Maneuvering the Space of Your Life – How Do You Slice Your Pi?

Pi is the constant we can reference when discussing space within our universe, which is expanding according to Pi. This is a dappling into the energetics of space. I will begin this exploration with some universal basics before diving into particular patterns and dynamics that I find regularly in balancing people’s energy fields. I will then close with commentary on the mapping and management of the energy of space as it relates to the 24 Life Components Time Map utilized during the 24 HR Attunements. 


Here I would like to introduce some fundamental universal factors that come into play when working with the energetics of space. 

Inversion Principle: The universal principle governing the spatial nexus is the inversion principle. This principle states that “The inversion establishes the existence of the impression”. The key to this principle is that the Part is equal to the Counterpart. As we approach the subject of space and how you maneuver through the space of your life we can look at this principle as it relates to the mathematical constant n or pi. 

Pi: If you are not a math buff this may be taking you back to grammar school math class. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle. Regardless of the circle’s size, this ratio will always equal pi. Pi is an irrational number and a transcendental one. In decimal form, the value of pi is approximately 3.14 but it’s true decimal representation goes on infinitely. Pi has great popularity and is celebrated around the world on March 14 or 3/14 as 3.14 are the first three digits of pi. Fun facts, this was Albert Einstein’s birthday and it is mine as well.

Inner-Outer Space: Now, as you consider the space of your life, what is space? Space is a three-dimensional (height, width, depth) extent in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction. One of the spatial dualities: Inner Space and Outer Space establishes the extent and location. I am speaking about the human being in this context, thus, inner space is referencing the realm of the inner parts of a person. This realm lies within, just beyond the outwardly animated and manifest human form. The inner and outer realms are an example of a part and a counterpart within the spatial nexus. Each is an inverted expression of the other working together interdependently. This is why inner work on oneself is reflected within one’s outer life and vice versa. 

Positive-Negative Curvature in Space: Now we get to Pi within space. Pi is the circumference/diameter ratio when there is zero curvature in space. It holds the stillness and it can be utilized as a reference point for navigating space. In our real world space is curved. When the circumference/diameter ratio is less than π, you are in a positively curved space, such as a sphere; if it is greater than π, you are in a negatively curved space, such as a saddle. The positive and negative curvature of space are another example of the part/counterpart key of the inversion principle. The significance of this to you is that it determines whether you will be attracting other mass/energy to you as you will in a positive curvature or repulsing it away from you as you will in a negative curvature. 


Following are five key points for balancing the energetics of space that regularly come into play when practicing energy therapy. 

  1. Where there is an imbalance there is always an equal and opposite imbalance.

In this situation, both the imbalanced part and the equal and opposite imbalanced counterpart need to be restored to balance for an energetic shift to be sustained. An example of this; if you are experiencing anxiety in one area of life you will simultaneously be experiencing a depressed state in a different area. By working holistically, with both the source of the anxiety and the depressed state, at the same time, you will increase your probability of success and the sustainability of the restored balance. 

Similarly, this point is fundamental with cancer treatment. Gene mutations cause cells to behave differently, dividing and thus growing out of control. It is a creative flow of energy that is misappropriated. There will be another area within the individual where growth is inhibited. I find my clients who engage a new creative flow of energy while suppressing the growth of cancer cells are more successful in moving beyond the cancer experience with less likelihood of relapse. 

A wonderful example of this at work; I acted in a play about breast cancer written by a breast cancer survivor. This was a very direct reappropriation of the creative flow from growing cancer cells to writing a play addressing the cancer topic. I love the synergy of this turnaround. One important point here is that the creative flow does not need to be in the arena of the creative arts, it simply needs to be creative in life and often it is expressed in the individual’s relationships. 

  1. An expanse in one direction automatically extends in the opposite direction to an extent of equal measure.  

During the first ten year research project and clinical trials, my subject base was filled with individual’s living in extreme states of imbalance. The research became a study of these extreme states and an exploration into how to restore these individuals to a state of holistic balance. In this study it became clear that when an individual was stretched into an extreme that the whole framework of the individual’s life needed to stretch to encompass a range that included the extreme as well as the opposite extreme. 

One example of this is a part of my story along with many other energy workers, channels and healers. The experience of trauma is an extreme experience in a destructive direction that can push one into a low vibrational/dimensional state of suffering. This trajectory of energy will have an opposite ray traveling in a creative direction to a high vibrational/dimensional state simultaneously. This opposite view, equally extreme, is the counterpart to the trauma and it can sometimes look like access to healing abilities. The work here is to encompass and embody both simultaneously. This will transmute the trauma experience into wisdom, as the individual expands and awakens.  

