All Time is Now – Your Circadian Rhythm Grants You Access


Each month I facilitate the 24 HR Attunement after which it takes me a few days to process the energetics. Once I fully emerge I am able to turn my attention to the coming month’s topic. This past month as I considered – “All Time is Now – Your Circadian Rhythm Grants You Access”, I found myself unable to write anything, not just the blog. I felt repelled away from writing words or even speaking them too much.   

I became quiet and busy in a steady flow of productive activity. One in which the “being within the doing” became front and center.  This is a tai chi principle where one is able to maintain connection to the still quiet place within one’s core while actively engaging in productive endeavours. By practicing tai chi you are naturally developing this skill. It is why this practice is thought of as a moving meditation as well as a martial art. Ideally, one maintains this balance as one moves through life each day. This occurs when you follow your natural flow, your circadian rhythm. 

It took a couple of weeks for me to finally realize that I was being guided to attune to my own circadian rhythm and return to a more natural flow before I began to write about the subject. What I noticed during this time was a greater sense of peace and happiness. It also brought greater productivity as my own natural rhythm took over. It seems counterintuitive to slow down and connect to the place of simply “being” when you are feeling the pulls and demands of life and you have soooo many things to do. But, if you have lost connection with the “being” within your own core, that is exactly what you need to do. 

The productive “doing” activity that you are being pulled to act upon will get done more efficiently and with greater ease if you honor your natural rhythm. There are many benefits to living according to your circadian rhythm; you mitigate stress effects and avoid becoming depleted while supporting your body’s natural protective and regenerative processes. Once I recognized the guidance coming in I began to pay attention to all the things that pulled me away from the flow of my circadian rhythm and what happened when I gave into these pulls. 

One such example of this is when I reached my limit with fall cleanup in the yard. Initially I felt my body fatigue and I respected it, until… an additional project was thrust upon me by another person. I gave into this request, completed the project and threw my back out in the process. Stepping outside the parameters of my natural rhythm had an obvious and immediate cost in this instance but most occurrences are much more subtle. Like one day I needed to set an alarm rather than wake up naturally, which is my norm, and I noticed that my day felt more strained and stressful.

For the past couple of weeks, I have observed many subtle ways I allowed things to impede my natural flow or pull me beyond my limits. Each time this occurs I use it as a prompt to reconnect with my circadian rhythm. I make adjustments to return to my natural flow as soon as possible. I also make a mental note of what occurred and consider how to shift the dynamic in the future. This could be as simple as scheduling extra time for certain activities or just saying no to things. For some situations it could mean that your daily routine or the major components in your life need to change significantly. 


The topic of circadian rhythm is one I speak of often as it is fundamental to the 24 HR Attunement and the 24 Life Component roadmap utilized on the attunemen day. Your circadian rhythm attunes you to life on earth as the earth rotates each 24 hr cycle. But what is driving this internal clock within you? It is your clock genes. I came upon a fascinating research paper on the “Genomics of circadian rhythms in health and disease” by Filipa Rifo-Ferreira and Joseph S. Takahashi  Genome Med 11, 82 (2019). I am going to share some highlights from this report to exemplify the role your clock genes play and why it is so crucial that you keep them healthy.                      

According to Rifo-Ferreira and Takahashi the “Circadian clocks are endogenous oscillators that control 24-h physiological and behavioral processes. The central circadian clock exerts control over myriad aspects of mammalian physiology, including the regulation of sleep, metabolism, and the immune system… Circadian rhythms are driven by an internal timing system regulated at the transcriptional level that gives rise to gene networks that oscillate with a 24-h cycle. Within these networks are clock genes that control rhythms in physiology and behavior.” 

The importance of the clock genes becomes clear when your natural rhythm is interrupted. “Disruption of circadian rhythms is associated with sleep disorders, cancer, susceptibility to infections, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and aging.”  And there are “recent studies that have begun to unravel the circadian clock’s role in controlling the cardiovascular and nervous systems, gut microbiota, cancer, and aging.”

