All Time is Now – Your Circadian Rhythm Grants You Access

CONNECT WITH YOUR CIRCADIAN RHYTHM Each month I facilitate the 24 HR Attunement after which it takes me a few days to process the energetics. Once I fully emerge I am able to turn my attention to the coming month’s topic. This past month as I considered – “All Time is Now – Your CircadianContinue reading “All Time is Now – Your Circadian Rhythm Grants You Access”

Is this Pandemic Tiring You Out?

(Learn why- from a quantum perspective) It is the same reason you are feeling waves of emotion… fear, anxiety, confusion, grief…  These are truly “unprecedented” times. And we are ALL in it together, whether we want to be or not. ALL human beings are subject to impact from this global pandemic because humanity itself will beContinue reading “Is this Pandemic Tiring You Out?”