Discover the Power of the Universals to Build a Sustainable Life

Sustainable living is a hot topic and subject of much debate these days as we are seeing the effects of global warming. Climate events that threaten the sustainability of human life are increasing more rapidly than anticipated. First let’s consider what sustainability actually means. From a global perspective we can look to the United Nations Brundtland Commission who in 1987 defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” So here we are now, a generation later, more compromised than was feared and our need for sustainable living is of even greater urgency.

Sustainable living is referencing a lifestyle in which you reduce your ecological footprint, moving towards an ideal of “net zero living”. This is when there is a basic equality; the amount going out is the same as the amount coming in. You know how important equality is to me and how it is a requisite tenant of the universals. Net zero living enables you to live in a symbiotic relationship with your natural environment. This all sounds good, right? And yet, humanity is not living in this manner. 

On a physical level, moving toward sustainability requires consideration of environmental issues in partnership with economic ones. Human beings’ inhibit progress toward ecological balance. They are not readily cognizant of the world around them, particularly with the technological progression. But even where there is awareness and concern for the environment, peoples’ relationship to money gets in the way. Greed is the motive for some, but for many others it is their economic fears that prevent an appropriate response to the climate crisis.

I think the biggest hurdle though, is getting people on board to consider the bigger picture to the degree that they are willing to make changes in their lives now. People in general hold a very small, narrow view. They are overwhelmed with the challenges of their individual lives so much so that the ability to sort it all out and know how to help humanity as a whole can feel out of reach. I encourage you not to give up but rather consider your individual life. For the individual, a sustainable life is one where you are able to meet your present needs without compromising your resources or access to them in the future. This is the place to begin with balance and then expand out from there. Expand in time to include the future generations, expand in space to your fellow man in the here and now, and keep expanding in all possible directions.  

One approach to sustainable living is based on principles of simple living and self sufficiency. This is a place where you can easily begin with the denser energies of your outer world. Simplify your life physically, emotionally and mentally as you move towards greater self sufficiency. However, if we are to truly turn things around, I believe we need to approach this imbalance from both directions; outside working in and inside working out. We need to work with the whole vibrational array, bringing higher and higher frequencies into the manifest world. We need to address human consciousness and work with restoring universal balance. The universals are inherently sustainable and ecological. Any energy materialization or conscious construct that holds universal form is thus inherently ecological and sustainable. 

In my twenties I participated in a healing group of practitioners. It was a high level group but the powerful changes being enacted were not always safe as the energy being strewn about was going out of bounds resulting in car accidents and the like. As we dove into the energetic realm, shifting energy to effect change, we began to pose the question “is it ecological?” We then only engaged the shifts that presented as being ecological, to avoid such mishaps. When I subsequently conducted my own research in human consciousness and clinical trials utilizing different energetic protocols I went to great lengths to establish safeties with the work. 

I found that the best way to ensure safety is to engage all energy work within a universal framework, which is inherently ecological. The universals establish the parameters of reality and they govern the structure and flow of life. I found that the sustainability of a life is in direct correlation with the degree to which that life holds universal form and balance within that form. 

Following is a list of some of the ways that working with the Universals empowers you to build a sustainable life for yourself and why it works this way. Things always happen on an energetic level before they are physically manifest. Thus taking charge and effecting change on this level will in time bring change to the denser physical level, it is inevitable.  

  1. Center to Connect with Your Resources 

Centering within yourself supports a sustainable life because it is through your center that you connect with the source energies that fuel your life force. This connection supports your natural regenerative and healing processes and prevents depletion. Centering within the Universal Models, aligns you with the purity of the universal elements from which your life is built and sustained. It brings balance to the elements throughout your life allowing for optimal efficiency. Everything in your life emerges from these basic building blocks or foundational elements. The energy elements; earth, air, water, fire, ether and fixative. The elements of human consciousness; time, space, consciousness, creation, love and the spark. 

Thus, centering within these universal models balances the elements within your life. This is the closest you will come to the experience of the “fountain of youth”. If you then open to the source energies within your center and allow them to fill your energy field, they will in turn fill your life and flow beyond. You always want to give from the overflow, not your personal life sustaining energies, as not to deplete your own resources. Here is where we have all we need to overcome the imbalances in the world. 

  1. Deepen and Expand to Increase Access and Utilize Your Resources

When you deepen within your core it provides you with a bigger view of life and the perspective you need to locate the resources necessary to sustain your life. Deepening has the same effect as if you were standing next to an elephant, only able to see the leg, and then you stepped back enough to see the whole elephant and then further to see the whole herd and so on. The deeper you are, the greater the scope of your potential, as well as your view.

When you expand to fill this bigger space that you are able to perceive, you become more fully present. This permits you access to the life sustaining resources within your view. It positions you and empowers you to utilize your freewill and choose in life. The more you expand, the greater the scope from which you may choose. 

  1. Awaken Your Quantum Consciousness 

When you are awakened your consciousness is enlightened to the quantum probability matrix. This is the ideal perspective to have when exercising your freewill to choose in life as your freewill is limited by your field of consciousness. If you cannot perceive it then it will be difficult to choose it. You need to have conscious awareness of the imbalances in the world around you if you are to effect positive change shifting life towards greater universal balance. 

Quantum consciousness taps into the infinite potential. If you combine this awareness with an awareness of the universal framework, it will become clear what resides within the sustainable range. Energy resources are squandered when life is imbalanced with the universals. Whereas a perfect net zero environment is one of perfect universal balance. 

  1. Establish Viable Parameters 

When you synchronize the parameters of your being with the universal forms, you optimize your sustainability. Doing this establishes the optimal size, shape and focus for your life and it prevents you from being distracted out of the viable range. If you allow your energy to flow outside these parameters it is like throwing precious resources in the trash. And if you allow other energy to flow within these parameters you are compressing and constricting your own energies and freedoms.  

Parameters exist at many different levels. You can think of an energetic containment field like an electric fence establishing a being’s autonomy. Proper containment will encompass your resources and protect your energy reserves. Your personal boundaries are subset parameters that protect you from leaking energy and resources. They also protect you from receiving unwanted energies within your personal space. At a group level you have collective parameters that are set by differing group configurations. Here you hold the power to influence the viability of the group by always contributing universal balance to the mix. 

  1. Subtle Shifts are Sustainable Ones.

When you work with universal models you are working within a holistic framework. This means the energy of your whole life, from conception to crossing over, all the places you will be and lives you effect including any ripple effect. Working holistically, change is broadscale, it is distributed in a large range. This has the effect for the individual in the moment to be experienced subtly. These subtle holistic shifts reach your edges and ripple into the group energy around you. 

Working holistically with the universals means the energy and consciousness is pervasive throughout time, space, consciousness, creation, love and spark in your life. These subtle holistic shifts are different from peak experiences which can be profound and albeit life changing events. But these are emerging from a particular, not universal, origin. Peak experiences will have a ripple effect yet still not be as pervasive and longstanding as a universal shift.    

Meditation for Earth Healing and Sustainability on Planet Earth

I encourage you to practice the following meditation to be a part of restoring universal balance on the earth. As an earth inhabitant you will personally feel a shift in your own life as well. 

Envision the earth perfectly centered within each of the platonic solids and the sphere. Begin with one, hold the image within your inner intuitive eye until you sense it to be balanced and then move on to the next one. Practice this meditation often.

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