  1. The deeper you reside within your core the greater is your view of the space of your life. 

This is similar to the time element and how the greater your presence in the moment the more time consciousness is available to you. As such, if you are perfectly present in the moment it opens access to the perspective of all time. In the same way that presence relates to time, being in the depth of your core provides you with full conscious access to the space of your life. This occurs within your core, right at that point of origin where you touch upon the creative energies sourcing your life.

Working with the energetics of space will empower you to consciously maneuver through this universal element. The expanse of your scope is an equal counterpart to the depth at which you center yourself. This is important to remember when you are struggling to get perspective on a situation or some aspect of your life. If you find yourself spinning out trying to make sense of it all, the best solution might be to let it all go and deepen into your own core. Then approach the situation with your expanded consciousness. This new perspective often provides a clear view of the solutions.  

  1. Space is as unendingly paradoxical as pi is long.

Space is paradoxical in nature. A paradox is something that seems contradictory at first glance but in reality is true. This is another example of where the part equaling the counterpart can be seen from the group. The understanding of the truth of a paradox is perceived in the place of knowing. This place exists beyond your thoughts and the cognitive reasoning of your mind in the realm of energy that is perceived by your spirit. Space exists on the group level which functions differently than the individual and oneness. These exemplify a micro/macro type of likeness to each other. The group level on the other hand functions in a circular and cyclical way with its dualistic parts dancing in paradoxical rendering.  

Examples of this at play come into my work with clients on a regular basis. “You must surrender to become empowered and seize control over your life”. When you surrender, it opens you and allows access to more of your inner resources and the support of the universe. These are essential for success in life. “It is through facing your fears that your courage is activated”. This is true where fears are irrational barriers to what you know is in your highest good. And, “it is within your vulnerabilities that you will find your greatest strengths”. This exemplifies my second point that when our natural qualities and abilities are engaged in space that these will extend in both directions simultaneously.  

  1. The only way out is through.  

The only way to get out of a challenging experience, state of being or dynamic in life is to move through it. At least to get out permanently and not fall into the trap of repetition compulsion or another negatively cyclical energy flow. But, human beings are prone to resist, push aside, suppress, and avoid the full experiential scope of life’s events, particularly the onerous ones. Who wants to feel pain or grief… face rejection, judgment or the consequences of their own mistakes? These are not going to be the first choice if one were to make a list. But it is essential to experience the full range and scope of all of life’s events, to transform them into the wisdom learned from experience.

If we are to bring consciousness into the dance. You must bring full conscious awareness to where you are in this moment if you are to consciously choose where you are going. The journey from the first to the latter is created by the expansion that occurs when you learn the life lessons your soul is here to learn. So as you scan the space of your life both inner and outer and you recognize the need to clear out the old, heal the wounds, understand yourself and others then simply go to the learnings. Ask yourself, “what is the lesson in this life experience?” 


One of the well known practices of working with the energy of space is feng shui. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that involves the arrangement of things in an environment. Everything is made of energy and influences the flow of energy, thus the balanced organization of things in a space will balance the yin and yang energy flows which optimizes the chi (energy) in the space. Feng shui works with the correct presence and placement of five elements; wood, fire, earth, metal, and water to increase Chi and encourage wellbeing. The optimal placement of the five elements is determined by the energy map of space, called a bagua.

Inner and Outer Space relative to the 24 LIfe Components

The 24 Life Components chart, which can be found on the website, is an energy map of time. This cube model time map is followed during the attunement. But, there is a key spatial element within this chart that I want to point out. Each of the six energy streams viewed through the lenses include 4 components; two that reside within Inner Space and two reside in Outer Space. The Life Components in the chart below can be read from left to right, beginning with the innermost component and ending with the outermost component. 

24 Life Components TIME MAP relative to Inner Space & Outer Space

The View/Lens Components in Inner Space Components in Outer Space

Union Lens: Unification-Individuation Stillness-Movement

Location Lens: Configuration-Aggregation  Animation-Manifestation

Self Lens: Essence-Soul Gifts-Personality

Disclosure Lens: Experience-Events Fields-Senses

Systems Lens: Spirit-Mind Heart-Body

Grids Lens: Energetic-Thought Emotional-Physical

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