You become your divinity and everything is below as it is above. 

“I Am Now Here Creating Life”

Your Touch Container Configures The Elements Of You.

The Touch Container resides within the Element layer of existence. As you evolve developing mastery over the matter of life, your fundamental elements become an extension of your will to create. This container follows the contours of your human body. With proficiency your will acts like tentacles reaching from the void to supply the elemental elixir of your life.  

“I Sense, I Choose, I Build therefore I Expand” 

Your Capsule Container Allows You To Experience The Sounds Of You 

The Capsule Container resides within the Sound layer of existence. As you harmonize with life’s messages being absorbed and assimilated you attune to higher frequencies. This container pulses in the darkness, transmitting communications for all who have ears to hear. Your high frequency balanced experiences reverberate the sounds of your divinity as you become a part of the universal song within the symphony of the spheres. 

“I Listen as Divine Truth Nurtures Me”   

Your Vehicle Container Transports Your Essence, The Light Of You 

The Vehicle Container resides within the Light layer of existence.I travel through life, carried by the sacred chariot of divine light. As you illuminate the cycles of your life, you become enlightened. This container is the “Merkaba”, two sparks of light fusing your humanity with your natural divinity, uniting heaven and earth. It is within this layer of existence that  you will find the Akashic Records. 

“I Ignite My Light, Enlightening All”  

Your Ray Container Conveys Your Spirit, The Consciousness Of You 

The Ray Container resides within the Consciousness layer of existence. Each conscious ray awakens universal truths within your spirit. As you develop mastery of universal wisdom you raise your consciousness. It is through this process of awakening that the quintessence of your spirit is realized. This container pockets within.

“I intuit the full array of life.”

Your Mirror Container Provides The Energetic Reflection Of You 

The Mirror Container resides within the Reflection layer of existence. Your life is a perfect reflection of this container making it impossible to discern unless the veil is lifted. As you lift the veil, dissolving the illusion of separation, life makes perfect sense and the divine order is revealed.  

“Life reflects the truth, no more, no less.”

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