Living in our pandemic world environment, the part of the article I found most relevant to the current crisis within humanity is the relationship between viruses and the circadian rhythm. “Many studies have shown that the outcome of an infection (whether bacterial, viral, or parasitic) depends on the time of day at which the infection is initiated…. Therefore, the circadian clock (with focus to date mainly on BMAL1) can regulate cellular immunity against bacteria, viruses, and parasites… These findings suggest that cells of the immune system are capable of responding to circadian cues to maximize their ability to respond to infection.”

This brings us to the consideration of the timing of treatments. The research “has introduced a time component to our view of metabolism, inflammation, and host–pathogen interactions (among other interactions), and has shown that targeting genes that are cycling at specific times of day may be advantageous…Regarding infectious diseases, treatments, and vaccinations could be more effective when administered at specific times of day. Indeed, influenza vaccine administration in the morning has been shown to improve antibody response over afternoon vaccination response in people over 65 years old.” 

Currently it raises the questions; “what is the best time of day to receive the coronavirus vaccine?” and, “when is the highest risk time to be in public?” . Also, ”what is the circadian rhythm of the coronavirus?”. Because, “host–pathogen interactions are also subjected to circadian modulation. It is also likely that the circadian rhythms of the pathogens play a role.” It will take time for researchers to ascertain these answers relative to the coronavirus and its variants.  

A concluding point in Rifo-Ferreira and Takahashi’s paper is that “Integrating the temporal axis into human physiology and medicine offers an opportunity to optimize the alignment of our internal rhythms to the environment, which will provide new opportunities for lifestyle and pharmacological interventions to treat diseases and promote health.” This is music to my ears. My life’s work has centered on the time universal. I believe time is a powerful force that is not well understood despite the constant influence it exerts to pattern the dynamic rhythm of life unfolding. I have researched the energetics of this foundational building block within our earth environment and applied effective treatments utilizing this wisdom to address disease, disorder and disarray in people’s lives. 


The 24 Life Components chart is a time map of the different energy streams being generated each hour of the day as the clock genes proceed through the 24 hr cycle. Working with this roadmap and engaging a 24 hr cycle of energy is directly attuning the clock genes. The focus of the attunement changes each hour as different energetic processes are at play at different times of the day. Introducing treatment with energy medicine for the entire 24 hr cycle directly taps into one’s circadian rhythm and incorporates every possible intervention time for restoring balance. It works to attune all streams of energy generating one’s life which makes it a truly holistic approach.

In the humming of the universe as energy cycles ripple and reverberate, each complete cycle of time connects to and influences every other cycle. This applies to the energy of the attunement as well. The time factor of the energetics is like a slow release pill. On the attunement day the shifts to balance set an impression within the day cycle that is based in an individual’s natural rhythm. This impression continues to cycle each day working to enliven one’s innate potential while shifting one’s life to support a more balanced state of being. 

Once a month has passed, the day cycle impression has saturated the month cycle and the energy shifts are fully integrated. But, energy in motion stays in motion and it doesn’t stop here. The impression becomes a part of the month cycle which then ripples and reverberates, continuing to effect change as you live each month from a more balanced state of being. The energy shift set in motion by the attunement is complete once the energy has fully unfolded, saturating the year cycle. Continued energy flow beyond this point depends upon the changes that the individual has been able to assimilate and the changes that have been imprinted upon their life.  


Your circadian rhythm naturally attunes your movement through life and it informs you of the tempo and flow that is optimal for your health and well being. Your circadian rhythm cycles as the earth rotates and it connects you to the greater world around you. You are a part of a greater ecosystem with environmental elements being influenced by the repeating cycles within the solar system. When you attune to your circadian rhythm you are attuning to the workings of the whole complex system. 

Full centered presence in the depth of your being provides the most extensive perspective of time, along with the other universals. The deeper you are within your core, the more expansive your view. It is when you are in a perfect state of presence in the moment that you can grasp the perspective of all time in it’s particle array. But the unfolding of time is dynamic, patterned and cyclical. It is through connection with your circadian rhythm and the 24 hr time cycle that you are granted access to the full scope of the waves; the dynamic patterns and cycles generating the particulars of your life as it unfolds. This access allows you to utilize the time universal to create change within you and in your life. 

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